Nouman Ali Khan – A Deeper Look – Surah Abasa – Be Sincere Only for Allah

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering to yourself and to act with your body to improve oneself is emphasized. The use of words and phrases to describe experiences and moments in life is also emphasized. The importance of sharing beneficial information and a reminder to rejuvenate the message is emphasized. The universal value of the message is discussed, including the physical and emotional needs of individuals. The importance of understanding the architecture of surahs and connections between individuals is emphasized.
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Allah azza wa jal is acknowledging that you will not know from their outwardly behavior that there's something pure and beautiful going on on the inside. And that's when you will appreciate the next time. Well, now you recall the Allahu Yasaka. And what would give you any clue DARIAH in Arabic DARIAH is to take Allama take some kind of indication or a clue, and from it arrive at a conclusion discovery. In other words, to put it in simple English, you don't have any tools means now no clue at your disposal by which you might discover that Allahu Yasaka, that he may have come to you to better himself.

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You know, when people come to you, especially if they're being obnoxious or they're being socially inappropriate, then your first thought is to think why couldn't they act better? Don't they have, you know, the decency to do this later? Don't they see, I'm busy right now. Like, all this law, these thoughts come in your head about why are you talking to me so loudly? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing because we have certain norms we're accustomed to, and they're not abiding by those norms. And Allah says, Stop thinking this way, acknowledge that there may be something really there desire that Allah who is Zakah hopefully wants to cleanse himself even just a little bit. And

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Allah azza wa jal beautifully said, Yes. Zeca here not yet as AKQA yet as a means to completely cleanse yourself. Yes, Zakka mudra and form is to at least start off cleansing yourself. Because I'm not one gathering when the prophets I said, I'm gonna tell him one thing, you know that one thing might be more, at least he starts on his road to becoming better than Allah who has DACA. And in it, there's actually a very powerful hint for believers, and for Muslims who want to better themselves, that you know, any reminder, you people, people, often I hear this all the time, what's the point of going to speeches and lectures and talks, nothing ever changes

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to all these speeches, and nothing ever changes, and people are listening to all these lectures, but nothing really because you checked everybody's heart and nothing changes. I'm really glad you have that kind of vision. Because I don't, what's the point of all these conferences all these people attend, and they're like, feel better about themselves, and the OMA is still where it is. Thank you for letting me know that you have a hawk's eye on the entire OMA, and what goes on inside and outside. Tell me this for those 950 years. What's new today, sir, I'm doing you know what you would call it nowadays giving speeches?

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What is the Quran in its entirety? Speech.

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That's what it is. sincere words, will do a few things. The best case scenario is that someone tries to make themselves a better person on the mobile phone, Heidi, well, Baraka, which is what is the key is to make yourself to advance yourself to take this advice to heart and to actually do something about it. And by the way, those who are impaired, like the blind one, do they have equal opportunity? They don't. So the few opportunities they get they value the more, don't they? And so you may hear hours and hours and hours of stuff, and they may hear 10 minutes worth of stuff, but they took more advantage of those 10 minutes than you were maybe took you taking of hours of stuff

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that you heard, or you learned, there's a difference, because there's a there's a rare commodity for them. They value it more, you know, but so the best case scenario is you actually do change, you hear something, and it changes your behavior right away. But there's another scenario. Or the other scenario is that you hear something and you're taking it in and you're pondering over it, and you're thinking about it, and you go back and think about it some more. And this is actually what's called the core, the core means that you remembered it, it lingered in your mind, you haven't changed yet, but at least your mind has started to change, your thoughts have started to change. So what's the

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other case scenario? Oh, yeah, that Carl, or he may take benefit from the reminder, meaning you won't see an outwardly change, but something's happening on the inside. You know, Maharshi or Ramana behaved means a couple of things. The one who fears or Rockman in the unseen means on the outside, you don't see them change at all. But something's going on. On the inside, there's something taking place. You know, the change of a human being is often compared with the change of a plant growing. And the most important part of the life of a plant is what's happening under the ground. The seed is turning into roots and Astok. But most of the for a good part of that growth. You don't see anything

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above the ground. There's something happening but all of it is in the unseen things are changing inside a person's heart when they hear something, but you don't they don't walk out of here and become a different person right away. There's there's time that's taken. It takes time to grow it and foster and so Oh, yeah. vicco in the is saying okay, maybe he'll learn something and it'll improve him right away. That's Yes. Daca or the other scenario? Oh, yes, Zachary or he will make an effort to remember later on, and he'll apply this or think about it and in

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and foster other thoughts in him for attending the crowd and down the road. That powerful reminder that you gave him. Victor decries the mobila form of vicar, that powerful reminder that you gave him will actually be of benefit to him. Meaning even if it doesn't benefit him right now, maybe it'll benefit him down the road in the future. You know, there couldn't be there are things that I learned from my father when I was like nine years old, about giving charity.

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At the time, I don't have any money to give anybody. I remember those things after I started making money.

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And I remember those words of my father from when I was nine years old. In other words, that reminder was given, but you weren't able to benefit from that reminder until many years later that happens, doesn't it? Look at what happens with my favorite is actually the story of abuse of police around use of asylums Father raised Him. He was separated from his father at a very early age. Many years later, he was in jail. Do you know this? So he like he was with his dad, maybe by the age of seven or eight or nine, whatever that age was, he was cut off from his family. Now he's being raised as a servant, and he's a young man, maybe he's in his 20s. And now he's in jail. When he's in jail,

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he talks to other prison inmates. And he describes to them that he belongs to a family of noble prophets and he believes in Ibrahim Ismail is hug and he starts mentioning the lineage Where did he learn that lineage? Where did he get that reminder from? He got that reminder years ago when he was a kid from his dad. Yeah, cool. And it came to benefit others weighed on the road. Don't underestimate the value of sharing something beneficial. You know, like that. I argue every Masjid every Masjid every Salah every single prayer there shouldn't be a two minute three minutes some reminder. Some I have the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet saw him something of benefit, something of

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value, you never know what will what that seed will turn into what good that will bring for that good enough. Our technical reminder reminder carries benefit. As a matter of fact, the entire Quran is called reminder for that reason, we need this you can't just say oh, I know it already. I can't say that either. You know, we have to we need to be you know, rejuvenated over and over again with reminder now. We are up until now. Oh my God, Allah Allah who years ago? Oh, yeah, the carova and for Allah vichara lotus, how much emphasis Allah placed on what's going on inside the heart of Abdullah ibn Al Maktoum. And Allah didn't even say this is definitely happening inside of him. He

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says, How do you know? He told the prophet? Well, my Eureka, what would give you any clue? Maybe he wants to become a better person. Maybe he wants to benefit from the reminder, all of these are good enough reasons for you to give him time and attention.

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But the same is true of the other side, isn't it? I mean, the leader that he's talking to he might want to benefit from the reminder. He might want to become a better person. That argument could hold true for the opposite end too. But Allah ends that argument himself and says Amma, Minister of China

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as for the one who feels like he doesn't need any reminder is still not in Arabic comes from Medina. Elena means a lady Eleni Allah De La Jolla. Fee che were Kulu hudon Mataji nila junella. Hey, Ronnie in Arabic means someone who doesn't need anybody else and everybody else seems to depend on them. That's certainly okay. They don't need anybody. Everybody needs them. Meaning super wealthy people super influential people. Everybody's waiting for their decision. They're depending on them. They don't depend on anybody. They they set the schedule for everybody. Nobody can set the schedule on them. It's those kinds of people. But Allah didn't say emalahleni He said Amma Manas Tana, as for

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the one who feels like they don't need anyone. As for the one who feels like they're above and beyond any need any dependents. This is Allah highlighting not what this person is doing on the outside. But what they feel on the inside Allah is actually taking us inside the heart of the audience of the Prophet's life. So them a camera angle that you and I are not capable of. We don't know what's going goes on inside of a person. But Allah does. So Allah offers insight to the Prophet size on them. It's ironic that Allah showed the Prophet SAW Salem that a blind one may have good in him, and you are blind to the evil that is inside this person. It's pretty ironic. Now this is gonna

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have a person this is highlighting people who will never benefit. So let's first talk about the universal value of this attitude. Minister.

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There are I've met people like this actually, even more recently, Muslims.

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One convention somebody came to me and said, Why do I need Islam?

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Tell me what what does it bring me in my life? I have a job. I have a family. I have health. I'm happy everything. Everything that I do. I'm happy with

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If I go to sleep happy at night, I don't really see that I have a need for religion. I don't know why I need it. That, by definition is a signal, I don't need it.

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I have everything already.

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As if you your material needs and your emotional needs being fulfilled is enough for you. So let me try to answer that in a maybe a contemporary way. I haven't talked about this previously in this way. But I feel it's important enough that I highlight this for you. Hopefully, this will help you inshallah and some other aspects of your life too. You can think of it from the Islamic point of view that we are human beings are made up of three things. Okay? We're a physical body. So we have physical needs. We are an emotional creature. So we have emotional needs. And we are a spiritual creature. And so we have spiritual needs. So there are three kinds of needs, physical, emotional,

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and spiritual. These are all connected with each other. They're all intertwined with each other.

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Give you a simple example. If I didn't have lunch today, what need did I not fulfill my physical need, because I didn't have lunch, I'm cranky.

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Whatever, I just messed up my emotions, because I'm cranky. When I prayed, I didn't concentrate. What did I just mess up? The spiritual. But the problem wasn't that I have no clue and Salah, the problem was I'm in a bad mood. But the reason I'm in a bad mood is because I didn't eat so the physical can affect the emotional and the emotional can affect the spiritual, they're all connected with each other. When somebody comes along and says, I have no need. And they say I have no physical need, and I have no emotional need.

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What are they denying?

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That they actually have, in fact, spiritual needs, but they are blind to it.

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And you know, this, these three things are important to understand for every Muslim, because a lot of times you have an emotional problem, you have an emotional problem, and you're trying to find a spiritual solution.

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Or you have a physical problem and you're trying to find a spiritual solution, or you have a spiritual problem and you're trying to find a physical solution.

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You have a stomachache, which do I should I read, you have food poisoning, go get yourself checked in.

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Then make dua to

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the spiritual only works if you understand that there are Allah created laws and principles for all three of these, you know, there's if you're in an abusive relationship, then it's not da, you have to take care of the emotional abuse that's happening. And on top of that, there's DHA. And by the way, what does the what is the role of the spiritual, the role of the spiritual is that it guides your emotional needs, and it guides your physical needs. So you don't let either one of them override the other and go in and balance. That's what the role of our spiritual life is, you know. And so when people come along and say they have no need, it's actually because they don't realize

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that there's something inside them deep inside them that is hungry for spiritual fulfillment. They've just reduced themselves to nothing more than an animal. I'm Minister Nana, as for the one who feels like he doesn't need alakina and Keifa I am already full. I don't need anything else. What is the prophets of What is Allah say to the prophet for under law who does

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I love this HYAH Anta Allahu Tada. The way you can say this, you know, in Arabic, they have a principle it says Title Colombia, Kala Dalada is the best way to talk as you say the least words, and you get the point across. And you could do that in Arabic. And this is as follows for that Assad Allah Who done towards the Saddam law who are unders what Anta law who does have that turning them into a Joomla ischemia and making you feel bad that you don't study Arabic yet because I want you to learn this stuff. So you appreciate the taste of Quran. turning this into a Joomla is MIA what is it? Do you have all people, you and for him? You are giving an extra year and you're relentlessly

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pursuing him and you're so interested in getting his attention. That's the word Masada. Before I go further, I want to explain to you what the Sunda means where it comes from a sada who has a BA in Allah the Yasser ruble Lail work for zuka Zan and the bird that is very relentless and annoying at night that keeps on chirping and it goes from jumps from one branch to another and keeps on chirping and won't won't be quiet is actually called a sada Masada Allah the UG Buka be with the Celtic filthy believer Haiti has sada is also the echo that you hear at a valley if you say hello, what do you get back? Hello, hello. That's sada. Okay. The echo and from it comes the verb to sada and Asada

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actually means a town wha hoo hoo.

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Lithia says Shifu now the vanilla he when somebody keeps going back to somebody, like an echo keeps coming back, or that bird doesn't give up, you are so relentless to find any opportunity to meet with this elite guy and get your message to him. You're so concerned with him. By the way, Allah told the messenger to be concerned with him. But now Allah is saying, in comparison to that blind sahabi, who everybody thinks is worthless compared to him. This guy deserves no attention from you. You should try to get his attention. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It shouldn't be the other way around. You are the messenger of Allah, you carry the word of Allah, it's far more dignified for

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you to try to go towards him. For antenna who does OTA and so Allah says, well, ma alayka Allah Zakka. And this by the way in for interlocutor sada is a shock to the agile, you you can't do this. You shouldn't be doing this. Why am I Lekha? Allah zakat means two things, you're not going to be held responsible if he doesn't become a better person, let me tell you.

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And I miss translated on purpose. I said, if he doesn't become a better person, right? I said, if I'll miss translate again until then I'll correct it. The one meaning is you won't be held responsible. Well, my Alec also means you're not a criminal that he doesn't become if he doesn't become a better person, if he doesn't cleanse himself. Now let me correct that if the Arabic would have been Wilma alayka in layers Zika or malaika inliers Zika. Well, I can now call subhanaw taala, Anika Elias AKA, there's a huge difference between the two, on the one side, it would have meant you wouldn't be held responsible if he didn't purify himself. But that's not what Allah said. Allah says

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you won't be held responsible now that I know not. And I'm letting you know he won't be purifying himself.

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The fact that he's not going to be purifying himself is not holding you responsible. In other words, Allah did not make that if it might happen. It's not going to happen. I'm telling you what's going on inside this guy's heart. Allah passed his verdict on this person.

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This is important for us to recognize because only Allah gets to pass that verdict. You don't get to use these ayat for anybody.

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Because only Allah can know what's going on inside someone's heart and sometimes Allah will let you know and sometimes Allah won't. You notice in the previous Surah, you found Allah did not let Musa know what's going on inside ferons heart.

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Allah said Allah, Allah Yasaka

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Raghu Rama, maybe you'll become, you know, what are the aka Iranica Tasha call halacha Allah and Desica tell them maybe I can I invite you, you might become a good person. Speak to him softly. You remember that?

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Meaning Allah didn't say that. And Allah could have told Musa they said, I've looked around last cause let me tell you, if there ever was a lost cause it's this guy. Nope, didn't tell him. But in the case of the prophets, I saw him right now. He told me, what are we learning? We're learning only Allah gets to decide when he tells them when he doesn't tell, which means this is out of our hands. This is not on us. We cannot know what's going on inside somebody's heart. We cannot know whether they're beyond hope. Or they have this attitude that they don't need or whatever. That attitude if it's really deeply rooted in the heart is only known to Allah. Well, Amma menjaga. Now the amazing

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thing, Allah comes back to Abdullah, the surah started with Abdullah, he's blind he came to you. How do you know he doesn't want to benefit himself or maybe later on, he'll benefit from the reminder remember all of that. Now he comes back to Abdullah again, and says, Well, Imam and Jaya, and as for the one who came running to you, the one who came to you with so much effort? jakka Yes, ah, by the way, it's playing off of what we already learned in the previous surah I have to hold myself back my Thiet my principle right now is I want to try to explain to you what's going on inside one surah comprehensively. And I want to finish the entire Quran that way, eventually, and then talk about the

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connections between soloists because there's lots of connections, but I want to hold back on that part. Because my theory right now is I want to understand the architecture of each surah. Well, before I compare it to what came before what came after it. Now some of those connections you can see very easily, so sometimes I can't help myself. Like for example, yo, Maya Carolyn's Hello masa, the day, a human being will remember all the efforts that they made. Speaking of effort, did you see this one who came making effort to you, a mama Jaga as the one who asked for the one who came to you running, making effort, well, who are Yaksha

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and he's full of fear. He's full of fear. Now there's two verbs here running and fear.

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If you notice these two verbs occurred in the context of the pharaoh in the previous surah. Right before Allah said that he had the bad ISR he was running in the wrong direction, basically. And the hope was that he would become fearful when the ACA Ihlara Becca, Tasha, he was the opposite. Now you're finding this, he and he one of the most powerful human beings that ever lived in

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out done and outshined by a blind man in the Surah, because he has both of those qualities in him. He has on the on the one hand Jack is Raja, aka Yes.

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And then well who are you and on top of that he's the one who's full of fear. He's the one that's valued. Well, who is so beautiful how the Quran rearranges class society to Allah, the people of value are the people who have fear of Allah in their hearts. That's valuable to Allah, nothing else is a value, no status in societies of value, there's a reason we have rose in prayer, not determined by your economic status, your ethnicity, the clothes you're wearing, is none of those things. That doesn't determine where you stand in Salah. When we stand in front of Allah, we all put our head down the same way. We all stand with humility, the same way. All of our designations, doctor,

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student, high school dropout, you know, homeless, but all of those disappear, we're just slaves five times a day, we're reminded you're no different. You're no no different. And that should actually it's not just an exercise in prayer. That's an exercise in how we should deal with each other. But it's very hard to do that. It's really hard to do that you sometimes you meet people, and they want to be treated special, because they really are convinced that they're very special.

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Because of the money they make, or because of the fame they have, or because of whatever else, they really they expect it.

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I can tell you, I've met people like that. And I don't make them feel special. I make them feel normal. And they don't like that very much because normal is offensive to them.

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When I won't name people, obviously, when you can come to me and say, Do you know who I am?

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Yeah. Nice to meet you. That's it.

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want to get some pizza or something? What do you want me to do?

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I'm not gonna fan girl you like?

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Like, I don't do those. I don't do those. The only time I get nervous around people are, they're not even famous. But they're incredible scholars that I've learned from that who's who's whose character whose knowledge whose wisdom whose advice humbles me, and I'm when I'm around them, I get, I get shaky, you know, but other than

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that, it's no big deal. We're just normal. And then some people try to do the other. I'm not gonna treat you like anything special. So I'll go out of my way to insult you. You don't have to do that either. Like put me in my place. I'm already in my place, bro. I don't need to put in

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place, you know. So while who is shot on this, and by the way, in the previous solar something so beautiful in number one zero. Man Yaksha. You are a warner meant for the one who will be fearful your role is to serve the fearful one. And now the fearful one is the blind one. So you should be at his service. Our messenger has told some LaGuardia. And so Allah says, into

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same sequence, and you have all people you the Messenger of Allah, you are distracted away from him. Allah Who Who are Kulu che in shahada, and che anything that takes you away preoccupies you from something else is called The who tenaha You are going to be even the least bit distracted from him. He's the VIP, according to Allah, so many IATA about him.

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And I want you to appreciate the contrast between the ayat the first few ayat where the fact that he's blind, which means he should be given courtesy, the fact that you don't know what's going on in his heart, so you should give him benefit of the doubt.

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Which is from the human point of view, you don't know, all you know is that he's blind. So you should be courteous, and you should give benefit of the doubt. But by the end of this passage, Allah says, Let me tell you what you don't know. Let me tell you that he came from a long distance and made a lot of effort to get here. Jha okay. Yes, it means to make a lot of effort to come somewhere. And yes, it means to put a lot of effort in it. On top of that, the extra effort for being blind, and his enthusiasm is captured. Then on top of that, well, who Ayesha and He's fearful of Allah he he not the other one is fearful of Allah, who will know that a person carries the fear of Allah and

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their heart, only Allah can know that. So Allah is now telling you, in addition to the benefit of the doubt you're supposed to give him I'm gonna put my stamp of approval on him. And I'm letting you know he's actually fearful certified by Allah Allahu Ayesha, can you imagine someone mentioned in the Quran, who Allah says is fearful of Allah guarantees their health the Akasha with a remarkable honor given to Abdullah Al Maktoum, if you would think these are these are ayat that insult him or he really no, no, it's the other way around. It's the other way around. You know, every time he used to meet the prophets, I saw them every time. Do you have any need? Anything I can do for you?

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anything, just tell me anything I can do for you every time you'd walk in

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you know anything at all? And then he would say Marhaba demon out of any fee out of any hola Hui. I welcome you. You're the one that got me in trouble with Allah

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you're such a VIP I got in trouble with Allah cuz you you're a big deal. Every time he'd come Can I get you anything? Are you okay? Can I get you every time he'd be leaving Hey, before you go can I get you something? Is there anything you need at all? Like he got VIP status from Rasulullah saw Saddam for Life for life. And he was left in charge of Medina a couple of times this this love from Medina was given to him a couple of times because the Prophet of Islam highlighted him that much and you don't handle how Allah said and you got distracted from him. And what is the prophet do ourselves and his entire life he was never distracted from Abdullah bin Al Maktoum

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always extra care for our beloved on McTell. Incredible, beautiful thing to read about you

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guys You just watched a short clip from the surah what I want you to do now is go through the entire Surah with me. It's called the deeper look series and you can catch it on Vienna under the deeper look section so get started

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