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This talk was given at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center

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Who was doomed? Who could that person be as Mr. melas protect you all from this? I mean,

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no one wants to be doomed, right?

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But even even sometimes people who say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is still considered believers, right? But they can still we do have to do certain things. One of these things probably people don't pay attention to very well, but it's so dangerous and associated nificant that extend the Prophet Salah Salem even he negates almost the perfect faith of a person who falls into this kind of sin. What is that? Let's see what the professor Simpson this hadith added. This is under the chapter of hot cold jar the rights of the neighbors, Karla and Evie hora de la via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ah con, la la la,

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la la la la, la la la.

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In this Hadith, the Messenger of Allah Salam probably took people by surprise. He said by Allah is not he's not a true believer by Allah is not a true believer by Allah is not a true believer.

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What would you guys expect after that?

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will be a big shock, right? While the professor said repeat that three times anyway? Why did you repeat that three times. So he the emphasis, that's one way of looking at it. The other way of looking at some grammar, they say when the professor said repeat something three times, he repeats it in three directions.

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Why is that?

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So he gives attention. He gives basic attention to each side of the gathering and the congregation like if you speak solos like this, doesn't decide they might feel left out.

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Or he repeats something repeated multiple times, like I showed you later on how to set kind of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the professor some he used to repeat the statement multiple times type diagram and so people can understand from him. So when the Prophet used to speak, he is the 10th it is the turn to the left is to turn to the people who are actually environment to make sure that everybody understand the statement. So he says, Allah, Holloman violence Allah. He's not a true believer, by Allah. He is not a true believer By Allah, He is not a true believer.

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Now everybody understood or heard that statement, right? What is going on through their minds and their hearts right now?

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Whoa, they got scared right there. First of all, they thought the prophet SAW speaker about one person in particular, right. And if the Prophet was speaking about one person in particular, and they knew how the Prophet xlsm was inspired, that means Allah has thought about somebody, that he's not a true believer, that means the person is considered what?

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When I feel hypocrite, that person is doomed, right? And that that congregation of Medina had many, many hypocrites. So people were so terrified, scared to be exposed, and publicly be called by name. This person is not a believer. Therefore he is a hypocrite. That was a very scary statement for them. So now when the Prophet says that he's not a true believer is not a true believer is not a true believer. Everybody's just like, Whoa, Who could that be? And now suddenly, everybody's thinking about who?

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by themselves. If someone like Rama rhodiola, on he suspected himself, right? Rama suspected himself he went to LA because I asked about Allah. The professor Sam called me When did you call me hypocrite that's on the line. So here everybody probably suspecting in that moment right now that they're doomed. Oh, my God. This is. This is Carlo Monte rasulillah. Who is?

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Again, they expected the Prophet salaallah Salah to give one to one name in particular. But the prophet SAW Selim, he wasn't speaking about one individual in particular, he was speaking about a category. He said Allah de la mano Jara, who the

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one who's neighbor does not feel safe from his evil?

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Who could that be Gemma?

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And you guess?

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Who could that be? One whose neighbor cannot feel safe from his evil?

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That could be anybody. Right? Could be me. Could be you could be the one sitting next to you, anybody? Which means in order to avoid falling into this category, what do you need to do?

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To make sure your neighbors are safe from your evil?

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What kind of evil? Are we talking about agenda?

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Are we talking about throwing rocks at them and cursing at them and painting their doors? You know, wood, wood graffiti and all that stuff? Is that what we're talking about? That's part of it, obviously, but what else? That could be something that's considered evil in the standards and the culture of neighborhood like what

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is it ignoring them?

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I mean, that's gonna be neutralizing it. But what about

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Back Biron probably keep talking to them about, you know, whatever else, especially nowadays we have web we have actually apps, like next door. And for example, if you guys know what that what that app is, people in the same zip corcept neighborhood, they can they can chitchat and talk to each other about what's going on the neighborhood. And sometimes some neighbors, they talk about other neighbors. These are terrorists, these are this or that and all this kind of stuff happening on these two hand on these apps. And it's sometimes depressing just to read what people how people comment about each other and lampstand. That's even.

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That's even imagine if Muslims getting involved and engaged in this kind of conversation about their neighbors. And that on that, on that app, well, everybody in the neighborhood and zip code would know about the number of their house, the street where they live in. So basically, they know which houses the meaning they expose them to even more dangerous or more evil.

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Okay, how about you know, blocking the driveway?

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What do you guys think of that?

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Is that even, of course, about you know, park your car on their, on their front lawn?

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I mean, hamdullah they're our neighbors. They'll be okay with that. What do you guys think?

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What have your kids keep going to their flowers because our flowers are so pretty so they could pick their flowers up. It's a Mashallah our neighbors are good. They know their kids, they don't mind. They're a charlatan.

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They paid money for this.

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So whatever they considered something you hate for yourself. And we hate that people will will do to you in the house and in the neighborhood. Make sure that you don't expose your neighbors to this. Now, we're not asking you to take the extra mile and be nice to them. We don't ask you to knock on each one's door and give him a hug every time you come back from work. And every time we go to work in the morning says Do you guys want anything? Can I get you something in the grocery store? You don't have to do that with them. Just simply don't be bad.

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Don't let them see an evil from you. If they're not gonna see any good from you. Just don't let them see anything evil from you. Otherwise, that threat the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned is really dangerous, he said sobre la sala another narration lie at origin. Which means this explains the meaning of the other narration the Prophet says La la la elopement is not a true believer is not a true believer is not a true believer. They are the narration says lie at origin. He now will he will not intergender the one whose neighbor is not safe from this evil. That's very dangerous. Last point. And last question very much comes to someone's mind. Does that mean if someone acts in a bad

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way towards their neighbors, Muslims or non Muslim doesn't matter? If someone acts that bad to the neighbor? Does it mean based on this head if this person will be completely considered or the villa out of the fold of Islam? Because the Prophet says will lie alone and right? He's not a true believer

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will look at the translation that I'm using. He is not a true believer. Didn't say he's not a believer.

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What does that exactly mean? That means this statement is actually speaks about the perfection of their faith, not the validity of the faith.

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So if someone falls into this trap into this category, that means it's not there. They leave they go out of the fold of Islam. No, it's just a matter of quality of the faith will be considered in jeopardy. If the person becomes consistent other acts, it might take them out of older Islam or develop it just like any other habit on our last panel on the prophet SAW Selim says, I had to manipulate Allah, the son of the hypocrites or three and he mentioned the three signs that Allah they say that doesn't mean the person is fully hypocrite. But the person basically has qualities of hypocrisy if they practice these things similar to this hadith as well, in this, in this hadith also

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in the

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last panel that it says, will embody for 2 million million apathetic anti Fattah

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if two groups of the believers fight against each other, then reconcile between them he called them believers even though they fought against each other. And we know the prophets Allah Allah mentioned the Hadith that if if people they fight the swords meet both of them orange Johanna so that's basically is a sign of a sign of bankruptcy and go for but doesn't make the person again, you can have our folders, MLS panel data protect us from any access to practice or umbrella mean or to be able to neighbors or a brand in Las Vegas among those who have good neighbors, Allah, Allah, any questions?

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To the people.

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The professor, the question is, as a professor Sam explained this evil in any way like that he gave any measure? What does it even mean? The answer is what now I don't know that the practices are mentioned anywhere in the Hadith.

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But he says he used the word amanat manjaro Baba and Goliath in the Arabic language. It's a general statement for

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Sure, which means all kinds of evil. He didn't say major or minor, like anything that's considered bad. Anything people considered evil in the context of neighborhood, they will count. Like if you throw trash around the driveway, for example, even if you let's say, You're the only house where the lawn in front of your house as martial arts, like as Savannah has become three feet high, and everybody's martial to maintain their, their, their households and their cleanness of their lawn and flowers, and so on. Why? Because that will affect the quality of the neighborhood, and the prices and the precipitation of the area and so forth. So that also counts as part of the evil but is it?

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Is it something like blocking someone's driveway or throwing trash at their other place? No, but definitely, it is considered bad that you need to take care of Allah. Now, yes.

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We talk about what the evil if someone has some kind of evil against the neighbors in the area and so on, do they have to go and seek forgiveness from everybody? Well, if it was done on that app, for example, one statement saying to all the neighbors, I've heard, you know, potential unintentionally, I apologize, a secret forgiveness of language. But if it wasn't done there, do you have to go and knock on each one's door. I mean, there is no obligation. But if you know something, that it's half of the neighbor that you need to give it back to them in any way, then you're going to have to go. And let me just say, by the way, I think I owe you that much money because my kids, they destroy

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your let's say, your shrubs and bushes in the area, you should have, you should do that online. And by the way, just to give you an idea, just to give you a disclaimer over here, when you when you try to show kindness to neighbors, also keep it within the context of what is considered reasonable. Because unfortunately, and as Muslim, you might try to be that good neighbor to your neighbors around you. Some of them may be there understand that concept like we do as Muslims, so they might take advantage of you.

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Do you do you let go and let them take advantage of you? The answer is no. I'm being frank with you. Something happened with me actually, a few years back when we first moved here, we had a trampoline in the backyard. And one of those windy nights, or half is the next day in the morning. We wake up it was very windy actually very very windy that at night so when we woke up the next day in the morning, there was no trampoline in the backyard. Big trampoline huge. disappeared, vanished. And

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where did it go? What happened to it? I hope someone stole it but no no one got hurt and because of that, but somehow I went out looking crazy in the morning early in the morning looking for it just looking all around and then finally I found it four or five houses ahead on the front yard auction a driveway or one of the neighbors Angela no cars were damaged. No lives were lost fertilizer. But the trampoline hit a couple of houses so broke the fence between me and the neighbor next door and the guy next door went over his his roof and then eventually fell in front of the third house. So as a neighborhood neighbor I went to their houses knock on the door says hey guys add to my trampoline

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did so and so. I apologize if there is anything I can do for you shall I would appreciate if you let me know. So it can you know can do something about it. Man, after two days, this has brought me a list.

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And they realize that they're trying to take advantage of course the roof was destroyed anyways because of the not the trampoline because of the weather. So they wanted to do the whole thing. And they're asking me basically to pay that much money. And I'm just like looking at him I says so you basically want me to pay your your copay with the insurance company, right? Because I didn't mean that says are you serious? That's what you're trying to do right now.

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So they want me to pay basically their their share with insurance for them to fix I said I'm sorry, I'm not gonna do that.

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I'm gonna fix that, that that fence between me and you and that's it. So eventually, yeah, if that courtesy that you show is going to be taken advantage of. You have all the right to stop it.

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A lot.