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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The God of the Earth is a glimpse into the spiritual journey of Islam, as it is not just a habit but also a journey. The importance of connecting to Islam is highlighted, including having a strong heart and fasting for spiritual experiences. The importance of building a story with Allah is also emphasized, and reading the Koran and not being too smart with it is emphasized. The importance of being in touch with the spiritual core of Islam is also emphasized, and the title of Islam can be used to motivate one's desire to achieve the ultimate goal.
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how fast the days of Ramadan have passed.

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Only a few days ago, it feels just like a few days ago that we were looking forward to Ramadan welcoming this wonderful guests welcoming this beautiful opportunity. This peak time of connection and devotion and closeness and spirituality and sweetness of a man we were looking forward to. And in the blink of an eye, today, of the next few days, we will be saying goodbye to Ramadan.

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And this is how your life and my life will pass. Before you know it, you'll start having white hairs just like myself. And like many of us here,

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soon your hair will start falling off. Soon you start getting wrinkles, and soon you'll be too old, too old to start planning for your life ahead. This is how life passes and Allah subhanaw taala describes it as a mirage, woman hate to do Nia Illa Mata for this life is a passing fleeting enjoyment. It's a mirage, it's a delusion. So you go through it as a preparation to make it to the hereafter to opportunities, the chance, a given for you so that you make it to paradise. But we get so much work, you know, we get ourselves worked up, we get ourselves busy trying to plan for our future, we forget that there's no future on Earth. There's no real future on Earth, the only future

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is in the hereafter and the next life you know in your heart because when you were born, it was placed and put in your heart and your very fabric, your very makeup, your fitrah your human nature knows it. You're not created for this world. You're not part of this world, they just a visitor. And soon you will be departing. And Obama is a reminder it is it has come and soon it is departing and it will leave us

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and in Ramadan, there will be winners and there will be losers. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala makes us from among the winners.

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My hope today will be about no matter what you've done in the past days, we still have about five days to go, five days to go or four days to go. Don't miss out on them. Don't miss out on them. Don't let the fact that you have wasted your time. The fact that you have not given your all in Ramadan, don't let that dissuade you from making use of the last five or four nights of Ramadan. Make sure you give everything you have to Allah in these remaining nights. And the prophet SAW Selim has given us an example.

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In the Hadith reported by Muslim and Si, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in our module an Iron Man will be Mr. de la now

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yakun obeying

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the law,

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MIDI genetic Allah that a person will be doing throughout his life, the actions of the people of the Hellfire, the people who will end up in the eternal punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada. until he gets so close to the hellfire. There's only one hand span a one arms length is it's only away from the Hellfire by that short distance, then the word of Allah comes true. The word of Allah takes place. And that's the word of Allah, in his book, in a lotion in my phone that is written about everything that was going to happen. That was written 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and earth. And it was also written into your heart. Because when you were in the womb of

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your mother, Allah send down an angel that wrote where you were going to end up.

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And there is no force upon you. There's no compulsion upon you. This is just a lost knowledge of the unseen. All this knowledge of the future what you were going to do, where you were going to end up, so the angel will write Will you be from the people of the Hellfire or the people of Paradise, so it was written also in your heart where you will be, but Allah has given you in the first place the football, the fifth row that knows Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the fifth row that loves Allah subhana wa tada the fifth row that recognizes paradise, the fifth row that recognizes the fleeting nature of this world, it recognizes it, it knows it. It is the feeling of guilt that creeps on you

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when you break the laws of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is the pain that keeps poking you in your heart. When you focus in your life, about the enjoyment of this world and you forget about a lot. You forget about the reason you were created to love Allah connect to Allah live for Allah and that's the only time you'll be able to connect

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With your true human nature, the pristine nature that were that you were made according to

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and the whole arm comes to confirm this, the Quran comes to fortify this and strengthen it and push you towards it. So inside from outside comes the words of Allah subhana wa Taala, the example of our great prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in all its details. And from inside comes the blueprints, comes the very fabric of who you are your fitrah all of them are in a state of compatibility.

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They are exactly the same. So you need to listen to that. So as Ramadan is leaving you it needs to remind you that you will be leaving soon as well. How soon, even 100 years from now will be very soon.

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What is 100 years compared to an eternal life in paradise or Hellfire, and the messenger sallallahu Sallam told us about the most the person who lives lived the most extravagant, the most easy life on earth, He will be brought on the Day of Judgment, and he will be dipped in the Hellfire for less than a second just dipped into alpha. Then along with asking my servant Have you ever witnessed any ease and in luxury in your life? And he said no Allah by your majesty and your greatness. I've never seen any ease in my life. Just one dip made him forget everything that he enjoyed on it.

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And then the most miserable person on earth, the person who will have the hardest, toughest type of life on earth will be brought on the Day of Judgment, and he will be dipped.

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in Paradise, you might say the Hellfire, it's burning. So one dip actually makes a difference. What about paradise,

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we often feel that we need to take time to enjoy the bliss. And the beauty and the ease, right? We need to adjust. But the beauty of Paradise is something different. It's not part of this world. It's something that your mind can understand. But your heart can recognize your foot Ron knows it. And that's the sweetness you feel when you're reciting the words of Allah and you truly connect to them.

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And you're surprised by some tears rolling down your cheeks.

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Because awakened Your heart is the moment when you're praying behind the Imam and he's reciting the words of Allah and you feel you want to cry your heart out, you have a feeling of coming back home, coming back to yourself. That's your fifth row.

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That's what the Quran does. This is what the words of Allah do. They take us back in a journey, take us back home, take what take us to who we are. And this is what Islam calls people to. It doesn't Islam doesn't strive to change people transform them.

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This is not the right way to put it. Islam brings us back home, it's not want you to be true to yourself, because your very nature. Your very nature is the nature of belief of love for Allah of connection to Allah. And so and once you go back home, once you connect to your true nature, you will see the world differently.

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You will connect

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the whole system, the whole current of worship that runs through the universe, and you will recognize it and you will feel it. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala says that when I love my servant, my seven six Nana's to me and I love my servants, I will make everything worked for him. Because once you connect with the universe in the worship of Allah and the devotion of Allah and the love of Allah, you're part of this universal harmony, the knees and the alesund down to run the whole universe. And all only mankind and jinn are given choice to break from it. So once you choose to connect to Islam doesn't want to make your life hard. It's time actually makes makes your life

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easy. If you feel that the rulings of Islam are making your life hard, you're doing it the wrong way.

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You're doing it from the wrong place. You're trying to do it with your mind, with your intelligence with your with your intelligent mind, but you're not connecting to your true nature. When your heart recognizes the beauty of Islam and it connects to it and opens up to it. You will look at life from a different perspective. Things will just sound differently. Everything you'll see the glory of Allah in everything. You will see the mercy of Allah and everything you will say the wisdom of Allah in everything. So what can we learn from Ramadan as it's departing us and leaving us first a reminder,

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those people who did not give their best in Ramadan so far, it's not over yet. It's not over yet, just as in that Hadith, if in the last part, you show Allah some sincerity, some truthfulness, some devotion that you truly love Allah. Allah will accept from you and Allah

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might make it up for you as if you have worked hard throughout Ramadan. Just as he would send that person who throughout his life did the evil sins, but the last bit of his life he turned back to Allah and Allah sent him to paradise.

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This is how forgiving Allah is this how merciful he is. It's not mathematics with Allah. All you need to do is to show true love and devotion. And if you truly sincere with Allah, Allah will guide you. If when you pray, you say to Allah, Idina slaughter, Mr. Team, you say from your heart, or Allah guide me to the straight path, keep me on the straight path is dinner, set up almost nothing. If you truly mean it. If you truly mean it from the bottom of your heart, you're not saying it only with your tongue. You're not just thinking about it in your mind. You just feel it. Your whole body, your whole gut, your whole soul is saying it and you mean it from the bottom of your heart. Allah

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will never let you down. He will never let you down. And if you think otherwise you don't have the right thoughts about Allah. That's not Allah Who created us. That's not Allah Hussain Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the Koran for our guidance. And he said, Why am I upset NACA in La maternidad. I mean, we have only sent you as mercy to mankind. So put your trust in a lot. Show Allah, some truthfulness, just between you and ally. You don't have to show anyone forget about everyone else. This business. No one has anything to do with it. It's only you and Allah. Don't show it to anyone.

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Make sure that's only between you and Allah. experience that moment that beauty of only connecting to Allah and forgetting about the creation, it's a different feeling.

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And the prophet SAW some of them, give a give a beautiful example of someone who's really truthful to Allah, how Allah will guide them. There was one companion, he had a weakness in him he was a bit of a distant companion. He had a weakness in him that he would drink alcohol, he could not break from it, he was addicted to it.

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So every time he was brought to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to in order to have the punishment for drinking alcohol. So one day one of the people of the congregation looked at him and he said, may Allah curse him or May Allah distance him how often he's brought to the prophet SAW Selim to be punished. The messengers also then said, that no, don't curse him. Don't swear Ahem.

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lead to a new shape on it come, don't be an aid for shame on with shaytan against your brother in law, sola, indeed, he loves Allah and His messenger. Some people get the Hadeeth wrong, they say as long as you love Allah, Your sins are all forgiven.

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It's not necessarily like that. But what the prophet SAW Selim meant as the scholars of Hadith the commentators of howdy on this hadith said, they said that His love, His true love for Allah and His messenger will wake him up one day, and we'll make him break from it.

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So if you truly sincere with a life, you truly love Allah, Allah will not let you down. But you need to grow that love. You need to manifest that love. You need to do your best to make it to Allah subhanaw taala. So make sure the last night and hamdulillah I believe most it's a long weekend. So most of you are not working. What What else do you have to do?

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When else you know the prophet SAW Selim before one one time he mounted the member and we know the famous Hadith. And just before mounting the member, he said amin, amin mean, I mean three times his companions were puzzled. You know, that's the first time the prophet SAW them does that. What does he mean? So afterwards they asked him they said all messenger overloaded something you don't usually do. What did you? What did you mean? He said, jabril came to me and he said, fried was one of them was

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Barack Obama was

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the one who lives to witness the month of Ramadan, and does not get his sins forgiven in Ramadan. So May Allah distance him from his mercy. What does that mean? That means this is a golden opportunity. That's the best time in the year to get your sins forgiven. You haven't got them forgiven? What are you doing?

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That's the time you most likely to get your sins forgiven, you miss out on it.

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You can't afford to do it. And who's making the best of the angels to breathe?

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And the best of the creation Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Do you think this will not be answered? So it's not late yet. It's not over. You have these last nights. You have the TM come to the TM when you make your fast. Make sure you're doing it for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for Allah Himself. A lot of us do out of habit. We're just so much used to it. I'm just I'm just fasting. I'm just going through the motions. That's not how fasting should be. Fasting is so spiritual.

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So spiritual This is what Allah, Allah says in a cm for in the holy what an exhibit. All the actions for the son of Adam are belong they belong to him his reward is for him except for fasting. Fasting is for me. Allah is saying fasting is for me, and I will give reward for he didn't even name the reward. Because it's immense. It's great. It's powerful. Why? Because it's a profound experience and the messenger Salaam said in the Hadith also reported by Muslim, he said in the law

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exam, Allah does not look at how you look, you look how you look your appearance, Allah doesn't look as how nicely you dressed, how nicely you speak, how nicely you behave, or about your impression management is not so much concerned about this. But Allah looks at your hearts, your hearts, your hearts, and this is why shackle Islam Tamia may Allah have mercy upon him. He says, the main wisdom and the main point behind all the acts of worship that you see is their impact on the heart.

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That's the point behind all the acts of worship, they are so important, you have to observe them. But the gist of them is what happens to your heart, what you experience in your heart. Are you experiencing the beauty and the devotion and the connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala Are you just going through the motions. So make sure you do this, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala I'll share with you certain things, just to walk out of Ramadan this year triumphant.

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Make sure this trauma bond will be able to change you. And even if you have not done your best in the past few days, as I said, you still have the time and you can do it. It's achievable. And I said is with a loss, not math. It's different. There's a different mathematics with Allah subhana wa tada a completely different kind of intelligence, completely different kind of logic. It's the quality of the love nor the Son of

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God, Allah who I know, he died at the age around 84.

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When he was about 83, he said to his son Salim, he said, Oh, my son, you know, if I know that Allah has accepted from me one such that in my life, one, just one sujood one prostration I would have no desire to stay with you in this world, or people, I would just want to go on leave only one such that the thing that is keeping me in this life is keep trying to make a search data Allah would accept and that doesn't mean a lot doesn't accept or worship, but he's talking about a higher level of acceptance, about the quality of that search

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about the inner experience as you are performing that search there.

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And that's what Allah wants to see from you. So Allah some devotion, so show a lot, truthfulness, show a lot of love and dedication. And you don't have to fake it. You don't have to make it up. You're born with it, it's in your heart, you just have to tap into it, and bring it out and experience it and you are going to enjoy the most. And that's the sweetness of a man is where it comes from. So I'll share with you certain things that inshallah will make you or will help you and assist you. No one can make you by the way change. No one can make you a better person. The most important thing about the creation of man is choice, choice, choice. Your essence is about choice,

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you make the choice where you're going to go in life. You want to be truthful to Allah, or you want to waste your life, it's your choice. Even if I try hard, I can't change it. You try hard, you can't even change your children, you can do all you want. But ultimately they will have to make a decision.

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They will have choice is the essence of human life. But these tools can help us, inshallah, change and benefit from this from these days in Ramadan, help take your life to the next level. I'm not talking only and relate your relationship with Allah. Once you correct and you rectify your relationship with Allah, this life will serve you. This life will serve you and people who trust know it. The thing is that if you don't trust, you can't see it. You have to trust to see it. You have to experience it when you you have to experience it to believe it. Because from where you are, if you're acting from your conditioning, your cultural conditioning, your upbringing, most of the

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cultures around the world, if you're acting from that platform, you can't see it. You can't experience it. You have to cross over and experience and you will see it's a different logic different dynamics, but you will holding yourself back because you will not trusting you will not surrendering to Allah subhanaw taala The first thing you need to do is to start truly thinking about your story with Allah subhanho wa Taala. My question to you is what is your story with Allah? What is it?

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What's the summary of your story with Allah because your life is actually your story with Allah. What is the word? What is that?

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The statement that summarizes your life your experience on Earth. What is it? Is it one of love?

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Is it one of devotion?

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Is it truthfulness? Is it negligence? Is it heedlessness? Is it corruption? Is it deception?

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Is it no Eve hope in Allah what engaging and sin? Was it just love for Allah? Is just truthfulness. being true to Allah true to yourself true to the creation?

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Is it about kindness, and about mercy, just like the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because Allah summarized his mission and his life, as mercy to mankind. Why am I sending out a lot of material I mean, we have sent you only as a mercy but a mercy to mankind. That's the summary of the life of the of the prophet SAW Selim. What's this? That's his story with Allah, what is your story with Allah and if you don't have a clear story, start building it, building on love and devotion and compassion and kindness to the creation of Allah and openness to the words of Allah. And this takes me to my second point is what is your story with the Koran A lot of us recite the

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Quran, with our tongues, but it never touches our hearts.

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It never awakens our fitrah never awakens our souls, and never connects us to Allah. And I understand some people they need to work hard on the Quran, and because of the lack of the Arabic language, because of the lack of the understanding because of technical issues. These are merely a bridge, but you need to give some time for your heart to reflect on the Quran. And that's the meaning of the dub book. Allah subhanaw taala says clearly states clearly why he sent down the Koran, he said Kitab on Angela, who in a CamelBak a book that we have sent to you as a blessing book, Leah double it so that they make a double of its verses of its signs. And to double means you

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open your mind, you open your mind and really reflect and most people stop at that stage. That stage is a bridge to let the Koran delve into your heart and awaken your

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awakened the love of Allah inside you. And that's what the Buddha means because the W means letting the Koran reach its final stages with you. Let him

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give you the ultimate meanings that are behind the books from either in Arabic pediped book, that's the meaning of the word the dub book. So you need to live with the Koran unit, each level Koran speak to your heart. Most of us are busy with the technical stuff of the Quran, that's great as a bridge. But that's not the whole story. That's part of the process. You need to let the Quran shape you. If the Quran does not shape you, you don't have a good relationship with it. If it does not specify what kind of person you are.

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That's not a that's not a good sign I shall do and I was asked about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how was he? How was his demeanor? What kind of person was he the best word she found? She said his demeanor his character? Was the Quran itself manifested. Are you a manifestation of the

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because deep inside you you are created compatible with the Koran. And this is why last month Allah says in Surah de la catalana in Santa Fe as any jacquimo created man in the best shape and a lot of us think it's the physical shape. What about your spiritual shape? What about your emotional shape? What about your intellectual shape? What about the whole systems within you? tangible and intangible? What about those, those are perfect as well when you were born, you were born upon the football upon the truth upon the love of Allah.

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And it stays within you. And it keeps reminding you about Allah subhanaw taala. So you need to build your story with Allah. And the second point is one of the best tools to do this. Build your story with the Koran. What's your relationship with the Quran is the whole on your friend, take the Quran as a friend because the Quran takes a life of its own. It's the words of Allah. It takes a life of its own when you connect your heart to it.

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It doesn't stop at this stage of being an intellectual endeavor, it becomes a holistic experience.

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It's a profound experience, it elevates every part of your being.

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So you need to you need to let it awaken you. And these are two things if you start doing these, and they're very simple things and very easy. And that's your very nature. You're not doing something strange to you. You're not doing something that is forced upon you. That's your very nature. If you were left with your own nature, this is the way you would follow the way you Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and his companions totally Allah

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Have you want to confess the

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy with that. So you need to build your story with Allah subhanho wa Taala make it clear. The time you wake up in the morning, make sure that you live your day for Allah, that you live this day for Allah, no matter what you're doing, you can do it for the sake of Allah. But make sure you begin your day with Allah. He's number one in your life. And the best way to do this is to pick up on the most have and read, you might say some of you might say I don't understand it, just read it. Read one page, and surrender. Don't try to be smart with it. Don't try to be very intelligent with it. Just read these

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up feel that these are the words of Allah subhanaw taala. And if you have an access to a good translation, read the meaning so that you can reflect on the meanings and ask yourself the question as a matter of law, he always says in so many places in his books, he says you need to take each verse and let it speak to your heart and say what is the message in this? In this verse for me? What is it? What is Allah subhanaw taala conveying to me in this verse? What is in it for me? In this verse, what is in it for me? What can I take from it? Feel that you will be surprised until you be surprised how each verse comes to life. It takes a life of its own. And it speaks to you and this is

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why a madman has an industry. He said a very profound statement. So profound and so powerful that a lot of us misinterpret. He used to say that we used to make difficult and difficult is basically reflecting and thinking on the creation of Allah on the words of Allah the signs of Allah regardless whether they are, were the words of Allah or the creation of Allah. We used to engage in tougher code. And this therefore could lead us to tobacco. What is the core to the Coronavirus misunderstanding. Mm hmm. She was coming to me here he says the core means remembering. So what does it mean? The Koran refers to itself in the Quran so many times most of the time is what Victor

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vichara says Kira, it all comes from the same root What does it mean? Remember, remind? Remember, remind you of what you only remember something you already know. And that's your federa your knowledge of Allah your love of Allah so the Koran reminds you of your true nature reminds you of the love of Allah that's already instilled in your heart as the Hadith also reported by Muslim from the competitivity from your man the prophets of Salaam said in an Amana, Tennessee latvija lugar region from an emotional journey from Allah moment asuna Amana, which is the the truth, the true religion of Islam was placed at the deepest recesses of the hearts of the human beings. Then they

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came to know from the Koran when they came to know from the sooner the commentators on say, a Muslim document and nowhere he said that shows that people are believers by nature, that we have the love and knowledge of Allah already in our hearts, then the arm comes to awaken it and nourish it and grow it then the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim comes to nourish it, and enhance it and give it clear manifestations.

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So that's what you need to do. So amendment hasn't inversely says, this, therefore could lead us to to that core. So we came back home sort of, and this could lead us to more difficult because it gave us more insight, deeper insight. So we started developing more insight and doing both of our core and that's your journey with the Koran. You'll be surprised when you give up on your heart, how many meanings will open up a boss or a manager around him Allah have mercy upon him one of the generations, he said will lie sometimes I pray at night and for four nights and reciting the same verse, I can't go past it.

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one verse, I can't go past it. Because I'm enjoying it and so many meanings floods of meaning are coming my way that I can't disengage from it and move on to the next one. So for for four nights, I'm just an Easter pray the whole night. The whole four nights I'm repeating the same verse and getting so many so much inside of meanings and connection and love and sweetness. That account go move on to the next one. until Allah subhana wa tada bestows His mercy upon me, he just lets me take a moment of heedlessness and just jump on to the next one. Otherwise, I'd be stuck with this verse for the rest of my life. That's that's the relationship with the Quran. It's quality, not quantity.

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And the lovely Massoud said, I

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said if I recite two verses, and engage in them and I reflect on their meanings and benefit from them, it's better for me than reciting the whole Koran. Just like this has been so quickly just to finish it. It's quality that Allah wants your heart through these actions. This is what Allah wants from us. So that hasn't been busted. He said, we used to make the foot kotova can lead us to terracotta remembering, so that could lead us to a higher level of difficulty and so on. And so

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so forth. And we used to alternate between the two and go in this kind of upward spiral. And listen to this until we started speaking to our hearts. And that doesn't mean speaking, like talking to the hearts. But basically that's engaging with the heart through the physical reflection on the words of Allah and the creation of Allah and awakening the federal more, and we would engage with our hearts until our hearts spoke out to us. And lo and behold, when the kulu baton nataka statement when allowed the kulu baton advocate for either Aloo Bula asthma, and we engage our hearts until our heart spoke out to us, lo and behold, it turned out that hearts have eyes with which they can see an

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ease with which they can hear they have a life of their own.

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And that's the life of the merkabah and these are the people that are closest to Allah and the highest strength of paradise. We ask Allah spirit Allah to make us from among those people. So I would summarize, make sure make sure that you see is these last remaining days, do your best specially experienced that in your heart, give a lock wallet quality, make sure you give Allah your best, because he deserves more. Make sure that your heart is with everything you're doing for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Make sure that from now on, you develop a relationship with Allah that so you are aware of Allah every day, you, you are aware that every day you're writing down your

00:31:27 --> 00:31:59

story with Allah and that's the story you will see on the day of judgment on your records. And you will be held to account according to that story. You're writing it, whether you like it or not, day in and day out, you're writing it and the angels are recording it. It's a story. It's a lifetime, and you will be held to account based on it. So make it a beautiful story. Make it a story of love, a story of devotion, a story of, of contribution, a story that's full with beautiful meanings that you would love to read on the day of judgment and see.

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And in order to do this, the Quran is your best aid the words of Allah subhanaw taala there's nothing like them for the heart. There's nothing like them for the soul. There's nothing like them as a way of life.

00:32:12 --> 00:32:50

So build a personal relationship with the Quran, even if it's one verse, even if it's one verse, just take your time with it, bring it to life, through your heart's connection, bring it to life, engage in it, and realize that Allah did not send us random words Allah sent profound words that are supposed to awaken us. This is what a lot of Allah says, what he's actually telling him as to who's at the top man. And when these verses of Allah are related to them or recited to them, it increased them in faith. And Allah says about the believers and levena either luquillo Allah, Who would you look for the ones when the Allies mentioned, the heart symbol? Why? Because they know ally inside it

00:32:50 --> 00:32:58

reminds them of that beauty of that greatness of Allah. So they connect to it, and it awakens in the heart. So their bodies go through this kind of shivering.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:26

That profound experience. The words of Allah can give you that but only if you give them your heart, you give the words of Allah, they will give you back, you give them just your tongue. That's all you're going to hear just sounds sound bites, give them your heart. They will give you profound meanings that will change your life. It's not intellectual knowledge only. It's something that's more profound, something that will grab you something that will hold you by the color and will take you to the to the truth.

Living With The Quran – Moutasem al-Hameedy

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