The World of Jinn #7

Riad Ouarzazi


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That's some sort of relationship with the whole with the Shire thing with the gin.

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I will talk about this, my brothers and sisters, I will talk to you about these contracts that the zinc can have with humans.

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Have you heard of David Copperfield?

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Let's talk about that guy too.

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So anyhow, what happened was

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he went to, he contacted the fire chef, you know, from outside of that village and told him what happened. He says, Listen, what you need is the right thing. Don't go but let me tell you, this is what you're going to do. You're going to tell people all in that village that you know I'm not going to go and get in on meat that shape and pay him or anything I'm going to go and get married and nothing will happen to me that is known and now sit first and then come and I will give you inshallah the you know how to protect yourself. I'll give you the has the hustle to protect yourself. So he came back and he told him, okay, here's what you do, this is the car. This is you

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know, the vehicle that you should say, before you approach your wife, the hour that you should tell your wife, you know, meet with her, do this or not, you know, drink from the

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like the professor said, Indeed, he brought a cup of milk and then he drank and he gave his wife she drank, he put his hand on her forehead, he says Bismillah and then he said the Hadith a Lama said

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you know, so he said the Hadith and he made the dough and then he prayed together play soccer with your wife and do the Sunnah and stay in Vicar and stay in although nothing will harm you.

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And sure enough, the kid you know the Imam implemented and executed the orders of that, of that pie shape. And then nothing happened. Why? Because he was under the protection of whom of Allah

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and I saw this with my own I would one not this one but another one that we're going to share with you here and I heard it as well. Where this man was recently locked up.

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And the shaitan somehow the genie said if you do not leave me he was performing Loki on somebody who was possessed. He says he will not leave me I will come and harm you. He says you cannot come and harm me just come says okay, you want to scare me come you can do nothing.

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Just I will come

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out. Tonight I will come

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and then the next day he came and he was again reciting and doing Loki and then again that's the genie talked. He says I came to your home I can't even describe it to you. But I couldn't do nothing. I couldn't harm you. Why? Because you decided it because he before he went to sleep.

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I couldn't