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think we've admitted anybody in here to it

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so, I want to loan you a broker to

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Mangalore human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam, ala Asha, Selene said now Muhammad Ali, he also had your manliness and I want to come once again to all of you, welcome to lecture number nine of our series Islam from scratch. And sadly, this will be our last lecture until after Ramadan, you know, in the next couple of days, it will be the month of Ramadan and we will be releasing lectures every evening and it will be a totally different topic it will be on the life of the messenger and we Mohamed Salah Salem Mercy unto unto all the worlds and we have good lecture obviously inshallah for you to participate in but we will commit ourselves to recommence Inshallah,

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the CDs after Ramadan. So, sadly, it's whatever.

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It's going to be a short lecture as well, small group is quite early, and also apologize. Well, I just had some dental work done. So I don't know if

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if I'm going to if there's any slurred speech, I apologize for that. And Hamdulillah. As always, I asked anyone who would like to start off any questions on the last week's lecture or anything that you thought about, if you'd like to share before we begin with this evening's lecture.

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Any comments at all?

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Zolani welcome, salam alaikum.

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I hope, okay, also, I'll share this evening slides and shut up this evening, we're going to sort of pull everything together. And the title of this evening's lecture is,

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is, you know, succeeding in life. Now that we sort of have an understanding of what Islam is all about.

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We have our understanding of the origin of wala is the origins of mankind. Ultimately, the question that we really started off this lecture was serious, why is it even relevant? I mean, what am I going to do, because the, the unescapable reality doesn't matter how much money you have, how famous you are, how strong you are, you and I are going to die. That's it, you know, life is finite, life is short, life has an expiration date. And the way you came into the world, you came, you and I we came into the world, naked, alone, owning nothing, from our mothers crying, we will most likely leave the what we are going to leave the world like that we will own nothing will be naked, will be

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alone and will be placed in a hole. And it will be it doesn't matter if you are the wealthiest man in the world, the most powerful person in the world, that is the end for everybody. And so what is it all for them? What does it matter, if you acquire, you know, huge amount of wealth, you acquire huge amount of success, if ultimately your destination is the ground. And from an Islamic perspective, we of course, believe belief is, you know, no one has come back to tell the all the tales. But we believe that of course, it is just one chapter of a further life. And so this life is merely a temporary stop. This life is a moment where you are just passing through to get to ultimate

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destination, this isn't a destination. This is temporary, you know, like the famous saying of the saints, you know,

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a traveller comes to his village and he finds a very, very pious, you know, saintly figure. And he enters his home. And he says to the saint, you know, wow, I see nothing that you have, in your ways your furniture, you just have like a Mac that you sleep on, and Ebola you eat from? Where's your furniture? And so the st says to the man, well, where's your furniture? You don't have you don't have your furniture. So the man says, I'm a traveler. I'm just passing through the village. And the saint is just as I'm also only passing through this village. I'm only going to spend a few years and then I'm going to move on to my ultimate destination. And all of us are just passing through life.

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Maybe it's 60 years. Maybe it's 40 years. Maybe it's more maybe it's less, very unlikely. We'll clock 100 years but

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And you can look at, you know, sorry, someone has a question to ask to someone just as a mute the mic. Right? So most likely, you know, life expectancy is around 70. I just celebrated my 36th birthday last week at Hamdulillah. I'm more than halfway, and my last one grant us a long life and all of us health and success. But it's got to come to an end. And so the question remains, how do I succeed? To get to my destination, I pass this world which is a test, it's temporary and it's a test. We are sitting in an exam room, whether you whether we realize it or not, everyone the sick and the healthy, the rich, the poor, who are sitting at an exam room on sitting a paper, and at the

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end of the day, we're going to end it in we don't know when it's going to end and we're going to be graded. So how do we succeed in this life? And that's Inshallah, big question turn on, say half an hour.

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We ended up last week talking about the nature of man and what it means to be human really. And we spoke about Allah subhanaw taala, describing in certain shapes, the duality, that you have the sun, the moon, the day and the night, the light and the darkness, the heavens and the earth. And Allah says, and similarly as you have in the world, you see, different extremes. Allah says, When F's and the soul, what muscle wha I swear by the soul of every person. And by the one who made that Solomon Allah I sweep myself for Allah Maha Mudra. What Taqwa that he placed the program, Allah says, I've programmed every soul, the ability to be righteous, and the ability to be

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to be sinful, every single one of us has the capacity to be better than the angels and to also be worse than the police. And that is what it means to be human, that you love within yourself. You and I, we have this extreme, whichever way we go. And so a successful life is called the Alpha Hammonds aka that if you want to pass through this exam successfully successful is the one who is able to purify his aka to purify his soul. What are the harbor manda sir, and doomed?

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Fail, the one who has laid his soul become corrupted, he has caused the soul to a base itself, then he is doomed he is he has lost, he has lost and failed in this exam. And so we live between the righteousness and corruption between good and evil. And we are, of course, as we know, a very unique creation in that we can choose whichever way you want to go, we can choose the heights of spirituality, or we can choose the depths of corruption. You can see that throughout the world around you, you find people that are the most beautiful of people in terms of the good they do in the world. And you see some of the most horrible of people how much misery and suffering they can

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cause on other human beings and corruption that goes on the earth. Every single one of us has that ability with the right circumstances, and having to choose, we can go either this way or that way. And so getting back to our our father and our mother, Adam and Hawa

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they, of course, made this and and, you know, a lot of questions came in around what Allah said from the beginning that they were going to live on the earth. Yes, of course, that was always part of the plan, the part of the test was always going to begin, and they will basically Allah subhanaw taala had already signed, if you will, if we give that analogy again, that Adam is the CEO of the company, and he finds on the harddrive, the Adam project, and he realizes, oh my goodness, I'm going to be relocated to some

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out outwardly land where I'm going to die. And he panics. And then of course, he meets the police and the police misleads him. The point of the matter was his transfer later was always the even before he got the job, even before he was created. Adam and how were they purpose was they will always gonna go to the earth. It was just a matter of when will they justify, when will they do something, when will they slip up, to be expelled and to go there that was between them and Allah and really the purpose, the story of Adam and Eve, and I know we spoke about Christianity, and we have a lot of respect and love for our Christian brothers and sisters in faith. At the end of the

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day, as I said, we are all on the same journey. Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, we're all gonna die. And we all hope for, you know, whatever we find on the other side to be better than on the side. And we hope for no one to find difficulty on the other side. I mean, we hope that everyone goes to Paradise, we hope that you know, everything we learn of the Mercy of Allah and the moody Award and the paradise of Allah, every single person is going to get there, you know, and of course, as we said, we divert the very markedly from the Christian tradition where it says that the purpose of life is that every person is tainted and sinful, and only through the sacrifice of Jesus, will

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you be saved? This is a different analogy, we say the purpose of the story of elements

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Eve is that yes, Adam and Eve are human. Yes, they are fluid. Yes, they will commit sin and we will commit sin all of us we will commit sin, do not think that you and I can avoid sin, the fact that Adam and Eve living in heaven in the company of the angels, having everything they want to stay away from one thing, just stay away from one thing, and they still fell, we're all going to fall. That's not the point of the story. The point of the story is what's what comes after? How do we as flawed faulty sinful people? How do we live with sin? And this is how we live with sin. We saw how he believes they acted to sin when he made a mistake. He became angry, he became disrespectful to Allah

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and he used that sin to further cause harm to others. Now, Adam, and how were they committed a sin? And when Allah said, that you have How could you do this? Or the two of them said, Robin Our Lord domna and husana we have hurt ourselves. We have wronged ourselves, we didn't hurt you Allah, we harmed ourselves. We're in Lambeau Field and and if you don't forgive us, what are Hamner and show mercy upon us and Hakuna national hot city and then we will be of those who are lost will be of the losers. And so this is really, why Allah created us this moment here, up until this point, no creature look at the angels, they can't be in the scenario. Angels can't commit sin. So they could

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never have this kind of relationship with Allah, we saw your beliefs, yes, he can commit sin. But the concept of returning back to Allah and and asking for repentance, this is something he can't do. He refuses to whereas we, we can do this, we can approach Allah with our son in a very, very beautiful way saying our Lord, if you turn away from us, then we are lost, forgive us have mercy upon us. And then of course, what Allah and Allah says and then immediately Adam received word from his Lord for Tabouleh. And Allah returned back to him, as I said last week tarbiyah tubo in the in the English translation needs to repent, if the literal meaning is to return. So in one way to look

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at it when you and I commit sin, we leave Allah we leave, you know, the mercy and the guidance of Allah we go off and we we live our lives. And then we have a wake up call somewhere somewhere, somehow, and then we make Toba, we returned back we want to come back to Allah now after all these years, Allah says Fatah Allah what the wealth in the water well, Buddha, he returns back to you when you come back to him. He opens His arms to us. And when we walk to him, he comes running to us. He is the most ever returning and Most Merciful and most forgiving. And this is really the takeaway story of the story of Adam, this is the this is what applies to you and me, we're going to live our

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life we're going to make mistakes, but always go back to Allah always returned to Him and He will always be there waiting to forgive. So then Allah says to them, gonna happen to me how Jamia now, all of you, Adam power, I believe all of you, you are going to the earth for me at the end of the community Huda. But mentally I would if Allahu Allah him without me, I say no. And now Allah says, the exam now begins now the exam begins, you are going to pass through the world, you're going to live there for a period of time you and your offspring. And the purpose of life to get out of this world to come back to the garden, to come back to Allah is to adhere to the guidance I'm going to

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give you. And this then of course, opens the whole concept of profit, I think the question was raised, what is the profit what is a messenger, a profit and a messenger really is someone on this world on this earth, that receives a revelation from the Almighty where Allah speaks or communicate to that person. And there's different types of Revelation, the most common form of Revelation is when God or the Ark angel, he comes down to convey a message to you video is sort of the go between between Allah and people, then, of course, is a very direct form of Revelation, very, very few people experienced this, maybe Musa Moses, on the burning bush, for example, where he spoke directly

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to the Almighty Allah spoke to him directly, no intermediary, this is a very high level of Revelation. And so Allah Almighty will not leave mankind without a guide, without an instruction. And so he sends prophets with a manual a scripture. And there are many scriptures that came from the time of Adam until the Quran, there are many, many books, the Bible, in its original form, of course, the Torah or the Old Testament in its original form that came to Musa and so on and so forth. These are manuals in terms of how to live your life, how do you pass through this exam that is life so that you can come out on the other side and be back with Allah and, and how to of course

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navigate where you have this ability to commit to do good things Ensign how to live within those limits.

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So we were created and I put it, you know, discussing a little bit more in detail because this is a very, you know, most religions struggle with the concept of sun, Islam that I wouldn't say celebrate the sun, but it celebrates humanity. It celebrates people

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I'm the same way I listen to the angels, the angels couldn't understand how can these creatures that are human that are flawed? Why are they better than us? Doesn't it mean that those of us who just worship nonstop we are better. We know from a hadith that the Prophet peace be upon him says that every human being without exception is a sinner will fall into sin. At some point, even the best of people will come with some kind of sin. But the best of all of the sinners are those who repent and return to the Lord. And in a more profound Hadith. And this is a very interesting Hadith. The Prophet peace upon him says, If we as people were, you know, we're not to commit sin, if we were

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like the angels, Allah would sweep us out of existence, and he would deliberately place upon the earth, a people who would commit sin, why, so that they can ask for forgiveness so they can turn back to him in repentance? As I say that, you know, we can't understand the reasoning and logic from Allah. Allah says in the Quran, he will not be questioned on the Day of Judgment, but he will do the question. So we can ask him, What is What do you get out of this whole scenario, what we do know is that there is a very high function, that being human, this is something that we can do that the angels can't do, we can understand Allah in a way they can understand. We can love Allah in a way

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that they cannot love Allah, we can have a relationship with Him in a way that they cannot, because we sin, and we fall and we stumble, and we go back to him and he picks us up, and then we first sin and we fall, we stumble, and he picks us up all the time, this relationship is a very beautiful relationship. And it's one that only humanity can experience. And that is why we can have a very deep profound relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And it was deliberate, that we work to commit sin, but it is for us to always fight that sin, always to work, uh, you know, in as best as we can, on the righteousness and into return when we commit, when we commit sin.

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At this point, we just take a quick, quick check in How's everybody doing? Any, any questions?

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Does anyone have any questions?

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No questions.

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Right? Okay. So, the important The important lesson that we want to we get to is what it means to be human, why it is special, that you know that you are you are that I am I am me, and that we can commit sin. And we have been placed on the earth of course for and an objective, right, that we've got an objective to do. So if we continue on, Allah then explains in a, you know, in a very simplistic form, how do you succeed in life? What, you know, when you are on your deathbed, when I'm on my deathbed, and may Allah grant us a long life, and we look back at our successes and our failures, how will we know if life was a success? How will we know if what we achieved was

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noteworthy, in COVID time a lot of people passed away. A lot of people.

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You know, we were at the funerals of many, many people. And, and, you know, after we bury that person, and we prayed for them, we then sit down, and we talk about the date. And you never, ever, the things that really we that drives us, most of us, we get up in the morning, we go to work, our focus is work focuses on earning a living nice, we have to feed our family, if we can earn more than just the basics. You know, we'd love to have a little bit more to go on holidays and buying new, you know, fancier cars. And at the end of the day, when a person dies, no one ever says, Wow, do you see the amount of cars he has in his garage, if anything that will be seen in a negative way, or how

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much money he has in his bank account. So what is success, we know that success doesn't mean what your postal address is, which some of you love, it's nice to live, of course, in a nice area, nothing wrong with it. But that's not success. It's nice to have lovely things in life and to travel the world is all nice things. But that's not success. A good person can travel the world and a bad person can travel the world. What really is does it mean to have a successful life. Allah says, Man, I mean a solid, whoever does good work on the earth, they are a good person, mean that in a way, whether you are male or female, or who are moving, and you believe in your Lord, so you cannot from

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an Islamic perspective and Islamic paradigm. And of course, there will be those who disagree, but from an Islamic paradigm, you have to be a good person on the earth, do righteous deeds help people make the world a better place, and you believe in your Lord for an opening and no higher than ever. And then we will give you a good life you will live in this world a good life. And Allah says when an ASEAN now as your own, we ask any mechanical model, and you will get in the afterlife, or you would better than the best with the deeds that you have done. You would you would get a reward for exceeding that which you actually deserve. And so Allah has made it the purpose of life, to believe

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in him to have a relationship with him and then to live in this world with the creation

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In a manner which is good, so that when you die, people will say, this was a good person. This was a kind person, this was a decent person, this was a friendly person, this person helped, you know, his neighbors or his family or whatever, they have good things to say that the world misses you when you leave that and with coupled with belief in your Lord, this is how you pass this exam. You don't have to spend hours and hours in pray, it's a good thing. But you don't have to, you don't have to fast everyday, every night, you don't have to give all your money in charity, just be a good person, and you believe in your Lord. And then you will, you will not only have peace and comfort in this life,

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Allah says He promises that you will have success in the year in the year after. Now, if we were to look at life, with the end in mind, the end of the day, death is of course not the end of the story. The real end of the story, you know, our our exam begins, when Adam and Mother Adam and Eve came to the earth. And they were instructed to live a life according to the instructions of Allah. The exam ends on the Day of Judgment, on the day of judgment. And we know a lot about about that day. Obviously one of the articles of faith, one of the things that you must believe in to be a Muslim, is that you believe in when you die, you will you and I will stand before our Lord, we will stand

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before our Creator. And he will ask us, what was it that you did on earth? He will give you the immediate opportunity to speak? What was the sum total of every minute, every second of your life? What do you do with those things I've given you? What did you do with the money I gave you were the strings I gave you with the youth I gave you the knowledge I gave you? What did you do with it? And your deeds, every action, every thought every word will be documented, it will be recorded, and it will be weighed and the good of it will be weighed and the bad of it will be weighed. And Allah says well, it was no Yo my eating and the weighing on that day is true. It's reality. We can't understand

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it, but it's going to happen whether you like it or not your life my life is going to be weighed for months. sacoolas Maya Xena HuFa hola Erica human, roughly one. So whatever. The deeds have weighed and substance they have a heavy scale of goodness for hola eco homophone. They will succeed they will be happy, they'll pass the exam.

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Woman Hufford, Mo as you know who and who scale is deficient. Whoever has more sun, whoever had a life of deficiency for Allah, Allah in a hospital and fusarium, they are the ones who will lose the souls they will be they will be completely lost be McCann will be it not anymore. Their souls because they disbelieve now they were like they turned away, they had no relationship with Allah and His revelation and his guidance that he called them for the 6070 years they lived on this earth, they didn't respond to his school.

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Now, we, as I said, a good analogy of how we are living, we're living in an exam, we're living in a in a, in a,

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you know, in a scenario where you get points, you know, you get points for everything you do. And you get minus points for every sin that you do. So we are in a an environment of, of scoring, like you don't miss a point system, I call it the divine point system, that every moment every second, every ran, every cent is being judged and weighed. And that is why when we speak about life is Islam is about surrendering to Allah submitting to him, it doesn't mean surrendering to Him, only in the month of Ramadan and fasting or surrendering when you go to the mosque, you know, it means that every moment you make a conscious decision to submit yourself to Him every choice is about your

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relationship with him. And so there are consequences to our actions, you know, as much as we whether we like it or not, whether we say you know, and they will be a lot of us on the Day of Judgment will say you are late and equal to the robber was here Allah, why didn't you just make us dust? You could have made us a plant, you could have made a sand. Why did you put us in this exam? Well, we, we don't have a choice we find ourselves here. And so every deed is going to be has a, a point attached to it. Now remember, the name of the game. The object of the game is to get your good deeds to weigh more than your bad deeds, that if your good deeds weigh more, you're going to win, you're going to

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succeed you're gonna go to paradise. And if you're bad each way more well than we have problems we can talk about what happens is a couple of things that can happen. So how does the point system work? What carries the most points? What question in the exam is the most rewarding question. So Allah is the Prophet peace upon him says that Verily, Allah has recorded good and bad deeds, he has basically made things permissible and impermissible, he has said the rules and the law, he like he said to Adam, this is what's permissible, this was implementable sidenote.

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It is part of the Mercy of Allah. Allah has rigged the system, the system is is not completely failed. It's cheated. It's been hacked in our favor to benefit us because it is designed in such a way that everybody should pass. This is the purpose alone wants everyone to pass. And so he made it for example, look at the three Allah said he made everything permissible and

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One thing is haram. And in this world, we see the same thing, that every place you can go as you want. Every food you can eat, you can eat everything. But only these five, six things are haram, don't eat from those things. You can enjoy anything in any time of the year that you want. But one month in the year, you need to fast throughout the day, you can do business, sleep, whatever you want to do, but five times a day, you need to pray. And so the things that are allowed, the things that are permissible, are far more than the prohibitions. So he Allah made it like that to be easy upon us that we only have a few things to do. And the rest of the time, it's really up to us whether

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we want to, or how we live as long as we avoid the few sinful things and do the few compulsory things. So the Prophet peace upon him said that Allah recorded what is good, and what is bad. And he made them clear. And he showed us he told us, and so the way Allah scores are the way Allah gives points, listen to this, whoever has an intention in his heart to perform a good deed, and he doesn't do it. So maybe while you're sitting here, you're thinking, you know, I didn't want to change my life, I didn't want to stop doing a certain sin, I really want to do more with my time, I want to, you know, get involved in an orphanage, I want to give more to the poor, I want to pray more often.

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If that is in your heart, then the Prophet says Allah will give you a reward for that Allah will score you a positive point, you'll give you a mark for having that feeling in your heart. So a good feeling always gonna give you a reward. And if he didn't, and if He intends to do it, and he does it, so if you actually then you so if you have that feeling, and you don't do it, you just had a feeling an epiphany one day, but you never follow through, you still get the reward. But if you have a feeling, and you actually do it, so you feel like you know, tomorrow, I want to feed someone, tomorrow, I want to force tomorrow, I want to do something good. And then you actually go out and do

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it. The Prophet says Then Allah gives you at least 10 to several 100 Too much, much more, there is no limit when you do a good deed, Allah has left the amount of marks for a good deed open, he will give you at least 10 times the reward, at least will be the minimum, but he could give you in one good deed complete paradise. He could love that deed so much, because you did it sincerely, you did something so beautiful, that he basically gave you Jana that deed he loved so much. So any in every think about this guy's in every act of Ibadah in every act of kindness, you could you could pass this exam. Every moment in your life, you could be sitting in traffic, and having a terrible day,

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and moody and frustrated. And you see someone wanting to cross the road and they you know they cut in front of you. And you want to say all the swear words and just you know what let me be patient that was took so much sincerity in your heart, that simple trivial thing can get you Jana, someone stands in you take out the tender and and you say look, without with you know something in your heart moves, and that Allah love that moment so much. And he says for you, you've passed the exam. Now your place in Jana is recorded already. So that is if you do good deeds, if you intend to do good and you don't do it, you get to a point. If you do it, well, there's no limit, you can actually

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get Jana to see that one deed as for him who intends to do evil. So you think you know what, I'm gonna do this wrong thing tomorrow, Ramadan is coming, I want to make sure I do all my sins before the timespan Allah and you have that mind tomorrow, I'm gonna do this evil thing. And then tomorrow comes and you don't do it, you actually you know what, it's tomorrow, let me not do it, and you give it up, you actually get rewarded for that. So the intention of doing that and you lift it off, you get rewarded for that thing, then, if he actually goes through with you do you intend that you plan to do the evil thing, and you actually did it, when Allah only records one negative mark against

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you, only one negative mark against you. So this is a very unfair scoring system, you have infinitely amount of more times, to win and to pass. And only if you go through with something evil will one.be put against your name, for every good deed at least 10 to any hundreds of millions of dots of positivity against your name, and it comes down to the grading which one weighs more. And so that is why we cannot even say that Allah is is totally free and equal. When he when he puts us in this grading system. It is favored for us to pass it is meant for us to succeed. But every single person has the opportunity to pass this exam. And just to give you an example, how even a small deed

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can be big in the sight of Allah or it can be a

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wonderful sight of Allah. There's a hadith of a woman that eventually she went to hell. And it started with how she imprisoned her cat and she causes cat to die. So the cat wants to eat and the cat the stool was paid this lady tortured the cat to death. And so because of that the sin was so detestable in the sight of Allah that she ended up in hell because of that way as another

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Hadith which gives us a great amount

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don't have hope, you know a lady who was a prostitute. I mean, she's night and day you do haram. Being with married men causing harm to families, all these things,

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terrible life she's living, she walks by and she sees a dog dying of thirst, or the dog is on the floor painting. And so she looks for some water, she can't find any water. And it is a well, and she tries to she goes to the well, and there's no bucket in the well. And so she puts her shoe in the well, and brings up some water and feeds the dog. And this act of kindness, in spite of all the sins that she did, was so loved by Allah, it was so beautiful to Allah, that he forgave us sins. And any promise that to Jana,

00:30:42--> 00:31:03

you know, these are, you know, this is who Allah subhanaw taala is that he really wants us to succeed in this exam. And he set up every opportunity to succeed. Now Ramadan, for example, is a good opportunity that the Prophet says, Every single person who wants to draw closer to his Lord will get it, if you really want to, you make a little bit of effort, Allah subhanaw taala will give you that. And so

00:31:06--> 00:31:44

you know, when we talk about, obviously, as we know, from an Islamic perspective, there is reward and there is punishment, there are consequences to our life, our life, whatever consequence, and there's only two destinations from a summary perspective is heaven. And hell, there's no middle road, there's no limbo, there is a political that are off in between for a short period of time, but ultimately, is heaven. And these health, and the life you and I love, will determine whether we go to those destinations. And so if we talk about those who had what happens if you live a bad life, you know, it's let's say the outcome of your life is one of two ways. You either get to go to Allah,

00:31:44--> 00:31:46

and you're going to have a life that wasn't

00:31:47--> 00:32:25

all that good. You're going to where your deeds, and the deeds are going to be deficient, you are going to have all of the all the opportunities after all the blessings, it will, it will prove that you were more of a liability to this world and something positive, that the sum total of your life was evil, not even one to one. I mean, for every good deed you did our added 10 points for every cent you did this one. So you actually were 10 times worse, at least 10 times worse, in this world than you were good. That's what was gonna like what is going to happen to you now what has happened to you, Allah is going to ask you, is there anything? Was there any unjust injustice that I did to

00:32:25--> 00:32:58

you today? Is there anything that I have wrongly attributed to you? And everyone is gonna say, you've been failed? Or you've been just nothing? Yeah, I can argue, I can't make any excuses for myself. And yes, as we know, if those who denied him, you know, they were destined to the fire of hell, and those who lived a very bad life, they're destined to the fires of hell, but even so, even so, even in that moment, they still hope in the Mercy of Allah and one of the one of the narrations, which gives us a great deal of hope in how Allah has designed this game, but this exam,

00:33:00--> 00:33:34

when, when, when, when some people are sent to hell, and others are sent to Paradise, a group of people will say those who have saved those people who were saved, those people who succeeded they passed the exam. Now, maybe for those of you being at the university, you know, usually your results come out. It's like on a piece of paper, and you see all those reports, you see, some people scream, and they're happy. And some people they don't find the name they are they, you know, and they quite sad. And so, at the end, there'll be those people will pause, and they'll be so happy, and they will be so in, you know, joy, overjoyed that they passed the test of life, and they go into paradise.

00:33:34--> 00:34:09

Now, when they will say Oh, Allah, our brothers, the we don't see amongst us people that we should recognize. We the successful ones, the people missing from amongst us, they used to pray with us, we used to see them in the mosque. They used to fast we know in the Ramadan that they used to fast and we can attest, we don't know what else they did behind closed doors. But as far as we concerned, we knew that they did some good deeds. And in another Hadith, Allah says, are the prophets is the people who will argue with Allah the most of the day of judgment as hon Allah, you just passed your exam, you're going to paradise you will a minute ago, you were so scared that you're going to end up

00:34:09--> 00:34:48

in hell. Now you come back and you start to question on a question, but argue with him. Yeah, I'm not gonna go until I see where my brother is where my friends are, my neighbors are we are they. And so Allah will say, Go and look, look down, and they will see in hell. People that they recognize, they will see people that oh, so and so is an owl, that Allah will say to them, you know, go go forward and pull them out about anyone that you can recognize. If you are standing testimony for this man, as a good person, I would accept your testimony and bring them out of of hell, even if they squat one good day to some you know, subhanAllah maybe of these people, you know, we pass the

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

exam, we will go and we look at any person we recognize, that did a good deed in this life. That person used to pray that person you gave charity once that person used to, you know, make us happy, and we'll pull them drag them out of algebra.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

Allah, then

00:35:03--> 00:35:26

the angels will intercede and so on so long, it's a long intersection. And people it will eventually be, there'll be those people that you know, once we drag out all those who we can testify for, there will still be a lot of people that no one will vouch for them, they will be in hell and no one will say, Look, no one. I don't know any of these guys. Whatever I see of them was was evil. Then Allah subhanaw. Taala will say,

00:35:28--> 00:36:06

the prophets and the angels and the believers and interseeded, the prophets and the angels, and the believers have interceded with me, they begged me for my mercy. And I allowed them to go and vouch and bring those people out of hell with whom they recognize. Now the only thing that is left is the mercy of the Most Merciful. Allah says, Now it's my turn to be mercy. The angels will mercy for the prophets for mercy for the believers will merciful. Now it's my turn my turn to be merciful. And then he will, in a manner which confronts his majesty, we can't understand how what he will place his hand in the fire of Jana, and he will pull out as many as you wish of souls of Jana, and you

00:36:06--> 00:36:21

will put them in a river to cleanse them and to purify them, and he will say into Jana, you may enter you may enter paradise. Now this is for the sinner. This are the ones that entered Jana, and then entered paradise. What about those who

00:36:22--> 00:37:04

get to Jana? directly, they are those and we and we pray to be amongst them that will stand before our Lord. And really this is the beautiful moment that you know you and I we can stand before Allah and the 60 years, the 70 years of life that we loved, Allah will review our deeds and Allah will look at it and Allah will wait and it will be heavy. Allah will say to you say to me, well done. Muhammad, Aisha Fatima well done, you passed the test of life. You were someone that believed in me. You love your life with a purpose is you committed your son because obviously there's always going to be sin, but you for your good deeds outweighed your bad deeds. You were a force of good on the

00:37:04--> 00:37:42

earth. You did more good than harm. And now you've passed go into Jana. Go into paradise. So what is paradise what is Jana and we can we can spend you know weeks and I love to talk about Jana. There's so many things we can talk about it part of our faith as Muslims is to believe in paradise. And it's something that every time you pray every time you do a good deed to someone else. You doing it you putting a good deed in that account for Jana. Allah says Nana Olia, Phil hayati, dunya. Will Africa for the good believers. We are the protector in this life and and they are those who have a relationship with me. I will take care of them in this world and in the next one our country, how am

00:37:42--> 00:38:27

I thirsty and in Jana? They will have whatever they want, whatever their heart desires, what a comfy hamata down and they will get every request that they want will be given to them. musulman minoli Minerva Fuding Rahim, an everlasting entertainment and everlasting fun from the Most Merciful, the Most forgiving, they will be honored for all eternity to whatever the heart's desire. Allah says in US harbor Jana, the people of Jana Fisher will in fact be one every single day they will be busy they will be occupied they will be consumed with fun things with joyous things and sometimes people you know the Yerba Jana you eat you sleep, you know you eat and you rest and you recline and it

00:38:27--> 00:39:05

sounds very boring. Allah says no, every single day in Jannah is something new, some new experience some new game to play some new place to explore every day is new and fun. And I say this and I'm sure many of you who follow my lectures are bored of this for me what really blows my mind about Jana and different people, different things blow your mind of Jana. For me what really blows my mind about Jana is that you of course have infinite time you're not gonna die. Jana is eternity. But there is no sleeping Jana now for those of us who work our idea of a holiday easier give me a few days just to sleep, I just need to sleep. You know, that is that is a reward a holiday for myself.

00:39:06--> 00:39:45

But in general there's no sleep. Why? Because it's wasting of time to sleep. It's just too many things too many fun things to do. You don't have enough time to experience all of Jannah so Allah says that the people of Jana forever and ever there'll be playing in joyful things whom was watching them, the families, the wives fee, the Latin Ira chemotactic one just enjoying the shades reclining on thrones, relaxing all the time. Either they playing having fun, or they relaxing and they're having all the fun that they can have the home for you forget and one of my talent for them is whatever their heart desires of eating and drinking and whatever they ask it will be given whom as

00:39:45--> 00:39:48

long as you feed it with Turkey on so

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

the the, you know in Jannah in Jannah when the Prophet was asked what is gender? The Prophet said Jana is a place

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

that no eye has ever seen. no ear has ever heard. And no heart or imagination has ever conjured up how beautiful Jana is how amazing it is, how wonderful it's going to be. So whatever you think Jana is it for is less than what the reality of Jana is. But obviously with all the you know the fruits and the play and all that we we know that that is the that is the that is the most those are the trivial things of Jana, and with Ramadan in mind, for those of us who are going to force the month of Ramadan and are welcome even those who are not Muslim to us this month because it's a month that is is is Blizzard for all creation, that it's a month when we tried to get closer to our Creator.

00:40:44--> 00:41:03

That is what success is that when you die, you can get closer to your Lord. That is what life is all about. Doesn't matter what you do on the earth, but to have a position with him in the in the year after is what is important. And so Jana, besides enjoying yourself and having an eternal holiday, of course the biggest prize of Jana is this way.

00:41:05--> 00:41:09

The Prophet peace upon him said says that on in Jannah

00:41:10--> 00:41:49

Allah will call all the people of Ghana to a special place on Fridays so like on Fridays we can congregate in the mosque on Fridays all the people of Jana will congregate at the highest point in Jana. Jana is like it has levels so the highest level of Jana, these are special very, and all the people the best of people the worst. I mean, the guys who are right on top of Jana and those who just came in last, everyone will get to sit in this valley, it'll be like an open plane. And then they'll be sitting in waiting. What is this? What's happening now? And then they will hear the voice of Allah speak to them. And Allah subhanaw taala Allah will say to them, Allah will say to the poor

00:41:49--> 00:42:22

people of Paradise, and they will say Our Lord, in Your hands is oh goodness, we will they praise Allah, Allah will then say to them and ask them off to the off to the people in Jannah. Praises Allah, they will say Allah will ask them, How are you doing? Oh, people of Jana? Are you happy in Jana? Is there anything that you want? And the people will say, Oh, we are so happy, this is the best place everything that we could have possibly wanted is given to us. And then Allah will say, ask of me or people of Jannah? What more can I give you? What more do you want? What more desires do you have? And they will say, Yeah, Allah All Praises to you everything that we have wanted and can

00:42:22--> 00:43:00

think of you have granted to us. And so then Allah says, I would like to give you something even better than all the joys of Jannah all the palaces and all the fruits and the entertainment and the traveling and everything that you want, I'm going to give you something better than that, what can be better than that, at this point, Allah will do something which no creature has experienced, no angel, no jinn, no creature has experienced, Allah will then remove the barrier between him and his creation. And we will be able to see him directly, will able to be able to talk to the Creator directly without any veil. And that is the highest level of Jana. And ultimately, our ask the

00:43:00--> 00:43:41

question, what is success? Success, my brothers and sisters is for you and me to be in that value one day where we get to see our Creator, and we get to talk to him. And we and we know that our Creator is pleased with us, as our systems were asking, said, I'm gonna call him and rob the Rahim and that he says to you, he says to me directly, Salam Peace be upon you, O Muhammad mineralia Rahim, Allah Lord, that is very, very happy with you a lord that is very contented with the life that you loved. And that veil will be removed between us. And so life is simply a journey. It is simply a temporary pass pathway to get to our load at the other end, may it be that we all get

00:43:41--> 00:43:49

there. May our life be lives worth living, melograno success, and forgive us for our shortcomings. As I said, this is the last lecture

00:43:51--> 00:43:59

for our lawn, and then we'll continue any, we've got a few minutes of in five minutes of questions. I see system zero, your hand is up. Go ahead.

00:44:00--> 00:44:01

Excellent. Monica.

00:44:03--> 00:44:39

I just wanted to make sure that during the month of Ramadan, when my husband, we tend to be lazy, so we don't then wake up for see. And we don't want to go to the mosque that they retire and stuff like that. Should I rather be quiet and not tell my husband? Don't you know, wake up facility? Or should I be quiet? And don't tell him about reading his Quran and remind him to go to the mosque? Or should I be a reminder because I know it's the biggest thing if someone tells you something, and then you ignore them? And then you're like, No, I don't want to do it.

00:44:40--> 00:44:43

So which is better? Should I be quiet or should I speak?

00:44:45--> 00:44:46

Good question. So

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

obviously, it's always better to encourage each other part of marriage is that we encourage one another in goodness. And there's a Hadith of the Prophet some says, Should I not tell you who the best of women are in the best of women?

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

Those women who get up to pray at night and she sprinkles my paws, she sprinkles a little bit of water on Iseman and encourage them get up, pray with me. Of course, if he doesn't want to pray don't force him unless it's compulsory, pray that we a bit more forceful. So definitely, if you think of it like this, if you want, if you really love your husband and your kids, you'd want what's good for for yourself for them as well. And so you'd encourage them as well to do good deeds. And that is what we talk about marriage, you always want a partner that's going to be strong when you're weak. When you feeling lazy, they are the ones encouraging and when they are lazy, we encourage them. So

00:45:35--> 00:46:10

Inshallah, man you have a beautiful Ramadan, maybe sit down with your husband before Ramadan and say, Look, don't try to do everything. You get overwhelmed when it's everything. But so let us choose to do obviously the compulsory things of pray. And then what extra can we do? Maybe we recite one page of Quran, maybe we go to the mosque for one pray, maybe we're going to listen to one lecture, let us commit to one little thing instead of everything, and then we will back one another up. Just like Go ahead. Chicken the check is in equations and cosine, will there be a group of people which will remain permanently in Jana in hell? Okay. That's a deep question. And this is

00:46:10--> 00:46:32

something called salvage, sell exclusive salvation. Is this something as exclusive salvation? And I think it's a question and let us defer off the Ramadan? Because yes, unfortunately, you know, in reality, we are what we know from our theology, we are those that are eternally that condemned to hell. So let's talk about them maybe after Ramadan. For now we talk about the mercy and Jana and having a relationship is another question. So sama serum

00:46:36--> 00:46:40

would you add just so up? No, no, sorry, ma'am. Okay.

00:46:42--> 00:47:25

There was one more thing go ahead Is it said that we will have eternity because in the other lectures, you said that even angels pass, everything does come to an end. So will we not eventually come to an end, so after, so what, what that means is that they will come to an end, but there'll be a resurrection. So when the Trump is, so when this when you know we die, that's how we end up first in, and then there will be a moment when all of creation will die, this is the end of times, and then Allah will recreate the angels and he will recreate us and after that death, so we all everyone must experience a type of death a type of ending, and then we will be a resurrection. So Allah will

00:47:25--> 00:47:55

never ever experienced an ending so the angels will die, but there'll be resurrected. And that's what this means. So yes, once we are resurrected, there is eternity. So one of the points of one of the points of judgment date is when everyone is assigned to Jana, and everyone is assigned to Janome and if the final in Allah will then bring death in the form of a you know, some kind of creature and Allah will say now death will die. And there is no more death than everyone that is in Paradise will live forever in paradise. You don't have to worry about this again.

00:47:57--> 00:47:57


00:47:58--> 00:48:02

I have one I mean, one last question before we conclude.

00:48:05--> 00:48:38

Okay, then to psychologically thank you so much again for a wonderful set of lectures. I hope it was beneficial to all of you. I look forward to us continuing after the month of Ramadan. Please stay with us in our our monthly lectures or our lecture on the life of the prophet Muhammad peace, peace be upon him his life ie the mercy and to mankind on to the universe. And we will be back in touch. If you have any questions, concerns or comments you can email me with [email protected] So psychologically, thank you so much, and all the best what I'm about keep us please keep me new as well. So let's say now, Muhammad, well, your service I'm gonna send you and hamlet of datamine sit

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down like lubricator