How to give Dawah to Hindus

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People know about Prophet Mohammed mentioned in the Bible. But very few knew about Prophet Mombasa or submission in the Scripture by me. He's mentioned one 100 times in the Bible only once and then the Scripture 100 times and I give references to things inshallah before before we wrap up, one of them shoot about Hindus, I think you know many of the Duat they know how to get out of Christians to atheist but you wouldn't like when you have a Hindu and most people are stuck. So if you could just give a few pointers what are the main things that you know when you focus on giving a dial I guess we give a whole lecture about it. We will just summarize a couple of key points and how to be

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effective and giving value to Hindus. As far as doing dava one of the master key sites were in health chapter 60 was 125, hula Serbia because sigma, the other is three branch aperitive was number 64. When Allah says we'll have to branch for Allah fifth,

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Co Op profitable, tallow electorally Metin. Sawa in by nabina Come, come to common terms as a senior.

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We did the first term, Allah, Allah Allah, that you worship them but Allah. So here we realized that one of the master key for Dawa is talking about similarities.

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And in the simulator, Allah says, The most important is Allah, Allah, that you worship them but Allah. So I tell my students that when you're doing Dawa, you can start with sa Quran in science, you can start with the teacher, no problem, you can start with whatever is commonality between

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you and the nonsense, but your main target should be tight. Unless you don't remove the shift from his life. Unless you don't put toys in your life, all your data is useless. You may convince him not to have alcohol, you may convince them what job you may convince him not to have pork, but we don't remove the shirt from her life, or don't make him come on the list. So since when you're talking about similarity between Islam and Christianity, or Islam or Hinduism, number one should be tied.

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And there are many verses in the Scripture they can quote 100 wished whatever he

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wishes, he wouldn't think that's there. People don't know. But I remember different the first time I give this talk, similarities between Islam and Hinduism, the very, very many Muslim walk ins to me. And when I give this talk the first time in Dubai, there was a big group of Muslims, Dr. Who spoke against me they distributed pamphlets don't attend the lecture. I said,

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at least hear the lecture.

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without hearing the lecture. What can they be similar to Islam Hinduism, they are wishing to worship blah, blah, blah, blah, fine. Human nature. After my lecture, if I've said anything against the Sharia, anything against the Quran, anything he says, then you can speak louder than you can get collared. I gave the dog which was for one and a half to us. And people are shot. I'm talking about the Tawheed in the Scripture.

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So if you read into scripture, there are many verses of time.

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And I don't intend giving a lecture, but the Brahma sutra of Hinduism and it comes from this dynasty Naina Gnostic engine, that Guan he does run here in the year he is Remini there is only one God, not a second one. Not at all, not at all, not in the least bit. So there are various sources in the Upanishads in the Vedas, talking about time. So when you're comparing Hinduism and Islam, we don't talk about the negative factor when there are similarities. There are multiple wartime differences, but we don't touch on differences. We touch on similarities. So number one while doing our estimate. Number two is the wrestler

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about profit numbers a lot of

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people know about Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Bible, but very few knew about Prophet Mombasa are also mentioned in the Scripture. And if you compare the mention of Prophet Mohammed Salah Solomon multiple times more than what he mentioned the Bible by name, he's mentioned 100 Times and The Bible only once and then the scriptures will then handle it and then I give references

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and the details that are given in the infrastructure when you read the heavy Purana. And when you read the Kalki Purana, it says that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. His father's name is Abdullah.

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Ahmed have got the translation. His mother's name is Amina. He'd be born in the city of peace. He left for close companions, angels will help him in the battlefield so we

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can give our precise and that's good you put on the chapter number two was number five, seven live in 15 Nothing.

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And as mentioned my name Emma mentioned my name is mama several times. It talks about the details about his prophecies in great detail. So

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This is the second point that a person should touch. Then it talks about salah. That how do the Hindus worship, the worship of Hinduism known as Dunder mascara, which says, You should

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fall on the ground and touch with seven parts in purchasing

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the two hands,

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the two knees, the two feet, the nose and the forehead, from the SEC teaching, but then the normal scan is done no mascara same as the fool,

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that are very surface differences even of Makkah in the in the Scripture, then the scripture says should not have alcohol production. Then the scripture says you should not have pork mass. How many people know Hindu scripture says that you can marry up to four women.

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They put it there for

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so the thing that there are so many things, which Lee into doesn't know, I'm giving references. So after the talk, I'm giving references, the references also but I'm attaching the references.

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So I say that if a Hindu so I tell I told the Indian government Why don't you teach Sanskrit to the Hindus so that they read the Scripture then they come to know then the Muslim Hindu will be more closer

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and I've written a book on similar dividend Salman Hinduism and even a lecture if that is about to us. So all the details are given. But the Lincoln challenge distribution