Ali Hammuda – Buying & selling during prayer!

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of offloading certain items and space, especially during extreme conditions like fever and silence. They explain that the heart is not always the only one affected and that there is no point in putting one's phone on the ground thinking you've done a favor. The speaker also suggests highlighting one's actions on social media to avoid distraction.
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To avoid

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the detractors of Horseshoe Ah.

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So the same way there are things that add to a person who sure there are things that detract from it, for example, sins

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whereas who you're going to find place in the heart of a habitual sin

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Mirjana Hola Hola. Hola, Julie mele, Kobe UniFi JioFi Allah said I have not placed two hearts in the chest of any man. It's the Hun. So if the RAM to use computer terms of that heart of that heart is full and busy, there is no space for anything else. And processing speeds will be slow. So you know that there are things that need to be offloaded make space, make room if you truly want Kishore, make room for it.

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offload some of those things, or float, what you're inhaling of float, the Haram transaction have flowed what you're observing, when no one is observing you or so you thought, offload the songs and the music, offload them

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and allow space for Kosho to come into your heart.

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So that's a detractor of for sure. excessive movement, excessive fidgeting, especially in Salah that detracts from kosher. That's not the behavior of someone who is harsher. Remember the two components humility, humble and still the one who's moving and playing with his beard and itching his eyebrow and playing with his skin and thinking is that a white hat? Or is that just a crusty bit on my on my face? That's not a person who isn't for sure. minimize it. And that is why so he didn't almost a year when he saw a man who was twirling his beard in Salah you've seen this before right twirling his beard in Salah? What'd it say he'd say? He said lo Harsha call boo hoo, Lucha Shah Jawara who he

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said if the heart of this man had experienced who show his limbs would have followed her show as well.

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And he's fidgeting because his heart is fidgeting.

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He's moving because his heart is not unstable. Does to have that stillness, that calmness, that serenity that humility of the Harsha right, one of our friends he said Walla he said I saw in a horrible murky

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No, an uncle who was buying and selling he was trading his car during his Salah

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Jaime, he said Allahu Akbar. And someone says to him uncle how much you selling this bundle of Seawalk. He said

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to the

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man said to him Come on. Yeah, she had 113 And he said

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and he you take the to the other go, buying and selling and Salah.

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So here it this is another detractor of sudden silence those electronic hallucinations. Really look at the social media platforms that you don't need and install them. Because the more you expose yourself to through the that highlight reel, the more you will see during your Salah. What you don't need to see, uninstall it, remove it from your life. It's the one heart that you possess.

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There's no point putting your phone on the ground thinking that you've done your Lord a favor if it's facing up. And you're there praying and then you see the idea of the one who's calling you and you're thinking what makes him what makes her call at this time of the day.

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Right many many turns on the other side. Again, if you want to put your phone in your pocket, there's no point putting it on vibration. silence it at least because if it's vibrating What are you thinking in Salah? You're thinking wonder who that is Uncle Jamal? Is that Derek from work? Is that sure my my perhaps who's calling me

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Do yourself a favor

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and silence these electronic hallucinations and uninstall the ones that you don't need free up some space


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