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The speakers discuss the importance of returning to a positive state and finding a way to bring it back. They emphasize the need for intentionality and planning for future events. The speakers stress the importance of creating a clear intention and setting realistic goals. The conversation also touches on current unrest and the need for people to be aware of potential consequences of their actions.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Hina Madhu who want to stay you know when I study he wants to steal a funeral home when a stone will settle

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when I will do bIllahi min show rhodium fusina Women say Dr. Molina my dad in law who for who will remove that woman yoke little fell into je de la humare Murshida well shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah hula hula Shetty Cara Hera Hanwha hidden ahead Ensenada let me tell you the Sahiba 10 Watt while other will Amir Kula who Khufu one had Why should one Nana be Jana Avi mana Mohan Madonna Abdullah he wore a pseudo while Sophia you whom and quality he will Habiba Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Adjumani nwaba Your whole Jalla Jalla whom famous Cannington zeal Yeah, you have Lavina Manu katiba ra como sia muka katiba Allah Levine Cava leikam

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La La Quinta takuna Yama Madhu that this idea will be the initiating I have every hot one all around the world, probably for this week and the next week and maybe a few weeks afterwards as well and then there's nothing that unites us as much as Ramadan does. Hydrogen comes as a near second. But But Ramadan just does something different to all of us as an omen no matter where we are, and whatever time it is. And this blessed month is an opportunity that Allah subhanaw taala offers us on an annual basis yearly yearly skill were offered this opportunity to to figure things out again, and to draw ourselves closer to Allah subhanaw taala You see, he calls upon the hearts of His servants

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subhanho wa Taala at the beginning of this month, and people just come you when you work in a massage in Ramadan, you see people that you've never seen before. You've never seen them before they come and they fill them aside you throughout the holy month that drink total we had in July and within the massage and and it's not that we did a good job in bringing people in this is the mighty can work supine on what's on there is the King of all kings the king of hearts subhanho wa Taala who just causes the hearts of His servants and they come to him Subhanallah without a throat this buzzard month and there's something about it that just is different. He says I use a lot to learn

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the Hadith isn't collection remember Bharani and be healthy and others and as authentic generation we are Jabba says

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I found out Ramadan for Carlos on Allahu Allahu Allah. He was salam Atacama Ramadan Asha Ramadan shahada in yellow SHA Kumala houfy He for us the Lord rock matter where your football Hatha Yoga where yesterday will do

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for our Allah her minimum for xicom hyaluron fee Ramadan Finn and Muhammad man hurry Moroccan met Allah Heafy Ramadan, Dr. Ali Asad Dawson I'm sending me I'm gonna come to you. It is a month of Baraka that Allah subhanaw taala smothers you within it. He's smothers you with his compassion and mercy and He forgives sin and he accepts

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So show Allah subhanaw under the best of yourself within Ramadan, bring your A game and Ramadan. Because Allah subhanaw taala says the one who was deprived is the one who was deprived of Rama of Allah within Ramadan. I used to sit down with come in Hadith narrated by Muhammad, he would come up the member, the member had three steps out of your slot. Unlike this one and the steps were from in front, you would come up or you start to some three steps and turn around and speak to people. And he did it one day, a few weeks before Ramadan, he took up the first step. And he said, I mean, they took the second step. They said, I mean, the third step, he said, I mean, there's no How about last

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time and this was no discernment. Should they be doing this as well? And he said, No, I just thought those MGB came to me and he made three. And I can tell you all three, I'll tell you one of them. One of them was he said,

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Jibreel Rahima. And for Aberdeen, I don't like Ramadan, for DACA allihies Maharaja Minh, who will Allah who call me *a mean? So Allah has mine? He said, Well, the man who is a way of making dua against someone, you know, may they be humiliated me. It's like, it's like, how could you? That's what it means in Arabic, landfills, your nose, Rocky Mountain when it goes into the dirt? It's a very specific Arabic or linguistic phrase. That means how could you How could you enter Ramadan and it leaves you actually live through Ramadan and not have your sins forgiven me that person forever be humiliated. See, I mean, Muhammad. So Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said, I mean, because it's

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impossible, you have to had worked really hard to make sure that you did not get forgiven and Ramadan. But before I talk to you about this, this Ramadan ik planner, we go through a little bit of what we should be doing in Ramadan.

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I'm sure that most of you like myself, if not all of you, continue to fight to watch with disgust and in awe of how people in probably one of the most rich areas in the world and resources are starving as you and I speak right now. They are being systematically starved after being ethnically cleansed out of the land that there was already occupied 75 or such years ago, to the point where it they they see a truck that has maybe food that they can use for their children, and they go into it and they got gunned down by one of the most merciless, ruthless and moral bankrupt regimes that have existed on the planet that continue to find support from the politicians that we voted in, that we

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that to act like they represent us. They do not, they do not represent us in any form or manner, we have nothing to do with them. And they will continue to be ostracized from our misogyny and from our community until they admit, first of all, they have to admit the atrocities that they have supported. And they admit the moral failure and that they have actually been a part of, and then we need others who will maybe show something a little bit better. And we will not accept anything, anything less than that. And as we watch all of this, and it burns you on the inside to see it because there's almost no tears left to cry. You wonder how how bad can it get? Well, let me give

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you a little bit of a historical lesson today. It won't be too heavy in historical lessons. But let me just tell you three, three incidents that happened within our Islamic history. So you understand exactly what we're looking at in the years to 17 a man by the call it by the name of Allah had ultimately was one of the leaders of a an extremely fascist, oppressive regime that built itself somewhere in the eastern part of the red Kinsler decided that in the year 315 17 Hijiri, somewhere in the ninth Gregorian Gregorian century decided that he was going to raid McCullough McCollum during Hajj, so he did so and he killed the Hajaj in the 1000s until the Sahaba, of the Kaaba was

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was was filled with blood and he hid the Kaaba and he actually brought half of it down, and then he stole that and he held it somewhere for 22 years.

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You think this is bad for 22 years he held on to it, it took 22 years before the Muslims were able to bring their act together, and also what it means yet it doesn't mean he was able to go and actually defeat them, remove them and bring the hijab or the remnants that they that was left of it, and put it back in the Kaaba as we see it today.

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The Crusaders took over the holy land. In the 10th century or the in the at the end of the first millennium, they took over the clothing and not only did they murder everyone there and burn the massage and burn lochsa But not only did they kill the Muslims were there they removed and killed the Jews who were living there too. And it wasn't just the holy land it was part of today is Lebanon and Jordan, parts of Syria. And this went on for decades upon decades, until 583. We also had a UV Monica totally that happened by the way in Ramadan was able to go back and send them back to where they came from and reopened message Oxford remove the animals that they had put there because they

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turned it into a barn and allow the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims pray there again.

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Only less than 100 years later, less than 100 years later, the Mahonia that data would find their way through the old world coming through Asia, and they would enter the Muslim Khilafah capital in Baghdad, and they would burn it to the ground, murdering the Khalifa Al Mustafa BiLlah and killing everyone who was there and going to make the hikma which was the biggest library on Earth at the game, and they will throw the books into digital and fraud in the Euphrates until those two rivers ran either red with the blood of the Muslims or blue because of the ink of the books that they threw into them.

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And it was a couple of decades later until photos and Barbie about 1658 Also in j&j which also in Ramadan, were able to remove them again. And if you want, I can spend the rest of this month just telling you these little, giving you these nuggets and telling you what happened throughout our Islamic history. We've always found a way to rebound. We've always found a way back we've always have, this is not the worst we've seen. This is not the worst we've seen as Muslims not even close, like not even remotely close. This is not the end of time not even close. It's not equal. Mila Belka Jamelia McAdams, it's like that you don't even notice your job is not to worry about when it's

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happening. Your job is to worry about what you're doing to prevent it's coming.

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Your job is to worry about where you are within the historical curve of your OMA and what that's going to need from you. You see every single story I told you, when the bad thing happened, the good thing happened a couple of decades later. So they went through a couple of them with the hands and hygiene afterwards, where they were in a state of deep humiliation, I always ask what was the year 318? Like in terms of hygiene with no hygiene is was there?

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What was that Ramadan? Like? You think they weren't thinking that this was the end of time? No, they were. And I can actually prove that to you by pulling historical records that were written by scholars of that era talking about this being Armageddon, and very soon the judge is going to come it didn't happen. It didn't happen in 583. Didn't happen since 258. Doesn't happen in 1123. It didn't happen in 13 148. It didn't happen today in 1449. Either, it we're not even close, because our own was actually still quite large. And the number of Muslims are to truly care about Allah subhanaw taala and their OMA is actually is still there. This is not a good situation, as you

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probably already know, due to my spectacular pessimism, but the point that I'm trying to make for you is that this is not the worst that you have seen, not even close, we have rebounded from way worse and found our way back and brought back justice and righteousness to artists to ourselves and the people who live with us.

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The potential is there. And in a Madonna is what we're supposed to use as that spark. Ramadan is there to make sure because all the most of these victories happened in Ramadan. And it was a generation or two later, you see what happened was the Musa happened. And then a couple of decades later, it was reversed, why a couple of decades later, because whoever was around during that masivo was probably a part of a generation that didn't care enough. So we needed the next generation to grow up and care. And when they did, they flipped things around again, when they grew up and saw the reality of their own mind decided I'm not I'm not okay with that. And they made sure there isn't

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that his story of his life, it he stood out to us to them, somebody didn't have a voice and provided a voice for people who are oppressed. And the OMA has always found his way back, we've always found a way to bring back and revive our voice. Again, as a nation, this is not a call for violence, this is not a call for No, this is a call for every one of us to believe that they we may we will have an impact in the future of our OMA, now, I can't convince you of that if you don't have the tools to convince yourself of it. And if you if you can't, then I don't know what to offer you. I feel like I'm almost helpless in terms of helping you because I have nothing to offer, you have to believe

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that you have the potential to offering to offering that impact. And being the Western person Yes, living in the small city of London, Ontario, in Canada, somewhere far away where people don't think you don't even know exists to begin with to know that there's a Muslim community there. Yes, amongst them will be some one person or two or three or 100, who will have that impact, who can actually be one of the sparks that will change the history and the future of this OMA, you have to believe that you have to believe that you have that potential. And you have to believe that you have to be willing to work towards it.

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You have to be willing to work towards it. This is what we're missing. We're just missing that piece. Historically, we have all the this has happened many times before. Many times before. Don't waste time worrying about stuff you can't control worry about what is it that you can do? How can you make sure this does not continue to happen or happen again in the future. That's the only way to work. Historically. Again, I'm speaking from a lens of history.

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Sometimes whatever is occurring, was put into motion decades before. You're just looking at the consequences of something that happened many, many years ago that you're not accounting accountable for it, it just was going to happen. It was going to happen was put in motion many generations ago and people didn't care at a certain point. And now you're you're you're dealing with the results. But the question is, what will 40 years from today look like? That will depend on what we decide to do, and how we decide to live our lives, and what type of

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what type of change, we're actually going to bring within ourselves within the community that we live in. And I can't think of a better time or a better opportunity than Ramadan.

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So three times in one week, I was approached, and I hope that people don't feel bad about this ball. So I'll say it three times. Within one week I was approached and told ya he'd be a little bit more optimistic three times from the three different people. So I said, All right, fair, fair. If I didn't believe to my core, that this OMA has the potential to turn things around, I wouldn't be standing here. I wouldn't be doing what I do in my life. I would have been somewhere else doing something completely different, but I believe with certainty to my

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core that this OMA has within it, the potential to turn things around. And I believe that I have to be a force that is positive in that direction. And that's what I will be. But I cannot approach that at this historical curve. By being someone who reminds you, you know, when you wake up in the morning, and we have our phones, and then you put the alarm, there's a nice little thing, it's a nice little reminder, something that kind of just wakes you up nice and quiet. That's not what I'm here to do. I'm here to sound an alarm, that should

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increase your heart rate and make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, and have you walking out of here feeling upset about yourself, just like I do. Because that is where we are, historically, we're at a moment where the people if they actually want to see change, they have to actually make radical change in their lives, they have to feel the necessity of it, they have to feel how important and how daunting it is upon them to make the changes yesterday is this, this is not a slow, progressive

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graph of change. No, this has to be immediate, it has to be huge. And the numbers and the quality of it has to be extreme. If you actually want to see things be different. So I have to I have to, because the hotter because the danger is huge. It's not about there's nothing whether you do I have no horse in this race, whether you do it or not, or people listen to this or not, doesn't make a difference for me, I I figured out where I'm going, I'm gonna go with you or without you alone or with people, it doesn't make a difference. So I'll do it and I'll die doing it until the day I meet Allah. It's for you because you're multi Amory, you're gonna be held accountable. You're gonna stand

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there and have to answer questions that maybe you weren't even aware you're gonna be answering to begin with. It's not just the Philando cm. There's a guy in the hedge in the family. What about what you witnessed? You are a part of the world. Where do you not? We are part of this OMA, were you not? Yes. What was happening? Did you What did you do? How did you respond to that? If your answer they didn't do anything? That's gonna be the problem. Yes, exactly. You didn't do anything? That's why you're standing here. No, no, she I didn't do anything. Yeah, exactly. That's why you're here. Why are you not understanding us? Yes. That's why you're here because you didn't do anything. Because

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there was no actual change. You will witness the atrocities, you witnessed the oppression, you witnessed the aggressiveness? You witnessed all of this, the tyranny and the persecution, and then you continue to do the same. Where's the effect of witnessing that on your life? Why did they not change something about you? When you say okay, because of this? I don't think even that's a good reason. I honestly think you should aim higher. It shouldn't be just for as I said, that we do have a better Oh, no, no, or a Philistine no is beyond that. This is for the OMA, this is for Allah subhanho wa Taala the one who said to some Allah he will, although they know who may love it. I

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created this with Huck, as long as there is no Huck or there is bloom that is occurring or button, then things will continue to fail. It's your job to return it back to again and to live a life that personifies Huck in nature. And that's what we have to do.

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And that's what I'm calling you to. And the best time to do this. The absolute best time to do this is to have Ramadan, there is honestly no better time. There is nothing even remotely close to what Ramadan can offer you. I am not aware of a real story of Toba. That is not Ramadan ik, like I'm not aware of it. I'm sure it happened. But I'm not aware of any real story of Toba, someone who decided enough is enough. I'm not living like this anymore. I can't I can't be a bystander. I can't live my life just focused on small things. Just ignoring what's occurring and not have a voice and not have an impact I have to live life to its fullest the way Allah Subhan Allah a prophet Allah He saw this,

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we lived it himself and those who are with them. That happens that that turning point occurs in Ramadan, it always has. That's why these these battles that I shared with you, always Ramadan, always because that's where it manifests itself.

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And that's what I think we should all be doing, which is why I want to talk to you about Ramadan ik plan. Here's why today I want to share with you maybe some things to think about in terms of planning for Ramadan. And then next week inshallah we'll talk about what that may look like who devotee huddlestone fit Allah Holly we're looking for still a few we'll hear live Camilla frozen was still very insulted Allah.

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hamdulillah who I had wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah may Allah be a bada early he also had the humanitarian manager who

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would make a living in Aug Luna below go to Quran

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Dhaka theatres Kiran, Willa Robin without you know no sign either acapella Allah Himself Ramadan Mubarak Baku Luminita Hadith to have a look at the

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metadata and OB fossa Nasha RPB legend to Alvim ohada Sha 114 And if he hasn't healed Billa demon or you will be will feed him in a volume Yamuna for said Illa and Gnasher Obinna masala to blame ohada Shahara Whitaker bureau amerihome When as we are doing it Allah subhanho wa Taala a uni Himalayan massage and if I use alone

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will be thrown at you who

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Don't black in any app how to AMA who album in herder Colleen now hello and feed the Leviathan Terry here that cannot conceal on fuel Matina, the camera Deborah Terry Moran que sera hottie he hola hola della teen number oh la la will Latino Are you sure how and I'll say to her is it a Muslim owner fee a Swahili him mapa de la Mona Dima or hombre

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de ma home rocky

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en Tohoku Rahmatullah Wa La Musa. Hey do you wanna be I just didn't studied how does that tell you more Morocco? I think the Vitaly Fina. If you couldn't imagine

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that he is that he him whereas you do not tell him that he either Dini him or Mattie him or him Otani him way down at him. Yes, you do want to talk to him? He couldn't be Mara

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Rama Gil and Ajit and and young and young, young Saudi five G don't bother who you will really go out no matter where Kim at Elisa Welcome at Dean Wilkie Metamora

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karma welcome, Jamal Mati him.

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Yaki suing oh my goodness it'd be him in a Zulu Amina al Juan. Well you do can tombola in Africa either anecca in sign on say a kulula who you who don't feed to her that tahirul Cardium either as in Allah subhanahu wa taala we're not gonna massage therapy at UCLA who have Obama Quran the analogy

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for that matter Hassan Atelier five

00:21:33--> 00:21:34

G the letter you have to

00:21:37--> 00:21:44

check for come in early men will commence upon and will come in with J Dilla. Mera Naam, Yamaha Sita Emily he will

00:21:45--> 00:21:50

the new Jumia inside and by the WHO? Because Allah Dean for what a mouthful workout and data

00:21:51--> 00:22:27

in order Denzin key woman woman Woman accessory had to rely on a coffee hieratic and tumble off enough sick melody. Hakuna houfy hayati just a minute to really I'm just a min Baka Moriyama Who are they here with our countrymen? We are going to use an membaca al Ohmori Allah Zulu well one for Capo COVID Hola Hey, yo multi. Well, Melody aku hula hula Workiva Dafina. Why Nipsey? Well, Daffy, I went early one unworldly one I'm only one Afghani one okati. And let the rest is just a minute to hear what Janet didn't see. When I'm O'Neill Snapseed Allah subhanahu wa Tada Illman? Well,

00:22:29--> 00:22:57

I honestly wanted to go through the pieces of the Ramadan plan. But I'm not gonna do this next week, even though that's not what I had planned initially. Because I really think it's important that you know why you're doing things. And maybe this is the first part of that. I'm Alana clan, which is always reviewing your intention. Every time we talk about Ramadan, I plan, I point out the importance of intention, number one is always intention. And maybe everything I'm doing today is just that piece. It's just Why are you going to do this? Why are you going to find them online? And why are you going to pray to Allah we, and why are you going to be a part of this whole month, it's

00:22:57--> 00:23:30

beyond just doing the ritual. It's beyond just starving during the day, and then staying up a little bit late at night. It's with the intention of things being different afterwards, is the intention of I want to be a different person. And the way I've been living my life is not how I want to live it I know I can do better, and I have to do better. Today, we have to do better, it's no longer an option. It's no longer something that I can that I can gently massage into our brains. No, we have to do we should have done this while ago. Because we didn't this is what's occurring across the globe. Because we didn't because we were late it might have been because I was late, and figuring

00:23:30--> 00:24:03

out what I was going to do in my life. Because I don't have the proper impact that I should because I'm not actually being a better person or helping others being a better be better people that this is what's happening, that there are children that are starving to death. They're dying, they carry your names, and probably even your last name and last names as well. There was no difference between all of us, as an homage or as a human race, Islam when it when it finds prevalence and when it finds its spot in the world. Not only does it bring clarity to the Muslims, it brings clarity to everyone else as well. It brings clarity to everyone regardless of their cultural, ethnic or political

00:24:03--> 00:24:40

background, which is why we have to we are obligated to we have an ethical obligation, to live our deen and to work towards its success. And even if that means that you spend your life working in some small corner called London, Ontario, trying to strengthen that small little community and unite it and bring a player to it, then that's what you do. And that's what you do. That's your little piece of the puzzle. It's not visible from afar, but the one who's looking at the puzzle knows that it's there. The one who actually you should the one that you're doing it for he knows your piece of the puzzle. He sees it. He's very happy with it. He sees it well, don't worry, it's a record. It's

00:24:40--> 00:24:59

not gonna be forgotten. Doesn't have to be something worthy of breaking news on international outlets something small. And that's what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam taught us. What is it teach us that sometimes the person that you don't notice, sometimes the person that you don't know anything about the person that no one even cares about or not?

00:25:00--> 00:25:30

I take a recognition of as the person who Allah subhanaw taala will give the biggest reward human Kiama because of that intention they had in their heart and the work that they that they did, they did the best they could within the limitations of within the capacity they had within their limitations. They did the best they could they put everything that they had towards serving Allah Subhanallah and serving their deen and serving themselves and serving their nation and serving the people around them. And that's what I think we should do for Ramadan, we should make that intention. And be nice and clear. Spend the next week thinking about your intention. Why? Why should I be

00:25:30--> 00:25:41

different? Why should I turn things around? Why should I make this Ramadan? A turning point for myself? Why Why should this normal non being be a turning point for me, but I'll never go back to how it was before.

00:25:42--> 00:25:51

There's a million reasons figure out the one that makes most sense to you. So you can plan out the month. And then in sha Allah when we walk out of it, or as we go through it,

00:25:52--> 00:26:00

we put ourselves on a path to strengthen the status the status of this nation of ours. So that was happening it was today

00:26:01--> 00:26:03

does not happen ever again.

00:26:04--> 00:26:39

I am though quite disappointed at the end of the scope of how we've settled down quite a bit when it comes to advocacy, despite the fact that what's happening is still happening probably on a larger scale than it was in October and November. And I talked about this in October, November. And I talked about a couple of times they said look, the problem is with the graph people, they criticize problems, they just they know if they do it long enough people lose interest, because they know that people get very upset early on and then if you drag it out with six weeks or seven weeks people lose interest. We is where we are right now I'm quite disappointed with how we've responded to this as a

00:26:39--> 00:26:48

nomad at this at this part of at least within the last month, there's been a lot of passivity, and people have kind of slowed down even though the amount of death the amount of

00:26:50--> 00:27:24

ethnic cleansing and the starving that we're seeing right now the start this systematic starvation that people are going through has not slowed down is still occurring. It's horrible. It's horrible on every level I cannot understand how how the world is okay with any part of this whatsoever. But I think we have to revise a little bit and how we've approached this and I think those who are who are enthusiastically at the beginning have lost that enthusiasm to bring it back bring it back as an as a part of your intention of being better within this month of Ramadan and allowing Ramadan to be the turning point for all of us may Allah grant us the ability to reach Ramadan and for us to use

00:27:24--> 00:27:43

Ramadan as our turning point within our lives Allah whom I mean I hope that was a benefit to you while I'm on Allah I'm not gonna be me and I'll even for God in Allah Who am Allah it could tell who you are so Luna and then the Wii U Allah the manual Salah he was selling Moto sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed gomarsall later Allah Ibrahima early Ibrahim barbaric Medina on early Mohammed

00:27:44--> 00:27:51

Ibrahim Ibrahim Fidel Amina in Dhaka Hamid Majeed. What are the Allahu Akbar? Allahu Allah Azza

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wa Amara Walrath mana Valley what are the Allahu man is YG he Omaha meaning one early HIPAA up in a PA hearing well on Sahaba to Hilger in Miami Juanita Bynum, antibiogram BSN in Isla yo Medina, y nama medica Al Hamra hanging Allahu elevated in Muslim you know when it must be not well meaning me not. Yeah, amen Humala. mewatch Allahumma featheredge, whom Allah Muhammad Amin when a fiscal Ruben microbeam what file Juan Manuel McMorrow mean what very woolly mammoth looming weapon Dima and oedema and Muslimeen Allah who is going to be playing different mesothelial Salama hola hola Maura,

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but EBL but I mean Allahu Malka just saw units I mean, who are they let on saw a llama photogenic one of them was told I think in a few of us that have you know seen with his suit any of you ready I mean big Rob Bell Alameen wa Malignaggi Marina Chanel Ramadan. We're feeling the heat. Oh, so yummy. What a little pm we'll have hot delicious Ali. We're here to listen to Ballina Allahu Majima NFE he told me the hidden behalf but I just didn't want to have borrowed energy Marina elago ADA de Nicola than Jamila oh my god colic Allahumma Aziz with a hotel with Apple what's the level about Allah in Allah Hi I'm Robin ideally when certain you eat a little caught up when Hainan fascia you will move

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your belly you know a little Gumball I look into the Quran inshallah I will put up for you the the Ramadan sessions that are occurring throughout the day this weekend and next weekend, so please bring your kids out and attend them and find benefit in sha Allah in these in these sessions. Okay, Minnesota, Allahu Akbar on Long Shadow Allah Isla in