Yaser Birjas – Living Far From The Masjid

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The conversation between a man and his partner covers the rise of the temperature in Canada and the importance of getting a donkey or bike for a better experience. The reward system for individuals who take action towards their beliefs is based on circumstances and may be collected for walking and going back home. A special program for the sisters heifer units is also mentioned. The conversation is disjointed and difficult to follow.
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and alarm alarm in solo salovaara Canada Mohamed Salah maga So how many of you are enjoying the weather here in Texas?

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law law 105 on the seventh of Oracle awesome bottom How far is gonna go up right? How high is it gonna go? But would you would you enjoy it while you walk in from your home to the masjid just to do Salah that'd be something to enjoy something to avoid.

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Avoid right? But what if someone wants to enjoy it? You know what I came from Minnesota. I came from California from other places, nice weather, you can walk forever, you won't feel anything. But here's just a step out of your door alarm start sweating a lot. So is there a reward for that? If someone let's say endures the hardship Welcome to the method calls, it's hot and so on. Let's see this hadith

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will be available in Rwanda,

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Canada alum Rajan about ml Mr. Dimon. He says waiving capital allowances. There was a man and I do not know of any other man whose house was farther than his from the massive Aquino's the farthest

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Remember we said yesterday we talked about people are far from the

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masses too far from

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where you chose to live far from the misery but look at this man he's the farthest from them as it however he says. What can Allah Allah

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this man he says, okay, a lot of people salah and he never missed Salah in congregation

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no Muslim Russia I don't know the Russian people they say what are we doing what kind of job we have

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been from eight to five that's impossible to do that right. I mean, it has your circumstances but once you afford what stop you from coming to the mountains so this man he always come to salata Gemma

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alpha Hello, obey. He said someone told him another Russian he told us Takara la la voz de Mar and taco Salma Osama so why don't you buy a donkey he will drive over you ride a donkey know when you go out during the night means when it's dark or fragile or for Russia. And

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of course during the during the day when it's too hot for you.

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Basically can like so you could speed up the the process and it becomes shorter for you. In our time, what do you say to why don't you buy a bike ride a bike or a car?

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Why don't you buy a fancy car? You have AC Mashallah. Isla de Lys varkala de la Mashallah, Mashallah, we have a BMW, you know,

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Annika, the whole parking lot is, is becoming much all of that kind of all of them from the sun have a very big car right now.

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So you came over here is like a dealer

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for Corolla was the right way to buy this? Yes. So to help yourself bacala respond to the man now yesterday an immensely illegible message. He says, I wouldn't be happy that my house would be close to the message. No, that wouldn't make me happy. Why bother in the lead to a new hampshire illustrious guru.

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He said

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he said I do not like my house to be the other side of the Marine Corps I eagerly desired that my steps towards the masjid and back from the masjid should be recorded when I returned to my family. So when the prophet SAW some he heard that bacala a gem Allah who Luckily, it seems that there was like a debate between him and obey.

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And like a very stellar humanity. It's not a requirement to put yourself into hardship. You don't have to endure these hardships to get to them as a reward. You could do it even if you ride a donkey and you can get the reward for it and so on. So that kind of like discussion between them, who was getting more than most of the reward. So probably they went to the prophets of Allah ceremony was told the messenger Allah told the man kojem Allahu La La kakula, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said to him, Allah has gathered all the reward for you. Which means all what you asked for, has been given,

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which means the prophets of Allah, Allah, he accepted the reason for this of this man to do what he does. Meaning it's not something to be impossible to do, like, you know, walk in the sun, when it's hot, and so on. But obviously, of course, you know,

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there is no requirement for you to endure all this hardship to do an act of goodies. But if your circumstances requires from you to induce certain hardship, in order to do a good deed, then your reward is higher. That's what it means.

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So if someone lives close to

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Imagine he says,

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You know what, I'm gonna sell my house go far from the mother so I can have more evolution. You don't have to do that.

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Someone says, women come and get a white car to the method. It's luxurious. You know what I'm gonna buy a bike

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and then later I say no and I'm gonna walk

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as soon as they go by camera, so they bring a camera, whatever this I think in different ways. You do not have to endure any extra hardship to get everyone there was from Allah subhana wa has registered for you. And if you needed to endure the hardship because of your circumstances, then inshallah your reward would be collected for your vanilla terracotta soldiers pinata Allah make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of adorable anime and ask Allah subhana wa Taala to record and gather all your walking and going back home from the from the masjid to your home and from your home to the museum.

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Any questions?

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So if you want to buy the house, apart from damage, it

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depends on the school district.

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If it's cold shoulders, it doesn't matter. No. Of course obviously if you want to buy the house, it depends why you're buying the house for you want to be closer to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala come closer, that's easier for you to have access to. However some people they might actually it becomes completely the opposite. How is that? They buy houses close to the masjid and they become very lazy. They always come with a clamp has been called for

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and then followed they would come 10 minutes before the other person or they sit down they make the currency of the salon they come from the house is too close to the masjid they come before the man makes the first record.

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So it depends honestly doesn't matter where you live as long as you come in Sharla to pray on time and they will find hola Sara Marie Kondo.

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just cook and ask Michelle aka there are some activities happening this weekend vanilla xojo. This Friday, despite the inshallah after also there's a special program that is outside it's actually a puppet show for the children. So please come and bring your kids inshallah Tada. It's a nice beautiful funding activity. Bring them after started also shall on this Friday, check the poster outside. Also Saturday and Sunday. There's a special program for the sisters that are heifer units is coming from St. Louis actually, and she's delivering a very special presentation on the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala this class is

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joy bye

Reflections On Hadeeth: Living Far From The Masjid

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