The Muslim Problem in Uk

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When we look at atrocities that have happened in, in countries like Germany, in countries in Europe, and countries in the Western Hemisphere, for example, we see that they, there was always a kind of like a buildup.

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a buildup of hate, for example, that have been has been targeted to a specific subgroup. When you look at, for example, Interwar Germany and Italy, we look at that in action, obviously, with the Nazi Party and anti semitism that took place. It wasn't overnight. It wasn't in a historical vacuum, that people were killed and gassing in chambers and things like that was in fact a slow build up of hate that was built up over a long span of time. Look at, for example, the pogroms that took place or the Enabling Act, which Hitler used to oppress and exploit Jewish people. This is evidently clear to discriminate against any particular subgroup, there must be a popular effort to really build hate

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within communities, and there is incredible propaganda now against Muslim people. This must be combated, this must be countered, I think, is when we look at a lot of the right wing groups, we find that they have very similar traits. To Interwar Germany and Italy, find that there many times white separatists ultra nationalist assimilationist, we find that they have deep rooted hatred towards a subgroup, which in this case is the Muslim community. And what we must do is we must counter that narrative.

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And the reason we must counter that narrative is because if we don't do it, and if we don't take initiative in this, then we'll be drowned by the same kind of hatred that preceded the nations and the peoples of the past. So we can't let history repeat itself in this way. We can't sit idly by waiting and seeing how history will take its course. That's why it's very important that you become a dowel movement member today, and support us by clicking the link below. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Don't forget to share subscribe and light and join the Dow movement while becoming a bowel movement member today by clicking the link below