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Nouman Ali Khan
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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah see the MBR mousseline rather early he was up he he ministered Nebuchadnezzar he like me Dean will pick up from where we left off. We were up to the the narration of ignore thus for the Allahu anhu in regards to comesa and lumada Allahumma Zoo Alamo, Alamo tab hermoza is the person who does leabhar while lumada Allah yup and Luma is the one who points out the flaws in people over and over again. Sani abou Zaid Abizaid says secondly, and Hamas, Hamas is the one who harms people with his hands when lumas have been the sun and Luma is the one who harms them with their tongues with this diverse diversity of opinions. Looking at it

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from all these different angles, right Irelia and Hamas have been my yg bewafa while lumada Viva La Hamada is done in the face and Luma is done behind the back or are beautiful her Allahu mazarron will Luma siran bill bill hardship that homicide is done openly and lomasa is done secretly in when you're turned away from the people fifthly Muhammad, Jihad and Hamas our Luma de la vielle cabanas Rima ukri Kahuna what can we believe?

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That homosassa en la Mirza includes those who call people with words or titles or attributions that they don't like, and really who heydo was known for doing this. And he used to do it all the time. Hasn't says and Homer under the yamas meizhou jalisa who actually I know who well lumas I love EF core a hobby suey where you were evil. He says homos I was the one who makes fun of and points flaws of the one who he's sitting next to meaning the one who's in his company and he's constantly trying to break his spirit and humiliate him with even the way he looks at him condescending eyes, you actually are the hyena who implies he looks at him with a condescending fashion in a condescending

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fashion. So even facial expressions are being captured inside home as you can look at someone in a condescending tone. This is actually even mentioned more explicitly and in more detail. You know why all these Sahaba and W owner saying that this is what will give him O'Hara, Allah azza wa jal describes his facial expressions. So manava from my boss, our boss or from Alibaba was stuck about that entire attitude is being looked at as homosassa that he you know, he looked at the messenger when the Quran was being recited he was asked go in evaluated, and tell us if this is actually revolution or not, because you're the best poet among us. So go and listen to it and give us your

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assessment. Your your expert opinion, right? So they send him and he's overpowered by the message, but he can't show that because showing that would be blatant beneath his ego. So he looks at the messenger making like a real like, you know,

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arrogant kind of face. Like, really? Is this it?

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You know, so you're staring at him. Like, is this is this all you got? That's it. And then he starts like, Okay, let me let me think about this for my obasa then he like he found a little bit, you know, this bulges on his forehead. This is Arbus. Hmm. Okay, yeah, that's, that's, that's what his apparent revelation is, huh. Well bustled. It looks away from it. But it turns back turns away was terrible, and shows arrogance. This is just magic. And how that felt. That's my expert opinion in the end. But he did this entire facial drama before he passed his opinion, all because people he knows people are watching. And all because this is a means of psychologically attacking someone. You

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know, when someone's speaking to you, and you make certain facial expressions and they stopped talking and say, What What, what is it? Why are you looking at me like that? Right? So that you can actually stop someone's train of thought just by the way you're looking at them. You could do that this is a, you know, a kind of attack you can do to someone when they're speaking. So this is exactly what is being described. And this is why well even Mohandas key name keeps coming up not a whole lot. I mean, Joseph, Joseph says color code to libnah boss, he says that I said to Abraham, bustle the Allahumma way liquidly who must have been lomasa I recited the Iron Men how Allah and

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Medina Yama whom Allahu belwin Who are these people that Allah condemns with Wayne, who will Masha una banda Mima even Abba says, These are the people who walk around, you know, informing and tattling and, you know, ratting out people constantly and constantly, you know, going around and doing so and move on to the corner.

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These are people that cause division between those who love each other and not return on investment. Those who are constantly describing people with flaws, the way they call people and talk about people. Oh, you're talking about that short guy over there? Oh, yeah. him? Yeah. I mean, the words they use are constantly describing people in a condescending tone. Well, you're talking about that really annoying one? Yes, I know him. Right. That's how they talk about people not to know you live, you know, constantly describing people with flaws.

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This is the again the description of

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our bus will be locked out and while I'm while I'm under Jimmy, I had the hill with you

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matakauri this is Ross's commentary know that all of these facets all of these different descriptions that are being offered are very close to one another alloggio, attune Illa, Aslan, Wahid, they are all they all come back to one essential concept what was done? And that's, you know, condescending sarcasm What if how to live and to expose somebody's flaws? So Mahabharata Casa min and thereafter you should know that this happens in two ways for India who ima and Yakuza bill Jedi, it can happen by an actual effort, meaning somebody actually spending time and making a proper, you know, exhausting their mental capacity in doing so can I akuna in the hazard one pocket, the way it

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happens in jealousy has said, the jealousy that has meant to harm someone. And also how could which is animosity, what Emma and Yakuza bill hasn't. And it can also happen playfully. In other words, a person doesn't actually have evil intent to become hammers and llamas as you will or home as our lumada. But they just do it kind of jokingly haphazardly, casually, Kumbaya, kuno, under, under, under so Korea will as hot as it happens when you're just making jokes or laughing around an akuna fiemme lineata. Allah Dean, he says another way of looking at it is it can happen in any matter that has to do with the religion. In other words, you're poking fun at somebody's religious behavior,

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religious appearance, you know, religious knowledge, etc, etc. And one of the side things to note, the scholars comment on this very sensitively, like, you know, nowadays it's become that we're living in Strange Times, the vast majority of Muslims don't act or look very Muslim at all. So those that are trying to hold on to even some remnant of the religion, it may be in their appearance, in their speech in their social circles, etc, etc. If they even show some reflection of religion, you automatically become the object of ridicule within certain Muslim circles. You are the object of ridicule, not by those who disbelieve but by those who apparently believe. And when that happens,

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when somebody for example, casually says, oh, that guy with the you know, the extra long beard and you start making fun of somebody's beard, or somebody is making fun of somebody a job or job or something like that. Understand that when you're making some fun of someone's beard, you are making fun of not of the beard, but of something that mimics the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Elisa, that's not a light matter. That person is not growing a beard because you know, it's a fashion statement, this is him or her, this person is trying to mimic the Messenger of Allah, when when you mimic or ridicule someone who's wearing a hijab, then that is not a person, you know, because they

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come from a certain country, or they're trying to show off their religiosity, we assume that they're doing so because Allah commanded as such, we assume that we assume that they're following the spirit of, you know, our shadow, the Allahu taala. And how when the IOD came down, she was in the kitchen, and she was cooking. And she heard the messenger walking towards the house and through the window, she heard the ayat of hijab come down, and she tore her apron off and covered her head right away. Right? And it's that spirit that these people are following. So making fun of that is making is the same as Omaha, meaning there is no difference between them. You know, so this, we have to be very

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careful when when we talk in a condescending way about people that are trying to practice the religion in any capacity, even if you don't agree with them. And I'm not a 50 nor do I ever, would I ever trample into any area of your I would not because I'm certainly not qualified. But I will tell you this, you know, there are differences of opinion on certain issues, like for example, different fuqaha have different opinions about for example, the goofy or the turban and their value in their religion, etc. and different scholars have different opinions. I won't even tell you who has one opinion, I'm not qualified. But I will tell you this, if you disagree with somebody's opinion, and

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you don't think for example, wearing the turban is that important, but they do and they wear the turban Why do you think they wear the turban? out of love of the messenger? Right? Are there narrations that he Salalah has one word turban? Yes. So when you make fun of that tournament, because he's you know, this guy looks like what I won't even use certain words, when you do also narrow minded this and that, and you'll address like this, that or the other, even if you don't agree with it. The fact that they do it out of the love of the messenger on his Auto Salon should be enough for you to respect it. And the Sahaba would do sometimes they would do the most illogical of

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things that you would never assume that they're logical, but we still call them acts of love. You know, like for example, Abdullah, Lebanon, Lesotho, the Allahu taala in Houma. He would be traveling, and sometimes he would just go like this, he would just lean over on his ride. And the other side will say why why do you do that? There's nothing there. He just leans over. He does there used to be a tree here. And when the messenger used to pass through here used to lean over, right so he does that out of love of the messenger on a subtle salon. Right now for you and for somebody else that might be silly. But this is an act of love and we respect it. We just we leave it at that we

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don't touch it beyond that. We have to be careful about these kinds of things and be sensitive to you know, the the devotion that people show anyhow

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So my anukool Amrita, Allah within, it can be in a matter that has to do with the religion. Well, who am I attalla surah, I will mushy or it could also have to do with their, you know, their appearance, meaning you're making fun of somebody whose appearance, or the way they walk I will use or the way they sit or the company they sit in what and who are who can see a law. And this takes many, many, many forms. So much of how to live we have the hill assignment or bar or the akun, the hall there. And thereafter this exposing of the flaws in these four different categories that he just mentioned, it could happen with someone who's in front of you, what could you do a better can

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happen for someone who's behind your back, while I let the rain fall in love. And in both of these situations, it can happen with words wakaya can be a shortened beshara line. It could be even by the gesture of the head, just your facial expression, or your eyes while at humor. And even other than them, well couldn't lose alika da Hill. He was this is what I started with back way back when we started this and all of this is included in what Allah forbids and what Allah scolds these people on so be careful of these things. When Americana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam abama nurse mon Sol benfit Deen and as it is known already that the messenger Elisa to Sarah is the greatest of the

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people in far as far as his rank in the religion counterpart and fee agreement and the law then making sarcasm in regards to him is a magnet is a thing of great magnitude as far as allies concerned fella jarama call so there is no there is no surprise that he said way low liquidity houmas attain lomasa there is no surprise that he called for this enormous destruction for the one who uses these words because one of the fussy one of the opinions intercede that is mentioned is that this was talked about specifically what he didn't move at all like I said, who used to make fun of the messenger so so don't say Allah is saying that because it's in regards to the messenger such

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heavy language came down because poking fun at him is no light matter. I mean, the guy's already going to * for being a cafard then on top of that he's digging his grave deeper for poking fun at the messenger you're already not in enough deficit that you need more, you know, I mean, if he didn't say anything against the messenger, just the fact that he's a Kaffir is enough for his drug damnation. Then he's going further into you know, into his destruction. Now some comments from my show Gani, Rahim Allah, who are no more toffee.

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The word while is refer, because it's the muqtada of the sentence was so well if Dida makueni Nikita and he made a unique use of the beginning by making it Nikita What does Nikita mean?

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No, Nikita actually grammatically means without any plan, without Islam so the norm in Joomla is Mia is to begin with an Islam l Wei Lu liquidly, who has attained llamas, and he says he made a unique case, by not making it modified by making it Nakia by not having the lF lamb there on wane instead of lol he said, Waylon, so what benefits does it have konu who do I when I lay him? Does making it a curse against them meaning when you say alway it's a statement of fact, destruction falls upon homos lomasa. But if you take the oil off, it becomes a means by which you can make a prayer for or against someone. In other words, this is Allah's way of sending a curse upon them, not just limiting

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it to a declaration effect. So let me explain this to you. You know, you can say to someone in Arabic Sena Muna Alaykum

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which means two things. It means I'm telling you a statement of fact there is in fact peace upon you. That's one it's a statement of fact, two, it's a prayer May peace be upon you. Two different things. One is a statement of fact, one's a prayer. One's herbaria one's insha Allah it's called them grammar in linguistics, right? So when Allah says Waylon liquidly who was a llama Katya kookaburra, konnyaku inshallah, it could be that Ally's saying, in fact destruction is for these people and allies also saying made destruction fall upon these people. Both of them are included just because Allah took the earth. Now if the oil was there, it would only be covered it would only

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be a statement of fact, but it would not include the sloop it would not be like a prayer or a curse or a call or anything like that. Well Nana now look at this, this this meaning according to Shakuni Rahim Allah and His FC fadhel Cody, he says, will not allow his human humiliation or other boon or punishment or halakhah tone or destruction, a word in fija hanham liquid Lumosity lomasa or the valley or a famous Valley in Hellfire in jahannam for anyone who is homeless, and no matter. In other words, there are several narrations of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam describing the lowest pit in the hellfire. It is also called whale. And that valley is so scary that Hellfire

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itself, according to some generations, asks a lot to protect itself from it. That's Wayne. And so by using that word in the general sense, that's one but also the worst form of destruction, the law

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pit a decade as phenomenon not for these people who are homeless and Luma zamyla not makers from them out of new key San Allahumma Eben key sign says that in regards to homosassa What do you say? And lady you leonessa who be so in love with the one who harms the people sitting around him with the worst kinds of words were lumada and Luma levy yaxha I know who allegedly see the one who passes his eyes over the people who sitting around meaning he winks at them and he you know, he's poking fun at them just by you know, communication through the eyes while he or she will be Eddie he or he points at you she'll be at he or he points at them with his hands will be allowed to see or with

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facial gestures or with his head will be held up meaning when he's not even in their company when oh well oola but the first meaning meaning the one who makes fun of people with their words, that's the most obvious meaning. Let me know for either and the construction of for either your other camera we talked about this before it illustrates

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not magnitude but it was two issues. Many multi fold something happens over and over again. fee Delilah tuna Allah Allah Allahu Allah Delica Catherine, that includes the evidence that he does this often. Now we're going to look at some grammatical notes. These are courtesy of Dr. Father solid has Samurai melfa kobina waylynn. What are you doing? What would the difference be if Allah said, Waylon in what form is that now? That would be Nussle? What What difference would it make if it was massive and Allah would have said ye Lang liquid

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as opposed to the rougher form that is there and look either the principal and more for you. fiegel is Mia that our offer form illustrates Joomla is Mia. Well, monsoon just doesn't mean Joomla failure. That means the nessa would mean that this is part of a Joomla failure. We talked about the 17 kinds of Nussle. I added the 17th which was if you see a word that's nothing, there's a verb implied before it. That's what he's saying that if you see that Nussle beginning, it means there's a there's a verb before it. We're either pulling away a loan for here Joomla is near Izmir. When we say we learned Joomla is Mia, where you will know who is calling away lanphier Joomla fairly like

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Allah says for Bora Bora club. Baba is nothing when you make it NASA that statement in sort of Muhammad is Joomla failure. What we call the heater alajuela liquidly hamasaki lumada lamea. Cold Waylon. Okay, now he's explaining what the benefit is. This is the difference. You'll notice management of failure. What's the benefit? He's saying? By Allah making the Joomla Izmir Let me apologize COVID and he didn't say why you learn the Anahata holla conda mo Nyan kata because this is destruction that is permanent that will never cease. Joomla fairly remember that Joomla fadia has temporary connotations and its media has permanent connotations, so I'll use the smear because this

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is permanent and it will never cease. Leader Karla behati mata sola and it is the same reason for which he said at the end of the same surah in Naha Alayhi Masada that it will be completely over, lived like a lid over them in outstretched columns, Fiamma remember de Milo kala, Waylon and had he said Whalen in the Nussle form from nacala inhotim. And then you look at his words in the in the end of the solar hot emetine fcgi falletta, NASA

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NASA amarula Wi Fi and then that would not have correlated with the ending of the surah it wouldn't have been as better as matched as it is in the smear form. Then Madeleine, neath, colita Allah we will equally home as a tin, Lumosity Why are these words feminine? What's the question are asking about what's what's what's feminine, that Tamar Buta T and why the feminine is being used Hanalei thermo anything this is not feminine at that utB hallel Mobile Haha, this style is only used to hyperbolized to empower to magnify a word. With that nice, he alleged that facade nice and that that used to make feminine isn't only used for feminine, where you learn liquidly Hamas and lomasa

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attacked I don't do either either taxis that can be used to allude to that which is plenty or happens quite a bit less than Illa Allah Mendoza nimbala that the pattern for it and for Ella are from the patterns of hyperbole, Alhaji Luna Allah wa for Hama llama is someone who knows a lot has a lot a lot of knowledge and is knowledgeable allama is even more knowledgeable. Similarly, he says that hear another word from the same pattern meaning from mobile. Now we're going to look at the root origin of the words a little bit in sha Allah tala, we talked about the Tafseer commentary. Now we're going a little bit through the root origins for either lumada Allah This means Hamas that

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Firstly, we'll actually we'll start with Hamas, Hamas if meizhou actually means to poke someone with a sharp object. That's what the literal word means. magmas in the Arabic language are spikes used on on the shoes of a horse rider. You know, these horse riders they would have little tiny spikes on the sides of their shoes. So when the horse is getting slow, they kick the horse, but they don't kick it with their

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They said Little pokey corner that perturbs the horse and makes it go faster. That's called minimus from the same. It's also used for a wooden stick that has a metallic tip at the end. All the becoming hammers, attache atene is another idea, I seek your refuge from the poking, or disturbing or the annoyances of the teen. homos are those who are constantly engaged and knowing people, and what they say pokes at people disturbs them perturbs them also illustrates, they don't stop until they see the person poked.

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They keep going until they see that the person can really see them being irked on their face. And until they see it mission is not accomplished. And they have to keep going and they have to keep going. This is homosassa. Then lomasa, from lemmas al meizhou, from ba ba boo boo from the same pattern as lullaby every boo to be on someone's case to find a flaw, meaning to stay on someone's case constantly, until you find something to criticize. By the way, we're all human beings, so to be held have all have features that should be criticized or deserve to be criticized. Yes, all of us have flaws. So when you're on somebody's case, looking for a flaw, will you find it? Absolutely. And

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then to point them out and to accuse and oppose, accuse, exposing humiliate them. This is llamada llamada, who he gestured at him at him with the eye or lip or low speech, meaning to speak under one's tongue against someone or hair comes around.

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That's also a llama who that's from the Honda linguistic This is not the C now this is the linguistic meaning house you found in the Santa Clara, heat and places like that. It's also lemahieu also means he spoke evil of him or he found found fault with him. Another similar word offered is your taboo home that he backed bit against them. What are the differences between homozygous was a question asked before what's the difference between homosassa and Hamas? In another place? Allah says hammers in Masha in Minami, okay homosassa houmas we're here I'm in CLA mobile la homosassa. The origin of it is the word homeless alone, and it's from the patterns of hyperbole, mithila

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Houghton Lucca,

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water force UK etc. We are kulu Aloha and the people of language linguists, they say my Boolean rabita You don't know me hyah tiffin was while hayati field was this is important that which has been hyper hyperbolized with an extra da illustrates the far extreme of an attribute not just plenty, but the far extreme of an attribute

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and that they are engulfed completely in fulfilling that attribute and the MA at a Saha and Korea all of them have what at the end, the most extreme form of standing is that it is the man right. So similarly, these these attributes that are used are using them in the strongest cases for how that neatly mobila Bonilla via film. Oh Bella, yes, this that needs this feminizing of the word is for hyperbole, but it's actually to take it to the nth degree in hyperbole. Now, this surah is the final discussion on hellfire. So everything is mentioned in the most final of climactic of forms. So it's only appropriate the most climactic kind of language we use even homas lomasa. And finally, what

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else Hold on, and the people who deserve the worst punishment must be doing the worst and the most extreme kinds of homos and lumada. Hence, those forms are justified. Well, hautala have been FCC Lottie houmas, Sega MOBA de valic, NASA and you've got boo, boo, boo, me, Hi, this is, you know what, oma isn't the same pattern. And it's only appropriate that the punishment be in the pattern of the pattern of the crime that is committed, as opposed to Hamas, the word Hamas occurs elsewhere. So let's see what the difference is in the national Imam see retain the now we are in front of two patterns that are using the Quran, little mobila both for hyperbole. Omar, Abdullah Al Al mozarella,

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but one of them alludes to that which is done professionally, or done repeatedly in a form that is done with excellence meaning someone's really good at something, then you use the pattern, you know,

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for example, hubbas the one who makes bread really well a baker. Right? Hi Yamanaka so really well. Right? So you know, the one who's really good at gift giving is Wahhab. Well, how about to give a gift but who's really good at gift giving Wahab right now Hamas is used not just for someone who finds flaws or criticizes, but who's professional at it. Who's got his own TV show for it. This is Hamas who does it over and over again and has this professional excellence to it? Why is this word useless? Listen without water cooler laughing maheen hammers him Masha mbean me manner a lil Heidi Martin.

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to Linda Delica zendium and Canada mining company. Now one parallel when Houma was mentioned mile was mentioned. Right. Houma was mentioned in Soto masa and mileages mentioned Olivia, Gemma Madden, when Hamas is mentioned also and Canada Mellon, we're building this consistency in Quran in both mail as mentioned. But the other thing to note here is this surah is talking about the one who was hired who was appointed his job was to constantly criticize and unmei undermine what the messenger is doing. Constantly call him insane come up with other allegations and sort of begins noon, noon well, Columbia milestone now MTV net Matera bkv Majnoon, right, they and they were people appointed

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among the Qureshi. We're really good at what they call Elijah to criticize, you know to poke fun and they had assigned people to the messenger so I saw them and Allah tells us messenger don't pay any attention to them. Don't worry about them. You just keep doing what you're doing. Well, Allah Allah mahina, mesin Masha, Ambien me their professionalism is being highlighted with the word Hamas. That was a place to highlight the nth degree in sort of Hamas, what we're studying, this was the highlight their professionalism and a Tamil manners are as follows our summary comments. So total column predominantly deals with how dealings with people and win dealings with people over and over

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again, that pattern is more beneficial?

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Well, we learn fi ha, magnet, we already covered this whale includes the meaning of prayer or call me for actually in this case against someone. Well, that kind of he had to do it. So on top the alumina smear behemoth Luckily, tada, Salaam Alaikum, we actually covered this, I can move on. Okay, my own comments. These are my own notes after I did the grammar study some things that I read elsewhere, but I wanted to make sure I include number one that can lean on way, leave something for the imagination. It's my first comment. When you in Joomla is me and Arabic When you have to lean on something, then you need it requires more explanation. You don't just leave it at that. For example.

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When you say for example, would you even know?

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Right? Would you even know?

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That Okay, some faces. But that leaves the imagination. What about the other phases? So the IR goes on and explains what happens on the other side, Basilicata don't know. And you follow via falcoda, etc, etc. It gets mentioned again, the the, if you start the sentence with a modifier, then there's nothing left open. But if you start the sentence with Nikita, something is left, open, right, it's left open. So this Wayne is left open, it's generic, it's generic. And the other thing is, it's not reduced to a singular, there's also a very important concept. You know, the difference in the Quran between Russia and alpha heisha

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Allah uses phakisa you know, and he also uses alpha, when levena is alpha alpha he schatten know, right, when they will lead to nullify a Shadow Minister eco fascism could be any act of shamelessness, whether done by the eyes, the ears, the hands, the limbs, etc. And in fact, Russia is the final crime of factions in itself. There's a difference between them. Now Waylon is all kinds of destruction, as opposed to enjoy would have been a specific destruction. So which is more destructive actually, way is more destructive because the other is missing the word coil and the fact that the same sentence has been broken up into two is this two things here? Waylon liquid

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Lumosity Nevada Luma Elijah Muhammad Ahmed, one sentence but broken up into two is the word cool illustrates that this is not limited to one or two people, or it's only talking about what he didn't know he was only talking about, you know, one of the cofounders signature or anything like that. Why? Because cold means what? Anyone, everyone who does each and every one who fulfills these attributes will have to be included in this count. Then there's the word a levy, usually when you are describing something that is natural, that is common, you don't use a levy, because a levy is proper, and levy is proper. So the use of the word levy is actually button. In other words, it's a

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second group of people. Now we understand that there are two benefits that come from this one that the next idea is describing humans and nomada. Or the next idea is describing another group of people that also deserve weight.

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Meaning that it could be looked at as one group with two attributes homosassa and Elijah Muhammad and that's one group but two attributes, or these are two separate groups. And so this is Buddle So the way we would read it this way loan lil levy Gemma Marlon.

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Min way, mean Hamada.

00:29:49 --> 00:30:00

A way to liquidity lady Jenna ashinoko just bought them in cold weather lithium ion batteries. Now, here's the bottom line if you didn't catch it already, here's the bottom line. What are the

00:30:00 --> 00:30:43

descriptions of Hamada and lomasa that we should know before we move on to the next ayah. These are some words in English I picked to get the point across anyone who is condescending, arrogant, insensitive, critical, backbiting, self indulged, harsh, disrespectful, inconsiderate, vulgar, irreverent, conceited, in one speech, in one's attitudes, or in one's body language, all of that would be homozygous and lomasa. I know it's recorded, you'll get it eventually. Okay? When there are three, okay, so. And by the way, by most accounts as a summary, homeowner, by most accounts is subtle, and numerous, by most accounts is explicit. So that's basically but even though there's a

00:30:43 --> 00:31:18

flip flop between the two, and there are differences. Now we come to the next if I let the JAMA and Merlin, who added, the first thing to explore is what's the connection between these two things? What's the connection between this attribute of heart being hurtful to other people, and the second one is dedicated to one concept, shallow translation, the one who gathered wealth and counted it. That's the shallow translation. So what's the connection between the one who's always critical of people and the one who's gathering wealth, when the one who's always gathering wealth doesn't give any of it? So gets criticized by the people as being greedy. And he doesn't like being criticized

00:31:18 --> 00:31:31

and the best defense is offense. Right? So before he can get he can get to hear from someone you should be more charitable you should worry about there are other things to worry about in life than money. Before he gets to hear that criticism, what does he constantly do?

00:31:32 --> 00:32:06

constantly describing others flaws engaged in being homeless or lumas, or both, rather, even worse, indeed, being engaged in both covering his own flaw of being indulged in his own wealth or her own? Well, this is the first thing now and let the bidelman quit, I will not let them this is shokan. His commentary, either this is a replacement of coal, which I mentioned, or under the is NASA, I'll ask them Do you remember this lesson? Right now the Mufasa is saying he's saying this Alevi could be NASA as a means of Allah condemning him. In other words, you don't recite and lay the JAMA

00:32:08 --> 00:32:19

Alevi Jama Marlin data, its allies condemning this person. It's not a time to recite in nicely. This is not being nice to him.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:36

Right? He's being condemned, he's being scolded by Allah. And this is such a from Allah azza wa jal is supposed to in and of itself be terrorizing? Well, could he I just did this in another Corolla is also resided with the with a shed on JAMA, instead of Jama it is Jama

00:32:38 --> 00:33:20

data. And that way, it becomes consistent with the data. So under the JAMA wide data, so the two patterns become consistent with each other lockira data who jala who are the Howard is it data. And they say another meaning of our data, which is usually translated as counted is to prepare is also to prepare, like what I do most masataka mencoba team, right, prepare, make take make means in other words, he's counting money, and he's constantly making preparations for what might happen in the future. Future insurance, if you will. This is my fund for this this is my fund for that. Isn't that what savings are all about? So this is not just counting, but making plans of where this money will

00:33:20 --> 00:33:57

be used for what future catastrophe or backup or safety net is, I think the safety net is the word they use it in finance nowadays. So now for an agenda a bit tested up to a nahu jamara hoomin. Hakuna wahana if you recite jumla, how does the meaning change? The meaning becomes it illustrates that he gathers wealth from here and there doesn't care where it comes from. He's constantly looking for ways to make money and gather more and more and more of it. Well, I know who lamea jamara, who filmin Whitehead. And it's not like he gathered all this money in a single day whenever you mean or two days whenever the shadow will official in order in a month or two months. In other words, he

00:33:57 --> 00:34:34

spent his entire life gathering money. And why is this weird? This meaning come from Jama is used in the past tense. Past tense means you're looking back at what already happened. So it is as though it was looking back at his entire life. And his entire life amounts to one activity. Gathering wealth isn't wealth his entire life. The other thing here is remember I said when a person doesn't have a higher goal in life, they get lost in trivial pursuits. Well, one Trivial Pursuit was the first idea, finding flaws in people. What's the other Trivial Pursuit, gathering wealth and constantly constantly making plans for the future. And these people, they become so narrow minded, when you

00:34:34 --> 00:34:39

start worrying about your deen and less about saving your money. You know what they say to you think about your future.

00:34:40 --> 00:35:00

Right? And the ironic thing is, you are thinking about your future. They're the ones who are not thinking about your future. And they seem to think long term. And guess what the irony is, they're the ones thinking short term. You know, what are you going to do the next 10 years? Dude, what are we going to do for the next 1000 years in our grave? What's going on?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

happen after we get out that's long term thinking. This isn't long term thinking, but their minds get wrapped around this this idea and this becomes their whole worldview. So

00:35:10 --> 00:35:51

then he says fella Ah Ma, and while I love Mohammed homina homina this person gathered Fulani Rather, he gathered it from whatever source he could imagine a bit of follow up to that. But if you leave it as Gemma, then that meaning doesn't come out from inside and what had been Misbah Illa Malika leetonia Hakeem, he says Allah didn't say, Man, he said, Allah, He didn't say I'm wild, which means assets. He used mal in the singular, which is a means of meaning belittling the wealth. So he's saying, How much are you going to gather anyway? your wealth compared to the wealth that is out there in the world is nothing. So what is it that you're so proud of? It's happy. It's okay for you

00:35:51 --> 00:36:33

to be here. And you have to be delic? How can it be for anyone of intellect that they'd be proud of something so minuscule the other the other way? Look, some of them I looked at it, they said pharma hire from Ohio to Nova Mamata dunia Phil de la de Souza Toba. The entire utility of worldly life when compared to the next is nothing but a little. This is what you're proud of. This is really what you have to you know that you're so full of yourself about compare this to his say the same person's attitude on the Day of Judgment. Allah says on the Day of Judgment, nothing will benefit him. mil of the the habenula with Taghavi even if he offers the weight of the entire planet Earth in gold, and

00:36:33 --> 00:37:11

try to exchange that for his own salvation. give that away It wouldn't it wouldn't benefit him. So what is he so proud of? It doesn't make any sense. And yeah, Kunal Mirage, it can also mean that the meaning here is min hula minnow, talim a Marlin, Marlin Bella Phil hubbs. One facade. Oksana hired also means that LLC this this, them of it illustrates that he went by and tried to gather wealth, whether those means be filthy or corrupt, he went to the farthest extent to get his money. And by the way, if you look, I'm not an economist, but I did study, I went to business school, one of the things you said is international business and multi million dollar corporations and their behaviors

00:37:11 --> 00:37:47

and things like that. It's crazy. The kinds of oppression that people do in the name of a buck, the kinds of oppression people do in the name of $1. Right? They, you know, these these kinds of labor factories and things like that, we read up stories where like, there's a child labor factories, and they produce products that end up in malls in the United States, right, and they produce these things, and child labor is being used to produce them. And if people try to get those kids out of there, they actually have money in their budgets, to hire local militias to guard the factories, so the kids don't escape. And that's part of their market that like their planning strategy. And until

00:37:47 --> 00:38:22

the UN or somebody intervenes, it's gonna stay business as usual. And of course, you know, you pay the local politicians, whatever. So the news never gets out, the media never makes its way and no documentary ever gets made, etc, etc. So they will go to the most extreme means all in the name in the end of a few dollars. I mean, look at the oppression that has been caused in this country, in the name of greed, not even against people across the Atlantic, how many people have lost their homes in the name of greed, or this entire the entire collapse of the economy, the product of it, now they're having entire NPR shows dedicated to it, that you know, the business school at Harvard.

00:38:22 --> 00:39:00

And you know, at NYU, we're teaching unethical business practices, money at all costs. The bottom line is the final principle. The final principle isn't serving humanity or creating a stable economy, you're thinking 10 years ahead, just worry about yourself. Think about just just think about this. One more, just a side comment about this. You know, the the, the Donald Trump mentality, Donald Trump is a very, very powerful multibillion dollar executive, right. And he's, you know, I don't even think he's got a TV show to where he's making people into entrepreneurs and things like that. Bottom line is, he's a real estate tycoon more than anything else, right. And you know how

00:39:00 --> 00:39:39

real estate in this society works. You buy, and you buy, but you don't pay for it. You use your credit to buy, and you don't make the maximum payments, you make what the minimum payments, and now your credit is being built. When your credit is built, you buy again, you rent it out or whatever, and you keep building your empire. Now if if the Donald Trump like billionaire was to pay off every one of his properties today, would he still be a billionaire? No. What's his idea? His idea is how long am I going to live another 50 years? 60 years? 100 years? How long am I going to live? I'm going to live a billionaire. And after that, if my payments aren't being made, who cares? I already

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

the party my way out. So this entire deficit will go will be passed on to the next generation. I couldn't care less. So the dollar the value of the dollar goes down. People's dollar at the grocery store doesn't go that far, and it can be blamed on him. But why does he care? He already did his partying and he's gone. In other words, don't think about anyone but who yourself

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

Mr. Milan, this is the at the heart of capitalist thinking at the heart at the core of it. Now compare this to the mind of the Muslim, I just one more smaller example because this is dealing with economics, right? A home. You know homeownership in this country is a big deal. And of course it bubbled and collapse and all of that, but just put it in very simple economic terms, even like a, an elementary school child can understand. 100 years ago, somebody buys a house. You know, somewhere in New York City, somebody somebody buys out, let's say they pay 50,000 for it, but they don't buy it cash, and they don't buy it interest free. They buy it on a mortgage, so they end up paying over 30

00:40:34 --> 00:41:16

years, not 50,000 What did they end up paying? 150,000 Okay, now it's time for them to sell it. Or they're going to sell for 60,000? No, they ended up putting in 150. So they should have this over 202 50. So they sell for 250 the next buyer comes in buys the place for 250. But he didn't buy it cash. What did he buy it on? credit. So he's not gonna pay 250 over 30 years hoping 400 500,000 when time comes for him to sell it. It keeps going up, right? So what's happened is, first of all, the value of currency went down. Second of all those who could own a home 100 years ago with that kind of money, can they still unknown generations later? No. So you made the opportunity for the next

00:41:16 --> 00:41:42

generation, more and more and more impossible. This is what rebar does. This is what Gemma Malinois does, it creates problems for the future. Now compare this to the Muslim mind, the Muslim mind is, you know, you have an old man who's already got his foot in the grave, and he's planting the seed in the ground for a tree to grow. And you ask him, you're not going to be you're not going to live long enough for this tree to grow. And he says, well, it will give somebody shade one day sacajawea for me,

00:41:43 --> 00:42:18

this is the mind of the Muslim, right? That's what it's supposed to be. We think about how the future will be benefited. Not, you know, live, eat, sleep, drink and die. That's it. You know, this is this is the reversal of thought. And that's really when we read this stuff, we shouldn't just think about what's happening, you know, a millennium and a half ago. This is these are realities of our time. these are these are serious problems of our time. And unfortunately, just because we're Muslim, doesn't mean that we haven't been engrossed in the deepest depths of the black greed of capitalism. we ourselves have become really nasty capitalists ourselves. And we don't think about

00:42:18 --> 00:43:00

the greater good and serving society and building the kinds of institutions right, we've become people of under the Gema mela mela, protect us from it and get us out of this mess. Okay, that to Shay Licata was added to who is an actor who would like to hula who was the who was the hero, the Howard if it was any harder, though, what he's saying in the entire line basically, is that, you know, either that means to prepare something, to get something ready also means to prepare for future catastrophes I saw who also means to count properly was at this deed. And it came with chapter one, data, it came with shutdown. What's the benefit of the shutdown? Yeah, do Li katha

00:43:00 --> 00:43:07

tilma dude illustrates that there's a lot to count. He's always busy counting and there's a lot to count. He's constantly counting

00:43:08 --> 00:43:40

also illustrates he does it over and over again. You see people that are can't help themselves. every couple of hours, the oxygen gets thin in the lungs, and they have to log into the account and see the balance again. Right. I went to business school there were majors with me that were finance majors guys are a finance major and Lehman listens, right? And we're in the library setting. For example, what are they doing? They just learned how to invest stock. So what are they doing constantly? Oh, it went up? Oh, it went down? Oh, it looks somebody jolts them with electricity. You know, they're on their e trade account. Oh, oh, yes. I have to shaitan Minimus. Allah says like,

00:43:40 --> 00:43:57

shaitan has touched him a little. I just poked him. And he's just constantly jittering Oh my god, oh my god. Oh, yes, it came back. And they're constantly having these emotional reactions that library and the library has to come into? And he says no, no, no, I'm engaged in you know, Jumbo Malinois Daddy, you know.

00:44:01 --> 00:44:01

So what

00:44:02 --> 00:44:42

I did, right. So the first is, is dedicated towards his attitude against others. And the second is his occupation for himself. What is he occupied with himself, interestingly, know that what is expected of the human being is the exact opposite, you are supposed to be the best to others. And you're supposed to not keep well for yourself but be given what is expected of you is the exact opposite of the behavior being described. So add data to count and please to count over and over again, to keep track of the count. And it can be also be it can also be, like I said, associated with preparation, preparing for future needs. How much time do we have left? I don't even have a

00:44:42 --> 00:44:46

clock here anymore. I have time. I'm gonna take my time. Okay.

00:44:47 --> 00:44:57

Why together? We talked about why these IOD come together what the association between these two is essentially one the attitude towards others and what's going on inside of himself. Now.

00:44:59 --> 00:45:00

The we talked about

00:45:00 --> 00:45:45

The use of the word Marlon in the singular. And what that it amounts talks about his life as a whole. Now we're ready for the third is Amanda who athleta service called Hulu verbs that are used for the heart. In other words, now Allah is doing a psychological analysis of what's going on inside him. The first two were about his actions. Those are outward. But now the third is Allah probing inside him what's going on inside him? Yes, he assumes an Allahu acleda that his life will, that his wealth will give him eternal life or will grant him immortality. Now, the thing here is minor who, but in the previous era, we didn't read a levee, Jama amarela, who we read under the JAMA Marlin,

00:45:46 --> 00:46:13

because he's gathering wealth that is his and also that isn't rightfully his, but he's acquiring it anyway. So Marlin includes in it his criminal behavior, but now that he's acquired it, it became his whatever he has stored inside, he thinks it's going to give him everlasting life. Now, this answers one of the deepest questions. Why do people run after money? That's a deep question to ask. When you ask, you know, why do you want money to a child who says, Oh, no,

00:46:14 --> 00:46:15

I might want something later.

00:46:16 --> 00:46:55

Right? But ask yourself the difficult question, why does humanity run after wealth? If the food is on the plate today, you start worrying about today, you start worrying about tomorrow. In other words, a color that doesn't just mean eternal life, it means that which will continue to sustain him endlessly. In other words, he's worried that if he doesn't have savings, he was he or she will cease to exist, you know, people become suicidal, when there's when their stock account, you know, the drops, right, their investment accounts went to zero, and they became suicidal, because they associated surviving with savings, not with food they have right now, but the food they were saving

00:46:55 --> 00:47:34

for tomorrow, this is part of the meaning of alcanada, he doesn't just think he'll live forever. But he thinks that his future needs this is from a plot from Hulu, his future needs are taken care of, because he or she has savings because they have the savings. So this and by the way, this this is tied to the idea of building monuments, you know, people, they want to be known for things and one of the things people get known for is wealth. And you know, at the end of people's lives, if they don't believe in an afterlife, they don't give it in sadaqa. They're given their own form of sadaqa, they'll donate to a charity or to a hospital to a university. So a monument will be named after

00:47:34 --> 00:47:59

them. Right? So this is the only thing of them that will live on. So they're making their wealth a means by them to which by means of which they can live on through these empty monuments, this rock and metal or whatever is used to make those monuments. This concept is also talked about in the Quran. When the nation of who this mentioned Allah says what that tahunan lasagna Lacan, duck loon, duck loon, you make statues, so you can live forever.

00:48:01 --> 00:48:34

What does that have to do with living forever? No, their name, their legacy, their memory will live forever? Is this your reason for building these unnecessary monuments? And they'll build these huge monuments with monies that could affect 1000s of people? But no, we have to build these monuments, we have to build these, you know, rock these, you know, great models of architecture. And this is happening. By the way, in the Muslim world, you'll see pictures of the Muslim world with this beautiful monument in a poor country. But they need to build this monument. This is a symbol of national solidarity. How about the homeless people hanging in front of the monument? Are they not a

00:48:34 --> 00:48:51

symbol of your national solidarity? How about give some of them that money? What are they going to do gonna lick that tower? Now? What are they going to do with it? You know, so the monies are spent in these way in these wasteful ways. And these are means by which people feel them, their nation, even themselves will get to live on forever.

00:48:52 --> 00:49:30

This actually, I read this quote, last time, I'll read it to you again, this is in describing a Philosopher's attitude towards the pyramids. And he's and the philosopher and he writes, this was written on right under the picture of the pyramids in a museum, and just listen to his words, calm and self possessed, still and resolute. The pyramids echo unto eternity, the defined cry of man's will to survive and conquer the storms of time, man will die, at least the pyramid I build will conquer the stories of storms of time, his quest, his desire for eternity, for living eternally, Allah put that desire inside the human being, if that desire is not channeled towards the seeking

00:49:30 --> 00:49:59

genda it will be channeled towards getting your wealth and building monuments. And that's what we'll have, but the desire is there. Like a lot put the desire inside us to appreciate beautiful things. And if you don't appreciate the beautiful recitation of Quran, you will become obsessed with music, the desire is there, but it's just gonna it's gonna get channeled. It's gonna go in one direction or the other, you understand? So that's what we're learning here. So the people who don't and by the way, this is the comment of one of my teachers after his argument he said about this, the sooner he said that there are two attempt to

00:50:00 --> 00:50:38

temptations of dunya it's money and children usually that are talked about in the Koran. Right at the castle, Phil and Wiley. What Ola? Obviously this surah is talking Which one? No, not a lot. And he made a comment about that just his own observation. He said, in my own life, I have noticed that people who don't have children, they become even more obsessed with wealth. If they don't have kids, then you if you have kids, you have two concerns. But if you have don't have kids, you become overly concerned with wealth and counting money. And if you tell people who don't have kids who become overindulgent. Well, why don't you have kids? What's the number one reason they give you? Well, I

00:50:38 --> 00:50:39

don't know if you can afford it.

00:50:40 --> 00:51:21

I don't know if you know we have enough for ourselves. We don't know if we have enough for a child might cramp our style or you know our future plans etc. So now in the seat of this Yakubu Nam Allahu Allah de Beauvoir alamelu. amla, who the wealth will increase his false hopes, woman now hold my knee and berita and it will give him wishful thoughts or fortify his wishful thoughts that are far away, half the US behind the 40 off that he will totally empty until it becomes a means by which he gets deeper and deeper into his heedlessness and extends his false hopes. Yeah, the actual anomala who Tanaka holiday, he assumes his wealth will leave him remaining fit Daniela mood in this world as

00:51:21 --> 00:51:58

though he won't die. It also implies in the next life that he thinks this is a very important mentality. By the way, there are people today that believe because Allah gave them so much here, that they will be doing pretty well over there. Hey, Allah loves me so much here. He's obviously taking care of me here. So I can only expect better when I go. But this is actually a real mentality. It's at the heart, by the way of many of a Protestant factions of Christianity. They actually they will tell you in the sermon, God wants you to go get that promotion, he wants you to make that extra money. He wants you to get that second mortgage because he loves you. Right, make

00:51:58 --> 00:52:14

more and that will be a sign that Allah loves you more. This is actually mentioned in the Koran in the story of the two gardeners and sorts of golf. The guy who thinks he's got a better garden so he figures well now Vanessa Atacama, I don't think the hour is ever gonna establish against me. Well,

00:52:16 --> 00:52:51

even if it was returned to my master, now as you can know Hiram in one column, I would find better return over there than here. It was only given me dunia stuff it'll give me after I stopped there. You're poor here probably be poor over there too. That was his mentality. And by the way, this mentality, believe it or not, has seeped into the minds of many Muslims. They will think Allah is taking Allah loves me so much. He we have a beautiful home we have a great job businesses great. Clearly Allah loves us. He sees something in us He didn't see in other people. So why should we worry? Allah has really taken care of us. Well know that these things that we thank Allah for more

00:52:51 --> 00:53:26

than anything else, they are a test. For some people their poverty is a test for other people. their wealth is a test but they're both a test. None of them are you doesn't put you in a superior position to the other. So I'm not saying richer people are in a worse position. And poor people are in a better position. But understand both are being tested. Both of them are being tested, able to help us understand our test, and live live a life that successfully passes that test. What are the other who are holida? Who be MANOVA head show Kenny says know that UCLA Dan holida the verbs have the same meaning from a B to C or would you haha, but intersil they have they take two faces. Yeah,

00:53:26 --> 00:54:08

Camila and yagoona. Nana Toulon man, a tabula amla, one of the meanings can be that the wealth will extend his hopes and his means. And that's why he starts thinking he'll live forever. Well, I'm your call you need to do and he didn't say it will give him eternal life. He didn't use the present future tense to use the past tense, the NL maratea saboo have an insane because the meaning is that this human being assumes, and then Mao and Amanda, women LaHood. What a man, middle mouse worker and the Hakama was called foreign woman who will evaluate Jazakallah who Ll malby. What he's essentially saying is, it is because the human being assumes that now that he has wealth already, this matter is

00:54:08 --> 00:54:43

dealt with I'm already taken care of. I don't have to worry about the future anymore. Because I already have wealth. In other words, the warnings of the aka the warning of the future. It doesn't bother him. The first thought that crossed his mind is I'm okay. I'm doing all right. I'm taking care of other people may have to worry, I'll be alright. And others even think and this is commented on by Mufti Mohammed shaffir in the sea of the soldier in one of his recorded doodles, he said that there are people who think they can buy their way into paradise. Right? So when they're worn, they say I have Well, I if I can't, you know, if I'm not obeying the law, that's fine. I can pay my way

00:54:43 --> 00:54:59

through. You know, just like paying a little extra to get the lead package for HUD or get the elite package pass you know, go right through pass by security gates and go straight to paradise. It'll be you know, it'll be waiting for me. So this idea of me having furu mean being completely unconcerned

00:55:00 --> 00:55:36

what is to come by then hasn't hasn't says Mara a two year clean. And this is an amazing statement, by the way, Mara at European and lasher kaffee ashba, who will be shocked Latina fecal mode, I didn't see something so certain in which there is absolutely no doubt, and people are so in doubt about it as though there's no certainty in it as like death. Death is something that is so sure there's no doubt about it. And people's attitude towards it is it is so uncertain as though there's not going to happen ever. They're completely in doubt about it. So Pamela, I have a humble man who have been shredded and this is the one of the implications of the idea that he loved wealth with an

00:55:36 --> 00:55:45

intense form of love. had that Dakota and nahu in in Dakota, Molly amoud, until he started believing if my wealth goes down, I will die.

00:55:46 --> 00:56:15

That is Alec Yaki. luminox on the upca hayyan. So he protects it from being from going down so he can remain alive. Well, how the * you buried miniata cuddlebug here and this is not very far from the way of thought and the conviction and the creed of the one who is miserly or the poor the the the greedy one and how that has been I'm undecided and this is a contradiction to righteous action. What Anna who who allegedly yaku Sahaba, who Fredonia basically and this is the righteous one knows that.

00:56:16 --> 00:56:34

That the person who is the one of good deeds will that is what will give him eternal life by mentioning the good things what will occur in the animal kingdom and in the end, it will he will have blissful life. Now my own thoughts on what we've studied so far before we conclude this little inshallah, don't worry, we're getting somewhere. What time is it by the way?

00:56:36 --> 00:56:42

Oh, man. Okay. I gotta try. I'll try to finish if I don't finish, I won't. We'll see. Okay.

00:56:43 --> 00:56:49

The symmetry of the Sula. It's amazing. A lot. So which I mentioned five criminal acts

00:56:50 --> 00:56:51


00:56:52 --> 00:56:55

nomada, JAMA, Hamelin. Right.

00:56:57 --> 00:57:21

And yes, Aleppo. sube. And then my last letter right, and it was banned and then mellado anomala five criminal acts. And when you study the end of the surah Allah describes five descriptions of punishment. Potala now to LA Hill bukata. And let Italia Ada number three in LA him Masada number four Fiamma de madera number five

00:57:23 --> 00:58:06

incredibly balanced sola and an incredible way to strike fear into the heart of the one who is immersed in this kind of attitude. Kela Lambada Neville hautala Houghton also means to break the original meaning of home his guest that which is broken Otama is used for crop that goes yellow and becomes crusty eventually and people step on it as soon as they touch it. What happens to it? It breaks it falls apart. This word is used in in contrast with another word that in the sutra was used to break someone's spirit remember, and homas Gasser right, you break other people's spirit and dignity you will end up in a place that will break you that will crush you hurt Allah subhanaw taala

00:58:06 --> 00:58:07

how the words come together.

00:58:08 --> 00:58:48

You know, the ends when they were scared of Suleiman, they said lay out the monochrome light lazily. monochrome, that may or may not end up trampling over you crushing you breaking you two piece pieces. Some say that hold on, hold on, this is the fourth or sixth layer of *, a lot of data out and these are only opinions. I didn't find any Hadeeth text or any asset of a Sahabi corroborating it. The fire is attributed to Allah azza wa jal, we'll talk about that in a bit. Let's just finish this discussion of the Candela. Jamba nabasa in Arabic is to throw something that has no value to you whatsoever. no bother to throw something that has no value to you whatsoever. Allah says no, not

00:58:48 --> 00:59:31

at all. You know, he says life his wealth will give him life, a lot refutes. He says no, not at all. Rather, for sure there is no doubt about it whatsoever. I'm using all these words for emphasis because there's law law, and there's two new ones at the end. And then Allah says, By then He will definitely be thrown and this is to throw something that has no value to you. This was the word used to describe bunnies in when they threw darts behind their back number for the Camino tokitoki tabula rasa him, they threw it behind their back because it had no value to them. This is this person thinks he has all the value in the world because of what as well. And by the way, one of the things

00:59:31 --> 00:59:34

I didn't mention, you know why he talks to people that way, because he's got money.

00:59:36 --> 01:00:00

He thinks he can get away who's gonna talk back to me, I could talk to my employee like that. I'm the major donor at the Islamic Center who's going to talk back to me. Without my contributions, the school won't survive. I could talk whenever I want. This donation is also it's not only a blank check, it's a blank check for my tongue. Right. This is what he assumes. So now at the end, he is valueless. He is

01:00:00 --> 01:00:07

thrown like trash filho Tama in a katana in the most despicable place, a phantom

01:00:08 --> 01:00:36

Phantom jawaban possum Allah, the universe say that lamb alone button loom button is the response to an oath. In other words, Allah is saying I swear he will be thrown not only definitely definitely definitely he'll be thrown a lot swears on top of that because of the lump. The other thing is my own but then can be some Tara art actually recited as following. Now you come by then. Now what did you hear different loom by then

01:00:38 --> 01:00:55

made it longer, right? That Alif made it appear to meaning whoever Maluku him and his money will be thrown you loved it so much go live with it. You never wanted to let go of and right okay, you won't let go of evidence you can go get crushed with it together. Somehow the luck Who am I?

01:00:56 --> 01:01:42

So, and by the way, Phil Otama by using the word Fie Jacobi and nahu mo the owner who got me conjunct Dan calvaire by using the word fee he will be thrown in it, it implies that this is a place that is very, very deep, that he will be thrown way down in a deep ditch. Louisiana be done with that. It's also been recited loon balloon. So there are three recitations, Ljubljana, Louisiana, and then the bassoon, who are ansara, who him and the people who helped him become this way. So the three interpreters are he himself came in as well. And then him and his entire posse, his entire social circle was Submit. And now when I will hold them and the fire was called, what am I here, the

01:01:42 --> 01:02:20

document I won, because it crushes the bones had pasila in a loop until it reaches the hearts. It's called hope Amma because it crushes bones and reaches to the hearts How do we know it reaches the hearts in totally Allah. And either that's coming. Now that we talked about the meaning of number that another word in Arabic that similar is thought, aha, bah, bah and ha, which also to throw something. But it's usually it's used to throw something hiding it away from people. Like you know, you want to throw something away in the trash, but you don't want to put it outside for the neighbors to see. And you hide it. By the way this is used when the brothers of uses for trying to

01:02:20 --> 01:02:57

get rid of him with the law who hide him so people don't see him throw him away in a place where people don't see him. Right. So that's a different kind of meaning of the word for innama zacchara who beloved the neighbor Adel al ihana. He used the word Nevers with them, illustrating humiliation against them, the undercut in dnl, Castle karatedo and the human as well kurama because the disbeliever used to believe that he's from the people that deserve dignity, color McCartan, he attacked him and I wonder what that could look home, that MacArthur says it will crush bones and eat the flesh had that damage him Allah, Allah kulu until it makes its way, way way on top of the

01:02:57 --> 01:03:40

hearts. The benefits of mentioning jahannam by this name, number one, what are the benefits? This is Mr. Medina raazi he makes a list of the benefits why Allah would use the word pratama instead of jahannam in this surah number one and Etihad fissara can Anahata Allah cool, it unifies the solar as though Allah is saying in gunnedah houmas homosassa nomada favara hautala if you have been homeless or lomasa right behind you I have sent Katana so it's unifying the solar the second and then ham is because of the Iranian ham is is the one who winks at people breaks their spirit by looking at them in a condescending way lialda aka Dre who so he can throw do away with his dignity for your cullotta

01:03:40 --> 01:04:20

Allah so Allah is saying, Well what ah I can hold on Phil Hartfield will help him Ghazal and right behind you I have sent Otama because photo includes also breaking ties the two subjects together, and then hammers and llamas yaku Lachman ness listeners. Because the hammers and the llamas these homodyne lomasa they are eating the flesh of the people. That's what they do. Reba, and Candice, this kind of talk is eating the flesh of the people, while hopa Avon is mainly nermeen hifu in Napa that could agenda because what am i is called that it worries us because it will also eat the flesh. And as a result of you eating the flesh of the people, it will lead your flesh and your skin.

01:04:21 --> 01:04:53

This is the one that my favorite this one. So Paul, I appreciate the genius of a mindful Dino Rossi by the way he has certain opinions and Arpita that most scholars don't take. And that doesn't discredit his work. The man is an absolute genius when it comes to linguistic analysis. And we take the good and that which we disagree with we make dua to Allah that He overlook those mistakes which scholars beyond mistakes. You know, after the Messenger of Allah De Soto Salaam, if you're going to say that one made that mistake and that one made that mistake. Look at what you did last weekend before you talk about somebody else. Right? these scholars gave their lives studying Deen. So if

01:04:53 --> 01:05:00

they said something that the majority didn't accept, we overlook that and we asked a lot overlook it in light of all the good that they did. And now look this last

01:05:00 --> 01:05:07

This comment that just blew me away. Who's wahida min nibble if Taney Minka can now It is as though a lie saying take one from me

01:05:08 --> 01:05:51

in response to two crimes from you, What's he saying? Take Hama from me because of homicide and no matter that you are right take one from me. For two have you done? Can you fight for your car and then someone might say, okay if I fly had Billy's name, how can one be suffice for one punishment be suffice for two crimes we were expecting to, but one is mentioned in place of two for call in no matter who it is as though Allah says heatherly and McCullough 3400 watt head. This is because you don't know what this one is. And that's why Allah says while na de la Kemal Otama what would give you any idea what this hautala is? he poses it as a question. You might say how can one be

01:05:51 --> 01:05:54

acquainted with two you have no idea what you're talking about, hence will not

01:05:55 --> 01:06:30

be you beautiful hamata break to bend to twist out of shape. huduma is a wind that breaks things and bends things out of shape and its path it is used for that also which is crushed and crumbled like we said, Now among other common katama Have you realized not abraca This is the English literary equivalent, what would give you the slightest clue. Also signifying you will never know what pathoma is. The next ayah has a clue as to why you will never know what Katana is. Allah says now the law, the fire of Allah. Now let me explain in very explicit terms, why this is important before we get the word mocha.

01:06:32 --> 01:06:42

You remember nakoula the she camel of Allah. By using the word Allah next Naka Allah is letting us know this camel cannot be compared to any other camel.

01:06:43 --> 01:07:24

The camel of so and so can be compared to camel of so and so but the camel of Allah cannot be compared to any other camera. Now the fire I made versus the fire made by someone who has far more fuel, far more people working to build a large fire, there's a comparison, they have more resources, they have a bigger well they have a lot of oil they made a huge bonfire can be compared, but the fire of Allah by using that phrase, this is a fire that can never ever be compared to any fire. The only thing that can be said is this is the fire especially designed by Allah. So by using the word Allah He made it incompatible, which makes the last statement even more appropriate, what can

01:07:24 --> 01:08:09

possibly give you a clue because this is the fire of Allah nothing is able to give you even the slightest idea what kind of fire this is. Now Allah then he says an muka muka is an SMS rule as opposed to an ism file mukha mukava is on the road right? So it comes from Okada up BOD. And this first of all mocha means that which is lit that which is lit mentioning right next to a lot implies Allah himself but it that's what it because as mentioned, right, so the the fire of a lot that has been lit implying that has been lit by Allah azza wa jal that's number one. Number two, here Allah is highlighting subhana wa Taala. The Act itself meaning the lighting itself instead of himself.

01:08:09 --> 01:08:51

He's been highlighted in the word Allah. But then the fire has been highlighted in the Islam before he didn't say not a light in mukade. Because mukade would have referred to Allah the fire of Allah who did it. But no the fire of a light that has been lit than you just imagine how badly it's been lit. So it's been it's focusing your attention on the fire again. Then eternal forest says this word move to the icard Kelly Martin, the doula is the island now it is used it illustrates the sparks of a fire allowed flame that has a lot of sparks coming out of it. A makalu Tyler narula fell in love with the theme here now don't lurk in Iran. This this association of not with Allah is for

01:08:51 --> 01:08:58

magnifying it so you know that this is a fire lakka in Iran that cannot be like any fire any other fires that exist.

01:08:59 --> 01:09:42

And mukha and lefty law taught me to abandon mukha implies a fire that will never ever go down. I will move on to be Emery he will be qudra t this is awesome. mukha implies two things one it's led by a less command a lot commander it and he got lit ob qudra t meaning Allah created it in a way that it remains that way which is why an SM is used as opposed to a fit and now to LA he allottee okay that right? And that he took as a verb would have been used. But an mukha implies it remains lit. It stays that way it doesn't go down. You know if you know anything about lighting a fire what happens eventually it dies out but by using Mukunda Allah made it an endless fire so pound Allah and

01:09:42 --> 01:09:59

let Ethan do either the one that rises up against or makes its way climbs painstakingly. Bala in Arabic is used for the rising of the sun, which is a smooth rising, but it further is used for climbing a mountain which is a painful step by step this fire is taking one step into

01:10:00 --> 01:10:39

Then the next step, then he grabs on to something and makes his way like a climber does it, Paula. And let he totally also implies it does so over and over again. If it was the past tense it flat, then it would have happened in one shot. It does. So then it goes back then does so again then goes back and does so again. This can't this steamroller will fail, right? This continuity in the act. So the man By the way, why the hearts because the greed, the homos or the Lomas or the assumption that mall will last forever. Where did all of these crimes take place originally, in the heart, the heart that was overwhelmed against someone else or against their own grief, which was wasn't even called

01:10:39 --> 01:11:16

it was for us. And now that the heart is being burned, it's literally inflamed. So we don't use Caleb we use for art here because for us, it implies a heart that is engulfed in flames. Lachman eat beans a piece of flesh that is surrounded by fire that's what it literally means. And now it's not even for add figuratively which it is it's also for add, literally, so unless he totally Oh either either Phantom and now huhtala algebra what Allah Allah He that you can climb a mountain with ease or with difficulty either Allahu when someone goes all the way over it. So my feet of serial IRA which hand then we when we studied with the seal of this IRB found two things.

01:11:17 --> 01:11:56

A well and now wV as well for him that the fire will enter into their limbs had pasila illa saluted him until it enters and reaches their chests while home, the polio either to him then it will make its way above their hearts. When I say fee button in San output mineral ad. And there is nothing in the body of the human being that is more subtle and hidden than the ad. It is protected by a rib cage. It's it's protected. The cavity is one of the strongest bones in the body. It protects this thing. By the way, Allah created the human being in this way, the most important faculties are the most protected, right? The hardest protected and the mind is protected with the strongest bones in

01:11:56 --> 01:12:15

the heart and by the body. But you know, the lips aren't protected. Right? Because they can get you in trouble. They don't they don't need they don't need protection. They actually need punishment sometimes. Right? So that which leads you into more sin, right and there's the places of EMA and the things that will save you are protected, but the places that lead you into trouble or left open,

01:12:16 --> 01:12:54

some kind of law. But anyway, one of the meanings of art is the innermost heart. That should also be noted linguistically the innermost the core of the heart. Whether I shall do the element men who be Edna might be either new master who then this is not this is the place that causes the most or feels the most pain FACA tala acnologia Hannah mustard and he was totally How can it be that the fire of * will come and make its way above him? He says, Well, if Allah tala karma if the fire actually consumed the heart, he would die. That's why Allah azza wa jal says it climbs on it but it doesn't consume it.

01:12:56 --> 01:13:33

Meaning it crushes the bones and crushes the flesh but it doesn't crush the heart. The heart feels the pain it recreates. It makes it feel the pain again, it retreats, it doesn't consume the hearts of panela, fully danika cool subhanho wa Taala so Malaya Metohija when I hear this, why he won't die in it and he won't live because if the heart is gone, the life is gone. So it will keep going back and forth against the heart. One more important comment about this ayah we use a new house, a new house and either the underhand morality will suffer. And it's possible that Allah highlighted of Ada because those are the stations of disbelief, whether our call it will fail fast enough and have

01:13:33 --> 01:14:14

corrupt beliefs when the attic Habiba and have filthy intentions now in the house on a Masada Now let's look at the word in the harlene simple language it is especially upon them that I lay him is earlier the normal sentence structure is in Naha, so that when I lay him, but I lay him is placed earlier this is called the khadim. Right The theme of Java module, right? So it's brought earlier what that implies is these are especially the people who will get In addition, this Masada that will be cast upon them. These This is a special punishment for these people. So it's not for everyone and Hellfire is for these people in particular, now Asada is used, or Assad is used for a barn where

01:14:14 --> 01:14:52

animals are locked or secured. You know how you have a high enough wall that the animal can climb out. That is that is actually a Mossad. And to put something also it means to put something upside down like you have, you know, food and you put a plate over it a lid over it. So none of the heat escapes for example, in a pot excetera this is also called Assad to cover or to lead something kwinana and this is why let's just call llama urato and yes do you mean ha ha every time they try to get out of it they are placed back in it because it's lifted on top it will be lifted over them Masada. Well, I'm jaquan Baca, and another word for placing a lid on top his motorbike car but he

01:14:52 --> 01:15:00

didn't use that he used most of that instead, the NL Matsuda here a verb and Monica This is amazing because Matsuda employed

01:15:00 --> 01:15:16

eyes that which has doors that are closed. So it's closed, but there are actually doors there to their door. So why, but if you say most because there are no doors, it's just a lead with no openings, but most of that has a closing, but it has doors in it, which leaves a possibility for what?

01:15:17 --> 01:15:19

Have escape, right. So let's see why.

01:15:20 --> 01:15:50

And now we'll OSHA gallican motor behavior, lacuna, Hallberg nakina, who build up he could have mentioned something that doesn't have doors, but he mentioned a word that does have doors, you have Guru Maharaj mentioning a way of escape for them for years, he doofy hustle at him, because it's so high up above them. And we'll learn that in the next if they keep looking at the doors and it increases in their hustler in their in their regret. You know, if you're just if there's no hope you give up hope but you see the door and the false hope adds to the pain,

01:15:51 --> 01:16:20

the hope, the false hope as to the pain. So that adds to the psychological torment by mentioning books other Well, I'm not certain I know him. And he didn't mention most of them either. He said it he said, Ah, you feel under Maqsood, uh, well, I'm going home behind the hill harder. And one of the benefits of that is to say to make sure they understand that they will be in that state. Instead of highlighting the Matsuda he highlighted their state first. Finally, the last if unlike the moment data in Ahmed is translated as columns.

01:16:21 --> 01:16:56

The word med in Arabic is to stretch my data can leave this is Baba free from it, you get the sum of all mud. And this is a moment that is feminine because it's the adjective of a broken plural general taxied. You know our mood is the singular and then Ahmed so um, I didn't mama Dada, right outstretched columns muda to stretch my data to stretch too far extremes to stretch as far as the stretching can go. amoud Kula Mr. T. Lehmann hacia. El Haddad. ahmud is used for any beam any any column that is made with wood or iron, well who are absolutely not.

01:16:58 --> 01:17:02

And it is, it's the essence of a construction meaning the whole thing stands upon it.

01:17:03 --> 01:17:41

Now Moodle bait, as the Arab would say you call a Moodle bait, they will say the beam of the house, the lady Yoku movie Hill beta, which the whole house stands on meaning if this collapses, the whole thing collapses, what fee, the manor. And I saw that be on the demo data layer. The fee in the beginning of the ayah is in the meaning of but also, not only are they in it, they are being contained in it by means of these beams, meaning these beams are made of metal, but they are under intense heat. So there's burning metal. Now if there were just regular beams, you could try to what you could try to climb. But they are these first of all, they're extremely long. And on top of that

01:17:41 --> 01:18:19

they're in extreme heat. So you just trying to touch them would even add to your pain. So time that now finally time the beginning of this surah to its ending and we conclude in sha Allah, the surah began with one word for destruction. That was way that was the beginning of the song. And the surah concludes fully explaining what this whale is. What What is this? What? How bad can it get an alarm? So Joel mentioned this prison scenario where people are being thrown and they look up and there are these high columns and way on the ceiling. What do they see? They see doors, but they can never reach those doors. Because these columns don't they're not a means of comfort, they can even lean on

01:18:19 --> 01:18:39

them. Right there means of adding to their pain, may Allah protect us from this wrath. And then, of course, finally, in the beginning of the solar, Allah xojo did use the word coal, which means no one should feel exempt from this crime, and we should be afraid of this crime. So I say you know, I said this in the beginning I'm saying this at the end. This is a this is the final warning in the Quran.

01:18:40 --> 01:19:02

And you know, and I say final in the sense that it's the last place in the Quran, but also it has a lot of climactic finality in it, as we just heard. May Allah azza wa jal instill the fear of the Hellfire in our hearts and protect us from even having to see the cursed place of the hellfire. May Allah azza wa jal protect us and our families from the fire barakallahu li walakum Phu Kham Hakim when I finally what year can be it was it

Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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