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How do we learn from an issue client regime? Where he says comme la Hobi donalyn. Kashi fala hoo hoo. Ye em saska beihai eating koala condition. Cody from Shaklee so the silly MD, Dr. Missoni Cody hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah. He also feels very insular Morikawa autolite allover cutter everybody, another episode of council in healing today inshallah, what I wanted to talk to you about today is the 17th if

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any of you that would like to develop a deep beautiful connection with Allah subhanaw taala so to Anam is one of those very spiritual sources that are just focused on developing that bond you getting to understand I'm me getting to understand our Rob better, and developing that connection with him. So it's really focused on the law is that which so one of the things that Allah mentions in the surah talking to the Prophet so I said is what he's what I'm trying to capture here and make some observations about from the 17th I have sort of anon, let me give you a rough translation first. And you notice that I've done this in you know, multiple colors, because there's similar

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patterns here and the IOA em Sasikala will be during the white portion, if allow word to touch you allow for you to be touched by any harm whatsoever, any kind of harm. And then the other white portion is what em Cisco behind it, and if you were to allow you to be touched with any kind of good, so if you were, if Allah allowed any harm to come to you, if Allah allowed any good to come to you, those are the white portions right? So let's go back to that white portion. What am seska libido when Allah Akashi Allahu Allahu, then there is no one to alleviate that for that person. Except he himself, so a person, so that the difficulty that harm shall not be removed, except by

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Allah so that he's the only one who can remove it. Well, em, saska be hyden. And if you were to touch you with any good at all, for who are other coalition buddies, and he is absolutely in complete control over all things. So some really beautiful things inside of this idea. The first thing to note here is the word for harm, hear both, both. And the word for good here is high.

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And actually the opposite of hail is short. So there's the Arabic word shutter over here.

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Which is the opposite of the antonym of hype. So you expect em saska love will be shoveling for like a Shiva hula, em, saska be hiring a chevron height are opposites of each other, right? So they should be contrasting. But if you're going to use boar, or it's similar word bar, then behavior should be replaced with nefer which means benefit.

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neferet. So if the expected contrast either if you stick with lower than you say what am seska been offering for huella, Coalition Cody. So what Allah did is he took one word, but didn't use its antonym or the other and he didn't use etc. So there's a cross connection here that's going on. It's called the the bark in Baja studies in language studies. So let's make it as simple as possible. So there's multiple words for harm. So door is one of the words for bodily harm, financial harm, real material harm. And sharp is another word for harm. And also it includes evil, actually, wrongdoing is also shot, but also includes the meanings of harm. So shout is actually a more comprehensive word

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for, for harm. So what when Allah talked about harm, he used a more limited word so that the notes here on this word would be it's more limited. And this is more broad.

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That's the difference. Right? So in the mercy of Allah is even when Allah allows for some harm to touch you in this idea, he's saying that that harm is going to be limited. Right? It's so beautiful that he he did that. And then he says, No one can alleviate even that limited harm from you, except he. And then he says, and even if some good touched you, but there were nefa actually means profit.

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It also means benefit.

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Right? And that's one kind of good profit and benefit is one kind of good, but height is actually goodness at large.

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Also means something better, actually.

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something better because it's actually from innocent of leak. So if Allah were to touch you with something better, by using this word when Allah talked about doing good he brought in the scope of goodness, like Allah's mercy is dominant in this idea when it comes to us being touched with some kind of good, and it's also commenting on my state of mind. I think of Nevada as the only country

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Good, I have a limited imagination. So when business is going well, things are good. When the body's doing well, things are good when food is cooked well, things are good. So nefer in my mind is associated with goodness. And, but a lie saying that there are forms of goodness that are far bigger than nefer that are far bigger than what I can see and perceive and calculate. And he will touch you with goodness that is maybe seen and maybe even unseen in the life of the Prophet so let's apply this to when this I was given it was given to the Prophet so I said I'm when he was in Macau struggling with with Quraysh

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when he's making Dawa, you would think that the scene benefit is somebody accepted Islam. That's the that's the same benefit, we'll get more what one more person took shot another person to another person took Shahada. So the more people that accept Islam, the more benefit there is to the cause. And that's how you can tangibly tell that good is happening. But Allah azza wa jal is even telling the Prophet so so there's a good happening already plants are being or seeds are being planted in the minds of people right now, that might come to fruition after the Battle of butter after Hydra, or maybe even at the conquest of Makkah. You don't know the hype that's happening right now. You

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don't know the impact of it. You can only you human beings can only gauge nefer. But you can't gauge Hey, right. So he, he put hate in the more broad category. But then the other remarkable thing and this is the parts that are yellow. Now look at this finire Akashi, Allahu Allah who no one can alleviate or remove that difficulty that that tangible harm from you, except he, right, except he. And what's also beautiful about Dora is Allah is also telling us in the cya, he's not harming us in unseen kinds of ways. Right? The harm is tangible, but the goodness is far more intangible. It's far bigger, you know. So even when we're going through difficulty, the difficulties always limited. And

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the good that Allah is giving us is way bigger than any difficulty that we're going through, even though we can't see it. So it's really beautifully embedded in there. But then the expected response to the first shot of this conditional statement, if allow her to touch you with any harm, then there's no one to alleviate. If allow her to touch you with any good, then no one can stop it find out Ah, Allahu Allahu philarmonic Allahu Allah, who then there is no one to prevent it except him. No one can stop the good from coming to you except him. But he didn't say that. He did this, this last portion. But who I love, good, Alicia included, is not full on money, Allahu Allahu, so it

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doesn't actually correspond directly with this, like these two are contrasting with each other. So what scholars of language say here is that what Allah did is this second part, no one can stop it except Him was not stated. That was not stated. Because Allah wants you to know that without even it having to be said that you have to internalize this without Allah even saying it to you. It's understood that no one no harm can come to you. And when harm comes, no one can get rid of it except Allah. And when good comes, and any kind of good comes, then no human being no creation of Allah, no curse. No, no, no spell, no witchcraft, no, nothing, nothing can take no scheming of any human being

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can take the good away from you that Allah has planned. Like, think of it this way, sometimes, you know, people say, it's my own personal experience when I was, you know, first started, but you know, teaching Arabic and things like that some of my students will get really worked up, you know, started, you know what, this other community, they started their own Arabic program, and they've got a really big center. And they've got like, you know, amazing teachers, and did you hear about it? And they look really anxious. Like, and I'm, like, are

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happy they're doing it? What? But aren't you worried? You know, some of our students might leave and go, I was like, Well, if they go there, then that must mean they're going to get more of a better education. If Allah has planned, that good should spread by way of more institutions, more efforts, more projects, none of that, should I everything, are you Everything is going to take away from our risk? Right? You're, you're running a restaurant, somebody else opened up a restaurant, you cannot say, well, they're going to take my customers, the customers that were written for you or written for you. And you think unless I destroy that guy's restaurant, and make fake evil reviews about

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finding cockroaches in his pizza, until then my restaurants not going to succeed, then you don't understand what em says can be hated. For who either condition for the volume system, if any good is coming to you, no one can stop it. No one can stop that good from coming your way. But then the conclusion for who I love coalition khadim is actually speaking for the entire aisle. It's not speaking to the second it's actually speaking to the whole the lesson at large and that is what Allah is in complete control over everything. In other words, Allah is taking this this this stage.

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But at the end, everybody knows that everybody believes that Allah is in complete control over everything. Allah has got everything measured and you know and calculated. But now Allah is saying, if you understood this, then both of these scenarios would be internalized in your mind. Like next time you think of what other coalition career, you think of this as a conclusion of indium siska law, who will win India's Indians Oscar love, we hate it. Because now when you say Allah is in complete control, you're not just thinking of Allah running the universe, and the skies and the earth, and Allah, you know, controlling the, the the bees and controlling the winds and the clouds,

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but you're thinking about Allah being completely capable of preventing any harm from coming to you, or, or any good from being stopped from you. Or if you are in a difficulty that anyone other than Allah would be the one to get that away from you. You know, sometimes we go through difficulty, I go through difficulty and I start making a plan to get myself out of that difficulty. And that plan is against the word of Allah.

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I sure I know I know the word of Allah says this, but I'm in a real jam right now I got to do what I got, I got to look out for myself. Right? So I got to look out for number one, I got to take care of myself. And so we make a plan that ignores the word of Allah. And that's when we forget this, if you're if you're in trouble, and if Allah created a situation in which you're going through some kind of loss or harm or difficulty, then trying the shaitaan will come to me and you and He will want us to find a solution somewhere else. Some other solutions because Allah is too rigid, Maha the lower Allah's word is too harsh or no, that applies in general situations, I got a special

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situation, my situation is different. That's why the word of Allah doesn't apply to me. So everybody starts thinking they got a special situation. Right? So but the word of Allah is actually the relief when he says no one can give relief except him turn to Him, seek His guidance, ask for his will, you know, see what he has to say about a matter? What should be the right approach? What should What should I do? You know, I'll give you one example. And I'll let you let you go. So if you're in a difficult situation, and the thing you have to you have two choices, you can either come clean, and you know, tell someone what wrong you did. Right? You could tell your wife What wrong you did your

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husband, your father, your mother, brother, business partner, you did something you messed up somewhere, and you're like, but if I tell them, they're going to be really upset with me, they're going to get really angry. Right? And then I'm getting they're gonna hate me and they won't respect me anymore or something. Right? So you're thinking a million times before coming out with what how you made a mistake, right? Well, and then you turn to Allah squared and say, Well, you know, I want to prevent those problems. So I will continue to lie or continue to suppress the truth or continue to just kind of pretend it never happened. Instead of taking responsibility, right? But then you

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turn to the last word, and he says, Yeah, you know, I'm gonna Allah Baku, Colin sadita Kumar, Malika. Those of you who have Eman have might be mindful of Allah and say the straightforward upright thing. And when you do all your your deeds will be straightened out will be reformed. You know, we'll Fiddler comes in welcome and he will cover your sins homonuclear ella was hula hoop aka fosun ld man, whoever obeys Allah and the messenger has attained enormous success. In other words, say the right thing. I know it's going to be hard. But trust me, that's the only way to succeed. Everything else would be lost. Even if you if you got out of trouble with a human being with the in

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this world in some way. That's still a loss because you didn't follow those word. And that that secrecy or that not coming forward and not being truthful? Maybe because of it. You You were thinking that's your cache of right that's the way you alleviated yourself but a lie saying that Gosh, if it's Lana theologians there's absolutely no alleviation from that harm except from him. In other words, your cover up or your and my desire to find some other you know, crooked solution is going to create a series of new problems. And we're going to create a problem on top of problem on top of a problem on top of a problem and not realize the only real way to alleviate those problems

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is find out Kashif Allahu Allahu Allah and then when we think if we do the right thing harm will come our way and the good will stop coming now look at the rest of the I am Cisco behind it and if you if a lower to bring some good towards you Nobody can stop it that's not good that's not even a thought you should entertain uh, who are the coalition Cody he's in complete control over all things. So May Allah help us internalize these powerful I thought that are actually a way of living. This in somebody internalizes the way they deal with their life situations completely changes. And I pray that these kinds of ideas become a source of strength and healing and really meaningful

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practical counsel for us in all of our lives, particularly when it comes to