Minute with a Muslim #165 – What Is The Source of Your Value

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For people of faith, your sense of value and self worth comes from the fact that Allah created you, that enough is sufficient for us to know that we're valuable and that we are worth something, the materialist world, they have a problem and a crisis when it comes to value. Because if you don't believe that your value comes from the fact that you were created, you think that you were the product of randomness or mutation or evolution, natural selection, right, or even worse, that your value can be assessed by your net worth, and your productivity within the capitalist market, your ability to leverage certain just historically contingent skills and abilities to make paper, certain

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amount of paper every year. If that's your sense of worth, then it's on very shaky ground, maybe you're just part of the wrong time. Maybe you're part of the wrong place. Maybe with the skills that you were given and the capacities that you were given you would have been a hero, a champion warrior 1000 years ago, and now your skill set just doesn't match up with a modern urbanized, you know, mechanistic society that you live in. Right? So it's too wishy washy. It's too shaky, to base your value off of any of this stuff. And Islam teaches us that your value comes from the fact that Allah created you a lot as wise, a lot is wise and he knows everything. And if a law is wise, and he

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created you, it means that there's wisdom in the fact that you're alive.