Nouman Ali Khan – Be Like The Bee

In this beautiful lecture, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan provides an interesting viewpoint from which to look at the bee.

We are constantly people of thought, and what makes us think is Aayat. We think deeply about the Aayat, then reflect on the Aayat, and the Aayat not just of the Quran but the Aayat of the creation all around us. The purpose of the Aayat:

–        La allakum yatafakkarun

–        Li qoumin yaqi loon

–        La allakum taqiloon

–        Li yaddabaru aayati 

Allah SWT wants us to think about what He wants us to really reflect on, and this is the difference between when we read the Quran just at the surface level and we just move on. We do not stop to think about what actually Allah SWT is saying. He says in the following remarkable Aayah -“wa aoha rabbuka ilal nahl”, Allah SWT in this particular Aayah says that He is talking about the bee, the honey bee. Our Master, the same Master who revealed the Quran to us is the One who revealed something to the honey bee. 

Allah has given it advice so everything it does has to do with Wahi, it’s inspired by Wahi, and it has lessons to learn. There is a Hadith of our Messenger ﷺ – Wallazi bi nafsi hilazi. Inna mahalal mumin ka masalil na’ala -“I swear by the one who has my life in his hand. The example of the believer is just like the example of the bee.”

How are we going to be like the bee? What can a bee teach us about my Emaan? About how are we going to live as a believer? 

Listen intently to unravel some awe-inspiring details.