A Deeper Look – Surah Al-Inshiqaq – When the Sky Collapses

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So in many ways, the surah represents finality, and are actually, interestingly enough by the language with which the surah begins when Allah says in the summer when shapcott when the sky is going to crack open in Chicago is used in the Arabic language for physical objects that are hard, like in Chicago is used, like yes, Chicago Fire Collegium and Holmer. A rock that cracks open. And then you know so much Chicago, or LA Chicago, they returned the earth open, a mountain tearing open, the land tearing open, a boulder tearing open meaning cracking open in photography can actually be used in the previous surah you found investment and photography, right? You can use in photography,

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or for even the tearing of a cloth, something soft. And the thing is, when you tear something soft, like a cloth or leather or something, you can stitch it back up. But once the rock is cracked, open, what happens. There's no putting it back together. The idea that the word in Chicago was used in the beginning here this summer and shapcott in and of itself kind of represents a finality, that this is bringing everything that's been talked about before to a final final version. There are so many words even used for the sky right foot the hottest summer the sky has been opened. The summit will fully just another word for torn, which can be stitched again, in Fatah rot. There are so many

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words, but this one is kind of irreversible. It's the end game. And so that's what we start with. But then it's the one of the most powerful Ayat describing nature and describing the reality of the sky that you find anywhere in the Quran. Allah azza wa jal says, well, Athena clear of Bihar will help cut and this is a very difficult area to process. Let's go through it a little bit, little by little, the word Athena in Arabic can mean two things. And then if none, and as none are other than even means permission, and other means to to listen, like, although is the ear, right? So Avena, there'll be one of its meanings is that the sky is actually going to pay a close ear, pay close

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attention and listen carefully to its master. I think that the Robbia implied within the meaning buys a different from semiotic lira behind it also listens to its master, right? Or ultra ultra high obeys the master, even also because it has kind of the texture of permission. It says, though, just to make this easy to understand, sometimes I give somebody a student an instruction to do something, and they don't want to do it. Right. But then there's a student that has been asking me, Hey, I want you to do an extra credit project, you promised you give me an assignment. And I don't give it to him. And then I don't give it to him. And finally I give it to them. In other words, when I gave the

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instruction they were already eager to follow. They've been waiting to hear the permission to do what they've been asked wanting to do you understand? simpler example would be children asking for recess, or a break. Can we have a break now? Can we have a break now remembering now, and finally, when the permission is given, they listen to the words of permission, and they can do what they want. It is as though the sky tearing open, is actually what the sky has been wanting to do. And it's been holding itself back because it didn't hear the words of permission from Allah. Allah didn't say Not yet. Allah kept saying Not yet, not yet not and it's just desperately waiting for

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those words to come from Allah, and he left the room behind. It's a very crazy, scary thing to think about this theme in the Quran that nature, as we know, it is actually a wild beast that wants to just tear things apart. And the only reason it's being held back is because Allah hasn't given us permission yet. The earth actually doesn't want to stay calm. The sky doesn't want to stay intact. It wants to tear open, which Quran will describe for example, when someone says Allah has taken a sun, the cover somewhat Yetta fatahna. The skies are about to tear open because they hear somebody saying Allah has a sun. The skies can tolerate that kind of disobedient word to Allah. The heavens

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are shaking, but they are held together because Allah will let them tear open, similar to all other creations of Allah, they can only tolerate obedience. And this idea why is it that it's waiting to be torn up? And why is it want to destroy itself so badly? You have to understand something you know, when you experience trauma, like I'm reminded of the example of Madame Salama Alia when she gave birth, and she wished that she was dead yelled at me to Kubla Haha, I wish I was dead before this happened when you when you see traumatic experience a traumatic thing and you're going to be accused and humiliated etc, etc. you'd wish when for death over that. The obedient to Allah, the the

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skies that are in this be of Allah Subhanallah He manifests and Allah will not fill out all all things in the skies in the earth declare Allah is perfection when the sky watches us because the sky is a witness over us. When our watches are evil deeds, our sins and our shared can our Gopher, then it actually reacts and it wants to react. Sometimes Allah lets the earth react just a little bit

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So Allah says the hotel facade of Alberto Blackery, maca, Saba, I didn't notice that corruption came out in the land and in the sea, because of some of the things that people have earned. Not all of them, if all of them were earned, then the day of judgment would begin. But the earth can't hold, it can't hold, it can't tolerate it can tolerate it, and it has some eruption, because of the sins of people on the earth. Right. And just to clarify that, that doesn't mean if there's an earthquake that happened in Pakistan, it's because of the sins of people in Pakistan. That's not what that means. The Earth reacts anywhere, because of the sins that are happening anywhere. We don't make a

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correlation between those things, or they had a flood because they were really bad people. We don't do that. The days of you know, natural disasters, what we call natural disasters now being a punishment on a calm or a nation, those days are over because that was only in the times of profits. You cannot make that statement now about any any disaster that happens. These are all tests from Allah will calling them as odd as a mistake. That it is not the same as calling them out that that is a mistake. Allah's book doesn't alone. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a

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really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section