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Man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Mada de la sua th Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu JazakAllah. Hi, thank you so much for joining us. This is Episode 47 of our series, The Blissett women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and listen share a lot this week and next week will be the last two weeks of the series, we hope to end off next week with Episode 50 in sha Allah, therefore, we encourage those of you who have been following the series to please send through your comments, your concerns, anything for us that we can benefit, inshallah, that can go

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forward, this could be a selectable jharia, you could make a suggestion that would impact many, many lectures afterwards, that would impact many hundreds 1000s of lives in sha Allah, and that is your share of that reward. So if you have any areas in which we can improve any comments you'd like to give any things we should continue doing, please share that with us in sha Allah. And if you have any suggestions for forthcoming lectures, so we will begin a new series of this is completed. If there's a specific topic that is dear to your heart, certain questions that you have been wondering about, then please send this through some suggestions that we've received already a series on the

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biography of the Prophet Solomon. So they've said we've studied the wife of the Prophet sauce on them. We'd like to know more about the man himself. So a lot of them. Some have said, you know, we haven't been to madrasa or mocked up as we call it for since our childhood days, the fundamental basics of Islam in terms of beliefs, in terms of how to perform Salah in terms of the hierarchy, back to basics. We'd like a course on that that has been discussed some more controversial areas in terms of questions relating to the 21st century questions about religion to begin with. Many of our youngsters we find, sadly, are pulling away from religion is religion even relevant today. So these

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kind of questions to be addressed. And others have asked about chiama, the end of times gene and these kind of interesting topics, all of those things to be taken into consideration. And we actually hope to do a poll. And this is open to those with only Islam listeners, and of course those who are listening on radio voice of the cape, please seal through your suggestions. Perhaps the radio can do a poll as well. And those the topic which is most desirable, inshallah that will be our new series once the series is completed. Back to our, our discussion on the women around the messenger solo send them after completing the biographies of our 12 mothers in Islam. Then we spoke

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about controversial issues pertaining to feminism and Islam. And the question of does Islam oppress women? Last week, we spoke about certain contradictions that might appear to some within the Sharia certain laws which favor men. And these will discuss, for example, polygamy, why can't a man marry four wives? Why can a Muslim man marry a Christian woman, but vice versa is not permissible. We discuss some of those controversial areas about husbands and wives in terms of the Sharia. And so today inshallah we continue with those sort of awkward kind of questions. And you know, Allah, it is better for you to ask those questions into wonder about them and to be confused about them. As I

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always say, We live in an age we, you can't escape difference of opinions anymore, you'll be exposed or your kids will be exposed to atheism, communism, different religions, different beliefs. The question marks are the gray areas in the Sharia will definitely be because your kids will be asked those questions. And we have the answers well, Hamdulillah, the Sharia has the answers. So we shouldn't be afraid to ask as prophets of Salaam says the cure for the one who is, you know, ignorant, is to ask the question. So ask the question, if there's anything burning in your heart that you're not sure about, why does the Sharia allow this in all those questions in sha Allah?

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Today, we talk about a few very, very controversial areas, and we'll begin with perhaps the most controversial issue, and that is with regards to the beating of wives or beating women in Islam. So this is a very clear question. Someone will say your religion promotes the physical abuse of women and uses vanilla, how is that true, Islam will never ever promote that. Then the person will say, well look at Surah Nisa surah number four, verse 34, Allah Subhana, Allah says in this verse in a long verse, we'll get to the entire verse, But Allah mentions towards the end of the verse, Allah says, Those wives from whom you fear disobedience, then first you should advise them. And if they

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persist, then forsake them in debate, don't sleep with them, and finally they continue, then strike them for the people who then hit them with the moon and strike them. So Allah clearly sees this word in the Quran. Surah Nisa, verse 34. Now you open the Quran, and it might be a shock for us. How can I lost contact Allah encourage men to be their wives? Let us understand this idea and it is explained this verse in detail. So Allah begins this verse by saying Allah begins the verse by saying I reject comunale and Misha that men are the ones that are entrusted to care for, to love for to protect to maintain this word called Wham. We said it many times. It is like a lawyer uses a

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similar word, what requirements for and with regards to Salah It is not just performance, Allah established your Salah look after your scholar

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Keith, Leo, Sylar Be very careful with regards to your Salah. Allah uses the same with own main unit to keep maintain love, respect, look after the women in your life or doesn't say your wives, he sees the women, meaning beyond just your wife, your mother, your daughter. So all the women that you are responsible for you are you are, you should maintain and care for them. And explain to me my frontal lobe argue about that, because Allah has given me in in many occasions that they are financially better financially, they are the providers. So Allah has made it such that as mean, your duty is to provide physically and financially to maintain the women in your life. And then Allah speaks in the

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next section of this ayah for slyly hardcore, knitted, happy that, you know, hey Mohammed, Allah, Allah speaks about the good women, that good men look after the women and the good women, that they are respectful, they are righteous, they are obedient, they even when their husbands are not there, these are good women. And therefore Allah says, you need to be very, you know, cautious in how you look after these devout women in your life. So then I want to speak to the ayah continues. What about the women that are not good to your wife, that is not a good wife, so also allottee As for the lady to half moon and Moon, you fear from her new shoes, no shoes, not just disobedience, the word

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Allah uses here, a lady who has a certain lewdness to her new shoes is a type of disobedience, where she expects flirtatious with other men. So Allah says, What if you have a wife that, you know has gone beyond the limits of what is permissible? She's alone with it mean? She's having conversations with certain men? How does some husband respond to a woman like this analysis? First, if I don't speak to her advisor, discuss with us it is not permissible. If she persists Now, again, this is not just she burned the acne, Oh, she doesn't want to make your cup of tea. This is a woman that is really going overboard unless you speak to her nicely. And if she doesn't obey, and she continues to

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this behavior, why would you ruin, then Phil magaji. Then stay away from her shun her in the bed meaning saying, you know, now I'm going to give you a silent treatment with a cold treatment. I'm not going to be intimate with you to show you. I'm not happy. And then if she still continues upon a lot, she's still having, you know, illicit relationships. I said, there's a short of Xena, Xena. But this is before that I met and she continues the gnosis was the reboot when the nama uses the word was the reboot, and which is translated by many as hitter striker. And then Allah continues and we'll talk about this word now in a minute, just to complete the ayah Allah says fine. But if this

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lady she now reforms herself and she becomes a good wife for that, oh, Allah Hina sabirah then you have no reason against her in any way. Absolutely nothing you can do no way of reprimanding her at all. No haka element can be wrong. And remember that Allah is grand, and he's big, and he's exalted, and he sees everything that you do. So this ayah speaks about the good husband, how he looks after his women, and also speaks for the good wife, the good women, how she treats her husband, and then almost speaks about how a husband should treat a very, very, a woman that is extremely out of bounds in terms of her lewdness, how should he treat her and then analysis for him if it speaks to her, and

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if she doesn't listen, then he avoids he Schanzer. And if he continues, then I'll use the word God up. Now, what does the word dark mean? Does it mean heat? Now, the word dark has multiple meanings in the Quran. Even in the Quran, you find, for example, yes, in the Quran, it means to strike and to beat painfully surah number eight, verse 15, is an example. And in reality, the most common usage of the word dourada is to hit to strike. But there are other meanings. For example, in Surah 57, verse 13, Allah speaks about on the day of karma, that they would be a level dark, meaning he will bold a barrier between the believers and the monastics and a barrier will be addicted. So the dog user is

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means to build a barrier, which is appropriate in this idea that there should be a barrier built between you and the woman, although it is out kind of initiative, see that is on the side on the periphery. Another example of this is in Surah Surah, verse number five, which is even more appropriate, Allah Subhana Allah says about about those who are sending in them the message of an honorable, uncommon vichara, soften and condemn common receiving. So Allah says, should we then disregard this message completely. So the word Darby actually means to completely disregard or to completely reject or to turn away completely? Now again, if we're to look in the context of this

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ayah so Allah says, you have this woman that is clearly out of bounds, she's very lewd, she's very promiscuous. When I speak to her, she doesn't listen. Avoid her partially and if she still doesn't listen, then completely turned her away meaning devotion that is the top seat of some of the scholars. Of course, there are others that say thought of actually means heat, which is the most common view, but even on that how should we eat even for those who do say, this verse means to eat

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How do we explain this? Now it was asked of the winner of the lawn, even the best one of the great Sahabi, especially in deceit. And he says, When Allah speaks about daarop, we should look at how Allah said to be a YouTuber so slowly of nebia, you we know that Allah tested now via YouTube, losing his wealth, losing his children and losing everything, he became very sick. The only person that was with him was his wife. And at some point, she also sort of lost hope in a lot. And she said to me, you know, why is he doing this to you? Why is this thing like this, and he became very frustrated with her and he told me leave, I don't want you to be here. And when he said, I sleep a

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lot, if I had the strength now, he was so weak, he couldn't even move, I would strike you 100 times I would hit you 100 times for saying this. So she lived him. And then Allah Subhana Allah cured him. Now he says, Yeah, Allah, I made a vow. I said, I swear by Allah, I'm gonna eat you 100 times what must I do? My wife came back. So Allah says to you in the season pseudo number 38 verse 14, overseas and take in your hand, Oh, are you a handful of grace of pluck a handful of grace, and tap your wife with us grace and don't break your oath. So you said you're gonna hit 100 times he tell once with 100 blades of grass. No, he just type out a lots of answers. And he also says for the hitter with

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the use of the same with autopia. And this is the heating which allows and encourages social handle. As we said, Those who say the word dog means to hit. They go further and say it cannot be more than what Nabil did. Meaning if your wife is having inappropriate affairs, I said short of Xena, the most you can do according to the extreme scholars, the most you can do is take some graphs, and tapper and say this is a symbol of how unhappy I am with you is a symbol of my displeasure. Others have said obviously a woman like that you should divorce altogether. So this is a clear indication that to hit a woman and to cause any harm to her, a heat that causes any pain is completely wrong.

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Everyone agrees to that. And in fact, in the time of the prophets of Salaam, women did come to the Prophet Solomon said, Look how my husband has beat me. And then the Prophet says to those mean, what kind of men are you? What kind of thinking is the How does one beat his wife, like he beats his animal, and then he wants to sleep with her in the night What kind of man is that? You will love her but at the same time you beating her and then the professor clearly said in a Muslim, a very clear Howdy, do not hit the female servants of a law Do not hit the female servant of Allah. And Ayesha says never in his life in avviso, solemn strike a woman or a child or a slave when animal The only

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time he raised his hand was in jihad, this is the only time he raised his hand to any other creation of Allah. So this is very clear from the sooner that the heating of a wife is completely haram and SubhanAllah. You know, doing marriage counseling, you get many situations we husbands beat their wives in and wives, hitting their husbands things are being thrown all of this is how this is not permissible in Islam. And if you have marriage gets to that level, away with physical abuse between each other, then you need to ask yourself, Is this marriage good for me? If you've lost that basic level of respect and key, basic, basic respect, then of course, voila, then perhaps this marriage is

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in very, very serious danger. And you should think about the net least divorce in a nice way, it is better than to get divorced than to live in a sinful marriage where you're abusing one another. So in summary, if someone opens the Quran and says look at lots of answers hit your wives we say clearly, that word daarop has many many meanings. It could mean divorce, it could mean separate from her even if we take the interpretation that it means to hit then we look at the tsunami what is what kind of hit we hit like maybe a you beat his wife, a handful of grass and you tap once and that's it. And someone asked, well that is silly. What is the purpose of that hit in any case, the purpose

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is symbolic. The purpose is symbolic one share for example, he mentions like to get a hiding from your grandmother. Or just to get a tap on the leg by your grandmother is so much more painful than to get a hiding from your parents. Why? Because you know granny never hurts no matter what you do. Granny is always gonna be kind and merciful to you but if you upset granny so much that she actually gives you a light tap on the bomb. You feel so sad, you know, because granny This person will never hurt me. And that's the relationship you should have with your with your husband. Let's have a handle on my husband cares about me loves me so much that if he does this thing as a symbolic

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gesture, now I know how serious this meta is. So inshallah lots more to discuss, can go into much further detail on this matter. But if you have any questions on that, please send through the questions, the next controversial discussion. It might not be so relevant to us here in Cape Town, but to other people around the world. And this is an issue that is very prominent in the Western media is with regards to female circumcision, female circumcision, or what is commonly known as female genital mutilation. FGM FGM and

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What does Islam say about this? So let's get some background knowledge on this issue. So for us, the culture I come from as well it's not common that female is circumcised for the men, the boys is obviously very clear, they circumcised the foreskin over the tip of the penis. This is common amongst the Jews and Muslims as well. And it's the practice really from liberal humanist salon. As for the sisters, we find that circumcision is something which is practiced in many communities and yes, it was even practiced in the time of the prophets of Salaam. So I share the famous Hadith. She says, when the two circumcised pots meaning the circumcised part of the male and the circumcised

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part of the female patch, then who becomes compulsory. So we might ask what exactly is circumcised? Yeah, what from the sister is removed? Now for those who are familiar those who are married sisters, sister has an organ called the Qataris and there are certain parts of the glitters that isn't removed in terms of circumcision, or just a slight piece of skin a wood just above the clutters, that should be removed, various removed, and this is the practice of certain cultures. Now, the question is, what is Islam as a view on this? What is Islam is a view on this in modern societies or certain cultures, what they do is they remove the clicker is completely recut the entire organ of

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why do they do this? Because this is an organ, which is part of the sexuality of the lady. It gives her sexual pleasure. It's a part that it is an erotic part of the body, and it gives enjoyment to the lady to certain cultures see a woman that if she enjoys having intercourse, even with the husband, that this is something disgraceful that a woman should not have any urges. So they remove this organ completely, so that she becomes almost inert or frigid. And this is this a woman should be she shouldn't enjoy intercourse, and that's why they do it. Now Islam is against this completely. Islam is against this completely, very clear Hadith the prophet SAW Selim says that it is compulsory

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for the males to be circumcised. As for the sisters, it's an optional honorable thing. This Hadith is some issues on the grading. But what is very clear is another Hollywood is even more clear. There was a lady who used to practice circumcision of girls in Medina, this hadith you found in Abu Dawood, and the Prophet says to her, do not abuse do not go extreme in your circumcision of the girls. Because why it is better for her to enjoy this intercourse the chick may have a sex drive is better for and it will be better for her husband one day, one day when she gets big, it's good for us. So don't go too extreme. So firstly, from the Sharia perspective, female circumcision is an

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optional thing and not required. Number two, it should not be done with the intention of removing her sex drive rather, as some have said, a certain skin similar like the boys circumcision, it is for hygiene purposes. If there's any skin above the glitters, in this little form of skin is removed, like the foreskin of the boy never is the circumcision of the boys than to diminish his sexual power. The circumcision is an issue of hygiene. And similarly for the sisters. It is only meant for hygiene but it's also an optional optional thing. As for those who as we said, circumcise for the purpose of removing a sexuality and this is completely Haram. We even said Islam encourages

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both men and women within the marriage to be sexual. The prophets of Salaam encourage men to fulfill the desires of the wife. He has said so many times that the wife also has desires very clear Hadith he says, don't begin having intercourse with her like an animal, or others start off with foreplay, give her kind words and kisses. And he made it mukou something you might not have known. It is makrooh for a husband and some of his haraam for husband to withdraw himself. If he has satisfied his urges during intercourse and his wife is unsatisfied, that it is not permissible for him to remove himself until she is satisfied. Because this is one of the requirements of marriage, one of

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his duties as a husband is to satisfy her. So for any group to try and remove this from a system, it is backwards, it is not Islamic. So this is with regards to female circumcision. And as we say, Islam permits female circumcision, if it's done correctly, but totally against female genital mutilation. This is against the Sharia, and against our, our religion. The last question, and one that is not so difficult to discuss is with regards to the shape of inheritance of the sister. So we know that in certain situations, a sister will receive half the shape of a brother. So if a father dies, and he leaves a boy and a girl, he has 110 All he has is the son and a daughter, the daughter

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will get 33 Rand and the boy will get 67 or 66 and she will get a third and he only received two thirds. So the basic rule, one of the rules of inheritance is that live economic gain, that for the male V is double the shape of the goal. Now this is of course seen as this is unseen. Why does the goal get half of that of a boy to make it clear, not every situation that

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As a female receive half of that of a male you find certain situations, the mother and the father, for example, might inherit together one third each. So your mother and your father receives the same shape. In another scenario, the father passes away, he has a, you know, he has a brother, and he leaves a daughter. In this case, the daughter will receive half the inheritance, and the others, the other parties will have to share in that. So we say that a man passes away, he leaves a mother, a father, a daughter, daughter will receive a half, and whatever is left will be shared between the mother and the father. So here the daughter receives more than her grandfather. So there's a lot of

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discussion in terms of the scenarios. But in general, if we say yes, that a son will receive more than his sister, why is that? Because just as a law had favored the goals in some areas, here a law veterans is out by giving preference to the men How is that so? So we see, when the girl gets married, she receives a bowtie, and she can name any doubts she wants. Also, once she's married, she has no financial obligations. Husband needs to provide for her. So her money is for her a dowry is for her, we as the son, your son will one day get married, he has to maintain this woman, and he has to shave from his money, these women, let's take it further. Once a father passes away, Allah

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protect us. And he leaves a son and a daughter. Yes, the son will receive two thirds of the inheritance and she will receive one third. But now this brother is responsible for his sister. So she takes her one third and that is for her to use as she once she can buy clothing with it. She can spend it on however she wants, even if she wants to, in a way purely for herself of enjoyment or muscle. But when it comes to her needs her food, her clothing, shelter, her brother needs to provide for her. So from his two thirds, he needs to maintain his mother, he needs to maintain the system he needs to maintain his wife. So when we begin to look at actually, what comes back to the man, in

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reality the sisters are so they have a much higher favoritism, as we could say, in the Sharia, through her dowry, through inheritance and through the ayah, which we just recited, that every woman should be maintained by a specific man, either a husband, a father or brother, they will always have a financial needs will be the responsibility of the worry of her in her life. And that is how Islam has been structured. So the inheritance, yes, the brother receives more, but the mouse he needs to feed where that inheritance is so much more than that of the sisters, that it might actually come out to the sister, the woman the women in the Sharia are financially better off than the men and

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Allah grant is understanding Allah grant us to better understand these issues. And as I said, any questions that you'd like to know anything's not explained? Clearly. please message me with [email protected] and I hope to hear from you in terms of potential series after this series is completed. Next week. Dracula hi Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh