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“Amazed by the Quran”, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan draws a comparison between an ayah from Surah Maidah and Surah Taghabun. Please do listen to understand the perfection of what needs to be said on what occasion and why the Quranic verses being compared to the breeze.

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Lao salatu salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah he was on his mind Welcome everyone to amused by the Quran series in which I like talking about what I find amazing about the Quran. Today I'll, I'll explain the difference a subtle difference between two is one belonging to pseudotumor in that the fifth surah and the other two sort of tabon the 64th suit are very similar. What is the law what are the orders who obey Allah and obey the messenger that's identical in both of them though and be careful Watch out for interval later on. Then if you were to turn away for our level and number

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then you had better know that our messengers responsibility is only to deliver the message clearly.

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Well, I'll deal with your order. So let's go to Robin obey Allah and obey the messenger for an hour later and if you were to turn away for in nama Allah Selena,

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then Our Messengers only responsibility is to deliver a clear message. So they will seem to be saying, obey Allah and obey the messenger, except in my ADA, Allah ads and be careful. Obey Allah and obey the messenger. And be careful. So the question arises, why is a law telling us to be careful in my diet, not so much in sort of tilava you'll notice it sort of turabian It's a sermon, and it doesn't have any commandments. And we're not given any anything to watch out for anything to be careful about in particular. So let us not add, be careful. But if you study sort of neither just the IOD before this is number 92 I'll read to you something from number 90 and 91. Listen up. Yeah,

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you Valentina. armano those of you who have human animal hammer Well, my servalan sabula Islam read some anomaly shaitaan you had better know that out wine, intoxicants, gambling alters, you know, places to do particular rituals. So on top is not just altars but it's any kind of ritual that you do to you know, make your life better and things like that people put amulets and all kinds of fun stuff and, you know, do mourning rituals or have you know, these kinds of practices drop all of those well, Islam as Lamas, you know, casting lots and arrows, but what it means actually is doing stuff for good luck, good luck charms or going to a palm reader or something. All this stuff counts

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under Islam. Okay. So he says, alcohol, gambling, these weird rituals, I'll make it easy, real rituals, and then doing things for good luck. All of them are just so many normally shaytaan these are abominations filled from the work of the devil, which then he will stay away from all of it, that I'd like him to fly home so you can be successful in them. Are you ready to show it on and up albina como la da, ba ba ba, Chanel, all he wants is that he installed between you and draw between you animosity and hatred. philharmonie will mess it by using alcohol and gambling.

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That's pretty serious. We also look on and submitted on decree law. And moreover, he wants to prevent you from remembering Allah, Allah, and he wants to prevent you from prayer itself for Helen to monta Hoon, and are you going to stop or what? Then he says, obey Allah and obey the messenger and be careful.

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He said, Be careful, because there's lots of things to watch out. For in the previous ayah. There isn't a long list of instructions of the tricks. By the way, when it comes to shaytaan. He gets you to do things when you're not careful. So it's important to mention at that point, not just obey a line obey the messenger, but also add.

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Be careful to perfection once again, of what needs to be said at what occasion. This is actually pretty good. You know, tip in a very powerful divine tip for a diary for someone who's speaking and giving advice to someone, when should you emphasize something when should you not emphasize something? What is it time to speak less? And when is it time to speak more? Sometimes, you have a lot on your mind, you want to get it all out. But you should since this is not the right time. This is given the subject matter. I don't need to emphasize that as much it might take away from the from the idea of emphasis. You know, when people emphasize something all the time, then it loses its

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emphasis. If people are yelling all the time, it doesn't sound as loud anymore. You know, if people are angry all the time, people get used to their anger, they're not fazed by it anymore. So you have to turn it up sometimes and not and take it down a few notches sometimes. That's what the Koran does. That's why they're called anti author compared to the breeze. Some breezes are strong, some are soft, some are warm summer cold. This is what a lead does. He'll give the same advice. But given the situation and the audience and the subject matter at hand, he might intensify it or he might take it back. He might tone it down. SubhanAllah and that's the wisdom of Allah speech. May Allah

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azza wa jal help us embody that kind of wisdom in our own speech. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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