This is The Belief Of A Pure Heart

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of a pure heart and how it is the one who gives care to others. They also mention a woman named reminded of a woman who was married to for Biomkins Shin and that she caused her to fall sick. The speaker warns that anyone who refuses to admit their commitment to La ilaha illallah wa Amma effort will be tested, and they will not be given a chance to see their testimony.
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A person who possesses a pure heart and a pure soul would say this. Alavi halacha Lee for who here again, this is Ibrahim alayhis salam, his word. He says it is Allah who created me. And he's the one who guides me when love you who you put him on the way to skin, and it is he who feeds me and provides for me and nourishes me and clothes me way a speed and he's the one who provides for me to drink while living up to the familiar him and it is you causes my life and he causes my death were either married to for Hua Shin, and if I was to ever fall sick, Allahu Akbar, look at his manners with Allah. He does not see you for loving me sick. He said, If I was to fall sick, then it is Allah

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who kills me, not the doctor, not the medicine, not the specialist, not the surgeon. These are all means these are memes. Maybe they work, maybe they don't work. But the one who is called a chef is Allah, the medicines not called sheffey. The doctor is not called sheffey. Allah, He's a chef. It's his name, for who we are seeing

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why they're married to for Who He will live up to the familiar. He will love you out tomorrow. He'll feel really happy at the ALMA dean. And I have high hope that it is he who forgive my errors and my mistakes on that day. Well, what were my brothers and sisters in Islam, the one who possesses a pure heart, he is quick to acknowledge and realize and recognize that Allah created him. And Allah guides him and Allah feeds him. And Allah causes him and Allah decrease his life. And Allah picks his life away. And Allah decrees all his affairs and all these matters.

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That's the pure heart. It's a heart that is solid, in its conviction that Allah is the Lord.

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That's a pure heart. But I tell you something.

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If you acknowledge this, and you're with me, and you say, yes, indeed,

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I believe that Allah has socialist, my lord, and he's the maintainer of all my affairs, then I tell you something, and be prepared for it.

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Whoever makes this statement, whoever makes this testimony, whoever says La Ilaha illa Allah, and my Lord is Allah. You'll be tested. You have to be tested.

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These are heavy words. You think that you were able to say it,

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no test to see your commitment upon it. Anyone can say it.

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Allah La Vie sociale is going to test your commitment upon this word. La social, he said Hasib, a nurse Are you Taku are your guru Emma now whom left and who

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did the people assume he could see like what Ibrahim said La ilaha illallah wa Amma nebula and they will not be tested.

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There will be not they won't be tested, tested in terms of their commitment upon La ilaha illallah