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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the title of the Quran, which is the holiest book for Muslims because it is the revelation of God. The title is universal and has millions of people around the world who have memorized it, including translate it into various languages and other books. The title is also the holiest book for Muslims because it is theied and the result of the story of the previous prophets.
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What is the Quran? Have you read this book before? It's an old book. It's been around for over 1400 years and it's also widespread today. It's a literary masterpiece and a linguistic miracle, the equivalent of which you will never find it was not written by human beings rather it is from God Himself, and that you will find the purpose of life and clear direction the Quran is made up of 114 chapters, the longest of them is 6000 words, while the shortest of them is only 10 words when it was revealed God provide a challenge for anyone to produce a single chapter like it, no one's been able to do so. And that challenge exists till today. The Quran is the holiest book for Muslims because it

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is the revelation of God. It is the best source of guidance and legislation. It was revealed in Arabic to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him by the angel Gabriel, the same angel who revealed the Torah to Moses and the Gospel to Jesus, but it was not revealed all at once. Rather, it was revealed over a period of 23 years. The main message of the Quran is the oneness of God. But God also speaks at length about worship the stories of the previous prophets, the lessons learned from them morals and etiquette and the reward and punishment in the hereafter. Even though the Quran was revealed in Arabic in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, its message is universal and timeless,

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and it's for all people of all ethnicities of all backgrounds. Listen to what God Almighty says about it. Surely this has been a reminder to the whole world, to whoever amongst you wants to take the correct path. It is important to know that the Quran is protected and preserved by God himself. As he says it is certainly we who have revealed the reminder and it is certainly we who will preserve it. This is why you'll never find more than one version of it anywhere in the world as opposed to other religious books, some of which have dozens of different versions. The Quran, despite its length has millions of people around the world who memorize all of it from cover to

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cover. It has translations in almost every language and is widely available in bookstores, across the world and of course, the internet

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