Nouman Ali Khan – Blueprint From The Divine

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan acquaints us with the blueprint of the Divine – what Allah has blessed us with and what is expected from us in return.

The Ustadh divides people into three groups in this talk – people who aspire to do something for themselves, people who aspire to do something for the community and the smallest minority of people who believe in an idea and who believe that spreading of an idea would make the word better. People who believe that an idea is so powerful that if people are inspired by that idea, it would manifest itself in ways they themselves can’t even imagine. 

The ultimate success for humanity is for us to make our Creator, our Master, the One Who loves us more than anyone else can love us, the One Who cares for us more than anyone else could care for us, to make Him happy with us.  Every other success we vie for in this world must submit to that idea. Because none of the things we have here are the reason for which we are here – they are just a means to a larger end which is to earn the Pleasure of Allah. This is a very powerful concept.

What happens today is Islam defined by the visible markers of Islam, and the original definition of Islam with an ethical worldview, moral worldview and then the laws of Islam, the hijab, halal and the haram, Sharia of Islam, beautify that worldview.  But there is a social and emotional disconnect with these pillars of our Deen and that is the path of doom eventually.

A real revival of prayer, in our personal lives, and really engaging with the Quran as one should guarantee success. The Ni’mah or blessings that Allah has given us and opportunities Allah has given us are unparalleled. Allah has given us more than so many others and it has been given to us because Allah SWT expects great things from us.

Not just for our own lives, but for His Deen.