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AI: Summary © The importance of being humble and caring for others is emphasized in the segment on Iran. It emphasizes the need for people to learn to speak Arabic and avoid anger in the face of extreme behavior. The speaker gives advice on being mindful of one's anger and letting go of one's ego, highlighting the importance of being kind and caring for others.
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Allah azza wa jal honored all children of Adam Winnicott. Benny, Adam, we honored all children of Adam, who are you to look down on another human being? Unless as people that are special to a lot, they have humility when they walk you I'm sure not only honan but then how do you know if you're humble? How can you check? Is there a litmus test? Yes, there is a test. And Allah gives us the test in the ayah. If you're asking yourself and I'm asking myself and my humble, or am I arrogant? How would I know? Well, here's the test. What either hakama humble Jackie loon colusa Rama. When people who have no control over their emotions, talk to them. When idiots talk to them, when obnoxious

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people talk to them. When arrogant people talk to them when ignorant people talk to them when angry people talk to them. When insulting people disrespectful, people talk to them.

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And somebody insults you, it hurts. When somebody talks to you badly it hurts. But Allah calls all of those people Jai Hindu and jahad actually in Arabic is the opposite of African gentleman, someone who has no control over their emotions. a bad word comes into their mind and comes out of their mouth. They don't think about it. So you're driving in the streets of Qatar, and some guy cuts you off. And you Honk your horn.

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And he stops his car. And he gets out of the car. And he's mad

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at you. And you're like oh yeah.

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I'm gonna show you.

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You start responding back. Wait, wait, wait, hold on. Why the Hata mahamudra Hello, Carlos Salama, Islam and some article. Okay, sorry, you're right, I'm wrong. Go. No,

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you have to learn to do and if you can't do that, then you are disqualified from category number one.

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You want to be in category number one. And you will not say if, if you see ignorant people talk to you. If you know obnoxious people address you. Allah says when I talk to you about the difference between if and when yesterday when means it will happen. It means it might happen. Allah says there's no there's no possibility percentage it might happen to you, it might not happen you it will happen to you. It will happen to you. It happens to me all the time.

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All the time. I was at a machine not over here in America, I was at a machine. And I was sitting in a room talking to some board members about some program I wanted to do and a brother walked in. And he heard that I wanted to teach Arabic.

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He was an Arab fellow Egyptian fellow. And he heard that I wanted to teach Arabic. And I'm, he's like, you teach Arabic? How's it? Yeah, a little bit.

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So where are you from? I was like Pakistan.

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And he said, Oh, yeah. And he took out a napkin. And he said, write the alphabet for me.

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So I wrote down the English alphabet for him.

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He said, you see, you don't know how to be able to Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry.

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And then he started teaching me the alphabet. 30 minutes, I sat there and I learned the alphabet with him. And then he had to go, let me left. And that night, that night at the same mustard, they asked me to give a lecture, the importance of learning Arabic. If you go on YouTube, and you search, how to learn Arabic, and why learn Arabic, why study Arabic, that lecture was at that mustard, and that guy was in the first row smiling at me the whole time.

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When he comes to me and says you Pakistani, you're going to teach Arabic or euro should No, no.

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It's okay. It's alright. You're right. I don't know anything. It's okay. Don't get worked up. Don't get all full of yourself. If people speak to you in that way, it's okay. They have a wrong.

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You know, and you don't know why people speak to you in this way. There may be some other things going on in their life. You know, and they come to you and they let their anger out on you. You have to be kind of merciful and courteous to people. They were they were women. There were men that came to the city of Los Alamos and he was on and started yelling at him.

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From the bedroom, they were Muslims. They started yelling at him.

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And you know, the promises of him didn't get upset. He just calmed them down. The Sahaba would have killed them. Relax, just peace. You know, this is a Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When people say things that make you angry, you just gotta calm down. And by the way, guys manual right here. Your wife will say a lot of things that make you angry boy. Oh,

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and when you hear that you don't say that she's Jehan. But you do say Salaam. Just be quiet. Don't talk back. Sisters upstairs ladies. your husbands will say things that will go

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Your blood. Oh my god, you will get angry. And Allah has given you a special power. I have three sisters, I have a wife and I have four daughters. I know girls have special powers, and their superpower is they can answer you in a way that will, like stab you in the heart. Oh my god, they have the most amazing answers. Like, ah,

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but you sisters, when your husband is out of control, and he's becoming too emotional or too angry.

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So change the subject. And Solomon. Solomon does not mean that Allah says you have to say Salaam and somebody fighting against Solomon, Solomon Solomon. Not like that. That's not what that means. Let me tell you what Solomon Solomon could be a hall here in grammar. You know what that means? They speak calmly. They don't just say the word Salaam. They speak calmly. They speak peacefully, they speak in a way that disarms that doesn't make you angry, you know. And so for example, you know, one time I was sleeping in the machine, I was I was in the attic, and I was sleeping in the machine. And you know, when you're sleeping, you don't know what you took which way you turn. So I'm sleeping and

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I woke up because somebody kicked me in the stomach.

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There's a really old gentleman in our community who was an abalone fellow. And he was also making a tick off, he didn't speak any English, any Arabic, I just spoke. And he kicked me in the stomach. And I wake up

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and look at him like,

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and he goes on. My back was towards the bookshelf, which were the Maasai warriors, you can have your back to the Bonanza kicked me in the stomach.

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Now I could get up and say, Come on, you could have woken me up nicely. I'm fasting and then you kick me in the stomach too. And, but you know what I did. I just hung out with him afterwards, just sat down with him as I can, as we see him karate, you can correct my Koran, and we'd spoken sign language. And I recited Quran to him and we just hung out the whole time.

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You have to deal with people peacefully. You have to calm down when you deal with people, you will meet all kinds of people, all kinds of temperaments. Some some of you are stuck with a boss, who is not Allahu ala he Raji owner. Like he's always angry, he wakes up angry. He, you know, he's eating and he's angry, even if he's angry when he's smiling, even when he's angry. You know, you have that kind of a boss, but you know what you have to learn to deal with it peacefully, peacefully. You have employees you have some of you are teachers, you have students that make you angry, you got to calm down. You can get angry in the classroom. And I sort of lost some Allahu alayhi. Salam is told, we

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were told in the birth to mourn the man. He says, I was sent as a teacher. He sent us a teacher, he never got angry at people. And this is never, you know, his servant is telling us that he lived with him. And then he's and he never told him do that. Why did you do this? Why didn't you do this? The entire time.

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And that's your slave. That's not even your employee. That's your slave.

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He never said this to them. So all Solomon is really important. And why is it important? Because what the next time you have to force yourself to be humble and calm things down and not respond in anger. Then you tell yourself I'm doing this because I want to be from Eduardo Brockman.

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My the Hata, hobo Javelin, Carlos Salama, this is category number one. Category number one, people who can control their anger, people who can control their pride. People who can let go of their ego and just defuse the situation, even if they're right. Even if they're right, they just say it's okay. It's not worth it. It's not worth the fight. You know, Carlos, Elena, and tell you an interesting story of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. Now mo hanifa. Obviously, you know, a great deal of his time. And then after people are coming to him for photos all the time. And he his mother had a question. And she asked a question. So he told her the answer. And she said you don't know

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Your mother can say that to you. Right? I'm gonna go ask that one over there. And that guy that she wanted to go ask, he was a guy. He wasn't an island. He was a guy. That means he can give people reminder. He can tell people about duck wall, but he doesn't know about it or anything like that. So his mother goes and asks him, and he says, Let me do some research. I'll get back to you. And he comes back to who

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is like, Hey, your mom came over and she was like, she had a question and is like, okay, here's the answer, but don't tell her I told you.

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Right. Sometimes you will have people in your own family that don't like hearing from you. Maybe you became closer to the dean. But they're not that close to the dean. And that makes you angry. It makes you angry that some women in your family don't get a job. It makes you angry. Some young men in your family. don't pray. You get mad at them. No, don't get angry at them. Speak with them peacefully.

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Speak with them calmly your anger will only take them further away from the they will bring them closer. You know, you have to have a soft heart towards those who are not there yet. You were not praying five times a day. There was a time when you weren't like that. If somebody spoke to you angrily would you start praying or go further away? Think about that. Think about that, unless often your heart so you wait until it less often is theirs and you have to be soft to people. I remind people that Allah azza wa jal told Musa alayhis salam to be nice to fit around.

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To be nice to fit around, around, try to kill Masada. He said when he was just a baby that killed 1000s of babies every year he called himself God. There's so many reasons to hate fear own. And Allah says when you go to him, Well coolala who code and Lena.

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If you have to be nice to fit around. What about your wife? What about your husband? What about your children? What about your cousins, your brother, your uncle? These are the people that make us angry. These are the people family makes you really angry. I'm telling you. I know. siblings make you angry. And these are the people that deserve the most soft responses from us. We have to change the way we behave with them. This is Carlos Elena. Okay, this is category number one.