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Part 30 31_ Talk of the Town

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Am I like, oh my god? I'm like, seriously? Okay.

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rubella Humana shaytani r Rajim wacol and is what? Phil Medina, Phil Medina, Timo Atala zz Torah we do Fattah FC policia

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in LA haffi Bala Lim will be falam SME ATS be McKinney hin alto Salat la in our target la one mo Taka, tactical lower he did him in 116 we'll call it rajala in

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a now who actually Babu now who Papa ADL

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Paulina her Shaolin Hema had Bashar in

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in Malecon Katie from Shafi Sabri, we are Sidley Emery Lok the Tamil Sania only for hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was a pH bank mupad once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today, I attempt to cover I am number 30.

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And maybe we move on to 31. I think I numbered them correct incorrectly in the title, but 30 and 31, is what I'm going to try to get to yesterday, we covered up until I N number 29. And now we're the scene is changing. The last thing we talked about was the confrontation that happened right at the door, and how the matter was resolved, and how the politician the the minister, Al Aziz, tried to, you know, you know, put everybody in place and kind of quell the issue before it becomes, you know, it spills out. But it seems that the word got out, it seems that people went home and they started talking about it. This was an incident that took place. And this is actually in a strange sense kind

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of a parallel to what happens in the story of Musa alayhis salaam in the Pharaoh, yet another subtle parallel, and that is that the first confrontation that happened between him and moose Allison was inside the inside the walls of the castle and the palace, and the confrontation that happened with the snake finally coming out and all of it was an embarrassment to the Pharaoh and he wanted to keep that contained. But actually word got out. And it was turned into a pretty big problem and it became a PR problem for him. Similarly here, you've got this politician who's hoping to keep this domestic issue contained, but he wasn't able to. And so as I read a base translation of the coming I have for

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you, it would go as follows we'll call and this was when Phil Medina tea. And some women in the city said in Morocco as easy Torah we do Fatah, Nevsky, the wife of the minister is trying to seduce her servant boy, for you know, servant boy, got the Shahada. He has penetrated through the layers of our heart with love in melanoma have Ebola lima bean, we absolutely see her as someone lost in delusion or confusion, obviously. So this is now the ayah is dedicated to what women were saying. So there's a few things here that we want to kind of address. The first of those things is colonists word unusually in Arabic, those of you that study basic Arabic grammar know this is a Joomla philia a

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verb base sentence and here the word Carla is an it seems an unusual at first glance because you're expecting to hear collect, this word on pilot would be corresponding to the fire in the subject of the sentence which is also feminine. So call it misperton would be a much easier way to process but columns button comes across as Wait, what just happened here, this should match in gender the two should match and gender. The first response to that is for you know, this one can be considered a group like an SM jammer, and with an SM jammer. You know, the equivalent of that in English can be something like Collective Nouns but not entirely, but when an Arabic a group is being referred to,

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or they're being talked about as a single unit or as a single group, then you can use the masculine for them regardless of their gender. So in that case, you can hear actually say colons it's completely grammatically sound. Now, despite having said that, there is still speculation about why would color be used for this watan? Why would the masculine be used any way you can use the feminine to so it seems going out of one's way to use the the Allah is deliberately using the masculine where the feminine was expected. And one, you know, postulated theory is they weren't acting very women like when they were doing this and therefore the masculine which shift sohaib in his discussion

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actually completely rejects. And I, I think that you know, I used to think that way, but I think that arguments whether we call so Dr. Father, Sally has Samurai in his explanation of sentence structure, and he's a remarkable scholar of grammar and he's written a book very different than other books on Arabic grammar. He has worked on my idea

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Who the deeper meanings of grammar. So he's trying to understand the rhetorical function of grammatical structures in Arabic, like in classical Arabic language, he has a particular theory. His theory is, when there's a gender mismatch, a deliberate gender mismatch, then you go back to a larger principle, and the larger principle is that the masculine is inclusive, and the feminine is exclusive. So let me That sounds geeky, but let me put that in simple words. What that means is if the masculine is being used here, perhaps predominantly women were the ones talking, but it's not they were the only ones talking. So that would be one way of looking at Carla. And this one, because

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the masculine is Ashman. It includes more. So it's maybe a subtle rhetorical way of saying, Yes, women were talking, but they weren't the only ones. And the ones that aren't being mentioned, but still, not entirely off the hook may have been captured inside of the Carla as opposed to the pilot. Again, this is not conclusive. But that is one possible way. If you if you were to take Dr. samurais approach to it. I would also say that it's probably implausible to think that only women we're talking, it's probably impossible. It's the servants that were there. Some of them were male, some of them were female, for example, right. And they went home and spoke to their families, kids,

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spouses, whatever. So both genders are talking in some respects. But here, the primary emphasis is not doesn't matter who else was talking. There's a particular group that is more important for the development of the next scene. And what's what's been what's going to be explained, is not just people in general was, we're talking to a specific group was talking, I'm almost reminded of the rumor that was spread about Chateau de la huhtala. hub, and how everybody was talking. Yeah, because it just became a popular subject. And I would imagine this became a popular subject. So everybody's talking and they're in the Hadith in Mohali, when NASA you feel Luna coleus Hubble if people were

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just diving into the words that the slanderers had started, so she used the word people when she was describing the scene, right? But by contrast, here, we're not finding that Allah is saying people were talking, he's saying a specific group miss one, which is a one of the particular forms of a plural for women. It seems to suggest there's a particular brand of women a particular type of women or a particular social circle of women that's being talked about, and that will become clear by context also, there are two context clues one have nkd code now this is the kind of scheming you women do. Right? So you women I told you refers to a particular social circle, right? Then here

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there's a second context clue, which is this one, Phil Medina at this one film Medina, T. Women in the city. And the phrase in the city seems like a, you know, superfluous addition, even if you don't say it, you could say women were talking, but why women in the city, it's almost as if the is saying city women were talking meanings, higher ups, uptown people, you know, de luxe apartment in the sky, that sort of thing. You know, so they're the women that are in the upper echelon, the city folk, the women from that group, the civilized society, if you will, the elite, if you will. They're women, we're starting to talk. So they have a, I told you, they, they may greet each other with smiles and,

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you know, dress up and be at each other's parties and things like that. But they have deep seated animosity towards each other. And the way they attack each other is not like they go at each other with fist fights and things like that. They go at each other, with jabs, with scandals with things that they can tear somebody else's reputation down without any blemishes coming on them. And finally, they something's leaked about one of these women that everybody else's eyes are on now. Why are their eyes on her, I'll get ahead of myself and then reverse. Their first words are going to be similar to the disease. The wife of the minister and Aziz al Aziz is basically an Arabic. In its

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origin. There are three themes to understand the word Aziz, of course, is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal.

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One of its implications is something rare or nothing else is like it. So when someone's in a position where nobody else can be in that position, so kind of a rare new draw, if you will. That's actually from the meanings of aza. So when someone's in a rare, unprecedented position, and nobody else can be in that position, that's actually part of the meaning of a disease. And that's understandable why that's one of the last names that allies in a position to what else could be in that position. Okay. Another implication along with that is Yabu whether you love blue, or yellow, whether you're the one who overpowers or dominates has authority and there's no authority over him.

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The one who you can can overpower but none can overpower him is within the meaning of Lazarus and that's why it started even for people when it's used as people. It's used for people that have kind of a higher authority and nobody can put them in check. They can put people in check. Nobody can put them in the check. So

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For example, the head of the hospital would be the disease of the hospital kind of thing. Because he could fire people and nobody's gonna fire him, you understand, or the owner of the business could be the disease of the business, because he can make all the decisions, but nobody can impose decisions on him. Now, if you keep going in small circles, you can have disease in a larger circle, you have some kind of disease, when you get to the very top, you get a disease in the country. And as he's in the country would be the one that is in a ministerial, you know, governmental kind of position, where he makes some pretty executive decisions, and nobody can question his decision. But I'm sure

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there's even someone above him. And above him is a medic in this in this wallet, there's a king above him even right. But the king may be too involved or too, too lacks with some or too busy with other responsibilities. So he's handed that as these execution responsibilities. Yeah, that as is the word as he's also gives us the word Itza, which not only does it have to do with authority and the power to execute, but it also has to do with dignity. And when the Arabic language transferred to other languages, like for example, Arabic and Persian are very mixed with each other. And as Islam spread, Turkish was very deeply impacted by Arabic And you know, Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa

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Malaysia, both Malaysian and Indonesian brands of the language are deeply impacted by the Arabic language, Hindi, started mixing with Farsi started mixing with Arabic and became although and will do is very deeply impacted by Arabic language. So for example, in Urdu, the word for dignities is that which is actually the design Arabic, right, so the the these words, they travel from different cultures, when they come to a different language, though, they lose some of the original meaning. Yeah, so even though I'm giving you that as a reference, that doesn't mean that every time you hear a word in Turkish, and you see a similar word in Arabic, that they both mean the same thing. Because

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when words transfer from one language to another, some change occurs, and it may not necessarily be the same, which is why it's important to say because so many Muslims from around the world, you no matter what language you speak, other than Arabic, there are probably Koran words or Arabic words that became part of your language. And when you hear those words in the Quran, you're like, I understand some of it. No, you don't you understand that version of it. That's in your language, not the Arabic word in the Quran. Right? So those two have to be kept separate. But regardless, is that does have to do with dignity also. So what am I getting at, though the mention of disease in the

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story here the first time we're hearing his name like this? Who's saying it? These women are saying it? Yes. And they're saying wife of Allah Aziz. What implications are there in Aziz one, he's somehow in a governmental position, a governorship, a ministry position, whatever it is, that is unique, and nobody is parallel to him. So he's in a unique, you know, supreme position of governance. Now, these women are also elite women. So their husbands may also be involved in governmental positions. But it may seem that from the word, Aziz, their men are not at the position of that man, because he is a lousy, so he's kind of on top. So you can already see maybe some sort

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of jealousy subs suggested, because the only way someone can be an Aziz, if he's an Aziz right now, if he's, he's no longer in that position, then one of our husbands can possibly vying for that position. So this may be an opportunity for him to be brought down. And as he's also mean, someone who commands respect, and obviously now they find a chance to tear down some of that respect. Right, so that that's another implication, then there's a sarcasm in the word authority. And Aziz Aziz is someone who commands authority. Man who commands authority doesn't even have authority over who has wife. So there's, there's a few jabs inside the use of the word as he is, and he's a celebrity, the,

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you know, the biblical term is, you know, Potiphar, and the Quran, the Mufasa, don't call him could feel. And these these names are known to the Egyptians, they could have used the name and everybody wouldn't have known. Like today, you don't have to say, the President in America, you notice that, but you can say Trump, everybody will know you're talking about right. But when you use the word, President, you meant something by that you were trying to get at something. So the use of his title is important in the sarcastic comment that they're making. Now, the first words they say that come out of their mouth are the wife of Al Aziz, the wife of the minister. So now there are two

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individuals actually being jabbed at, even though they're going to be talking about the wife. They've also kind of taken a jab at the minister now why, but really, primarily, it's a jab at the wife, okay? It's almost as if they're going to get to the wife to get to the Minister. Right. And so I gave you one motivation, one possible motivation can be they want to see him brought down. And maybe she's the weak link that they can use to bring him down or it could be that they want to make her look so bad that eventually

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He says, you know, she's a political liability, I want to divorce her, and then maybe one of them has a chance at at being his wife. So being in that position, so there, there could be these other subtle games that are being played here. But the point is, we need to make her look so bad that she can no longer be in that position. Right? So now, God on this one, Phil Medina, t maratona. Aziz. So and Mo Mo, this this this terminology too, because they all know her name, right, the wife of the minister. Now, if you know someone's name, and you use these words, you're already saying he's married. And for God's sakes, you're married to the Minister, you don't have the sense

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of all you don't appreciate what you have. You don't appreciate who you're with. And the embarrassment it must be to Him. Here is you, the minister's wife, all of that is inside just

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as you're stepping on their tea, ripping her to shreds. Right, Mr. autolysis, then they say to robidoux, Fatah infc. He, now to robidoux is actually the present tense of seduction.

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She wants to seduce her young servant. She wants to seduce not wanted, once. Now this incident happened. But they're now not talking about what happened. They're talking about it as if this is going on an ongoing thing and they have a relationship and he's constantly trying to seduce him and going at him. Or maybe the servants in the house. If we take we haven't done the biblical comparison. The servants in the house have maybe now let it out that she's actually been making passes at him for a while that this has been going on for a while because the Bible actually suggests that she was going at him for a while. Like she was she was explicit about it. Koran is not

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that way. But the Bible does talk about it that way, even if we don't expect that narrative, except that narrative. The The point here is they are speaking as if they know something for a fact that they don't know. Okay, they're talking about something that's ongoing. It may have just stopped right at that time. I mean, she got called out maybe things have cooled off and she's not going to try anything dumb again because now the you know, the Minister is on watch and he put her on on alert because you're hurting my political career. Now, you better not make this mistake again. It's not really the biggie. In you know, in in Nikki Cuttino hottie in you made a big mistake here from

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those who make mistakes. So it may be that that's not going on, but they need to paint her a certain way. Because talking about her in the present tense. And talking about her as if she's the wife of the minister doing the look at what she's doing is they're trying to paint her as someone who is continually in this habit, or she's addicted to him or she's obsessed with him and she can't get over him and she's just you know, lost in him etc. So this is called the Shahada. Shahab is used in Arabic for the outer layer of the heart, the heart, if the medical heart, the biological heart, the outer layer of covering of it is called shut off. And the verb shafa actually means to pierce

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through it. So they're sarcastically saying or they're actually depicting the reality of as they see it, or as they want people to see it. They're saying he's been able to penetrate through the layer, the outer layer of her heart with love. Reading she the love for him has penetrated deep inside of her. She's so obsessed with him. Now, this as if it's not like they're incriminating Yusuf Ali Salaam. But they're saying she's so obsessed with her servants. She sees him and he just goes right through her heart, doesn't he? Wow, she's just crazy about him. Funny, a wife of the minister crazy about a servant, and her young servant, Fatah. And obscene photo also suggests that she's older in

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age that she wants her young servant. Right. So she's older, and she wants this young man for herself. So this this is the language that they use. It's pretty embarrassing language that they're using. And they're talking among each other. The crowd is capturing that they're not just saying this privately. This is actually something that's reverberating people are talking about what's happening each other, they're posting memes about it, they're doing that kind of stuff. And it's just getting out and out and out. Or now people are making a little video blog posts about it or whatever. You know, people are chatting about it with each other making jokes about it. And then

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they say, in nalanda raha we, in fact, we truly see her as lost. She is so lost in Atlanta and the the alarm, alarm of emphasis or the oath is on the nada, we see meaning if you ask me. She's just gone crazy. Well, I hate to say it, but there's no other way to look at it. She's just not right in the head. But then they don't just say she's lost. She says he literally moving moving could mean she's obviously lost. But moving can have the idea also, and that it would mean she's so lost and it's now become obvious, isn't it?

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It's become it's come out that she's lost. I mean, we always thought she was a little off but now we know Don't we? It's

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If we do crazy things, but Ain't nobody know, cuz it didn't come out yet. But hers came out Oh, too bad for her. So the idea that it's come out as it's become movie Nibbana for everybody else, right. So they're, they're actually even mocking the fact that this wasn't contained that it's spread out and we're all talking about it. And in it, they're actually almost entitled their feeling entitled to be able to say this. Now, as I paint this picture for you, I kind of already answered the question that's coming in front, coming in the next style. And the question is, what is their motivation for talking like this one, it could just be entertainment. Some people love backbiting.

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And they love slander, and they love just tearing somebody down whether they whether they do a sin in private as a sin in private, and a crime against somebody if it's been resolved. It's been resolved. And if it's brought to trial, it's brought to trial, but you're talking about it is not because you're concerned about justice. You are nor are you concerned about the well being of any human being when you talk about it. All you're interested in is it's interesting conversation. It's It's fun to tear somebody else's dignity to shreds, because it's just easy to do, you know, and so right or wrong and as they talk about it, think of it from use of Allison's point of view we always

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think of they're talking about this woman. Right. Now, think of it from use of Allison's point of view, use of La Salaam is hearing people say that he has pierced through her heart.

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And he's to do like she's trying to seduce him as he has pierced through her heart and she's obsessed in love with it. Is he embarrassed by what he's hearing?

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Is he embarrassed that he has to hear these things about himself? Yeah, he's been put in a very uncomfortable position. This isn't just talking about her. There are other ramifications. There are other implications of talking about one person because you're not just talking about them. You're talking about someone else too. And you have to understand when people make these kinds of speculations they don't think oh use of an A Salaam innocent, her guilty. They are gonna they're gonna take this conversation in every direction. They're gonna say yeah, maybe he is innocent and she just went crazy over him. But maybe he you know something, something it takes to you know, like,

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some people will throw that out there right? When there's smoke, there's fire, he must have done something and drivers are crazy. So they're gonna throw him under the bus to without even thinking twice about it. Why would they care about the dignity of a slave? Why would they care? So the first you know idea here is that there is a an over speculation that is reckless. That does damage more than you realize. The second thing to note here is this is an anchor. The first time we heard somebody who's truly lost and it's become obvious is when the brothers of use of are talking about their father that he loves Youssef and his brother more, they said in abyaneh Luffy Baba live movie

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in same exact words. We are our dad is absolutely lost and obvious misguidance he's so lost, he so clearly lost, it's become clear that he's lost. They're saying we see him as clearly lost exactly same words, and none of them are happy, left left Ebola movie. And this is the krons way of actually making a parallel between these two scenes. The language is deliberate. And the parrot What do we learn from connecting that quote to this quote? Like, what what comes out of it? What comes out of it? Is they both What do they have in common speculation? Those people are saying it out of jealousy. Jealousy, because they want to tear Yusuf Ali Salaam down, and they want to earn the love

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of jacobellis. They, in their mind, dad is just lost. And he's clearly confused. Because he if he wasn't confused, he would love us here. So they're, they're they're speaking based on their own emotional assumptions. But the one they're talking against is actually someone they love. Like they want to earn his love and their own head. Here, these women are talking based on their assumptions against someone they hate.

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Right? Because they don't like this lady, they want to see her code tear down. They're not, they're not vying for her love. Like they were he was those brothers who were vying for the Father's love. What are we learning your emotions don't matter. It could be you hate someone and you're doing this, it could be out of love, you're thinking this, but your emotions and your feelings do not create reality. And don't give you a right to make assumptions about someone you love or someone you hate. The either way is destructive. And so their words lead to a larger sin. Their words lead to a larger sin on their their loved lead them that way and hear their words are they have another intention.

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They're not just doing this because they're naive. And that's the other thing. Those brothers in the least emotionally they're naive. They're not. They're not thinking straight. And then they come up with a diabolical plan. But the first thought process was rather unsophisticated dad loves him more. They could have solved that very easily. But here, these women are actually pretty sophisticated. They're smart in this world. Don't film it.

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Unity, the words they used in Morocco to the Aziz Torah we do not see, because the Shahada, all of this is meant to create an embarrassment for the minister's wife with another agenda, not just for them to get entertained, not just for them to just make an assumption and speak without thinking about it, they've thought this through, they're smart. They want her to be hurting from what's happening here. Either they want that marriage to break, or they want his position to be last one of those two is in the agenda. And they know that this casual conversation they have is going to spread. As they have it, they're making sure that other people are listening, the servants are

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listening. They're talking about it in the marketplace. So the merchants are listening. They're talking about it, when they're, you know, going around outside, other people are listening. So they want this thing to spread and spread and spread and spread until it becomes viral. It becomes the talk of the town. Sorry, too soon to use the word viral. But anyway,

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now that this has spread, and they want this teardown to happen, you can you can understand from that, that there is a scheme behind their words. Yes, there's a scheme behind their words. This, this was a problem for mofa city in that they tried to solve in the next hire, and I laid the scene for you. So the next idea from the point of view that I'm trying to explain becomes easier for them. semiotically McCurry Hannah, when she heard of their scheme, is the next word when she finally got word when she finally heard about their scheme. And then all of a sudden started debating what the scheme here mean, because they're not scheming. They're just saying this, right. And what I tried to

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tell you is, they're saying this, something is behind it. The there's there's an outside of it, which is this commentary, this belittling commentary, but behind it is actually a political social scheme to tear them down. And she sees it for what it is. She doesn't just say when she heard their hurtful words, she heard the hurtful words Allah didn't just quote her like that. He Are you saying when she heard of their scream, or their their their scheme, their plot? So she understands this is part of a larger scheme? Yeah, this is a game that they're playing. And Becker is used against an enemy actually, like the enemies of the deen. Allah says about them. Well, Makoto mokara, la la

00:27:16--> 00:27:39

hydel. Marketing, they schemed and ally responded with his own scheme and allies, the best of them are those who can respond to a scheme. Hola hydro marketing, right across the aisle. So now, in this ayah, when she heard of their scheme, it's not just that they did this in secret. And some people say, well, because it was done in secret. That's why it's the scheme. They want it spread. They want it out. And they want it to the point where she hears it.

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Because they want her to know that this is getting out there. And they want her to be on guard and be on the backfoot and be nervous or anxious. And her reaction was saying, Oh, look at that. I knew I would have thought it's untrue. But just look at her face. Look at her anxiety. Look at what's going on with her. Yeah, that looks like a guilty face. You see, they're trying to put her in a corner. So what does she do out of select Elena? Literally, it means she sent towards them. It could mean she sent an invitation towards them. But in a good English translation would actually be she sent for them. She sent for them, meaning she invited them. And literally la now back in the old

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days, you didn't send somebody an email with an invite, or you didn't send somebody a WhatsApp message come over on Thursday night or whatever. You literally sent a servant over. And there's an invitation for you on Thursday night, blah, blah, blah. Right? So she set up when she heard of their scheme, she threw them a party.

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That's what people do. Let's invite them over.

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What, what you're thinking of inviting someone over as a diabolical plan to get back at them? Or to gather intelligence? My God? The games people play? And of course, nobody ever does that anymore. Right? You guys have never heard of anybody inviting someone over to Yeah, but this is ancient. This is not human practice anymore. You know, maybe found in some other species, not human beings. But our select Elena, she sent for them. Okay, so she's invited them to a party and they hate her guts. And she knows they hate her guts because she's heard what they're saying about her and the scheming. And they know what they think of her last obviously, crazy lady. But guess what? Yeah, of course

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y'all come. Oh, getting dressed up all coming. And now the sooner speculating, why did they accept the invitation?

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Some say they expect they accepted the invitation because maybe their scheme was they're going to talk like that, because they're going to entice her to then they knew that she was going to invite them and when she invites them, they'll finally get to see use of like their scheme was to try to get to see you. So I think that's too simplistic. Personally, I think there's a larger political agenda at play. I don't think wanting to see Yusuf Ali Salaam was the big thing. It was it was more what it more had to do with was the you know, the social

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battle that goes on behind the scenes. So anyway, she invites them she sends for them. Well after that Lucha Namo Taka and she prepared for them for those women are Metallica. Metallica can mean a few things. If you pronounce it, what can it can mean fruit, meaning she prepared fruit for them what can can and some have also using that dialect with Taka and also understood it. This is found in self interpretation, meat that can be cut. But meat that you don't eat just as it is you have to cut it, and you have to lean in on it actually means to lean. So you have to lean in on the meat to cut it to put some pressure on it. And that's why maybe called Metallica but the general that those

00:30:39--> 00:30:46

are somewhat rare interpretations of the word Metallica also and more generally actually means

00:30:48--> 00:31:32

couches are a place to sit and Metallica can be a gathering like she prepared a special room where they can just all relax and chill. Okay, well Quran uses the this could be the, the place to sit, or couches, reclining couches, or on uses for people in heaven. makina Allah for Russian, they're going to be leaning back on cushions or beds with tokina right? So Metallica, I'm someplace they can chill, relax, lean back. Now they have meat to cut or whatever, maybe all of those embedded meanings if we look at them simultaneously, what are the good lower hidden mean? Who NASA Kenan and then she gave each and every one of them one from among them a knife. So first thing they're all relaxed and

00:31:32--> 00:32:10

sitting down now implied some use the word mitaka to say the she gave them some fruit or some meat or whatever that should be cut. And then she passed a sharp knife to each one of them. The word zucchini is a word in Arabic for knife. It comes from the word sukoon. And sukoon means tranquility. calmness, right? Like integrity when you learn this sukoon on it, you stop at it right? A Sikkim was literally actually called Suki. And because once you slice the animal's neck, it stops moving. Like it's the device used to bring sukoon to the animal because it kills him or kills the goat or the sheep or whatever. It stops them from moving. And that's why the Knights called the 16 the

00:32:10--> 00:32:34

tranquilizer literally, because it tranquilizers the animal it makes it tranquil not only puts it to sleep, but in a sense, it puts it to sleep, it calms it down, its body stops moving, you know. So anyway, sick also then suggests it's a lethally sharp knife because it's used for the killing of the animal. Right? So she gives each of one of them this knife Now, what happens next in this scene is

00:32:35--> 00:33:13

interpreted in different ways. And I'm sure if you've read the story before you've made those interpretations, one interpretation classically is and none of these are attributed to the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam. So these are human attempts to understand what really happened here. Right? So she gave them each a knife. And then she said, what caused that and she said, Oh, hello, Johnny Hannah, come out in front of them. She said this to who to use, if I can come out in front of them. Some of us are going to disappoint say the use of it. Some was kept hidden in a closet in the room, and he just kind of appeared. I would find that also highly implausible after

00:33:13--> 00:33:28

they just had a seat. We just had a scene where she tried to get him alone, I'm pretty sure he's keeping his distance from her in the house. And that's kind of the new rule in the house. But now they have what I see far more plausible, that seems to be the apparent meaning is there are guests over.

00:33:29--> 00:33:46

And he's kind of, you know shying away, because he doesn't want anything to do with women. But he's still a servant, right? He's still got to do his job. So he's basically now imposing This is not like hater, like, where she's saying something inappropriate. She's saying do your job, come out and meet the commands serve the guests.

00:33:48--> 00:34:17

So now she's playing the boss role, which he can't turn down because that's his job, right? So literally says come out before them come out before the women. But that's not like, I don't see that as a soft invitation. She's basically telling the servant come out here to them, get over here. And so she's imposing her authority on him. Right? And now the scene is these women are all leaned back, they've got the sharp knife, they've got whatever lamb or orange or whatever they've got. And they're kind of slicing that orange and talking.

00:34:18--> 00:34:58

I wonder if we're gonna see him. And she just calls up. Oh, hello. Could you come out to them, please? Is that going to be him? Is that him? Where is he coming? Is that the one and so they're all just talking among each other. And he comes into the room. And here's the sequence of events for them Marina, who then finally when they saw him, finally suggests also that use of Raisa was in some far corner of the house, stay as far away as possible. And Lama suggested karate. So eventually, when he did reluctantly show up in the room with these dozens of women or whatever, they were all leaned back on their couches, and by the way, when they come they come dressed up. It's a party,

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

right? And they're

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

They're not dressed up like islamically with hijabs with embroidery on them, you have to understand that provocatively dressed, they're basically inappropriately dressed elite women that are said, and when they said allies mentioning that she gave them something, you know, seeking some have interpreted as a, you know, not the knife, but something to calm them down. But the more plausible meaning is literally a knife, right? Because the cutting is coming anyway. But you can't it's not beyond imagination to think that when they were when they were called in, they drink wine, they get drunk a little bit, they get relaxed a little bit. Now they're sitting back and she purposely give

00:35:31--> 00:35:55

them a couch to lean back on. And then she's given them a sharp knife. Now the thing is common sense. When you have a sharp, you're handling a sharp knife, and you're cutting something, how should you be sitting? You should be sitting upright and cutting it. But also you have to lean in on it. But they're already in a reckless position. They're kind of drunk. They've got this knife, and there's chillin cutting the fruit like this. And then she says, could you come out of come out over here.

00:35:56--> 00:36:00

And so the end there either we're at the door who is going to come from

00:36:02--> 00:36:30

Fela Marina when they finally saw him, a kabara, who kabara in Arabic means to think someone to assume someone to be great. Or the big English word with a grand eyes, but simply speaking, to just be wowed by somebody when he walked in there. Whoa. Huh. And they're just looking at him like, wowed. And that's captured inside a corner. Doesn't mean they said takbeer.

00:36:32--> 00:36:38

They thought he was amazing. They thought he was great. Wow, that's him.

00:36:39--> 00:37:18

I could see what and there's their eyes are fixated on him. And while they're fixated on it, because they're looking at him and they think he's amazing. When you see something amazing, your eyes get fixated on it. And they don't exactly believe in you know, lower your eyes. Oh, you know what? I mean? I'm sorry, Hannah. Like they should they should lower their eyes. The Quran says that's taboo. That's believing women. They don't they know, second glance, there's a one glance all the way. So they're staring away while they got a knife. They're leaned back. And then some of these women accidentally did what? They cut their hand. And when they sliced Ah, now they sliced your hand. Now

00:37:18--> 00:37:54

not saying all of them stand, although the way that maybe the version you might have heard, I don't know, the the way that this has been explained. may have been he walked in and they were like, he's so great. Like, that's not what happened. That doesn't make any sense. Why would somebody or ladies on 312 slice like, like they didn't, in unison cut their hands. It seems some of them, it doesn't even suggest that all of them but enough of them cut their hand, cut that into a deonna. Now, when they cut their hand, who's the only servant in the room

00:37:55--> 00:38:31

you should find a surgeon and the job of a servant if a guest is to be the if a guest is to be served the you know, the the servant will will provide. And if he's the servant in the room, and a guest gets cut, what's he gonna do as a servant? He's gonna go bandage. He's gonna say Are you okay? Well, I'm sorry. So now one or two of these are three or four of these ladies are getting attention from who use it for something. He doesn't know that they're gawking at him. Or they're staring at him or they're like, oh, whoa, whoa, like they're not he doesn't know any of this. He doesn't know that. This is our cabana, who. But as he comes and he's attending to the guests that have cut

00:38:31--> 00:38:45

themselves, then some of these women start being inappropriate. Like they start giggling or they start trying to touch him or something like that. And he starts, you know, just backing away.

00:38:46--> 00:39:18

And then you see the he's now surrounded by women that want his attention. And they're all inappropriate. And they already think that he's great. And now he he came close for a different reason, because he's a servant. And now they're all over him. And they're treating him literally like an object. And he's getting uncomfortable by this because he's who he is. So in the middle of all of that you find and they said now the women said Harsha de la Harsha de la could literally mean God forbid, God forbid.

00:39:20--> 00:39:27

But this is actually you find in this in this ayah the blasphemous nature of these women.

00:39:28--> 00:39:30

like Oh, God,

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

and it's kind of like the Oh God. Now you're using God's name in vain for something filthy, isn't it? That's, that's one meaning of harsh Allah. Oh my god. That's one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it, you can turn it into a verb not not condemning it, but actually probably harsh Allah. harshly. law means someone who tries to protect themselves, like think Subhan Allah, someone who has reverence for God and is guarding themselves. So they're saying, Wow, he's guarding himself for God.

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

He's so righteous, look at him. He's so spiritual. He doesn't want me to touch him. And they're entertained by this. You know, like, you know, when you playing with a kid and the kid is getting shy, look at her shy he gets, like there's a toy for them to play with. And they're even saying, oh, he like he does, he gets disturbed by it. Ha, ha, ha shala

00:40:20--> 00:40:54

marhaba Bhatia. And they all know they came out looking good and provocative or whatever, and maybe some some of you who mentioned their intention for coming out looking like that may have been if they see the servant. And if they're hoping the servant looks at them and stares at them. They'll let the lady of the house know, by the way, you're in love with him. But he seems like he's in love with me. Look at the attention he's giving me. But that's not happening. He's not giving a single woman a glance. He's not giving even though they're like, all over him. And he's trying to save himself. He's not acting like a man what to even look at a single woman. He's not doing that. So

00:40:54--> 00:41:19

what's the words that come out of their mouth? Ma buchon. This isn't a man. This isn't just any man, this is not a mortal being. This is not a regular guy basic brush on here. This is not a regular guy. Because a regular guy would have loved this kind of attention. He would have loved it. Now the classical one of the classical ways of looking at the same phrasing is he walked in, they said how great.

00:41:22--> 00:41:58

This is not a man, this is some kind of angel and there's even some interpretations that light was coming out of him. And it was shining onto the walls and there was this angelic presence because they're gonna say Maha Maha Bashar in other Illa, Malecon curry, this is nothing but a gracious Angel. There is nothing but a gracious Angel. So he had so so beautiful that he was described as an angel. And then we started having a classical discussion about our human beings better or our angels better, or our angels more beautiful than human beings? Is that why they say listen, we don't engage in the comparison between human beings and angels, because some crazy ladies use the word angels.

00:41:59--> 00:42:01

Like this isn't a prophet talking.

00:42:02--> 00:42:08

This this is a righteous person who knows about a lion, the angel, this is this is these are dirty women talking.

00:42:09--> 00:42:42

Right? So that conversation is irrelevant. Because we're we're trying to extrapolate a discussion out of something where it doesn't belong, we have to understand their perspective. Their perspective, we keep doing it. Well, I mentioned angels here, the angel here. So is he saying that they know what angels look like or what they believed about? Stop all that. Put that on hold for a second, I'm going to give you what some might consider a deviant interpretation. But there's nothing deviant about it because it doesn't actually change our all and our reverence for Quran and Sunnah. And it actually makes this far more understandable as far as I'm concerned with.

00:42:43--> 00:43:16

Masks Merhaba Sharon, this isn't just a guy. He's not just because look at how he's, oh, my God forbid, huh? God forbid, you don't want to be touched? Wow, this isn't just some regular guy in LA Malecon Kareem. This is nothing but a gracious noble Angel. Look at this noble Angel over here. Now they're saying noble Angel because they can see his innocence. They can see his disturbance, they can see how bothered he is by this shameless environment. These are women that are used to doing this kind of thing.

00:43:17--> 00:43:55

They're used to being in this kind of environment, and they know how men respond to that environment. They've been in that before. So they've been around hundreds of men, if not 1000s, servants, or otherwise. So they know what these environments are like and what men are like. It's like they're in the elite club scene, you know what I'm saying? And now all of a sudden, they see a man who's so good looking. And she they've already heard she's crazy about him. Now they see why, cuz he's remarkably good looking. But he's also this innocent, you know, decent characters, not even giving them any attention. And here's the problem when these women are dying for attention, and he

00:43:55--> 00:44:09

won't even give them an ounce of attention. It makes them want to get his attention even more. It drives them even crazier. So now they're like, Oh, this is some kind of angel. Hmm. Wow. Not even interested.

00:44:10--> 00:44:33

He's so I can't wait to destroy his innocence. I can't wait to take his innocence. So they're just going nuts at this point in the scene. Now they've cut their some of them have cut their hands. Maybe I don't know, this is this is completely conjecture. It could be that. You know, some other women that when he was bandaging, one or two, I have a cut too.

00:44:36--> 00:44:56

So he could come and give them attention. And before you know what things are getting out of hand. Things are just getting really out of control. And as this entire scene is playing out. They don't realize this was exactly what the minister's wife was hoping for. She was hoping that they'd lose their minds when they see him.

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

She was hoping for that. Why?

00:45:00--> 00:45:12

They've got her pushed in a corner in the corner where she looks like she's crazy for wanting a servant boy. They've got her pushed into a corner because of her scandal got out. And they all got something on her.

00:45:13--> 00:45:25

Now there's a couple of things. One, she's going to show them why when he gave when he wouldn't give it to her because the word got out that he didn't give in to her. Man, a servant boy rejected her.

00:45:26--> 00:45:47

And they're thinking maybe, man, if it was me, he would never be able to resist. Right? So they've got this pride. Also, that's been crushed now, because he's not giving anybody attention. And she's like, Oh, you thought you were better than me? Huh? How well did you score with him? How far did you get? Couldn't get very far with him, could you. So that's one, but there's a bigger agenda at play.

00:45:49--> 00:45:57

The same thing, they were talking to her about how she lost control, and she fell in love with him. And she can't get enough of him. She wants to be all over him. Guess who's trying to be all over him. Now.

00:45:58--> 00:46:05

These women. So now basically, she's put them in a corner saying, you want to talk about me, this is going to be said about you, too.

00:46:07--> 00:46:46

You want a scandal about me, you and it with me now system. We're together. We're so you know, in dirty politics. If one politicians got dirt on you, the only way to get to be safe is what? You got dirt on them. And now we're both safe with each other. Because I know you'll never come after me. Because you know, if you come after me, I'll be coming after you what I got, you see what I'm saying. So she responded to your marker with this marker, this scheme. And now she's got evidence on them, they've got their hands cut, the story's gonna be you know, she can spread that story. She's got something on them. So basically, at this point, they're all stuck with each other.

00:46:47--> 00:47:03

And she can speak freely. Now, she doesn't have to be worried about the scandal anymore. She doesn't have to be worried about the embarrassment of what she felt. Because it's almost as if she's actually in a better position. She's like I held on for a lot of years. Y'all couldn't take five minutes Look at you.

00:47:04--> 00:47:44

You know, oh, all you couldn't handle a cc the kind of control I have. So she's in a twisted world. She's in a morally superior position for holding all holding out as long as she and I live with him and look at the control I showed. Right? So that's that's how she's painting this for herself. So in the next ayah, which I'm going to pause here because I want you to understand the next is separately, I want your minds to reset for tomorrow in sha Allah and to look at now what she's going to say now that the cats out of the bag, right now it's known Okay, this is you know what the rumors true. That is what happened. And this is also true what just happened with all you women. And now

00:47:44--> 00:48:21

Yusuf Ali Salaam is what am I caught in? He's caught in a he's caught in a crossfire, between the minister's wife and all these other women who are trying to one up each other. And he's the pond being played with. He's the pond being played with but now it's become a matter of pride for her. Right? But what her intentions are now going to come out in the open and she's gonna say well, I couldn't say much before. But now that I have you on the hook, just like you thought you had me on the hook. Now I can speak my mind. And that's what she's going to do an iron number what we're going to find she's going to respond to them in a number 32 and hopefully tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the

00:48:21--> 00:48:38

day after inshallah, we're also going to look at number 33, which is user's response to all of this. Like he's, he's going to have to deal with the situation too. So that's going to be his response. barakallahu li walakum feel calm. Again when a fan you accompany it with the color scheme salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.