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The transcript discusses the history and importance of Hadith's ridden career, including his importance in wedding ceremony and his use of actions to achieve his spiritual goals. The segment emphasizes the need to rectify and rebuild behavior towards achieving goals, such as wiping off garden turf and doing something silly. The segment also touches on the importance of pursuing spiritual goals and using actions and emotions to achieve them.

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Man Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa Ala Moana starin on istockphoto. When are all to blame in Cerulean for tsunami and say Dr. Molina, Mayor de lo furthermore deliver on a little further ahead, Yella Shadwell Illa in the hula Cherie Keller shadow, Mohammed Abdullah solo, am I back about to fall in the cul de sac eatable hiral had you had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam or shortfill ohmori much lesser to her or Colombo desert in VEDA wakulla bidet in dollar local, da da da da, da

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would begin our journey studying prophetic traditions, or speaking about elements of faith and devotion, commitment, how to better our lives, the more the most key ingredient inside our lives. That indeed the whole of life revolves around is one's devotion and sincerity and commitment towards Allah Subhana. Allah does the compiler of this collection of 40 or 42, a hadith that we find a mom of no way in his compilation of our brain and our via, which has been granted COBOL acceptance throughout the Islamic world, you find no home or

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no Masjid complete except that you find a copy of the 40, a hadith or a copy of Rio de Sala hidden gardens, of the righteous inside the masjid, inside a Masjid in a house of a Muslim being. The reason as somebody earlier mentioned that possibly there could be the great acceptance of this book, and his works by the Muslim Ummah, at large is the element of sincerity. In his works and his devotion, commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah does the scholars have extracted the benefits of sincerity, that acceptance is placed upon this earth for the individual and a greater acceptance inside the hereafter for the individual, by Allah Subhana Allah, whatever it is, we do, comes to an

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end. When we're in the labor, whatever is with Allah subhanaw taala it remains a one form of remaining is a good deeds that a person leaves upon this dunya so with that in mind, we begin our journey with the first Hadith that he places inside his compilation. And indeed, this hadith is not just placed by him, but prior to that we find many of the books of Hadith begin the discourses or the discussions with this hadith to such a degree that we find 90 or so books of Hadith. They begin the discussion of the place this hadith inside their compilations. And this shows the magnitude of the importance

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on focusing on one soul or one's heart and the purity of the heart. Because many commandments are given inside the Quran, which are not just for Muslims, but for the average people, or everybody at large. With some of us we fail to understand the key ingredients inside the Quran. I express explicit discussions or advice for all of us. For example, last winter I mentioned warmer O'Meara allele Abdullah meclizine Allah Deen, there were only commanded to worship Allah Subhana Allah, in single oneness, devotion, commitment to only Allah Subhana Allah, this commandment was for the people of the book. And likewise for us Muslims as well to be sincere towards Allah Subhana Allah.

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We find inside the book of Allah Subhana Allah, whereby he mentioned the first commandment inside sort of Bukhara Yeah, your Buddha book melodica Lacan, Valentina, Minh publikum lakum, the taco one, oh, mankind. And the strange thing about this verse, which is one of the first commandment commandments inside the Quran, Allah addresses the whole of mankind human beings, all mankind, worship your Lord, who created you, and those before you, that you may attain piety and consciousness towards Allah Subhana Allah. In another place inside the Quran, Allah mentions once again speaking about addressing all of creation, mankind human beings, what God was saying alladhina

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Wu Tang Kitab a macabre coma Jaco and takala we did give the legacy that advice to you and those people that came before you, that you should fear only Allah Subhana Allah

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And even more so in this blessed month of Ramadan. Strange is Allah. Allah mentioned yet your leadin ermanno quotevalet camassia mukana quotevalet Latina Min kubla Khan, La La come the taco Are you believe fasting has been prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you the nations that people that came before you that you may attain consciousness, devotion and commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala devotion and commitment. The main theme begins from within the heart of commitment towards Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's as Muslims, we always need to go back and question ourselves, the actions that we're doing, the mundane affairs inside our life, what is our

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intent? What do we want to achieve? And even a greater goals in life? Whether it be an admirable motto for Nahanni Moncure or in accord and forbidding the evil, religious discourse and advices that we find giving of Dawa? What is the bottom line

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intent of these actions? What do we intend to achieve? What do we want to do? So, the science of of always going through checking oneself is the beginning and the journey of the Muslim in the relationship towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And thus we find that the focus towards Allah Subhana Allah all of our actions is paramount inside the end of Surah An am the sixth chapter the Quran, which is a side point is near enough a whole sorta which speaks about the heat and the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah throughout this sorta till even at the end that we find a loss panda Allah mentions called inner celerity when usuki when mahaya over Murthy layerable al amin, luxury Kela,

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who would be dyadic over two and a woolen Muslim in say, indeed my, my prayers, my sacrifice, my living, my dying, are all to be attributed or devoted to Allah Subhana Allah, I associate no partners with him. And I'm amongst the first and foremost of those individuals who submit to Allah Subhana Allah. In other place in the Quran Allah mentioned mentioned Allah Allah He Dino Hollis to Allah Subhana Allah belongs to pure sincere Deen total commitment and devotion to Allah Subhana Allah sincerity in itself, linguistically has a deeper meaning of extracting any ailments or any impurities. Just some of the aroma of language have mentioned that hulu's is just like how you

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extract take away the wax and you refine the honey and it's purified. Does we find even a loss pounder speaks about toboe Allah doesn't mention to us Muslim just to make a simple Toba and repentance to him. So Canada Allah, he mentioned yeah you Latina ermine or tubu illa. Allah He told button so her Are you a believer repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, repentance which is full of sincerity, devotion and commitment to him Subhana Allah Shang the uniqueness in all of the actions that we do, we exert efforts to make it pure, purify our intention purify our inner self, in the actions that we do, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We find that some of the earlier mentioned speaking about sincerity, various passages inside the Quran, for example, we find the beginning of SoTL molk a sort of 30 verses whereby you find various ahaadeeth that this is a sort of which is known as a man you're the one that prevents the punishment inside the grave, whereby it begins by mentioning tamerica lady via deal milk. Well, who are luckily Shane, Adi, Allah de holla con Mota will hire to the blue accom au comm sandworm Allah, Glorified by Allah Subhana Allah, in whose hand is the dominion, the power, all of the world's he's the one that created death and life to see who amongst you is going to be the best in-actions, Allah subhanaw

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taala never said, a thorough amarilla who's going to do the most actions, who's going to be the best in actions? If you read numerous, the first few books of explaining of the Ayat of Allah Subhana, Allah methylone. If you look at the Tafseer remember, we explain this verse, he mentions that Allah, Allah highlights whoever does the best of actions, the best of actions, has two conditions or two criterias that belong to it. Whatever is mercan, a colossal who was a swab or whatever is pure, and whatever is correct, then he himself explains what it means for something to be pure. Pure means that the intentions insert sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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What a swell boohoo that which is done in accordance with the Sunnah and the teachings of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. These are two key ingredients for every single Muslim for the actions that they do inside their life, for it to be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah. At times, people may get over emotional about why these two criterias I mentioned, but this is the benchmark for us for all of us to learn, because many Muslims, on average are sincere, but at times they may divert away from the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and some Muslims may be very overindulgent in the practice of the Sunnah. But there are times the intention becomes questionable

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which they need to refine and that's in another place inside the Quran. In the end of sort of gap that we find the 18th chapter or on once again another surah one should be regular in reciting on normal drummer 110 verses, we find a lost count I mentioned the end of the surah. Speaking about once again actions being acceptable by Allah subhanho wa Taala for men, kana arugula or a bee failure, MLM. So while you should be aware that you are be ahead, wherever aspires and hopes to meet his Lord Allah Subhana, Allah and the final day, let him then be devoted and committed to a Lost Planet Allah and associate no partners with him. So if we see this verse at the end of SoTL calf,

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verse 110, as we just recited or mentioned, here, once again in the cathedral, inside is the seed was classified as a moment of Assyrian gives exactly the same two conditions for an action to be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah, He highlights once again, for an action to be accepted, but Allah Subhana Allah, one's intention is to be pure. And the action of the person carries out has to be in accordance and in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So we need to always advise and remind ourselves about these two conditions inside our lives. So we find that many of the scholars have advised about the concept of sincerity towards Allah Subhana Allah,

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what is sincerity, who earned this yarn, or

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Hulk, some have described it, it is the to imagine that the creation is absent. The creation is not present in front of oneself, when they're carrying out the action, one another, in a holiday, to have one's focus and vision towards the Creator, Allah Subhana. Allah is the beginning of sincerity, that the action that a person is carrying out, they are focused inside the action and committed to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Mukhlas than sincere one is the one who conceals or he or she is the one that conceals the good deeds just like they conceal the bad deeds. They don't want a person to discover their bad deeds. Likewise, a person does not want other individuals to discover their good

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deeds. Obviously, there are exceptions to that, to encourage the society to encourage mankind, but there needs to be for many of us, portions of our life or portions of our actions, whereby they are done sincerely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. If we read the famous Hadith about seven being underneath the shade of Allah subhanaw taala. The seven categories that we find amongst them, we find an individual who gave money with his right hand in his left hand doesn't know what he has given meaning that he gave in such a state of secrecy, that he's even forgotten about it himself. And Allah subhanaw taala will multiply magnitude that on the Day of Judgment, and those are the type

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of actions we need to develop inside our lives of sincerity, whether it be a prayer, in the depths of darknesses prayer in solitude, commitment, actions of charity of good deeds are Son of God, whereby these actions are multiplied and will begin to benefit us inside the Euro by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. And we find that the Prophet La La salatu salam was Stern, and harsh, just like we find that many of us Muslims, we should be familiar with what is the opposite of tawheed is negation of the Hadees ashiq. associating partners with Allah Subhana Allah, which we find is a major sin, that if a person persists and falls into this can actually, Allah forbid, leave the fold

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of Islam, that is one aspect of shelter many, many Muslims at large should be aware of. But at the same time, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, he warned us of a shekel huffy the minus shake, which he said was like a black and on a black rock on a moonless night, meaning it creeps it sneaks up to the individual and can penetrate into the heart and have a great impact upon the actions or upon the intentions. So we find

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How Petunia, a love of the world. People may do certain actions. So they may be they may be praised, they may be well known, they may be respected. And thus in this hadith in MLR, melbournian actions are to be judged according to the intentions. The first three individuals who will be judged in a day of judgment will be three individuals, all of us Muslims aspire to be like them, to be like an island scholar, to be like the one who's the generous individual who gives their wealth in charity, and the one who strives and struggles in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. These three individuals are the first three individuals to be judged in their judgment, these individuals are Muslims on

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face value, but the core element of their corruption was the intention. The scholar will be asked about what did you do with the knowledge that you gained or the Quran that you learn and you recited he said that I learned this knowledge and I benefited the people will be said Kadam you lied, you done it so people may say that you're a great scholar. You read the Quran recited the Quran, people may say you're great recite the Quran, what God killed, that was said about you wanted to hear that from the people. So he will be dragged on his face and thrown into jahannam into the Hellfire and the following to follow suit. So this is, as I say, a very scary affair, that a person should be

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always worried about the intention of why they're carrying out the actions that they're doing. Or we're showing showing off

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simply translate in English language, but in the Arabic terminology, you find it carries the meaning of it, how about the the cost rottenness is carrying out for an action for the sake of people to visualize you, for people to praise you to people to acknowledge, less to put on at times panel is very strange. Even the mundane regular affairs of the five daily prayers that we do, a lot panned out a twice inside of what I mentioned about these individuals, they only carry out their sellers, or their prayers, Euro una nurse. So they can be visualized by people. People can visualize their offering the prayer, because obviously unfortunately we find that people, they try to be extra

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smart. And they try to as they think may be deceiving the people or even beyond that deceiving Allah Subhana Allah, that they're in you in uniformity. With the Muslim community, you're offering their prayers with them, so they cannot be spotted as being someone who doesn't want to follow the practices of Islam. But Allah, Allah speaks in the inner dimension. These people offer their prayers, they only offer the prayers to be seen by mankind. While at Karuna ilaha illa Allah Allah, while standing inside the prayers, the very minute very small, do they remember Allah Subhana Allah that their mind and their heart is in a different dimension or a different world. And that's really

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my mentioned at two people standing together offering the identical prayer. Once prayer, their reward is multiplied many times over the distance between that person's reward. And the person is by their side is that the distance between the heavens and the earth on a face value, both of them carried out exactly the same action, the same physical movements, but why does one individual gain a reward is such a high limit, and one just receives the minimal minimal reward is because what existed inside the heart of the individual and the devotion towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one needs to be wary of the creeping up of this, of this. If we can use such words, this evil action

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assumer is not a form of, of showing off, whereby a person does an action so they could be heard at a later stage. So that moment in time, they may have been sincere. But they do that action that knowing at a later stage and may be praised that they gave charity, they offered a night prayer or they did a good deed. And people may hear about that action. Also we find an urge to be startled with oneself, to think that the actions that I do, whether it be of a burden of worship, of charity, of good deeds, whatever those actions may be, it's via my own ability. This is something which is very, very dangerous. One mirto Fifi illa Billah. Whatever a person does, is a tofi is from the

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allowance of Allah Subhana Allah, the capability and ability which is placed upon the individual to carry out and to do good deeds. So there are some narration which are weak in nature whereby a person becomes boastful about the actions and Allah Subhana Allah just takes away the sight of the individual on the day of judgment and says that these 50 are

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60 years of worship that you carried out, they're not even equal to your eye. Meaning that there's nothing that you can do with your own with your own intent even though these narrations that we mentioned that they are weak in nature, but it shows the intent. It shows that the, the need of the human being of Allah subhanaw taala, giving the person the ability to do good deeds. And as many of the scholars have mentioned, that assigned that a person has been granted a tofik Mita Lai Subhana Allah is they busy themselves in doing of good deeds. And thus we find that Allah Subhana Allah, He hates the lower on this, and that was said, wasting one's time, so assigned last count as blessed an

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individual, their time is focused and their life is focused in doing actions, which benefit them in bringing them closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we find that at times, some of us may do actions may Allah forbid, seeking respect,

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because of our obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah and this is something very intricate, to some people in a garb of religious behavior, they think they deserve something above the rest of creation, or the creation should give them some form of superiority or some form of respect. That doesn't mean we shouldn't respect people who externally may display a fear of Allah Subhana Allah, a deep understanding of the sciences, but we don't go over beyond the limitations and begin to treat them as some form of angelic format. This is something which is not allowed inside a study of Allah Subhana Allah, what we want to point here is that this person believes that why them being an a

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religious identity, or a so called religious person, that people should give them a privilege. So their intention, may Allah forbid is corrupt, that they are worshipping Allah Subhana Allah to gain an inner or an external respect from the people because of their religiousness, or the devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. And to put this into a scenario, we find a member has early he narrates inside his famous compilation here are Luma Dean, and he attributes says that imitate me I mentioned this previously as well. There's once an individual who came to a scholar and asked him that I want to learn wisdom, I want to achieve wisdom inside my life. So he said to him that be sincere for 40

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days, and you find the fountains of wisdom will will come from you. So this individual went away. And for 40 days, he became devoted and committed, and he came back. And he said, I thought you said that after 40 days a person will have the fountains of wisdom.

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So the chef said to him, in number, a cluster

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will hikma rarely, you became sincere for wisdom. One, when I'm listening les Subhana Allah, your inner intention became to gain the wisdom. So the wisdom wasn't given to you. If you had become sincere for Allah Subhana Allah then automatically the wisdom would have been delivered are given to you something very intricate for some for us to ponder and to reflect upon that when some things that we want to achieve, that we need to fine tune our intention towards Allah Subhana Allah. And that's Allah mentions, whoever has been given wisdom for God udia hiren kathira has been given immense goodness, by by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So many of us, we may get worried that can we

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overcome the incorrect intention that we have? There is good news Allah and Allah mentioned there's going to be servants of his Subhana Allah in a birdie coming home or seen except for those who my service was insane. That chip on will not be able to tempt these individuals or derail these individuals. So that we find the power for sincerity is a long journey of devotion and commitment to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, this brings to mind the Hadith Pudsey that Allah subhanaw taala and I'm not sure okay. And

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the last prophet Allah says in this Hadith, Pudsey, that I am free from any form of associating of partners, men, Amina, emmalyn, Ashoka, Marie vihari, turaco sherco, whoever carries out an action and associate partners with me regarding that action, then I will leave that individual and leave the action or leave whatever the intent may be Hades in such a Muslim that we find. So here we find that Allah Subhana Allah dissolves himself Subhana Allah from that individual leaves the individual alone, which possibly can carry the meaning that go and see

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Your reward from that individual or from those people that you intended to do that action for those people, we need to bear in mind that something very similar to us, all sincerity is the intention, some of the element go to review, these are all synonymous terms. But we find a near the intention at times, is what some people they want to literally they want to utter on the tip of their tongue, that they intend to carry out doing such and such action. And near the place Hello Nia fill, the place of the intention is inside the heart. These narrations that we find, will actually they are not narrations, but these wordings that we find that some people they hold fast to prayer to every

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single seller in a way to an obsolete salata bar, I make this intention to press a lot of bar, facing towards the direction Qibla behind this Imam etc, wordings that we find in various cultures of various wordings that we find. These are all unacceptable wordings and traditions. And unfortunately, these are cultural practices which have no authenticity. There is no single Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam whereby he uttered an utterance before the prayer or the giving of sadaqa. The only utterances that we find is the performance of ombre and Al Hajj, and even hear the aroma say that this is just like the the takbeer of Salah of announcing the prayer This is

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announcing of the beginning of your Umrah and Hajj was the only time that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he made the verbal, the verbal utterance of his intention of what he wanted to do. Other than that a person should avoid it, of making a verbal intention of what they intend to do. Because everything that the person is doing for an action and build up towards an action is all the intent of the individual to show that this is a specific action that we're doing sincerely for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one should be wary of this practice, as we mentioned, like wayfind Rupa amble salir, de munia, perhaps a small action, the intention glorifies or magnifies it many times over

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what Obama's Kabir to soccer who Nia and perhaps in great big action a person does, but the intention, it diminishes the reward or brings down the reward for that action, that great big action the person intended or wanted to do. Other spiritual scholars have mentioned about the importance of the intention, that Allah munia learn the intention, it is more important and more productive than the action to actually the actual action itself inside one's life. And thus Missa modificar mentioned it should be one in the in the pillars of the of the masjid, whereby just like you go and learn to see and Hadith and a person who sits there just teaches you spirituality teaches you

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devotion and commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala. And this is a deep science, that maybe some of us Muslims in the West that we are drifting away in the fast world around us, that everything is done isn't in an opposite manner. Prayers are just offered in haphazard manner. People have an attitude, well, at least I carried out that obligation, which is all well and good Allah and Allah is the one that rewards but just like in the world that we try to refine ourselves to gain the maximum reward. Why don't we exert that effort to gain the maximum reward from Allah subhanaw taala and the reward from Allah Subhana Allah is multiplied many times over. And in this blessing month of

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Ramadan, we know that good actions for right actions are multiplied 70 times over to even many times over. So the person has the right intention, we find reward for that individual is multiplied many times over with the right intention does we find that this small action can be magnified by many degrees by by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So does the whole of this discussion has been on the one hand in number lama lumenier actions are to be judged by the intentions and every individual will have whatever they intended. Whoever performed the hijra for a line is messenger, then is hijra was for Allah and His messenger. And whoever performed Exodus, the migration for the

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sake of the dunya or for the sake of a woman to marry her for hegira to Maha Jara LA, then that person's migration has been for whatever they intended. That in simple terms, is the Hadith

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In a loose rendition in the English language of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So whoever made that the journey of traveling from Mecca to Medina on average took approximately 30 days on Camelback. So two types of individuals make that journey. That's why some of the alum of Hadith have mentioned the reason of this hadith as babble rude, why this hadith was narrated, this could possibly be true or could be rejected, but this is an interpretation existence are the books of a hadith is by a person who

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is who wanted to go and marry a certain woman. And he made his intention of making the Exodus, the migration Mecca to Medina, for 30 days for the intent of marrying that woman. So his intention was that difficult journey to get married at the end of the journey. So once again, face value one is making hijra for a line is messenger, and another is making fidgeter for the dunya. And that even exists in today's time, that people may externally do certain actions, which are full of fatigue and tiredness, and devotion. But the intention could be to achieve something else at the end of the journey. And that's as we began reading all the affairs that we do, we need to be wary of the

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actions that we do or the intent of our actions. ask ourselves what do I intend via this action. So we find that some of us Muslims, at times certain actions that we do, not to downplay them, there was certain action that we may do, we've tried to justify ourselves that there is a greater good, or the end is a is a good result that I want at the end. And we know in principles of the Sharia, for solar tech, and even prior to that is a Hadith of the Prophet Allah that Islam did the end does not justify the means, that if on the way that we may have tainted our belief, tainted our practices tainted actions,

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and at the end, the right result is given, then that justifies the path that we are following, to give us a simile will help us to understand this, we find, for example, sometimes giving Dawa that a person may engage with the opposite gender or with somebody to give them dour, then the initial intention is something which is good or to say that at the end of it, to get married to this individual, but in between, there could be certain gray areas that the person that they fall into. So the intention has become corrupted, to achieve something else. Likewise, a person is earning haram and says at the end, I will now give a certain portion this wealth to charity to help a Muslim

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also to help a Muslim charity in the lovely while Yakubu in America Allah is pure, and only accepts that which is pure. Likewise, we find for some of you for young individuals, that they may mix with certain people or certain friends to possibly to give them that one but unfortunately, they could be influenced themselves by sitting with such individuals indulging in haram substances or whatever it may be, that it derails them away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So as we mentioned at the end does not justify that means. And that's remember I mentioned that this hadith is a pivotal Hadith in the life of every single Muslim, rather than Imam Shafi Rama lolly mentioned that this

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hadith is full of food is one third of knowledge. Whoever comprehend this hadith has comprehended the broad principles of Islam and the inner principles of devotion towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's what we mentioned they should be in every community, a therapy and Islamic jurists reminding us about our devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah. And that's the finding conclusion that in this blessed month of Ramadan, we need to rectify our intentions. We find the intentions in this present moment for Ramadan for have mentioned that a person who makes the intention to only obey Allah Subhana Allah during these 29 or 30 days, and then after that returned

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back to the normal lifestyle. Here we're not speaking about a Muslim, that average Muslim many of us who may Allah forbid go back and disobey a bus pounder and commit sins and repent once again. Here we mean by an individual who sincerely makes the intention that I will worship Allah Subhana Allah holiness month of Ramadan and at the same time makes another sincere intention what is known as a double intention, that as soon as Ramadan is over, I will go back to my normal lifestyle for perhaps mentioned such harsh words about the person who holds this double intention for see

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Moo hoo, Barton, that person's fasting has been invalidated. They have wasted their life, their time with 29 or 30 days of fasting. And how sad it is that inside our community we find Muslims who only focus on the last pound Alan Jude is 29 or 30 days and have that inner intent to return back to doing what they were doing prior to those 29 or 30 days. And this, my dear brothers and sisters is something very, very dangerous that we need to rectify within ourselves. As we mentioned the verse from sort of bakura you're Latina, Amel, quotevalet camassia mocha makuti Valhalla dinniman publikum, La La Quinta, taco and fasting has been prescribed for you, and those that came before you

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that you may attain consciousness towards Allah Subhana Allah, and that's in conclusion, refine all of the actions, for the son of Adam, is given his due reward, except for fasting, it is for me, and I will reward the individual it is for me for Allah subhanaw taala meaning that this action, Allah Subhana, Allah will reward that individual. Why specifically, fasting, because the rest of the actions that we do, can be visualized by mankind and be praised by mankind. But fasting is the one action that no one really knows that you're fasting except for Allah subhanaw taala because in secrecy, you could eat, you can drink, etc. But we are fear of a loss of pounder keeps you away, so

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does Allah Subhana Allah gives that immense reward towards the individual. And with that, we come to the conclusion of this hadith in Nirmal Atma lumenier. We ask Allah Subhana Allah give us all the tofik and ability to purify actions and intentions purely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. Join us in the next episode we are going to continue the journey of looking into the most famous Hadith the hadith of Jupiter in our a Salaam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh