Namaz in Nightclub

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Even if you don't no matter what happens to a person side they should not leave a cellar. And just to narrate some strange things that people that we met just to highlight the question of when they understand what Salah is people about to do haram or sitting with the opposite gender may be involved in something but they stand up every day Salah people trafficking drugs has stood up, read this law, a person said a nightclub walked out the nightclub pray decent I went straight back inside person might say this is a D this is strange.

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But why? Because I understand no matter what sins are coming on the face of this earth, if I leave this one thing, that's I'm doomed.

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And most of these people, when you come back to them, you've seen that they have abandoned those evil actions. It took them a matter of time to abandon it. But they had that instilled within them that no matter what I'm doing right now, it's time for Salah people said recorded inside a cinema watching a movie time for McGreevy, that's going to run out they've just walked out gone to the side read this, sir. Maybe you could make a more creative joke about it what kind of saliva but they have that belief that conviction that he leaves it out and are his people when people did miss salah. Why do you think people feel so emotional about it? It is a great discussion about Kabbalah about

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abandoning the prayer or praise you missed inside your life. But some people feel so emotional about that. I missed so many Salawat inside my life, what should I do? And I started to comfort individuals that Allah forgives. He pauses whatever happened. He literally began to weep. He said no, no, I need to make these prayers up in my life. That I missed him yet. I'm going to make them up.

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You can argue with him that technically yes, you're probably gonna be forgiven. But he has that conviction that 10 years I never pray

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that I'm going to ask but if you find him Allah, I need to make it up so we can give the technical answer by his emotional feeling deep down inside his heart. He feels remorseful. He feels remorseful that I did not submit to Allah subhanaw taala inside my life I need to make this up inside my life. That's the remorse we should feel about missing sunnah inside our lives. Somebody mentioned what Oh shut up Wahida am the person misses one Salah one Salah intentionally some of the fuqaha mentioned when it's a minor view but just to wake us up. One Sir are you missing your life intentionally to enter careful your disbeliever it's a minor view but as her deep that discusses once that you miss

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intention inside your life. So we should be worried about this inside our lives.