Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-026A Translation Al-Baqarah 189-196 Word Analysis 189-192

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Who are the bIllahi min ash? shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish. Rocklea Saudi were Sidley Emery wash lokta melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma. The Colby was a deadly Sani was thrilled so he made the copy. I mean, you're a bit early mean lesson number 26 Surah Al Baqarah verses 189 to 196. Translation. Yes Aluna aka they ask you on about a healer the crescent moons pull you say here they malarkey to our means of telling time. Lynn nasty for the people will have G and for the major pilgrimage while a Sal baru and the righteousness is not be an at all that, that to you all come to

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Abuja, the houses, men from loogootee have their backs, while our Kynar But indeed, Al Bira the righteousness man is of who is the cause he adopted consciousness of Allah. one two and you all come to and Buddha the houses, men from Abu Dhabi heard their doors, what the cool and you all be conscious of or and you all safeguard yourselves from Allah Allah Loren Lacan so that you all to flee Hoon, you all are successful waka T Lu and you will fight fi in sabini way Allah He of Allah. Allah Dena those who you call T Luna calm they fight you all while at artha do and you all do not transgress in indeed Allah Allah La not your Hebrew he loves and mortar Deen those who transgress

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what Cthulhu home and he will kill them hey through wherever circuit to move home you will overtake them will lead you home and he will expel them men from hate or wherever a Harajuku calm they expelled you all while fitna to and the trial of religious persecution. I should do is more intense mean then ultimately the killing went out to call Tillu home and you all do not fight them in the near al Masjid Al Haram the Sacred Mosque had that until you call T LUCAM. They find you all fee in it. For in then if PATA LUCAM they fight you all for Cthulhu home then you will kill them, Kedah Lika does Jezza who is recompense al Careful 18 of those who disbelieve for in then if into home

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bases for inner then indeed Allah Allah Allah Fudan is ever forgiving or Haman Ever Merciful while potty loo home and you all fight them Hatha until law not the Qunar there is fitna tone trial of religious persecution way Hakuna Dino and the worship is or and the religion is Lilla he for Allah alone. For in then if in the whole they cease Fela or Deewana then there should be no transgression at all. INLA except Allah against a volley mean those who do wrong a shadow the month al haram or the sacred Bish Shetty for the month of Harami, the sacred one who will matter to and the violation of sacred things. The Sawsan is subject to legal retribution for months so whoever here Thada he

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transgresses or lay come against you all faretta Do then you all transgress or lay he against him beneath Lima the same as Erica he transgressed our Aleikum against you all. What the cool and you all be conscious of or and you all safeguard yourselves from Allah Allah, Allah, wa ala mu and you all should know and know that indeed Allah Allah Mara is with and with the pain, those who adopt consciousness of Allah will unfixable and he will spend fee in severely way Allah He of Allah will our to go and you all do not cast yourselves be a deacon with your own hands Illa towards a Toluca, the destruction, what I've seen you and you all do good with excellence in that indeed Allah Allah

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you Hibou he loves a mercy Nene, those who do good with excellence. What a team more and you will complete alhaja the major pilgrimage well erotica and the minor pilgrimage delay for Allah for Indian if or slave tomb you all were constrained, firmer, than what is stay Surah it is easily

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obtainable men of Al Hadi the sacrificial animal while at the Clico and you all do not shave Russa comb your heads had that until ye Bluehole had you the sacrificial animal reaches Mahila who its place of lawful slaughter for Amanda and whoever Cana he is mean come among you all mareel been sick Oh or be with him and then is a painful condition. Men of rock See he his head for Vidya tune then do is a ransom men off cm and fasting Oh or sada cotton giving charity Oh or no sukin offering of a sacrifice for either than when I'm in tome you all are secure, Fairmont and whoever Damodara he enjoys biller or melotti due to the minor pilgrimage, Isla until Alhaji the major pilgrimage firmer

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than what is the Surah it is easily obtainable. Men have an Hadith the sacrificial animal from and then whoever lemmya Jade he does not find any fussy animal than fasting selasa fee of three a year Monday's fee during Alhaji the major pilgrimage was subharti and seven either when Roger tune, you all have returned Dilger that are Shola tune is a 10 Kameelah tune complete then because that Lehman is for who lamea kung fu who his family is not how * ones who are residing near al Masjid Al haram, the Sacred Mosque What the Who and he will be conscious of and you all safeguard yourselves from Allah Allah. Where hola more and you all should know Annette that indeed Hola. Hola. Shadi do

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is ever severe allergic cough in the retribution. All right, let's go over the word analysis. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yes. Aluna can they ask you? Yes. Aluna. They ask and we know that it is they it's third person because the verb begins with the letter. Yeah. And we know that it's plural because of the wild noon, right? So yes. Aloo NACA, they ask you, and yes. Aluna is from the root letters seen Hamza lamp su l. So L is to ask to question so yes. Aluna they asked, meaning the people the sahaba. They asked, Can you as in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So this was a question that they asked him. And what is it that they asked him salAllahu alayhi wasallam I'm about

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a healer. The crescent moons as a healer is a noun and it is the plural of the word Hillel. Okay, he learned and Hillel is the crescent moon Okay, the crescent moon that you see at the beginning of the lunar month and also at the end of the lunar month. So, when you see the crescent moon in the sky in the nighttime, what does that mean? It means that this is either the beginning of a lunar month or it is the end of a lunar month, all right. So, they asked you about the crescent moons and the word he learned by the way Hello Ella okay Hellena is to make noise basically, okay to your voice. And you know, the same word is used for the crying of the newborn, because when a child is born in cries

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and that is a sign that the child is alive, right. And just like that, when the crescent moon is sighted, there is an announcement right people let it be known that the moon has been cited the month has begun or the month has come to an end. So this is the word Halal comes from. So they ask you about the crescent moons all you say meaning you tell them so the answer is coming from Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is supposed to convey to them and Hillel of course is from the root letters her lamb lamb, okay. And call you say cough while lamb here they know here is the feminine of the word Hua. Okay, Hua means he and here means she, okay? But here, here is being

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used for plural, okay, because it's referring to a hinda. So here, that's why we translated as de meaning the crescent moons are Moa. Ketola NASCI will hatch. This is what they're about. They are Moa. Peterlin NAS and secondly, they're also for Hajj near Milwaukee is the plural of the word me thought. Okay, me thought and

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From the root letters Well, Poff

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and worked as you know means time okay. So me thought is the means of telling time okay? Meaning the tool through which you know the work you know the time of something. Okay? So mo RP it means of telling time, meaning by looking at the crescent, you're able to make sense of time and by time what is meant is not time of day but rather time of the month or time of the year. So call here ma P Tolan, Nas Samoa Keith is plural and me pods that you can see here, this is singular. So more pitas, plural means of telling time. So by looking at the crescent, you're able to tell time, Lin NASCI for the people and a NAS here means all people so regardless of what part of the world you're in, in the

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north and the south, east or west, any land that you're in any people that you are doesn't matter. The Crescent is a universal calendar basically. And the Himmler are also for the purpose of hedge well hedge meaning by looking at the crescent you're able to tell when hedge is supposed to be performed, because you know that hedges not just any time of the year it is in very specific months and very specific days. So how do you determine that you determine that by citing the crescent okay you cite the crescent you know that the month of the Hijra has begun and then accordingly you go for the different rituals to different places. So the performance of hajj it is based on the sighting of

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the crescent, okay. Then it is said well, a cell build rule and righteousness is not okay. The word bid we have done earlier. So Will they still be true righteousness is not at all be untapped tollbooth at all that you all come to the houses Menzel, who do you have from their backs? Meaning righteousness is not that you enter the houses somewhere from the back. Now, we're laser below B and now B and N means that what is this B? Okay, B generally the letter but we typically translated as with or in, alright, so b n Toyota, remember this rule when we study the Quran that sometimes words don't have to be taken literally. Okay? So here we don't translate that as with okay, we're not

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taking it literally because it's not used in its literal sense. It is called zap it then zap it as in literally means extra. Okay, but there is no useless or unnecessary word or even letter in the Quran. Right? So whenever there is a word that comes as it Okay, meaning it's not to be taken literally the November it is for the purpose of Tolkien, it is for the purpose of emphasis. Okay, so we'll lay cell Biru B and tolbutamide Zaharia what does that mean? That righteousness is not at all that you enter the houses from their backs. That's not righteousness at all. Righteousness is something else. Okay? Now that do Hamza is the root and elbowed is the plural of the word bait.

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Okay, Bait means house men from loogootee Hello What is the plural of the word love? Okay, love and love is back. And her is referring to W okay the houses so righteousness is not at all that you enter the houses from their backs. What does this mean? Inshallah we'll talk about that in that seat. All right. Well, I cannot but indeed, a biller the righteousness so what is actual righteousness, what is real righteousness? It is many taka it is who adopts the core of Allah, meaning it is the righteousness of the one who adopts the core of Allah. So if you want to know what piety is, piety is not that you do things the hard way and you enter the house from the back. No

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righteousness piety is visible in the person who fears Allah. Okay? So righteousness isn't taqwa and Albir is from the root letters bow, a rah rah. What tool butum in Abu Dhabi, then it is said what to end

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You all come to Hamza? Yeah, I'll boot Florida the word bait. Men from Abu Dhabi have their doors of web is the plural of the word Bab Bab means door or gate. So enter the houses from their doors meaning from the proper entrance what the Kula and you all be conscious of Allah Allah Allah come to flee Hoon so that you are successful to flee Hoon is from fair lamb hat. And Fela is success. Basically Fela is remember we learned earlier in total Bukhara, hula Iike, whom will mostly hold that the people of Taqwa are those who are successful, meaning they are those who attain their objective their goal. And from the same root as the word for Allah, for Allah is a farmer. And a

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farmer doesn't just one day show up at his farm and harvest, you know, a whole bunch of yield, it doesn't work like that, know that the farmer has to begin working months and months in advance, right, sometimes a year before is when the preparation of land begins. And then the sowing of the seeds, and then looking after the crop. So Fela is not overnight success basically, fella is success that a person reaches after a great deal of hard work and effort. So what the Allaha be conscious of Allah which means that the core of Allah is not, you know, something passive. It's something that you really have to actively work on La La come to flee, Hoon, Wakata, Luffy, Seville Allah and you

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all fight in the way of Allah Katya Lu is from cough, to lamb, cotton is to kill. And Katella is when two people are trying to kill each other. So basically, they're fighting, right, this is warfare. So we'll call it new and you all this is a command to who Alladhina amanu those who believe. So you all fight feasable Allah in the way of Allah. Now Seville, as you know, means road or cause, meaning it's a road that leads you to a certain destination, right? But it's not always used in a tangible sense, the word Seville is also used in an intangible sense. So it is the way that leads you to the approval of Allah. And it's for the root letters seen the lamp so fight not

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according to your desire and not just for any purpose, no fight in the manner and in the way that will lead you to the pleasure of Allah and fight for the way of Allah meaning the religion of Allah as well for the sake of the religion of Allah, not for your own personal sake, but for the sake of the religion of Allah. And who do you fight you fight Alladhina you party Luna con, those who they fight you all you caught the Luna de fight con you are same root of the lamp and the noun is detail

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So, fight in the way of Allah those people who fight you all and now there are some rules, what are the rules? Well that are to do and you all do not transgress. So, this is a prohibition lad do not start to do or to do is from iron doll well and this means to overstep the bounds. So, let Arthur do do not transgress the proper bounds which means that even in warfare, there are some limits some boundaries that Allah subhanaw taala has set for us so do not transgress why because in Allah indeed Allah lay your Hibou He does not love her ba ba Allah does not love and more to Dean those who transgress and more to Dean is the plural of the word more Ted

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okay more that and or you can say more to din

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so Allah does not like those people who transgress walk to new home and you will kill them off the lamb because the objective of detail of war is to kill the enemy. So you kill them them as in and Medina ukata Luna calm the people who fight you okay so you kill them Hi sir wherever meaning in whatever place forgive to move home you will overtake them. Now Sutcliffe to move home. This is from the root letters sir. of firm

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sucks is to meet to come across to find someone. But it's not just randomly coming across someone this is finding someone coming across someone in common

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bet Okay, meaning they are an enemy to you, you are actively at war with one another, so you get a chance to overtake them. Whatever place it is, you're going to kill them there. Okay, so it could be in the middle of the battle it could be away from the battlefield it could be when a battle is going on it could be when a battle is not going on, but when people have declared war against you, so wherever you overtake them then you finish them there. What else do you do home and you all expel them from ha ra Jeem is Raj is to bring something out. So you expel them. Mean Hazel from wherever 100 You come they expelled you are so home them come you are so angry do if you look at the

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difference between a hurry Julian aka Raju. The difference is only in the Halacha of the letter a rock. Okay, I'll read you this is a command and a Harajuku. This is a verb of past tense. So a hurry Do you expel them? Uh huh. Raju they expelled you. Okay. Well fitna two and the trial of religious persecution and fitna is from the root letters for known and the word fitna, in the Arabic language, even in the Quran. Actually, the word fitna is used in many different ways. Okay, many different ways. And you determine the meaning by looking at the context. Sometimes the word fitna is used for Torment. Okay for punishment. Sometimes the word fitna is used in the Quran for trial and

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tribulation. Okay, like remember, in the ayah about magic were the two angels they would say in a manner who fits nuttin we are a trial for you. Right we are a test for you. For Latok for so they are the word fitna meant trial. When we say that children are a fitna, it means that there are trial. When you say that wealth is a fitna, it means that it is a test for you. So fitna, I told you two meanings so far, it can mean punishment or torment. We learned in the Quran that people will be yomo, whom Allah natty you afternoon, when they will be tormented in the fire. Okay. And then it also means trial. And then the word fitna also means trial off of religious persecution. It also

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means persecution. And this is in many forms in many ways. It could be verbal, it could be physical, it could be social could be structural, so fitna persecution, and inshallah we'll talk more about it and succeed. So here Fitna means persecution, persecuting someone for their beliefs. This is a shadow, more intense in severity sheen than that. Meaning is far more worse middle capital than the killing, okay. Meaning persecuting someone is worse than killing them. And we'll talk about how, when to call to whom and you all do not fight them, meaning do not engage in battle, or in the near al Masjid Al haram, the sacred mosque because that area is sacred. Human life is sacred over there.

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So you will not engage in any warfare within the vicinity of the huddle had that until there is only one exception, and that is that you call to confy they fight you all in it, meaning if they raise weapons against you within the vicinity of the HUD on then you're not just going to stand there, you're going to fight them back. You're going to defend yourself. For in then if PATA LUCAM they fight you all fuck to know Him then He will kill them. Cavalli Converse Jezza old caffeine is recompense of those who disbelieve and caffeine is a plural of the word caffeine and dessert from Jeem ze yet, thus is recompense of those who disbelieve, meaning when they don't respect your life

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within the vicinity of the Haram then their life will not be safe within the vicinity of the Harlem either for Invantive into how they cease into how from known her yet, now he is to forbid someone to prohibit someone from doing something and into her is to cease from doing something to stop doing something. So if they cease, meaning they no longer persecute you, and they no longer fight you for inner then indeed Allah Allah foto Rahim is Allah for ever forgiving Rahim Ever Merciful, meaning even in the past if they have fought you, and they have killed many among you, but now they cease. They make Toba then Allah subhanaw taala will forgive them and Allah subhanaw taala will show mercy

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to them.

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