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Sahih Bukhari & Muslim

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was sahbihi wa sallam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I hope that you fasting is going well. I hope that Allah azzawajal blesses you and keeps keeps blessing us of hand over to Allah. I hope that Allah azza wa jal guides us all to what he loves and to protect us from what he displeases him Suppan or whether Allah today in sha Allah, we have a an appointment with a story from a hadith. And this story comes from Al Bukhari and Muslim reporting both in hon Hurry and Muslim. And this is the story of one person and what he wanted to do with his soda and what ended up happening. So what he wanted to do,

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and what actually happened. So the story goes as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that, that a man wanted to give a soda.

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So he went, and he gave it at night. Why at night, because he wanted it to be hidden. He didn't want anybody to know that he was giving soda.

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So it fell in the hand of a thief meaning he gave it to someone he did not know whom he was giving into. It ended up being a thief, collar for us by Hannah's we had the phone. So in the morning, people started talking somebody last night gave a sadhaka to a thief. How did they know? Because that thief started talking about it, somebody gave me soda, and he's a thief. So his fellow thieves talked about it. It became widespread common knowledge somebody gave last night a soda to a thief.

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So the man said Alhamdulillah he says Alhamdulillah a thief that is it came to a thief. That's not his intention.

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So the next night he decided that he wants to give soda again because he did not think that the last one counted. So he gave soda again at night hidden nobody knew. It fell into the hands of or reach the hand of a prostitute. So in the morning, people started talking somebody last night gave a charity a sidecar to a prostitute. Again, how did they know? These people started talking, she started talking and the news traveled. It reached that man in the morning, he says Alhamdulillah a prostitute. Again, he's saying this is not what I wanted. So in the third night, he decided I will give sadaqa a third time. So he went and he's giving this anonymous lead is not whom he is giving

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this to. So he gave sadaqa.

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And it reached or fell in the hands of a rich man he didn't know. So in the morning, people started talking somebody last night gave a sadhaka to a rich man. So he says and hamdulillah a rich man knows that he doesn't need it. So again in fell in the hands of the wrong person he thought all in the hurry says Oliver Atiyah, it says in the hurry. So it was said to him, it means in a dream that he was sleeping. And in a dream, someone told him, he says, As for the thief, maybe if he receives this money, he'll stop stealing. And as for the prostitute, maybe if she receives that money, she'll stop doing what she's doing. And maybe for the rich person, if he receives that money, he'll

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reconsider and he himself will start giving money away.

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That's the end of the Hadith.

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Now, consider the benefits in it. First benefit is the virtue of going giving things especially charity, but any good deed when no one else is watching you.

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Why, why is this

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favorable? Why is this more rewardable because no one sees you so it's more likely that it be sincere.

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See, when you give and people can see you, they can praise you and that praise could change you and change your intention. So if you can give anonymously if you can do good things anonymously, where no one knows what you are doing, no one can see you. There is no possibility of promoting your desire, then it is most likely that this is happening for the sake of Allah azza wa jal. So all of us should try and do that. Pick a thing. Pick a time, pick a place when you're doing things and no one knows about it except you. And Allah has his origin.

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So that you can when you meet Allah, if there's a possibility that all other actions that we did, are somewhat not completely right. At least I have this action. This habitual action insha Allah that is hidden, that is only between me and Allah azza wa jal and that will increase our sincerity.

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So just like that man he wanted to get, but he didn't want anybody else to see. The second benefit of that Hadeeth is that people will talk. No matter what you do, people will talk, they'll criticize, they'll ridicule, they'll make fun. But don't worry about what people are saying or not saying, people will talk no matter what you do. People will criticize you no matter what you do. So rather than paying attention to what they like and dislike, pay attention to what Allah xojo likes, because in Allah's eyes, these three circles were that men were sort of cause and were accepted. In the eyes of the people. They weren't. Why would you give money to a thief, a criminal, a prostitute

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dishonorable woman? Why would you give it to a rich person? He doesn't need it. So they'll talk and they'll criticize, but Alhamdulillah that Allah did not make the opinion of people, the final judge in a matter but Allah is the final judge. So do and don't think about what people have said or did not say that would be between you and Allah as Odin. And if it is right, it is right? Because Allah decides that it's right, regardless of what people think. The other third benefit from that Hadith is that

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this is an accepted sort of car.

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And so if you the lesson from it, if you do your best, don't worry about the consequences when the consequences are not under your control. That man did not know that this person was a thief, or that she was a prostitute or that this person was rich, or that he knew he was giving it to someone he thought was in need. So when you're doing something, a project, or giving advice to someone, or even giving money, some people sometimes ask this question, I'm giving money to a charity, how do I know that they're going to take this money and deliver it to the rightful people, which is in general, if you trust them, that is enough. And if they missed that money, if they you know mishandle that

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money, if that happens, your situation and like the situation of that man, because you gave that money, hoping that it will reach the right person, you have no control over whether it reaches or not. So your setup is accepted no matter what happens with it.

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Right? So don't worry about that part so much. So consequences would they're not under our control. They're in the hands of Allah xojo. Do you give somebody advice? He doesn't listen, does that mean that you've wasted your time? No. Because that is a good deed between you and Allah as origin. You called somebody to Islam, they did not accept does that mean that you've wasted your time? No, that is between you and Allah zildjian the consequences the outcome are with Allah as origin. So don't worry about the outcome when it's not under your your control in my control, we will do whatever over Allah has commanded us. The third thing is that trust Allah subhanho wa Taala because you could

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plan but Allah could take your plans somewhere else, that man did not want to give money to a thief. But Allah had another plan.

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And unless plan is more insightful than yours and mine, so maybe you and I would not look or give that thief a second look, but maybe Allah azza wa jal knows that there is something good inside him. And if somebody gives him money, he'll change his mind change his ways.

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So Alas, plans are not your plans. And sometimes we need to readjust our plans so that they would fit whatever Allah likes, not what we like.

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So that man thought the money should go here a lot thought it should go elsewhere. And this is best because Allah decides that it's best. So let us also learn our life to be flexible enough and surrender to Allah xojo I might have one my day to look like this ally decides other way go with what Allah has decided. I want my Ramadan to look like this but Allah decided else something else go with what Allah has decided. I want my life to look like this but Allah decided something else go with what Allah has decided last decision is always better than your and my decision. And finally thanking Allah as though gel for whatever happens, whether we understand it or not. So that man did

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not understand why did it that his money ended up in the hands of those people, but yet he said Alhamdulillah

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and if you say Alhamdulillah and keep being grateful to Allah azza wa jal, you don't know that Allah zodion will reveal to you what you did not understand will guide you to what you did not know will assure your heart when it lacks assurance. So say Alhamdulillah all the time, whether what you're facing is good or what you have that whatever you're facing is bad. Because if you keep saying and hamdulillah to this and then hamdulillah to that everything that you will

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Facing will be good by the will of Allah as urgent and finally maybe that's the last benefit insha Allah, the benefit of good dreams that Allah azzawajal could communicate to good people, good messages and good information in their dreams. Of course you can trust your dreams all the time. 100% some dreams are good some dreams are whispers from the shavon when we do not know, take your dream when you do not know and consult the Imam in the masjid the chef someone that you trust and who is knowledgeable. You say he or she or Eman? I saw this this this in my dream? Should I follow it? Is it reliable? Or is it not? Generally, if your dream doesn't contradict the Sharia, generally

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it is okay. If you should, if your dream contradicts the Sharia the Quran and the Sunnah, then you should cancel it and avoided and disregarded completely because this is not from Allah as origin. So this is the end of our story in sha Allah for today we will see you tomorrow for tomorrow in sha Allah, we will have a longer lecture in sha Allah starting at the same time at 630 by the will of Allah azzawajal. So it's going to be a longer lecture but it's not going to be long. And we ask Allah azzawajal as we do always at the conclusion of our meetings, we ask Allah azza wa jal that he will send upon us His mercy, his Rama and his blessings and his forgiveness We ask Allah azza wa jal

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to open for us the path of forgiveness so we can reach his agenda easily, and to block for us any path of disobedience and to make any disobedience distasteful to us so that we will not enter hellfire. We asked him a lot to protect us and our children, our spouses, our families, our parents, and our oma from Hellfire from affliction from temptation. Ask him subhanho wa Taala to accept our fasting and give us the energy to keep doing it to accept our salah and to give us the energy to improve it to accept our nightly prayer and to give us the energy to keep doing it and to excel at it to make us of those who make do I often mean your bell Allah mean to make us those who remember

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him often I mean you're well I mean, to make our hearts hearts that are attached to him Suppan who was the Allah so that whenever we need we asked him whenever we feel in pain, we turn to Him Suppan who were to Allah and he will bring us solace and he will satisfy our needs. A hudl holy Heather what's your ally Lee welcome insha Allah We will see you tomorrow. So panic a lot and I will be having dig a shadow Allah and stuff you will go to LA when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen