Amazed By The Quran – The Path To Self Awareness

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In ayah 7 of Surat Taha, Allah says that “He knows the secret and what is more hidden”. There are dynamics inside us that we are not even aware of which impact the way we behave, but Allah knows us even better than we know ourselves. Our spiritual closeness to Him will help us unravel our deeply-ingrained complexities, becoming healthier human beings, giving us confidence and clarity and alleviating us from sadness and negative emotions in our lives.


AI: Summary © In this video, the speaker discusses the benefits of knowing one's own how one can manage their behavior and become aware of their own potential. They also mention that knowing one's own is a powerful tool for addressing negative emotions and helping them become aware of their own potential. The speaker encourages viewers to share their own experiences and experiences about the importance of knowing one's own potential.
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Bismillah salatu salam wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri Welcome everyone to amazed by the Koran, a series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about the Quran and this one ayah today, Allah says, Allah was surah.

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Allah knows the secret. And what is even more hidden. What's more hidden than a secret, you know, a secret is something you keep inside of you. And you know it at least, right. But then there are things inside of you, that you're not even aware of. There are things that are in your subconscious. There are things that are deeply embedded in your early memory that are still impacting the way you speak, the way you act and the way you behave, that you're not even sure of. Sometimes people have very aggressive behavior. Sometimes people have very, you know, they have they just blurt out and say a lot of sarcastic things or condescending things. And then when they go to therapy, and they

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talk to, you know, psychiatrist, and they, you know, they dig deep into the untapped recesses of their mind, they discover there are things in my past that I didn't even realize are there that are more hidden than even a secret that I'm keeping, that impacts the way that I behave. In other words, you're discovering more about yourself, Ally's saying there are things you're conscious of that you hide that he knows about, but he actually knows you better than even you know, yourself. And even a psychiatrist is going to be able to dig at some of the scraps, some some droplets of those memories, that is able to pull out and make you better aware of yourself and align things upon what Allah that

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He knows you better than even that he knows you better than you know yourself or anybody else can dig out of you. Now what's the point of knowing that I know

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the point of knowing that is when you get to know Allah.

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When you get to know Allah, when you try to start remembering Allah, then Allah makes you more aware of yourself than you've ever been. He starts opening up to you your own consciousness, the your own, you know, the things that are deep inside you that you weren't even aware of. He starts making you aware of them and you become a better human being a healthier human being, you're able to combat some of the bad behaviors that you have some of the emotional stress that you have. Some people get very nervous. Some people get very scared, some people get very angry, and they don't know why they get that way. Right. And the closeness or your spiritual closeness to Allah starts actually

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unraveling those things. And they start actually giving you more and more confidence and they start giving you more and more clarity. You know, it's beautiful that allows that we had mentioned this when you know the famous saying menara urahara fan of the one who got to know his master actually truly got to know himself. The Koran says well attack una casa de la sala and saho and Busan don't become like people who forgot Allah so Allah made them forget themselves right now what's the opposite? If Allah made someone forget who they really are truth about themselves, those who remember Allah, Allah will make them truly aware of themselves. They're truly going to be kept

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become aware of themselves. So our closeness to Allah, one of its incredible benefits is actually our own awareness of self. Our own awareness of self. it alleviates us from so many sadnesses and so many negative emotions in life and saves us so much trouble in all of our relationships, even the one we have with our own selves. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. If you enjoyed this video, please do share it with friends and family. If you want to see more videos from this series, click on the box at the top. If you want to see other videos, click on the box at the bottom. And don't forget to hit the subscribe

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