Mohamad Baajour – The STRANGEST Argument What Would You Do

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where K clinka tries to judge a man for buying land, while Akka explains that she wants to judge someone and is hesitant to say no. The transcript describes the judge's decision and how it affects her opinion of the man. The segment also touches on Halal's teachings about the second level of Islam and the importance of fulfilling commitments to Amana. The transcript ends with a mention of Zachman making a mistake in fulfilling a contract.
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Salam aleikum Allah so loud hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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inshallah Dara on my turn on the weekend to give a Katerra. I'm trying to choose a Hadith from Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that has a story behind it. Last time we mentioned the story of the old woman from the new Israel. And today, a large of a larger man, Hadith Cassatt jotted up

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today a hadith that

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unbelievable in our days to believe that there are people like this.

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The hadith is in Muslim and in Bukhari, orthogonally highest level of authenticity, or a soul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam its origin. mineralogical accord

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a man bought a piece of land from another man for washer the lady stole a car

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so the one who bought the piece of land found in the land

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a big jar of gold, Java ziani something really nice and big. Java is big.

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For Akka Java

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la Rajan call hood the harbor Kenny finished ashtray to win an attack as the hub. So he went took them gold and went to the man whom we bought the land from. He said, Take this gold back. I only bought the land. I did not buy the gold.

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Now you think this is a strange way to the other guy.

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The buyer said heavy in say Javi

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I sold you the land and everything in it.

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This gold is not mine.

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For the Herkimer Ilayaraja

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it got so elevated that they have to find someone to judge between them.

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I would explain after.

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So they went to Eman

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they want you to imagine as I'm speaking on a solar cell, I'm sitting with the Sahaba and they're all listening to this and this is the style that he used to teach sometimes your story sometimes from the old days sometimes an example

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so they want to imagine many generations one of the generations it says they want to judge somebody has some element

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so he said Allah Kuma well you have any children. So one of them said India Buddha will call in the geria. So one of them said I have a boy and the other said I have a girl. He said 10k humor,

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get them married and spend from the money on them. What are sub dukkha and give some of it in charity and the Hadith and here

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I don't know

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who is more honest.

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The first guy or the second guy?

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Let's take this and live it. Let's live it 2021 Okay, I bought land from Hukam

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as your name was Hakim also

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no way

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and I found a million dollars in a bank

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I want you to think with your found a million dollars in a piece of land you're digging to do the construction you found the chest with a million dollars because the gentleman dab

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a big jar of gold is probably more than a million dollars. Okay.

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The best of us the best of us. He will take this and take it back to the guy and when the guy say no Habibi, it's not mine. Just like a locker. I did what I'm supposed to do, right? This is the best of us. Many people.

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It's mine. I bought the land and they might have right also, because I'm not going to talk about the fact that the issue divided into three parts very, very deep. Many people need the different document on what's the ruling on actually you found something many different opinions. So the best of us would say, You know what, I did my best. I took the money back and the guy said I don't want it. It's mine now. Right?

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And we're not talking about like, we found that $100 $200 $1,000 million dollars.

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Now the other guy Subhanallah the best of us if he was the other guy sokola here. You know what? Let's divide it half and half, right? That's the best of us. We'll do

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Amana DS. It's not that men are the word we the whole summary of this whole hadith is one word. Anybody knows what?

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Three letters?

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L Word?

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And what are the really there's no translation in English. But when I explain it, you'll understand it.

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And whare is have three levels. There is a word there is a foreign word, which is to stay away from the haram. My Atacama rasuluh woman Hackman who Fanta who whatever masala Salam told you to do you take it and whatever he told you stay away from you stay away from this is a wedge. This is what that is the basic every one of us should have it.

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Then there is the second one, how you level the water. That applies to the Hadith and Hala Albanian will haram Albanian

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ressource Hassan said Halal is clear and Haram is clear. And in between there are some shady areas whosoever leave this shady area out of fear of falling into the Haram he have gained his Deen. So this guy the second level is the Quran that you leave the doubtful area. And if there is some doubt it's not clean haram. It's not clear halal. But there are some doubt in it. I'm leaving it. This is the second level of Allah, the third level of water, Annie. This is the level of the Gambia and the subdomain and the Shahada. This level is they leave the halal field of falling into the haram. They leave like obika The Allah Han said cannot not talk Sabina bourbon Minal Halal how Fenneman and

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knockoff and haram we used to leave 70 doors of Halal fearing that we might fall into the Haram that's a different level. Let's see if we can achieve the second one. Allahu Akbar. So the Amanar of these people Subhan Allah when Allah if you think about this hadith, and again, it's in both books 100% authentic

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now nowadays

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it's not like it's not

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I'm speechless it's not the opposite. It's it's beyond opposite. I'm taking money that does not even belong to me and I know does not belong to me. People are taking their sister's inheritance because she's weak people are taking wealth that completely does not belong to them. People are claiming things that does not belong to them that it belongs to them yet any company beyond these people and these people are going to call it what we call right now. Going to court not to find out who the money belongs to.

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You know, this is my no this is mine. No no no completely the opposite.

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Subhan Allah Subhan Allah and he where are we from this really where are we from this

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the Hukam also what an amazing man the judge

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the best judge among us

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5050 Right. Make peace you bought the land he sold you the land have now

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look how wise he found to beyond righteous people. He said those two families should be united

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look at the wisdom those two families was such a flat they should produce more of this kind of people. So he came up with this amazing idea you have a boy yeah you have a girl luck but let them get married and spend from that money on them Subhanallah what a sub Dhaka and give some of that money as a startup as charity. So yeah, when a man a man that Amana Allah subhanaw taala ordered us from the Quran to the to fulfill the Amana Rasulullah saw As Salam praise the people who keep the Amana any amount that someone entrust you with any Amana make sure you fulfill it to the best of your ability. Even if that Amana is just a secret that someone entrusted you with please keep it and

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we have that habit. You know, if I came and I told you something I said please, you know, this is between me and you. You go to another guy and say listen,

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between me and you.

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Another guy would go to another guy. Listen, I promised him between me and you'll keep it between us. All of a sudden you find it on CNN

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yaki This is lm n. Somebody gave you an Amana. He entrusted you with an Amana so don't belittle the Amana it has to be a million dollars no and a man it could be fewer

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It's a manner that you gave sometimes you gave your word as an Amana I will fulfill this contract I will fulfill fulfill this this I had that I made with you. This is an Amana also, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who always fulfill their Amana May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who increased in whare May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our last these our besties and our last words that ilaha illallah Zachman lochia without a philosophy come Salaam Alaikum

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