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The speaker discusses various topics related to religion and money, including the origin of the term Muft, the rise of Islam, and the origin of the word "mistake." They also mention people who do not like pig, express pride in their religion, and express a desire to love someone who makes them money. The speaker concludes by expressing their interest in the topic of net worth and the importance of curiosity in politics.

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Salam aleikum. I will be answering Google's most asked questions about myself. So it says, What is Mufti Manx ethnicity? Well, you're going to have to dig and you're going to have to find out

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what is Mufti mink or a human being?

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What is Mufti makes job in an interesting job, masha Allah. I actually work as a teacher and Imam, a scholar, a lecturer, a motivator

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and a Mufti.

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What is moved to main net worth?

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Not as much as Google says, But alhamdulillah sufficient.

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What is Mufti Manx email address is Mufti [email protected]. Okay, what is Mufti man's favorite color? I have many colors that I really liked depending on the day and the mood mashallah what is often my favorite country there are many countries that are really really good a particular place is obviously the Holy Lands mashallah and Makkah and Medina but I still think Nigeria features on that list Pakistan is also on that particular list Mashallah.

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What is moved to next favorite food

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a difficult one I'm not so much into food and I don't mind eating a lot of stuff. I will just thank Allah and eat in order to be able to gain the energy to carry on to the next meal. But perhaps it used to be a rice dish until I became a little bit more health conscious and I'm still navigating through what the favorite might be

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does move to make have a wife Yes. It does move to make speak or do yes doesn't move to make live in the UK No. Does move to make have braces? No I used to does move to make have a son? Yes. Not one more than one. How many languages does move to make speak eight

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Why is moved to make famous? I don't know.

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Does move to make go to the gym?

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I'm a bit lazy but yeah, inshallah I will start again. Sharla

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does move to make reply to DMS very rarely, but yes, sometimes. Does. Mufti Menk have tick tock, I have created an account, but I haven't used it.

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But there is a lot of content on tick tock of mine.

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Why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Why is Islam the true religion? Well, we Islam is the true religion because we worship the maker who made us and we put our heads on the ground for none other than the one who made us and we pray to the one whom we are going to return to when we die when we go back to who He who made us. So it's the one maker and that's it. So it's a true religion, there is no risk involved. You're actually

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worshipping whoever made you and all acts of worship rendered to Him and Him alone.

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Why is it the most beautiful religion? Well, I think the answers are intertwine there hamdulillah There we go.

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Why Muslims hate pig Okay, I think that's it. Muslims don't hate pig but rather they don't eat consume pig. And

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it's not a question of hate. I think that that question needs to be modified because the minute they say Why Muslims hate pig, it already it like sort of gives it a feel that perhaps

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you know, pigs are meant to be hurt, harmed or attacked not at all. In fact, being kind to a pig is also an is also rewarding, because it's an animal.

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Why Muslims grow beard? Well, because we are taught by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and all the messengers, including Jesus may peace be upon him, Moses, may peace be upon him, and all the others had beards. And men are supposed to grow their beards.

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Does Allah have agenda? Well, that is very interesting question because he refers to himself with the pronoun ye. And that is Allah he's unlike any one or any thing.

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Does Allah mean God?

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It means it's a deeper meaning than just the term God the worshipped one. Is Allah the maker the Creator. So in a sense, you could say God, but it is the one and only Creator and Maker because when you use the term God

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it it could mean other things.

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Does Allah love me? Yes, he does.

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Yes, he does.

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Yeah, so those were the questions that the internet's asked about me. I hope you had a good time. Listening to the responses crazy. Some of them are really crazy. People are very inquisitive. And sometimes curiosity kills the cat. Net Worth I was about to say 45 billion

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Zimbabwe dollars. I should have said that right?