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The mother of the Prophet Salama Rhodiola, a woman of a high school, military-connected family, and multiple women in her family, was a woman of a military-connected family and was a woman of a military-connected family. She was polite, refined, part of a powerful family, and had multiple members in her family. She was a woman of a military family and had multiple members in her family. The segment discusses the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the aftermath of the after

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Out of Lake Michigan in a matter of human hamady, La Habra. alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali. He was a huge marine. I mean other brothers and sisters in Islam and Sudan, Malik Muhammad wa barakato, which is a caliphate. Thank you so much for joining us this episode 24 of our CDs depleted women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In our last episode, we discussed our mother, Zainab, Hosea, the only wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who had passed away besides for Khadija in his lifetime, and we said we know very little about her, except that she was known as the mother of the poor. And she only stayed a few months as the wife of the Prophet

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awesome, and then she passed away. So if we go and have our list, and if you've been following the series, then we spoke about number one Khadija, or the Alon ha within spoke about soda. We spoke about a mother Ayesha, we spoke about hutzler and we had discussed our mother Zainab bin hoceima. After the death of Xena bin khuzaima, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam only, of course, has three wives. So the Ayesha and hopstop today inshallah we'll talk about very famous one of the wives of the person that is quite famous. We we know quite a lot about her. Of course, we'll talk about a mother, Salama rhodiola and her Salah, the mother of Solomon, her real name is actually hint bint

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Abbey Mejia. So she has a son Solomon is actually a boy's name and the girl's name. He had a son called Salah, and she was famous by that punia by that name, Salama, but her real name is hynd so let's talk about our mother cinema. In this episode insha Allah so Salah was was from Makkah, she was kurachi. Her mother was Attica, Attica amor, and her father was a very prominent tribal chief of the Muslim clan. Now the clan of Muslim was a very strong and powerful family in Makkah. They were the leaders of the people of Mecca, and her dad was something of a tribal chief. His name was Khalifa, both Solomon's mum and dad came from very strong families. They were very wealthy, and

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therefore she grew up in a very privileged household. Her father was somewhat of a celebrity amongst the Arabs, not just in Makkah, but throughout Arabia. Due to his generosity. He was called xad, Rocky, the provider of the traveler. So he was the one way if you ever traveled on a journey, and you had this man who they for traveling with you, you would say, you know, guys, I will look after all the expenditure. So ever traveled with him, he made sure he took care of them. Now, back in the day traveling in the desert was not an easy thing. It was it was a big,

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you know. And he made a point that if anyone travels with him, he will provide for them and if we got known by this name is either Rocky, and he was quite well known throughout Arabia, due to his generosity. So Salma grew up in a household like that very noble family, a very prominent wealthy family, a family that is politically connected. And she she inherited many of these favorable traits, particularly from her father. So she's described from the books and the history. What we know about her is that she had a high lineage, she was a high class lady. She was educated, which was, as you see the video rate for a woman to read or write very, very early, and she was able to

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read and write, she was very skillful. And she was diplomatic. She was elegant and refined, and she's described as being very mature, in a time even before Islam. When men very seldomly discuss issues of politics and business with ladies, we find our mother Solomon was very much part of, of those kind of discussions, she was seen as being very level headed, being someone that was easily you know, understood very complex matters. And therefore, she was very prominent when it came to diplomacy. And we find the screen playing out whenever these issues within the profit or loss family, whenever they were controversial issues, the profits on himself would go to her for advice,

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because she's this level headed, mature, refined, elegant woman. And on top of all of that, we will come to know that she was also very, very beautiful. From our, from our discussions, we'll come to know that she was in a very attractive woman, and she was a very sought after woman in her own right as a young woman in Makkah, she was about 2025 years younger than the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and therefore she would have been, you know, a teenager or she would have been in the 20s when the prophets also lamb received number one when he became an ad. Before the advent of Islam, Salama, had married a Young Noble from Qureshi, another young man called Abdullah even said, Abdullah even

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Abdullah said, this was her husband before Islam, and Abdullah Abdullah said we don't know too much about him, but something very interesting. He was the foster brother of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so both Abdullah and the prophets of Salaam they had the same milk mother Halima Sadie. Yes.

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Had fostered both of them. So they were kind of brothers. This was of course before Islam, and she married this young man. He was also from a very powerful noble family that is a clan. So this is two young elite youngsters getting married. And they came from they had wonderful characteristics even before Islam. Avila was known for his valor for his honesty for his bravery, being a generous man husana known for being refined and skillful, and, and educated and generous. So when these two young people when Islam came on the stage, and they noticed the goodness in Islam, they were naturally attracted to Islam. So they embraced Islam early on of the early early converts, and the two of them

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have the line on selama. In fact of the lies of course, Abu Salah because it's his son, so Abu Salah man whom Salah was a well known couple in Makkah, and what made him unique if you imagined the relationship at a time before Islam, they were no limits in terms of polygamy. He may married multiple women's In fact, they had no limit in terms of marriage. And almost by and large, everyone had multiple wives. If you find Abu Salah, very unique, he never had another wife besides Salah, and they had this kind of bond that was well known. The two of them were inseparable. The two of them, they were on the same page, they were like best friends, they were partners, and the fact that they

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converted to Islam together show the two of them were always on the same page and Abu Salah was devoted to Salama, she was devoted to him and this young couple they you know, embrace Islam, and they begin to be part of this young Muslim community. Of course as we see it in the early days of Islam in Makkah, there was a lot of oppression the new converts and the to Abu Salah mountain Salama will not speak from this oppression, they families were in fact being powerful families was actually a bad thing because they families put a lot of pressure on them. So the two of them lift maca, and they made the hegira to the senior. They will have that special group of people that stayed in a

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senior in Ethiopia to practice the Islam and the Najafi. They stay there for few years. It was during this time as refugees in a strange country in Africa when cinema you know is pregnant with her first child Salama, she gives birth to her son Salama, and that's how she gets the name home cinema and her husband becomes Abu Salah. They returned to Makkah so mom and dad and little baby Salama come back to Makkah, hoping that things were a bit better but in fact they found that the correlation is even more severe in the torture in the abuse. And then of course Allah subhanaw taala opened the doors for the ijarah to Medina. So the day came and this is a V long Heidi from Santa

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Santa tells us about a very tragic moment in a marriage with Abu Salah. She says that they were in Makkah together. It was very difficult for her and her son and her husband trying to practice Islam all they wanted to do was be Muslim, and the Quran didn't allow them to and then Allah subhanho wa Taala opened the doors for hegira and my husband she says Abu Salama up the camel he puts me on the camel and he takes our son Salama puts my son in my lap and we leave Makkah and as we are about to exit Makkah, my family in Solomon's family, the very powerful Masazumi clan, they come and they say, listen, Abu Salah, you are free to go wherever you want to go, you can do what you want. But this go

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is I will go to home cinema is our daughter and you can't take her. So they pull her and drag her off the camera. And she says my husband couldn't do anything. He was just alone and my entire family basically grabbed me. And when that happened abou Solomon's family, they said you can take the woman this go abou Salama, that's your daughter, you can take her we don't want to but the child selama This is our son, you know, he belongs to our clan. So the Abdullah said came and they grabbed the son Salah, and she says there was like this tug of war, the one pulling the one arm and the other one pulling the other arm and the boy was actually injured in this and eventually her husband's

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family had taken Salama. So Abu Salah sees that he's his family has taken his son, his in laws have taken his wife, he standing there alone, what does he do? There's nothing he can do. He actually goes and he makes the heater and he leaves. And Oussama says in one moment, this was like the most saddest moment in her life. This morning, we were together as a family. We were excited to go in the jar and all of a sudden, everything was taken away from me. It's why no, this is what for the sake of the team to practice the Islam all they wanted to do was to worship Allah alone and up to worship idols is all they wanted to do. And the people didn't allow them to do this. So as you see a year

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passed like this one the whole year, she was separated. She couldn't see her son. She couldn't see her husband. And she would say I would come to that spot where I was separated every day. At 12 o'clock noon, the afternoon at noon, if you've lived in Saudi Arabia, you know, the the is more activity at 12 o'clock the night then 12 o'clock the afternoon. Nobody's up at 12 o'clock. The afternoon is very hot, of course. So she said I would go at that.

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Time which would be could be totally alone. And she would just sit at that spot where her family was torn apart. And she would cry and weep and make dua and it was all she could do, because there's nothing that she could do. And eventually, members of her family began to feel sorry for, you know, they were still even though people are non Muslim. They were still human beings. They were still you know, they there was kindness in them. They were kind people. And so they said, you know, what is the point? We keep this lady locked up here in Makkah, what benefit is there to ask to keep her like this? Why don't you just let her go? And she said, How can I go and make sure that when my son is

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here, I can't leave my son behind. So the same group of people went to Abu Salim his family, and petition them, give the boy give him back to his mother and let these poor people go, she just wants to live her life, let them go. So eventually Alhamdulillah Allah has allowed after one year of the separation, her son was returned. And now she is to make a huge error. In fact, she says, the day she got her son back, she didn't care about anything. She didn't worry about what to pack. She made no preparations. She just basically got on the chemo. And she said, I'm going to Medina cuz she was scared that maybe they change their mind tomorrow. So she said she was about three kilometres

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outside of Makkah, she and her son, now against a lot. This is you know, 1400 years ago, if you as a man traveled alone in the desert, this was a very dangerous thing for a number of reasons. They are bandits they are robbers. They are wild animals. You know, the Hades In fact, does encourages us not to travel alone because of the danger that we should travel in groups for a lady and basically a toddler. Salama, is probably two, three years old, for the mom and her little child to be traveling in the middle of the desert. This was unheard of this was like craziness, like suicide. And she's traveling because panela all she wants to do is be with her husband and practice Islam. On the way

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as she's traveling, she meets a man by the name of man even told him and he was in fact, the person who was in charge of the keys of the cargo. So he was not a Muslim. And his job was to keep the keys of the Kaaba. And this man even told her and he says to her old daughter of Zara, she calls her on her dad's name ozada rock, Kim's daughter, the man whose look off the tablet so we are you traveling all by yourself? So she says, basically, I need to go to Medina. And I'm scared that my family will stop me. So we see it's Pamela How can a woman like you travel all on your own? It's so dangerous. And he says, I won't allow this to happen. Rather, let me come with you. I will kill. So she says

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this man, she never made a more noble man because he would lead from the front. He wouldn't look back at her and stay at Oh, anything. They were alone in the desert, anything could happen. He didn't even speak to her. He allowed her they would come to a place of shade. He would pay the place he would let her sleep there and he wouldn't look at her. And then when it was time to travel again, he would get the animals ready. And he took her all the way to Medina. And once he talked to me once he dropped her off, he said Okay. And then he turned around and went back to my honorable man. And side note that he's in a why she received this blessing obviously for her own taqwa and her own

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dependency in Allah. But also because of the good of her father. Her father was a man that looked off the travelers and they fought a lot he woods, the kids in the so we find this in many places in the world, in many other places, Nigeria, in Soraka, for example, we find how a good parent will benefit the kids. Sometimes you do good and you might not see the benefits your kids or grandkids might actually benefit from that sharika that you had done. And this man of course that Araki was a Muslim. He was was anonymous. He was a pagan, it he was a good person, and his daughter is protected many many years later because of his generosity. So Salama says at Hamdulillah, she lives in Medina,

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she and her son Salama, she looks for her husband, she finds her husband, and they are the lovers are reunited. And we said they had this deep intimate bond the two of them. And now finally, after all these years, they found themselves in a city where they were free to practice the Islam. They will have the closest and most devout members of the Muslim community. These this you know, this young Muslim couple, and it didn't take long for them to be part of the community. And as the years went by Alhamdulillah Allah blessed him with more and more kids. So Solomon was now you know, a few years later, we find that she's pregnant with her fourth child she had given Abu Salah three kids,

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she's now pregnant with her fourth child. When disaster strikes, maca is invading Medina Qureshi has come all the way from Makkah to invade Medina. And Abu Salah was one of the noble one of the brave, Valiant young fighters in jihad, one of the Mujahideen he fought at the Battle of butter, and he will he acted, you know, in distinction, he was quite successful at the Battle of bother and he was therefore part of the army. So when Makkah invaded Medina at the Battle of Ohio, naturally he participated in this battle. And as we would know, this battle was a bit of a tragedy for the Muslim

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And Abu Salah was injured, he wasn't killed in the battle, but he was severely injured. And he comes home to his wife with his injury. Santa is pregnant with the fourth child, and she's trying her best to heal him. And she makes it her whole focus is on her husband trying to heal him. And looking after him as best she could, making sure that he is healed. But as time goes by, she realizes this wound is not healing and she realizes that his condition is getting worse and she begins to see that he might pass away. So she mentions a very touching moment. The two of them had to know Abu Salah is on his deathbed. And she's trying to nurse him, she takes his hand in her hand and she says to her

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husband, my beloved, my husband, oh, Abu Salah, you know that the two of them were really like soulmates, very unique at that time. And she says to him, my husband, I heard let us make a promise to each other, because I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave a talk. And in the talk, he said that if a husband dies, and the wife remains, and she doesn't remarry, and she's a believer that Allah will bring them together in the afterlife, they will live together in general. And similarly, if the wife dies, and the husband doesn't really marry, then when he dies, the two of them will be together. She like says to him hand in hand, she looks at him, he says, make a promise to me that if

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I die, you won't marry anyone else. And I promise you if you die, I will never marry anyone else. Of course, they both know he's going to die. But she says let us promise that we will never ever marry anyone besides each other. So Abu Salah says to her, my wife, you know, would you obey me if I asked you a favor? She says, of course, whatever. You asked me, What do you want? I'll do it. You know, whatever you need. So he says, Please, I asked you, I command you that after I die, and he knows he's going to die, that you marry someone off to me, and she's protesting. No, I won't marry anyone besides you. And he says promised me and then he makes a dua and he says, Oh Allah, may Allah find a

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husband after me that he's better than me that won't harm her that will do well. And he tells the cinema that I heard from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Prophet told us that if someone has lost something, someone goes through some kind of calamity, then what you should say is in that Illa here, we're in a Haji Valley from Allah, we come into him we return our LA, reward me know Have mercy on me reward me for the affliction. I'm going to, you know, let this affliction be he would mela reward us for our patients in this affliction, and replace that which you have taken with something better, because of course Allah is the one that takes and he returns. So So he says, make

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this dua and Promise me you'll marry someone else. And as a devout wife, she accepts he says, Okay, if that is what you want, and I will do that, I will do that. And she says her husband then of course passed away this is of course, the saddest moment in her life. Her husband dies, Abu Salah, and she says she would make this all she could do was you know, babe is very sad moment with the three young children. She's on her loss in terms of pregnancy, she's deep into a pregnancy. And you can imagine this for a woman you know, in a strange country again, remember, she's away from her family, so much sadness that she's experiencing. And she said, she listened to the advice of her

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husband Abu Salah, and she would make this door she would say all law from you, from you, I come unto you I will return a lot he would mean out my affliction and replace that which I've lost, meaning Abu Salah was something better. But then she would say even though she made the dua, she would think in her mind, but who could replace Abu Salah? How could they be someone better than him is no one better than him. And she would say the DA, but you know, Hutchinson, really, you know, believe the words if we could say, and then she continued making this to our A few months later or so few weeks later, she gives birth to her fourth child, Zainab, and her EDA is done. So when we

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spoke about EDA, we said that a woman cannot marry a husband immediately after a divorce or after he dies. And how long should she Wait, if she's pregnant? Then the minute she gives birth is done. So once Sonoma had given birth, her either had come to an end. And suddenly, you know, all of a sudden, unexpectedly perhaps from her part, she found that many of the main we're proposing to her she was receiving lots of marriage proposals. And not just from anyone from some of the most famous and senior Sahaba. They were proposing to her. She received a marriage proposal from none other than a normal poverty line. He proposed marriage to her and she said no, I'm not interested in you. Even

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Abu Bakar proposes to her and she says no, I don't want to marry you. No one can be like Abu Salah Abu Salah is the base of the base, there's no one better than him. Then she receives a proposal from none other than the Prophet solos on the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam himself, he goes to her and he proposes marriage to her. And this is of course the best of the best. There's no better husband than him. And so on Salama, 16 tively No, I without any offense without I don't feel that it'll be good for me.

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All right. I don't feel that it would be up. You know, if I marry you the concerns I have. I'm tentative. I'm not so sure about this. So she says, I have three reservations here. Rasulullah salam, you are the best man. There is no man between you. But there are three reasons why I would not want to marry you. So the prophecies, what are those things? So she says, firstly, I am a a woman that is of senior, I'm an old woman. Now again, in her age. At her time, being fatigued in your mid 30s was you seem like you passed your cell by they basically said, Look, I'm not a young woman, I'm a big woman.

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You know. And then number two, I have a lot of kids, I have four young, small children. And number three, you already have three wives. And if I were to marry you, and I'm a woman of jealousy, I get jealous, I don't shake. And I'm worried I might do something out of my womanly instincts that would upset you. You're a pseudo Solomon, if I upset you, it might upset Allah and it will be bad for me. So I don't think I should marry you. The prophet SAW some response. And he says, As for your concerns, the number one as for your jealousy I make to Allah subhanho wa Taala removes this from you. Number two, SPO h if you feel that you are old, remember, I'm even older than you, you know,

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I'm in my 50s you're in your 30s. So I'm even older than you. So don't worry about that. And as for your children, they will become my children. I will look after them and I will take care of them. So I'm cinema rhodiola and her she accepts and she marries the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. I said she was in her 30s, early 30s. That was in his mid 50s about 5557. And they are married in the fourth year of the hegira after the Battle of God and the prophets are sending them put her in the house of Xena being who's a man, so the wife that had just passed away. So then remember the prophets have just lost his wife. They have been hoceima houses available. So Santa Ana keeps moving to that

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house. And now she joins the family of the prophets of Salaam she becomes one of the mothers of the believers and she would join along with HubSpot and soda and I shadow the law and home engineering. And I ended up with this very, you know very interesting, Eddie. When the news came to I shadowed Ilana when she heard that approximate married in Santa Ana. She said she was crying so much because she heard and she knew Have you heard about Los Alamos qualities a lot of people spoke about how amazing she is and how beautiful she is. So in her mind, she's thought Osama is a beautiful woman. And she was crying so much and then when she went to go visit Osama, she said it was even worse. So

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he's crying even worse because cinema in her mind looks so beautiful. And have so I asked the Ayesha Why are you so upset so she said no cinema Look how beautiful she is basically the proxy lamb is gonna be in love with her Look, she's so beautiful. And then look at what have sauces have sauces. She's not like that beautiful. I mean, look at this. Look at that. So she begins to point all the faults in Solomon's appearance. And then I shall see is when she went to visit on cinema a second time. She said our hafsa was right. And she says it was just imagination running wild with Angela. So this is not as I thought, but this already begins to this this strange relationship will find

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between Salim and Ayesha there will be two camps, the camp Alicia and the camp of Salah. And we find this tension between the two of them, which is interesting and something we will discuss as we go through the series in sha Allah, just one announcement, the fourth of November, the fourth of November, that is Sunday. That is Sunday coming. We will be having at Brown Islam brown house, our marriage class, we will talk about how to choose a spouse how to the wrong way of quoting how to get married, what is the whose rights duties of husband and wife, conflict resolution and divorce. We'll talk about an intimacy as well we'll talk about those things. So that is the son of the fourth of

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November. And if anyone would like to join, please email us or email me and whisper [email protected] or you can respond to this WhatsApp line and we'll register you in sha Allah. Allah Thank you so much. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh