Omar Suleiman – How To Be Great Inside And Outside Of Home

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the lack of human satisfaction in society and the importance of achieving greatness on the outside. They also touch on the origins of prophets and their actions, including the need for a culture of good behavior and avoiding negative comments. The segment also touches on a woman with a serious illness and her narratives, including her struggles with a deathless father and a woman with a history of drinking alcohol. They stress the importance of learning about the Prophet sallam and creating a culture of love for parents and spouse.
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You know what we get caught up with the natural stuff that a human being loves. It's not the, you know, the Sahaba were not cheating on their wives. They weren't corrupt human beings. But as natural human beings, it's hard to maintain greatness. In every environment. It's hard to maintain the same level. And that's why I'm the love No, I'm gonna also be allowed Tyler on who said the height on our motto, do a good deed that I can manage to do today, after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a humble lamb Miss lay him out. Rasulullah is from Allah Islam is twice as beloved to me as when the Prophet slicin him was alive. He couldn't rely

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on him on a dunya. When we were with the prophets, I said that we didn't care about the dunya we had a soul loss lifestyle amongst us, all we cared about was the hereafter. And now the dunya has flooded us the dunya has surrounded us, it's bombarded us. So it's really hard to maintain that consistency. But you want to know what's amazing about Masuda lasala law he was selling the for harbor come to the property, he shall be allowed Tada, if you really want to know what's going on, you go to the wife, you know, many people can achieve greatness or you go to the husband or you go to mom or you go to DOD or you go to the kids, many people can convince other people that they're

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great. I can stand up here and I can give you a good speech and you'd say Mashallah, you know, he must be great. And you guys could probably right you guys see each other in Islamic gatherings or probably think to each other Mashallah, that's a good person, I always see him at the masjid.

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But if you can achieve greatness on the outside, that's not impressive. Because on the outside, you have the liberty of putting on a face. Right? You can, you know, it's part time, you know, you're not going to see these people all the time. They're not going to really see you in your times of distress. And when you're really tested, it's easy to convince people that Mashallah you're a nice good practicing Muslim. But you know, what's really impressive, when your spouse's when your parents when your children have nothing but glowing things to say about you. A lot of times we see celebrities and politicians as they're receiving awards and Subhanallah they used to always notice

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this, right? And they show the family sitting at the table, and you can just see this look in their eyes. Like he doesn't deserve that.

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You know, he's just fooling you all. You know that that uh, there's a saying, and I grew up hearing it, that the worst kids are a pastor's kids. They used to call them church angels and street devils. And a lot of times, imams kids and it's not always their fault, no doubt about it. Not always their fault. But people that are active in the Muslim community and their kids don't want anything to do with Islam and a lot of times you know why? Because they see you on the outside and people saying my Salama setelah shape shift myself watch it myself. Oh, you're so religious. You're so practicing and on and then on the inside, you're an oppressor. You treat that child's mother like garbage. Right?

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You treat your own parents like garbage. You don't do justice between them. That's not greatness. But you notice a colossal ally someone was different. And not many leaders can claim that go ahead named them Napoleon. Martin Luther King, great leaders. I would vote for Bill Clinton to be president and again, right. But he's a Zani. He was an adulterer. But people are forgiving towards great people because they're great in the things that matter to us. Right? Before Law School of Law. He was one of his different.

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They go to I saw the title after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dies. And they asked, they asked if it'll be allowed Thailand? How is the whole look of the profit slice on them? How is the character of the profit slice on them? Didn't they used to see him all the time? So a lot he was some they were always around them some of the lies on him. He was always with the Sahaba they knew his character, but they're asking her, you know, What was he like, behind closed doors? as a husband? You know, was he like us? Did he have these problems where you know, he sallallahu Sallam appeared this way but on the inside, you know, maybe he hadn't he had a fight one time maybe one

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time he threw something at you. Maybe you know what, what was he like, on the inside? And I shall not be allowed to add on her she answers with one sentence. And man How I wish that my wife could say the same thing about me. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to forgive me for my shortcomings in all of us. She says, you know, as if she's saying Don't waste your time, you're not gonna get anywhere can I hold on?

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His character was the core and everything that he preached, he practiced everything that he said. He did everything that he told you to do, he did himself and in fact, he did it even better than you could have imagined. And that's why when the prophets I send them stands up and says hi eurocom Cairo comedy, at the best amongst you are those who are best to their wives. the wives of the prophets lie, some of them say and you are the best amongst them. They can't touch you. I saw the alarm on one

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Time is telling the profit slice on by all the women sitting around and talking about their husbands now Mashallah our sisters don't talk about us. You know they don't talk about their husbands anymore right sisters hamdulillah women are sitting around talking about their husbands. One woman is saying that my husband's cheap sisters don't say that now because they're all pleased with us Mashallah we all buy wise very nice things. One woman is saying My husband is rough. He's stern. And I shall, on the other hand has telling the prophets lies about all of this. And then also la Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam asks her what she said, How do you feel? Right? And Subhana Allah, she felt like a million

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bucks. She felt great. That's how the philosophy sort of made her feel. And you know, it's interesting, because many times we studied the Hadith, and we don't focus on who that is who the narrator is. And that gives us a lot of context. You know, that I had these that people who attack it sort of the allow Tyler and her try to use against her, are actually the ones she narrated about herself. The Hadith where when I shall have the law on her says that I was talking to my son last time and I just heard about Sophia law, the law on her like this. She was short. And the Prophet slice on him said to her, you have said a word that if you spit it into the waters into the season

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would have polluted those seas. She narrates that about herself. The arguments that she had with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam she narrates them to show you how amazing the prophets lie Selim was.

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That's greatness. That's a transparent house. You can fool everybody out here, but you can't fool your spouse. You can't fool your parents. You can't fool your children. That's greatness. You know, she talks about him in this going away. She tells the story about one time when the prophets lysozyme was out late at night. And she got jealous she got you know, she wondered what was going on. So she went, and she followed the prophets, I send them out. And she found him were in the graveyard in the book here remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the sun loss I said, I knew that I saw the allow I know is there. So what did the prophets lysozyme do? He turned around and

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started walking home. So what did I shall be allowed to do? She started running home.

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She's narrating this about herself and the province lies, um, didn't say anything. She's trying to get back and act like she was in bed. You know, just like nothing happened. So the time is walking home and he's speeding up. He's walking really, really, really fast. And also la sala La Jolla. someone walks into the house and I saw the allowance Thailand has under the cover, and the cover is going.

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So last night, and I'm getting into the bed. And he says a joke. You say? Did your safe bomb come to you? What are you doing?

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You know, what is this? Oh,

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that's a great human being to the point that she knew. And look, the prophets I send them had a pretty stressful job. You know, he had to save the world. And he still had to go home and be that incredible husband. And I sought out the allowed Hannah and Helen the accusation was made against her. You know how she knew that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was mad at her. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam only said Assalamu alaykum and just asked her how she was doing. But he didn't have an extended conversation with her. That's what we do. And we're happy. That's what we do on a good day, right? Just walk in and get on the couch and turn on the TV. There's no

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setup. There's none of that she knew that the prophets I send them was upset because that's all that he did. She narrates when a sudden loss of life and I'm sad sir smiled at her and said, You know, I can tell when you're mad at me. So how do you know? Because I also lost my son said when you're mad at me. You swear by the love of Ibrahim, it is set up you save your labia Brahim. And when you're happy with me, you swear by the Lord of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she narrates the story where one time she had an argument with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Yes, they were human beings. They used to argue they had an argument. And Russell Russell, as I said, I'm suggesting he

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said, you know, how about we bring an arbitrator you want you want someone to come and judge between us. He wasn't worried about his image on the outside. Oh, no. You know, what will people think if I brought an arbitrator no says you want me to bring an arbitrary she says yes. So who are we going to bring? He said, Well, how about our VEDA? Jawaharlal the Allah? I know, he said, No, he likes you too much.

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They're also hava right? Now he's not going to be fair. How about your dad? How about Abu Bakr holds a lot of time, so they bring a while back, it will be a lot of time. I will record all the Allahu taala and who sits and also lost my son and out of his goodness and he shot while the law and has the one narrating the story. You've got to keep this in mind. That's incredible. That's the last lie. Someone says Would you like to start? And she says no, no, you start so that I can confirm what you're saying.

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And what is above the law? No Do he jumps on ice on the low on ice and I'm asked the guard Isa from her dad says

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This isn't why we brought you here and has to throw up a record or the allow out the house and says there is a diffuses the situation some of the law it was Solomon says, See, you know, I saved you.

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But you know what your brothers and sisters all jokes aside, I want to mention something that I find very significant. You guys are going to be shocked. Some of you will be shocked by what I'm about to say. This is an authentic narration and aboda Woods, narrated by honorable katapola on how to show you even when the Prophet slicin and faced his most difficult moments. What was this character like? What was he like behind closed doors? Oh my goodness, how probably a lot of Thailand who said one time I was having an argument with my wife and listen to it all model De La

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La Nina dotnet she hurt my feelings almost all the time who was saying she hurt my feelings. She said something that hurt me and Omar will be allowed Thailand who by the way, it was pretty huge. He probably could have longer with it just by doing this Amaro they allowed Taiwan who didn't hit her he didn't yell back at her all it'll be allowed Taiwan who said I'm going to the profits license house. I'm gonna just go I'm gonna leave the situation I'm going to go see the Prophet slicin and maybe he can offer me some words of comfort. And also last lesson on was staying with hassle of the allow Thailand his daughter that night, and all that all the allowed tada and who walks to the door

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and he hears hafsa raising her voice met the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And you know what? Oh my God alone who was worried?

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comes to hustle all the time. He's upset with her. How dare you? Why are you raising your voice at the profit slice on? He said, Yeah, we do that. You know, we argue. We're human beings also last I said him as a human being. And also la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam had taken you know, he separated himself from the situation. He didn't hit her. He didn't yell at her. Somehow it was kind of he separated. He wanted to be alone to contemplate to be in isolation. He secluded himself and the only person that was with him was without I'll be allowed Tyler I'm

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an entrepreneur hombre de la Tyler and who comes to the profits of the La Jolla swim and he's scared

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and he says to those who lost a son um, you know, the women in Mecca didn't used to be like this. It's when they started mixing with them with the unslotted woman. Those women are aggressive. They started getting them aggressive. That's when we started having this problem was the last time is quiet. And the prophets lie, some smiles. He gives a lot of the a lot of time an indication that it's okay don't worry. But you want to know something? This is authentic in Abu Dawood, Hamid, Hassan. sola Salatu was I'm divorced hopsital, the olana. There's a difference of opinion but the Hadith is authentic. He gave her all model the Allah knows the Narrator This isn't fabricated.

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Although the allowance our annual narrates that he gave her one full lock, and of course, went back to her.

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But you know what's so significant even in that moment, this is the point. So la sala la Hi, Sam was living the eye of the

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law TensorFlow Vayner. Calm Don't forget what was between you don't forget the goodness that was between you. But some of us like Saddam was living and also lost by Salaam. And we, you know, caught on walking on the face of the earth, He lived that message or Salafi Salaam did not act in any foul way. It's amazing. The women that saw the profit slice on him all the time, whenever he was behind closed doors, and they had nothing but beautiful things to say about him. And you know, the greatest refutation to the claim that I sought out the allowance. In my opinion, the greatest refutation to the claim that he was taken as this young girl victimized and so on so forth, is that she loved the

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profits will allow you to sell them, she was jealous of him. solaria and I'm, in fact more than anyone else. And she was a woman of confidence. A woman with high self esteem, a courageous woman, that's just those are not the characteristics of a woman that's been victimized at a young age. She bragged about how the prophets lie, some died in her lap, chewing on her see walk, she was proud of that. That's not a woman who was victimized. That's a woman that was surrounded by greatness. And she gave us access to the life of the Prophet slice on them. And I challenge you all, in 1600 ahaadeeth that were given to us through it shall not be allowed to Allah Allah by the way of Ottawa

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and Abdullah basadi, Allahu Allah.

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Find me a single Hadith that demonstrates something of the prophets of Allah who it was to them that makes you go

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that makes me uncomfortable. That makes you want to ignore that page. You won't find one. So he was great with his wives on salamati allow us to hear the Hadith of the Prophet. So I said I'm hydrocone hydrocone. It she used to say sadhak they had a sort of Allah sallallahu Islam who have told the truth or messenger of Allah. This is after he died for the license. They could have came out with the secrets done right. He wasn't who you thought he was. They could have come out with that stuff done. Not one single word

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Except that it was praise, except that you know what? Everything that used to see outside, he was even greater on the inside. He was even a better husband sallallahu wasallam What about his kids? You know, he must have been neglectful, right? You know all the time you saving the oma, a lot of times we try to save the world and we forget our own kids. What about his kids, honestly, a lot of time on who was given to the Prophet sallallahu it was set up to be a servant, serve Him. Right, his mother, almost the name of the Lord has said, This is my gift to you. I can't be around you and serve you all the time. Here's my son, take them, tell them whatever you want. Make them Do whatever

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you want. And under saw the allowance of Allah and who you know what his testimony is, cannot assume the law he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He had the best character

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and uninstall the allowed time to animate a very special treat by the way.

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He lived very long, but the a lot of time when in fact, many people became tabbing because of the law and because of his long life that he lost parents out of less than with, you know what he said in his old age. He said not a single day goes by except that I see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in my dream.

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How many of us would want that? Just two seconds, just to see his faithful allies

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every single night. That's love. That's a man who treated him well. That's a man who was admired. That's a man who was great, not outside, inside. That's a man who was a great father. That's a man who was a great husband. He says, well, law, he never once told me why didn't you do that? He never once laid a finger on me. He said, in fact, one time, I was so lost, my son told me to run an errand and I went, and on the way I got distracted. I started playing with the kids and muscle loss isolation just walked up and he just stood there. And he just smiled. And he watched me. This little slice of them said, you know, do you forget something? It's kind of law. What about farti model, the

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allowed side and, you know, the Arabs used to bury their daughters alive. He must have been bad to his daughter. No, says I used to walk into the room. And the prophets. I send them no matter who was there, he would get up and he would tell me to sit in his spot.

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And whenever he was dying, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he calls faulty metal below and he sees her crying and even in the intense pain and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had all of the pain of the prophets that they suffered, was combined and his pain sallallahu it was something but he cares about his daughter. He sees his daughter crying. He doesn't want to see your cry. So he tells me I want to tell you something. And he whispers in her ear and she starts crying even harder. Well, so last night, someone says, Come back. I've got something else to tell you. She starts laughing hysterically.

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And I shall have the a lot of Thailand. He says What was that all about? What did he tell you something a lot harder. He was setting up.

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She says, you know, this is a secret between my father and I saw the law and he says by virtue of my right over you please tell me what did he tell you Salalah how it was set up. And she said the first time it was colossal Allahu wa sallam told me

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that I'm not going to survive this disease. I'm going to die.

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So I cried. The second time, also la sala LA and he was set and told me you're going to be the first one to join me. She was happy about that. A woman with little kids. A woman with a loving husband and it will be a lot of time. She was happy. I want to be with my dad some a lot. He was solemn. I want my father I want to be with him in general. And she died six months later. Love the Allahu taala please that he would be with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the prophecy came true. That's, that's something daughter wants to be like dad wants to be with that. Even though by the way. It's not that He spoiled her and bought her everything when she was young. No, he won her over was true

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greatness. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I remember once for like, I remember once a has a father and a daughter sitting in front of me. And the father is complaining about the daughter and saying my daughter doesn't appreciate anything. I bought her a car. I gave her everything. I gave her a credit card. I never told her No. She said Dad, I didn't want any of that. I just wanted a dad.

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And I think back to the prophets lie Selim. You know a faulty model. The law on his upbringing was like

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she had to go to the prophet SAW. I saw them when he was in front of the carrabba and camel guts were placed on his backs on the law. It was stolen by Urban I mean more eight, and she had to go there and scrape the guts off of his backs on the law he was alone. That's not a fun upbringing.

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That's not that's not a spoiled daughter. That's humiliation. She had to live through the boycott that her mother died through. And she had to be the mother of her father as they used to call her. But she wanted him to love Larissa. She loved him, nothing but praise. I want to be with my dad, some of the lahardee who was setting up, what about billetto, the Allahu taala and how it used to be with the prophets. I saw them even in those moments when he didn't want to be with his family when he wanted to be isolated. Below the A lot of times

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when the sola sola lahardee, was someone passes away this person that was an oppressed slave, low class and society, but also was facing them treated him in such a way. That one also lost a lot of ideas and then passed away and he stood up to do the other than a shadow and

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couldn't see. couldn't even say his name someone lahardee wasallam he couldn't even bear to be in the same city as him. So a lot It isn't because he said, everywhere I look, I remember him. I remember him sitting with me. I remember him saying these words. I remember his smile slowloris and I'm everywhere I look, he's there. Everywhere I look, I have a sweet memory. When did you find the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam throwing a derogatory remark towards without When did you find the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam degrading any one of his companions? When did you find any companion coming forward after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and great men are exposed

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at the time of death. Great men are usually exposed at the time of death. I mean, I'm even kataeb Rahim Allah He said there used to be an Imam. He used to make us cry. He used to have a message that was full. But when he died, his wife was calling out Oh Allah, take my revenge upon him. Oh Allah, don't forgive him. Oh Allah, he never gave me my rights.

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That's the that's great men are some are usually exposed when they die. The demons come out the biography someone that was close to them. This is what you didn't know what person came after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and shared with us one single Hadith. One single incident in the Sierra that makes you as an American Muslim. 1400 years later go.

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With all the cultural differences with everything that makes you go, I'm not comfortable with that. That's not moral.

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You know what, dear brothers and sisters and I want to end with this.

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I'm not worried about people on the outside, slandering the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I'm really not. I'm not worried about the people on the outside thinking what they think about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and making you know amateur films about the Prophet sallallaahu. I use them in cartoons. I'm not worried about that, you know what I'm worried about when we miss them sitting here? start to think because of our ignorance, because of our lack of understanding of the Sierra because of not taking a few moments to listen to the theater. Because I'm not reading the Sierra because of not attending theater classes. I'm worried about us, our youth, hearing a

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narration and erroneous narration that was narrated by a poverty that some islamophobe threw up there without context and going.

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That's, that's weird. I'm not comfortable with that. Because of your ignorance. You have to learn about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam learn about his smile, learn about his Shema, Abdullah Ahmed, and also the Allahu taala and who says we used to teach them of Ozzy the seal of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the way we taught on to our kids, why because you acquire that love of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam by learning about him by knowing him Salalah how it was set up, then when you hear some fool on the outside say that you're a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a * with a de Bella. That's what they say.

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You'll know that that person is an idiot. But you know what? I'm not interested in hearing what you have to say. Sean Hannity glenn beck rush limbaugh who Not a single one of them has a college degree. I want to know why surged Sir George Bernard Shaw and Orwell and great thinkers and historians and philosophers like Carlyle thought that this man was the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth sallallahu sallam. Why do they believe that? Because they know about him, because if you study him, you love him and your brothers and sisters, the love and admiration of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not come.

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Naturally, it's not held faithfully, it's not a natural love. It's an acquired love. Read, study. How many of you can claim that you love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just as much before this conference started before this talk started. Don't you love the Prophet sallallahu Sallam more right now than you did seven hours ago? Yes or No you

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Guess why? Because he's not awesome he's not magnificent. There isn't a single black spot I dare you to bring me one and you know what, that's something that the prophets Allah Larissa Not only did he do on his own but he produced an entire generation like that, you know an herbal Becca Cydia called the old Tyler was consulting the Sahaba about who the next Khalifa should be. And he was asking the Sahaba, about oma and he asked if none of the allow Thailand who by the way had a legitimate shot, don't you think marry two daughters of the prophets will allow you to sell him? He's not a big fan of the allowed to consult him. He says, What do you think about all mow the lawn? nothing but praise

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to say about it. And he says I will back it. And you know what? What people don't know about him is even greater than what they do know about him.

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Man How I wish people could say that about me. I wish my parents could say that about me. I wish my spouse would say that about me. I wish that my children didn't lie to Allah would say that about me. I wish that we could have that same honor that what you don't know, is even greater than what you do know. Not only is it not a facade, not only is he not not only is he not just a Mashallah brother or sister, that person you don't know. You don't know what they're like at home. You don't know what that person is like as a husband. You don't know what that person is like as a wife. You don't know what that person is like as a mother. You don't know what that person is like as a father. You don't

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know what that person's like as a child because if you can impress the entire world, but you are a transgressor towards your parents than the middle gate agenda is shut for you. You're not fooling Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we are a different type of Oman, our profits lice and I'm taught us about a different type of greatness. We manufacture greatness on the inside of the home. And then that greatness reflects on the outside of the home. And the people love Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam see through seeing his effect on the people. And that's what makes the Sahaba the greatest generation. And that's what makes the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by any standard, the greatest human being to ever walk the face of the earth from the lahardee he was solemn. We asked Allah subhana wa Taala to allow his center to reflect in our lives. We asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us great people on the

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inside of our homes when we are alone with Allah subhanho wa Taala and on the outside of our homes, we ask Allah Subhana Hood's added to make us beacons of the light of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to guide people to loving Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through seeing the effect of a shadow Allah. Allah wa Muhammadan rasul Allah upon us a llama amin does akmola halona Allah Christmas the American was on the la mala Salim Allah say et now Mohammed are either early he was a Jew marine was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

How To Be Great Inside And Outside Of Home – Sheikh Omar Suleiman

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