Answering Interesting Questions – Ramadan 2016

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Answering Interesting Questions – Ramadan 2016

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah ricotta everybody. I'd like to thank everyone for signing up for this page and continue to encourage family and friends in sha Allah to join this private group by going to slash Ramadan. 2016. I got that right. A few questions and lots of questions that you guys sent in is the chance to go through some of them with you guys and Charlotte.

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Aryan writes out you know, why is fasting so special in this month? How is it related with the revealing of the Quran, especially in this one? Well, it's related to it because the Koran started coming down in later 208, which is a day or night of this month, and so Angela, feel a little coddled, we sent it down in the light of power. That's actually why this month is in particular special. Somebody asked, actually, semina Dean asked my 12 year old is struggling too fast during the summer months, she's already said that she can't do them, please advise, I wouldn't be hard on kids. If she's saying that she won't be able to do it, and she's scared. There's no reason to force

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her right now. I would say just go easy on her in the beginning, maybe have her fast half the day, you know, the next day do a little bit more, and take a day off if she started crying or something. But you don't want to take a 12 year old and make them feel traumatized because they had too fast and shallow tala, the time will come. And it's it's the this is the kind of ease that the Prophet's life alone would give to people who took Shahada in his own time, we can give the kind of ease to our children, we don't have to be hard at hard fat, hard and fast and very difficult with them about their worship and shallow tala, they'll, they will ease them into it. There's a mom or Miriam who

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said that, you know, she, I remember my last thought I was in 2005. I'm always missing today we pray in congregation during Ramadan, because I have little kids. So I do pray at home, do I have the same reward as the person who pray praise and congregation, or Miriam and all the moms that are out there that are busy with children and not able to make that a week, I would like to tell you that you are as if not more rewarded, because you're doing so much more than other people, constantly taking care of your children is an act of worship by itself. And so until it has done an obligation, it really isn't. So it's an it's an added benefit for the community. And if you're not able to do so it's not

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like you're insane, or you're missing out on rewards that you cannot earn on your own, especially if you're moms and childless. So I wouldn't be down about that if you if you like to go because it gives you a sense of peace and you know, you're with the rest of the community and you enjoy listening to the recitation of Quran those are all great things. And if you're able to go inshallah every once in a while, that's good for you. And if you're not, don't feel bad about it. charlo, Allah knows your situation better than we do. And he's certainly more understanding than we are so and sometimes other people make you feel bad for not going without even understanding your

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situation. So don't let that get to you. And Sharla just, you know, be yourself and do whatever you can and Allah knows.

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Some people actually have such a beard or summarize your question said, should I be asking for specific things like I want this job or this car? Or should I be general about it like open ended and say, Allah Just give me good, my recommendation would be to be open ended with Allah and say, Allah, if it's if this is good for me, you know, put it in my path and make it easy for me. May Allah make this difficulty easy for me, you know what I'm going through. Because a lot of times, we in fact, don't know whether something is good for us or not. we tell ourselves that but we're not short. Right? So it's just better for you to, you know, to take your time and ask a lot in a way

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that is, you know, best suited for you because we trust that he knows better than we do.

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Somebody has a pretty Hernandez a pretty interesting question. Why is a woman not allowed to pray while she's in her period? Because she's unclean? So why does Allah subhanaw taala create something that's unclean in a way that can't be changed? Actually, it feels like a curse. So Helen, the answer to your question is Allah never called the menstruation of a woman.

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filth, or dirty. He actually called it a period of pain. He, he asked, he told the believers, when aluna Canada he'd call whoever they asked you about the time of menstruation. Tell them it is pain. So first of all, men are told to be more accommodating to women, and to be to recognize that they're in a period of difficulty. And this is a you know, something that Allah created to create, you know, in Allah, Allah, Allah He knows how he creates and he knows very well who he created. But to think that this is a curse is certainly not the case and the fact that you can't fast in those days, or you can't pray in those days in no way actually takes away from your rank before Allah and Allah

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himself says that, you know, by becoming bad in the eye in which good deeds are mentioned, I'll actually put men and women side by side not will do I'm anomaly men come in the current. I don't waste the good deeds of anyone among you that does good deeds, whether they be male or female. So that's actually the the decree of Allah azza wa jal on this matter.

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In interesting insight from Sabrina, so, her name is Sabrina salamin I have a question based on the story of masala Salaam where he repented and Allah forgive him because he had accident

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You know, he put on someone and they died. He didn't mean to kill them but they had died. He later still had to face the brunt of killing someone wrongly by having to flee from his own land. There was this shoot to kill order. That's right. It was a shoot to kill order for him. If Allah subhanaw taala forgives us it is it possible that we still have to face consequences of our sins in worldly life? That is, in fact, true, we do have to face the consequences of our sins in worldly life.

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That you know, because you may have committed a crime and you hurt someone and you made us that far to Allah, but there still may be worldly consequences. Those two things are separated from each other. So people may not forgive you, but a lot has. And that's in the ark era, right? And that's something that's actually alluded to in multiple places in the Quran. We have to face the consequences of our actions in this world. But turning back to a lion repenting to Allah is actually saving ourselves from the consequences of our actions in the next life.

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Now, let's go on. Let's see.

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Many of you guys write a lot of questions.

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Oh, there's a few of you that asked these. I'll just take Nani smiles question and use that as a representation. How does one stay in a state of estacada meaning constancy? Yet battling the ups and downs of their faith look like the prophets Isilon told hamdulillah Saturn was Saturn Saturn was Saturn, Saturn was out and like your faith will go up and down. It's going to come like you're not a hypocrite because of it. You can always be on a high even in Ramadan, there's going to be times where you're going to have a low Don't be so hard on yourself like this is when people expect perfection from themselves is when they mess up the most. This Deen is not about being perfect. This

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Deen is like Allah gave the theme for human beings. And so the so that they can do their best and actually to do better than they used to be able to do. So just improve on what your you've done before pick up from your mistakes, but don't expect that you'll constantly have karma. Some ways that you can be more firm in your in your deen in your spirituality is of course the easy the passive ways good company. And, you know an easier way is reflection on on listening to something beneficial. If you don't understand the Koran, just listen to an explanation of it. Listen to something like you know, start reciting prayers. Read the doors of the Prophet size of them. Those

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are just some easy things that can keep you spiritually connected and ChildLine the month of Ramadan.

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This is a really good one. How do I stay motivated to constantly crave or want more words from Allah? Sometimes I'll go through a sutra and feel like I already know it. what's being said this is a question by Foothill at Hiya, Gemma. I'll tell you that, you know I'm now this time in my life I've been studying work on than I ever had. And you know ever. And I take a lot of breaks, I take a lot of breaks in my study of God, because I don't want to keep on studying lose concentration, I have limited like time that I can pay on Pay attention. So if I'm studying for an hour or 40 minutes, whatever it is, I actually necessarily take a break. I necessarily check out mentally

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because I want to come back fresh to it. And I'm actually mostly studying now. So does that I've studied for many, many years. And I'm discovering that I feel like I didn't know this was at all. Like one of the things I had to mentally train myself to do was not ever underestimate the Quran and never think of it like any other book. It'll be say that, but we don't really internalize what that means. Like when you've read a book, you can say, yeah, I've read it. I don't want to read it again. I watched this movie, I don't want to watch it again. I've seen the show, I don't want to see it again. I've seen this video, I don't want to see it again, what's going on. And have I discovered

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when you go back to that same exact song that you've read so many times, and you actually decide to ponder and reflect and stop and think you'll see things you'd never saw before you'll learn things you'll never you've never learned before. And I can guarantee you that same exact slot that I just engrossed myself in when I come back to it a couple of days from now. There'll be more things I see like, just just today actually, after having studied ayatul kursi for so long. I mean, I've been studying that, that I I come back to it all the time. Just as I was sharing it with students today it's something new came forward, you know, like by the end of that surah Allah says whether you have

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allowed him right that that guarding the skies and the earth does not exhaust him does not tire him. And he's the ultimately high the great, you know that the order of those two last phrases in the sutra that I took was so amazing. Because when someone guards something

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okay, so when someone's guarding something, they are, you know, kind of like in a lower position like a king doesn't guard his castle, the security guards Guard the Castle. You know, the soldiers guard the king. The king doesn't guard the soldiers. It's not the other way around. But Allah says he guards the skies in the earth when I go home and guarding them. Doesn't tire

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him. But the moment you start thinking of the idea of guardianship or guarding, you think of someone who's in a lesser position instead of a higher position, and he corrects that right away, because you cannot think about a lot. Like you think about creation. He says, Well, what alien is the ultimately high, the great, you know, the words of loftiness and height are used immediately. So that we understand that Allah in His high position still chooses to guard this entire creation, the entirety of the skies of the earth. The point the reason I'm saying all of this is because this is the beauty of Quran, keep going back to it and you'll discover newer and newer things, leaving the

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line these are just priceless treasures that none of us can ever have enough of. This is a really interesting question. This is by Cecile

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booth out, I hope I didn't mispronounce your name. How can we take the eye out about the prophets of Salaam or about a particular situation? The Israelites in Medina, Christians praying at the majestic cetera for ourselves, meaning a guidance for our lives practically speaking, that takes reflection and it's it's something that the Quran highlights so much, right? It's talking so much about historical accounts, and events. And you start thinking is this book talking about me or you know, all these old times, but Fie the curriculum, and it is you're mentioned, it's talking about stuff that's relevant to you. So it takes actually quite a bit of pondering reflection and thinking, to

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realize that when alleged talking about the Israelites, or some event or the Battle of brother, or something that it's unless you're in a battle this ayah doesn't apply to you. It's not like that. There are insights, wisdoms, timeless bits of timeless treasures, inside all of those items that are immediately applicable. And actually, one of my hopes when I teach you guys, this Ramadan and child law, is to highlight the timeless value of the study of history through certain because there's so much history in sort of Baccarat, and how many, like timeless lessons have been taught through it? And that you know, that I started thinking, why why teach these lessons through history? Why not

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just teach them? Just directly? You know, why Teach For example, why teach about patience? Through through history? Why teach about sincerity through history through a story? Why not just talk about sincerity or talk about patience. The wisdom in that is a story is so much easier to remember, it's so much easier to recall. And Alonzo does that he tells us these accounts, so we can remember them and through them remember the timeless lessons that are associated with them.

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Let's see just a couple more and

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then we'll see each other again. As I promised I will be you know, time time again, I'll capture some of your questions with my team and try to address as many of them as I can.

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This is a very painful question sister a Nisa the yard Arby's second year, I hope I did not butcher your name. I apologize. I have been left alone by my adult children for the past four years. And every Ramadan I'm doing things alone. I feel close to Allah. But I still cry for my children and pray for them to get their feet and hedaya Is it wrong to still hope for them and to for them to return to me? Or should I care less about them, and continue with my closest to Allah. What you feel for them is what every mother feels for a child you're not guilty for doing so you're not wrong for doing so you're not impatient for doing so. If a prophet like jacobellis salaam can cry for his

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child for many, many years, because he's separated ways from his child and he's been separated from his child. You're not to be held accountable for you know for feeling sad towards your children that we all pray all of us that are listening to this. Pray that Allah azza wa jal gives guidance to your children and all of our children and reunite your family and Sharla but yeah, certainly it's not something for you to to lose hope in but don't get overwhelmed by it either. You can't control people. At the end of the day sovereign Jimmy like even even the when jacoba was parted from from Yusuf Ali Salaam, he didn't just say I'm gonna be patient. He said beautiful patients, right, he

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added the word Jamil because there's nothing beautiful about the situation. So the use of the word is very powerful, because allies through it, you know, jacobellis, I'm saying the only thing beautiful left in my life now is patience. Because through it Allah will bring me beautiful things. And so May Allah bring beautiful things into your life through your patience.

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Sister just asked to make the offer her because she's fighting cancer as she's watching right now. We all make dogs that will give you complete chifa as though it was never there actually some of our staff even in between our battling it and allies origin healed them and has given them recovery from in Mila continue to preserve them as well. And for all of the all of you that are suffering from disease me allows you to alleviate your disease and the time that you're going through this disease. May Allah make it a means for your sins to be forgiven and charlo Tyler

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so that's it, inshallah. Maybe another time we'll sit together for some more interesting questions. He's like, Well, okay, then I will give you guys a heads up. If you do if you guys asked me like fic questions and stuff I very openly declared. I am not a puppy. I won't be able to answer your legal questions, but there are moms and chefs that can answer those

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kinds of questions if you have interesting questions or any other anything else I can try and help with I certainly will. If I don't know the answer to your question I'll just say I don't know or I won't be able to address it either inshallah, but hope to continue to benefit yourselves and myself. Good. see you guys again soon. I'm already coming up with ally Mercado.