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Nouman Ali Khan
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rubbish is everywhere silly Emily Washington Hakata Melissa Nia Coco de Waal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam, Allah say that MBs II will mousseline while he was happy who minister Nebuchadnezzar he lamb Dean, Allah Medina Minh home Amina Latina, Amina Mohammed Sani hurt, whatever so we'll help whatever so the sub mineable alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We're back in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Last week, you guys skipped sort of blue chip was conducted out of Texas and departmental head and the folks from high productions and main media for coming out there and helping out in broadcasting that program live. Just a quick recap of how the beginning of

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this solar connects with the previous sort of the conclusion of it at the end of that surah Allah subhanho wa Taala said well, who are no Majeed below him?

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That is the Quran in the the protected tablet below him muffled and that is of course in the sky. So, what was mentioned was the highest thing in the sky. And now this sort of begins with dimension of the sky itself was semi automatic. So, what was in the sky below him a fourth in the previous solar and now this sort of begins with dimension of the sky. The other thing also is towards the end of that solar we read alohomora him Mohit that Allah is incomplete has completely encompass them from behind them and from in front of them. And here in the very beginning of the surah we will read in Kowloon of Salah Maha that there is not a single person in existence that there isn't a guardian

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over them watchful over them inshallah Tada, we will see how, how that is explained as the surah continues. The surah is essentially divided into five sections. And we'll take probably we'll try and finish the first two sections before the solid the first four ayat is one to four are an oath that allows original takes by the sky. And by this thing we're going to study called a thought it was semi automatic, and then allows the region dedicates to more I add to the discourse on the topic on the on just that particular aspect of the oath, and then gives us what's called Java class and the response to the oath we've talked about this before. When the law swears by something, then you

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have to have a response. There's Maxim B here and Maxim Allah He In other words, I swear then you say I swear by I swear what I swear I'll do this I'll do that etc, etc, that that's called job plus on the response to the oath and that is in the eye of the fourth I including the Nazi Lama, are they happy? So let's begin in sha Allah tala, we begin, first of all with the first ayah which is very similar in style and format to the previous Solas. Beginning in the previous year, it was summer either in Mirage here rereading was summary what Barak so it's paralleled with the previous surah Allah azza wa jal swears by the sky The sky The word summit comes from someone or Sunil also which

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means that which is above so commonly be translated as the sky. But really summer is something everything above and this is slightly different from the term somewhat in the Quran. Allah

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As he uses the words of smls, in tobacco, for example, in order to know, and many other places, Holocaust sumati will have the right he created the heavens and the earth as it's commonly translated. What's interesting is the word summer, generally speaking, means everything above us everything above, because that's what the root meaning comes from. But somehow that is seven heavens, seven layers of sky. Actually, some is more than some what, which sounds strange. Somehow, you would think one summer, one sky and then seven of them would be greater. But since the word summit means everything above, It even includes more than the seven heavens, for example, a lot of

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his outages where it's above the seven heavens, right so we don't say that it's in the summer what we do say it's in the summer, it's still in the larger so Allah never says All right, to manifest somewhat, but he does say, or item manifest summer because that's a limitless term. So my work is still a limited term, and summer is a limitless term. Nonetheless, when the word summer occurs with a clarification or a qualification, then it refers to the usually the first sky for example, in the whole, unrefined, a semi adonia. Okay, a semi adonia, which refers to the first guy so without qualification refers to everything above everything above limitless. But when we say a semi adonia,

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that it's referring to the first or any other qualification that's been placed here, the qualification or the limit that's been placed on it is the phrase what party and we will see why that's a limitation in a bit. Allows origin swears by the sky, and as a reminder, what is the function and purpose of taking an oath? The number one reason an oath is taken in the Quran. It is an illustration of a law taking your creation and making it a witness. That's the primary thing. Okay. So in English, we would say I swear by the sky, but one of the implied meanings that doesn't come out in translation is I am making the sky a witness. That's one of the implications of saying

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was semi The sky is a witness to what I'm about to say. The sky is also you know, a precursor or an introduction to what the discourse that is about to come. Eliza just says the word Barak. A Tarik is the one that arrives at night is the common translation it comes from the word the word Tanaka, which is to walk along and it's an isn't far from it. It's an active participant from it. The word Tarik comes from this word, and it means a road and the reason it's called literally tharaka or torque means strike and a road that you walk around on a lot the animals traveling on it, the people are traveling on a different kinds of vehicles are traveling on it, it's got it gets hit a lot, it

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gets beat up. That's why it's called buddy. That's where the word comes from. Now the word paddock is used specifically when someone travels at nighttime, it's used for the one who travels at nighttime. Why because the Arabs they found it more convenient to travel at night because the day was scorching hot. So they would travel more so at night than they were during the day. We see we find in loja was Latakia. Right The essence of the word dark is striking. A striking okay. The other thing here what then what what is thought it really referring to the one more implied meaning from the language we learn is thought ik refers to someone who comes in the middle of the night because

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if they're traveling at night, they reach their destination at night. And then they knock on the door. But if you knock on the door during the day, nobody cares because there's all this noise during the day. But at nighttime, it's everything's quiet. So you hear it and it's it's more it's louder than normal when you hear that at night. So the idea the essential linguistic idea behind the word thought it is that which arrives at night number one, that which calls attention, because the one who's knocking on the door is making a lot of causing a lot of attention in this still of the night. This refers to the large brilliant stars in the sky. There are two opinions about it, either

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it's referring to one major star. And there are different opinions about what that star is. Some say it's Zoho, which used to appear to the Arabs, when they would travel in the last portion of the night, they will see this brilliant star and they would kind of the night traveler would kind of wait for this for them to see it. It was like a highlight of their journey that they got to see that Companion of the journey that again, others would say no lethargic because the general word is used. It's referring to all brilliant stars in the sky, all of them. And it's as though the you know, the night is kind of a relief for the Arab. And so since the word product is used for someone who

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arrives at nighttime, and cause a lot of attention, this is the beauty of their nightlife. You know the desert isn't much to look at but what's the only beautiful thing in the desert that's really remarkable is the night sky that is embedded with these pearls of the stars. So this is what the word badhak literally refers to Allah azza wa jal then he goes on to say, well, ma abraca methodic. What will give you any clue what has given you a clue rather it's in the past tense? Is there anything that can inform you or give you an indication as to what the topic really is? Now the thing is, you know, in loja, we find the way it's been interpreted is I use a in Ireland McCabe, Danica

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Patrick, what is what is something that's going to give you a clue as to what the static this

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arrival at arrival at night is, Allah Himself answers this question by saying an najmul Falcon, the next ayah. But why even asked this question? This question is asked usually in the Quran when the answer to which to it cannot be known by the human being. And then Allah Himself answers the question. Now there is another similar format in Nicaragua. He says, Well, now you can add madaraka. But when you drink, and this is the Mubarak from the present form, whenever Allah uses Mahmoud Rica, what will inform you what will give you a clue as opposed to saying what has given you a clue in the past? Whenever uses the present or future tense? He doesn't answer the question. He doesn't answer.

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But when he says, Well, my locker he will tell you. So here we he asked a rhetorical question, what would give you a clue? What is it that may have given you a clue what it is? And then he answers himself? And then without that, the other might have comment about commented about the format of this question. And they let us know that the reason Allah has always asked this question is, even if you can see the star, you can never truly appreciate it, you don't know it's reality, what you know, is a small glimpse of what that star really is. So when Allah uses Marvel, aka, then usually it's referring to something you can imagine something about it, you may know some things about it, but

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its full extent, you will never appreciate you will never taste. So this is something remarkable, that allows or calls our attention to that we are in no position to fully grasp what it really is, even if you see it's beautiful, you know, a gloss and it's beautiful shine in the middle of the night. It's not something you can fully envelop. This is why also in the Quran, we find fellow cusi movie Morocco in new June. I know I swear by the position of the stars, Allah says, but then he says we're in the who la casa de la de la luna, Avi, and that no doubt, if you had any ideas and enormous oath, this is not something small. It's something tremendous. I highly encourage all of you

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inshallah, if you get a chance, I think it's on YouTube. Now. It's Dr. Abdullah hay, who's a Muslim, senior senior analyst at NASA, who's done this really nice PowerPoint presentation called Allah's universe. And he puts our creation, the creation of the earth in perspective with the rest of the universe and how really miniscule and insignificant we are, it's really an increasing presentation to watch. It's something great for yourself and inshallah tada especially to share with your children. Anyhow. So Allah lets us know we're in no position to appreciate what bodek really is. And as far as as far apart as that is if you're into into like astronomy and you know something about

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you know, space and and the vastness of space and all of this stuff, then know something about this Dean that's really profound. Allah azza wa jal says, it will aka Xena sama dunia be masabi we beautified the world, the sky The first summer with these these these beautiful lamps meaning the stars. So so far as the human beings no matter what telescope or what tools we use to look into the universe and find stars so long as there are stars that still counts as what heaven the first heaven and how many heavens are there are seven heaven Subhanallah so as far as there are stars, that's still the first heaven because Allah says Allah decorated the first sky, the the closest sky with

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stars. This occurs in salt, milk also the dunya Bz Nathanael kawaki, same thing that we've we've decorated the first The earth is the closest sky, the sky of the dounia that's the one we've decorated with the beauty of planets and stars. That's what he's done. subhana wa methodic what will give you any clue as to what planet what that thought it is? Then Allah says najmul Falcon najem you all know me It came up before the word najem means star. But here has been given an adjective and the adjective is Falcon. Falcon comes from the word Sakaba. And Sakaba means of a fire or a star to be brilliant, almost like blazing and twinkling. The other thing that comes from it is cyclebar,

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which means a fire to be to something to be similar in redness than to fire. And when light passes through something this is also from Sakaba to rip through something. And the idea presented here is imagine the black night as a blanket. Right. And imagine the light is like a hole poking through the blanket. Right? Put you know, put yourself in that position you it's daytime, you have a blanket over your head. And if there's a window in the room, you can still tell it today. Because somehow the light pierces through even that blanket that you have over you saw the image by Alonzo just saying that it is that of light that pierces through vast vast distances and reaches all the way to

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you as you're looking up into the sky. And now we know more but just put it understand it from the perspective of the desert Arab, even he would think that how long this light has traveled, how far how far distance it has come to reach me disappears through all of those vast distances. Now one of the central themes of this sutra that we have to inshallah keep in mind as we continue it's part of the language and theme of this

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Sora is journey one of the things we'll find is journeys. For instance in the word succubus, the journey of the light that travels that twinkle that travels from the origin of it from that najem all the way to us. That's one journey in if that are coming, we're gonna find the journey of the fluid that travels all the way to the womb and then forms the human being. There's another journey that's coming. So we have that theme of journeys. Another thing that's that's going to be consistent here is secrecy. Of course, what time is associated with secrets day or night. It's nighttime, and the surah begins with mention of the night time with somebody what Barack Obama did, aka, not Park

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and this this this star, unoriginal thought that it says though it's unveiling the secret of the darkness of the night, it's producing light, where you only expect darkness so Pamela, now inshallah tada as we go further before, before we go further, a couple of things about the mention of stars in the sky. Allah azza wa jal says, what made me whom you have to do, this is what Allah himself says that by the stars, they are guided, in other words, that the Arabs would look at the stars very carefully, because when you're traveling at night, you can't see the sun and telephone going east or west or north or south. The only way to tell now is guiding stars, they would look at stars as

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milestones basically, for for them to be able to travel through the night. So unless calling attention to something that they look at constantly Anyway, I'm always making them think of it in a different way. And this is one of the very important psychological features of the Quran. Allah azza wa jal wants you to look at things you see every day. But now he wants you to completely change the way you think about those things. Or he wants you to think about certain things that you never thought about when you saw them. In other words, Allah talks about the earth we look at the earth all the time, Allah told the the the machinic in coming soon as we'll read, why don't you look at

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the camel how it was created? Because he's seeing the camel all the time? Why don't you see the mountains because when he sees the plane of the desert, what's it what's at the end of the horizon? There's the mountains, there's the sky, he can never escape the ocean. Now these are things you cannot escape, you always see them basically, right. But Allah wants you to see them, but then he wants you to associate a kind of thought with them that you never did before. This is jawaban awesome. That's what it does here. So in other words, when a believer internalizes the chaos, of course, on the next time they see a star in the sky. You know what they remember? They remember the

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the response to this or not just Yes, was somehow Barack Obama aloka methodic and legend without him, but you know what that reminds them of that conclusion. In Kowloon FC Lama ALLAH hafiz, there is not a single person, there is not a single knifes There is not a single person. I don't want to use the word soul because it can be misleading a little bit, that does not have a guardian placed over it. Now this is the second time we're reading about a guardian placed over. We read already in the Aleikum the halfling kelemen Khatibi. This is of course, referring to the angels. Another opinion is that this Guardian that Allah refers to here is Allah Himself. Okay, when I do have some

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of COVID, it could see in the context of this, that Allah Himself is the Guardian over all of them. But the stronger opinion and that also of the Jim hood, is that this is the Guardian that was mentioned before in the healthy lean guillaumin katene. Something you should note about this i and what is the connection between this in the sky and the piercing light? Or they might have commented that the sky The night The stars are so far away? And yet it is as though these are eyes? You know, in our times we would say they're like cameras station towards the Earth. Because when the law says what's your thought if he has made the sky a witness, and the thought of the star, the brilliant

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star witness. And a witness is obviously someone who sees something. So the star in the sky, they are seeing our behavior. And on the Day of Resurrection, perhaps they even are witness to our behavior. Allah says he has installed these magnificent witnesses. So it's not too far fetched that each of you has been given personalized, you know, guardians over everything that you do. The other thing we find in the sunlight literature, we find two kinds of angels, angels that protects us from all kinds of troubles that if they weren't there, that the Shelton would cause us all kinds of harm. That's that's the findings in authentics in the literature, then of course, we find the mention of

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angels in Quran and Sunnah that are recording our deeds. Now the difference between them in language is here we say La halfhill alaykum Have you seen the word Allah means they are not there for you they are there in a sense almost against you watching over you In other words, documenting your deeds. If this was in Kowloon, FC llama la harfield then they're they're protecting you that's referring to a different kind of angels. But that's not what's being talked about. In other words, this isn't talking about guardian angels in the way we think of that in English literature, angels that are that are guarding you, but they're actually guarding the the information of all of the

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deeds that you do. That's what they're there to guard. They're there to guard that nothing you do nothing you even you know the the wink of an eye Allah Maha in its own right, even a little bit of a glimpse of an AI that doesn't escape. That's what they're there for. Not a single person is there that doesn't have a half inch over them. This this scary reality. This irony

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Is that we're never alone. Of course a lot as origin is witness all the time but even beyond that the angels have been assigned for each of us. We are never ever ever alone. That doesn't exist for us in Kowloon of Silla, hahaha. Now, here we notice something peculiar in the language which is interesting. The word in usually is beginning of Jimena Shakti at means if but the word in in this ayah is taken from another tribe their Arabic was slightly different from the air the normal Arabic have no courage. This is called Camila Abu Salah who's al also and these people there in was like math. So actually it's mcaloon fc and the lemma which is different in the language of Croatia and

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different in the tribe of Jose, they would say we would say makhoul lunasin illa Allah haha. That's how it's understood in loja. If you look at any linguistic analysis of the surah they'll say the same thing Morocco lunasin illa. Allah Hafiz, but rare usage has been used. Usage that is not normally thought about usage that makes you first of all, it's an indication that the messenger Allah his thought was around. Even though he does not come into contact with a certain tribe, he still knows their dialect because the angel is revealing to him not just the dialect of the Quran, but other dialects also, and this is part of the miracle of the messenger sallallahu sallam.

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Additionally, what this tells us is, this is kind of it fits politically into the theme of secrecy. This format is sort of unknown and rare and distant for the Arab, just like that star is so distant, just like for him the idea of the angel watching over him and everything he does is this. And so the format of the language is such imago Luna cinema, ALLAH hafiz. And then we should note that this phrase has a lot is a great degree of emphasis in it. Don't ever lose sight of the fact that it is absolutely true that every single person all times have, you know, of all hours of all days, has a watcher over them has a guardian over them, some discourse that we should take into consideration in

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regards to this ayah First of all, we find a hadith in regards to the other kind of angels, the ones that protect Allah says in the Hadith, or the messenger says in a hurry Salalah Holly send them in Allah What can I be Rahimi Malika, Allah has installed even in the wounds, angels, he has appointed angels to guard and protect even in the wounds from that time we are not alone. And then fourth, the other thing have who are required unless you are in my fourth, this word Hafiz me comes from HIV which is protection that which is offered to the one that is being protected. In other words, these angels, in this case, we said they're not protecting us necessarily. They're protecting the

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information, all of our deeds, they're guarding all of our actions and our behaviors. So all of them are thoroughly recorded. Now the second thing that I should note here is why use the word good and not use the word gymea. You see the ISS in cool lunasin. And in the Quran, Jamia is also used now Jimmy cool means every and Jimmy it means all altogether. So what's the difference between them? You see, if you use the word Jimmy, it implies that the people are together and only then they have a guardian over them but cool means each and every one in their own individual place. In regardless of whether we're together or not. This is something that's that's taking place. So Jimmy, for example,

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is used in the case of the next life and resurrection because they're in fact we will first we heard it all together when kulula Jimmy

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Jimmy is used but here cool is used essentially. Okay. The other thing here is the word la have proceeding. In other words, Allah does not say including lunasin llama half eluna Allah, Allah is not at the end and AI is in the middle. This is what's called technique. The benefit of knowing that is that every one of us has specifically been assigned an angel, or specifically been assigned a whole field. That is for us, that's their job. Their job is us. As opposed to some other person they have another angel assigned to them. And it's very, very particular to every single human being. This is part of the cuddle and the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada. The other thing we should note

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about this is the use of the word knifes as opposed to the word Insan. Allah does not say in Gulu, insan in llama and he says in kulu, Neff sin. Interestingly in the next I will find for younger enough's alphanumeric in San mahalik, you find inside in the next ayah. But in the previous ayah, we find the word knifes. So two different words are being used for the person for the human being. What's the benefit of knowing this? The other we said before one of the consistent themes of the surah is secrecy is secrecy. And the knifes the word nuts is associated with that which keeps secrets you hide something in your nuts fee unforeseen right into inside of themselves. So the word

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knifes is associated with that which is inside of us. The word inside is of course the whole human being. But the word alludes to more of forgetfulness because it comes from nesea so its theme has to do with forgetfulness. And we'll see how that applies in the next. But this is about secrecy because the next things they they have some things that can keep a secret that

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Nobody's going to find out. But unless there's no you have a guardian over you, even that knifes that is known for keeping secrets, none of its secrets are safe because there's a half of over it.

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Alright, so then inshallah tada we continue for Jamboree insano, mimma hulak, then the human beings should take a deep look and the word fire here. First of all, it doesn't say the younger it says failure. The far means then as a result, then as a result, meaning if a person realizes has given thought to the fact that there is these brilliant stars that are a witness against him, that the entire sky if you don't see the stars, it's cloudy. Allah didn't just take an oath by orthotic that sometimes you see, sometimes you don't see he took it for the whole sky first, a summer, the sky is a witness. And then on top of that, if you see it, the thought is also a witness. And magical

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thought came as a witness, if you've pondered over these witnesses, and if you've pondered over the reality that there's a guardian over you, that is recording all of your needs, then it should lead you to think why is this so hot? Why is this not far fetched? Why is this not not a, you know, a fantasy thing that we believe in because then the average non believer when he hears this, he thinks we're talking about some fairy tales, some mythology of angels around us and you know, this, the stars are watching over us Come on, they're just inanimate objects in space. They're nothing. It's just empty air is the vastness of space. Nothing's a witness. So they think this is the figment of

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our imagination. Allah xojo calls this disbeliever to reflect in a different way he calls him to say, Allah says, and then if you're skeptical about all of this, then the human being should look carefully, they should look and reflect carefully, Nevada is to stare at something and to think about it. Like for example, when Musa alayhis salam took out his hand, and it was white, right? for either here by law only nauseam. It turned white for those to stare at meaning people couldn't take their eyes off of the thing, right? They're just staring at it. They're just what is that? How did that get here? Allah uses that word for us. In other words, we should reflect deeply Look carefully

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into and then the irony of the wording here that's that's part of the imagery of the of the text as we said, darkness secrecy hiding, knifes is something that hides right the nighttime parekh alluding to the nighttime something that hides, Allah says, look into what you were created from. Let the human being look into from from what he was created. And the word for human being used is insane because the human being tends to forget what he was created from the human being becomes gains credentials, or wealth or status or a name or power or authority in the earth and forgets that he has some very pathetic not just humble pathetic beginnings and dirty fluid that people wash off of

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their clothes. That's where his beginning is. So for younger insan then you see the word mimma. In the language you see normally we say ma with an lf there, but this has been shortened Mim Mim is a kind of sleeve, also toxic, it's been reduced. It's reducing the meaning of the word. In other words, how small a thing even in the language it's been reduced, because what has been created from is something very small, very miniscule, very insignificant, so much so it doesn't even deserve to be called mimma khaolak it should just be called. Min mahalo. Mahalo. The other thing here again, as far as the language is the word holyoake. Allah doesn't say for Jamboree, insano mimma Holla Holla

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Holla Holla Holla he says, Holika the human being should look Look carefully and ponder deeply into from what was he created the passive form from what was he created? Allah does not say from what Allah created him. In other words, Allah did not mention himself he kept his name secret in the text, and this is part of consistent with the style of the SOTA. Allah does not mention his name. Now when Allah azza wa jal does not mention his name, and he mentioned the passive form of the verb. In other words, in language we say he killed now you know, he did the act of killing, but when you say he was killed, I didn't mention the killer became a secret. So when Allah says what he was

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created from it illustrates a couple of things. One allows displeasure meaning when a law does not want to associate his name with this forgetful human being, he just says what he was created from. He doesn't even mention his name next to him. This happens in the fact that how For example, we find an under and under you favorite you mentioned Allah, you favorite but when we come to those who earn wrath, we don't say

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right we just say what Allah will be those who received wrath, Allah's Name is not mentioned. When favor is mentioned. The last name is mentioned. But when anger is mentioned, Allah is so angry doesn't even mention his name next to them he says Allah Buddha they have been right so Allah His name is not mentioned here at last name is not mentioned illustrating alleged anger over this person's forgetfulness. The second thing is illustrating is he's not expected to think about a lot. This person has become so forgetful, that the thought that will run his mind is not a lot created, we wanted a luxury to be from, at the very least just think what were you created from forget the

00:29:47 --> 00:30:00

Creator, even if that much is not even expected from you here? The only thing expected from us reflect deeply into your own creation, just the word creation but not mentioning the Creator Himself. right because this person isn't

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

denial. So let's just make him think about what he can see. The first few is about believes in what you cannot see. Now Allah is calling you to think and reflect about something that you can see that you can reflect about, but they take a lot of careful insight. Now think of the desert Arab of the time Can he look inside the body where the fluid comes from? Allah which opposes the challenge to him in this sorta, but he only sees what comes out. So Allah says holy coming in the field, the human being he was created from this this water map, but he gives the water and adjective which is that field, which is it's beautiful in the soda because the star was given an adjective which with

00:30:38 --> 00:31:13

Falcon, the star was given the actually Tim Falcon which pierces through, drills a hole and comes all this distance through and reaches you the light that pierces through, that's called Falcon but pokes a hole in the darkness, the word dark, that means that which pushes that was breakthrough. Like if water breaks a dam and comes through it's called benefit. If you take a mug it's full of water, you turn it over, all of it just gushes out all at the same time. This is mountain death. This is what diff is. So unless there's water that gushes out immediately comes right out comes right through. It's consistent with the imagery of the solar panel. So we say the

00:31:15 --> 00:31:34

word dumb or also it's used in literature water came out with force or blood started gushing out just like you know you can't stop it that kind of what coming out. We find the difficult also Matt in the difficult that's how it's been explained meaning water that is only associated with gushing, it's never still that kind of water that's never still it's only in gushing form. So Pamela,

00:31:35 --> 00:32:15

then, as we go forward, we I want you to keep in mind the reflection that a larger region wants us to keep associated. So far we have reflected on things we cannot see. We have reflected on things that come out of our own body map that fluid which is the origin of the human being putting him in his place, but then allows origin goes further and says there's another journey, the journey of this water that gushes forward, what is this journey yarujie membranous salby batara that's where the journey begins. The journey of the light that travels all the way and comes to you the product that comes to you, it began with a najem the journey of this fluid it begins where your origin membranous

00:32:15 --> 00:32:43

will be bought or sold been something hard. And one of the hardest bones in the body is the spine. It's a tough at the back, right? And one of the words for the back in Arabic or specifically the spine is sold. Okay? Also the loins for example, mean of slobby him right from their loins meaning from their lineage that's how it's used also. Now Allah says from the from your spine, the back of your spine, and a Torah. Torah is the chest bones, okay, these bones right here. So for example, we find

00:32:44 --> 00:33:20

the singular of it is utter Riba. And here is almost subtle as we find in the southern Arab in battle, Mohit and other other texts that the the the chest bone and the backbone and all of this Allah says this journey begins somewhere inside you. Now some have looked at this scientifically and said, okay, the soul, and its linguistic meaning and the spine and where does sperm actually developed from where does money begin? Where is it formulated, etc. But think of it from the time of the desert edibles hearing it for the first time, what's going on in his head. This is a very small amount of space. Right? And a lot of his origin has depicted to him a mystery that has not to be

00:33:20 --> 00:33:57

solved for a good Millennium and a half since that was said, a few hours ago, he was depicting a journey of millions, if not billions, of miles. And now this small body of yours seems like an endless ocean because you can't figure it out this mystery. So Panama. So not only are you incapable of encompassing the vastness of the summer, you can even totally figure out what's going on. inside of you. This is illustrating the powerlessness of the human being. This is how the when the Arab hears it, yes. Would you remember in the Soviet era, it's still a mystery to him. Allah didn't point this specific place like located right. He didn't point out the specific place. And this is the

00:33:57 --> 00:34:30

beauty of this are this surah it puts together two concepts that Allah puts elsewhere in the Quran. He says sin Rahim Aya Tina, Phil flt Wolfie unfussy him hatay at Albion, Allahumma nohoch. We will, we will soon show them our miraculous signs in the horizons and even within themselves until it becomes absolutely clear to them that that is the truth that this in fact is the truth Subhanallah so this is really the the beginning theme of the solar chakra membranous salby batara one more Ayah inshallah tada briefly and then we'll conclude Mandela.

00:34:31 --> 00:35:00

Actually, before we go to the next I should probably stop before we get to next just say one more thing about this I you know, we've already read previously a similar Eliza which are calling the human being to what his beginnings are, but they're the crime was gopher, Alice's Hotel in Santa Clara. mean ha in halaqa mean not 14 Hanukkah, hufa Katara you know, may the human being be killed me be destroyed. How horrible how vicious is this belief. What we

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

He created from from this note from this droplet, right similar text, but they're the crime of the human being was denial. He came into contact with it he denied here It begins from even beginning point. Allah calls him inside not careful here. Meaning the point here is forgetfulness human being just went about his life and completely forgot his own origin and forgot to stop and think and reflect about it. Allah makes him look outside in the horizons and he makes him look inside of himself and then inshallah Allah is the surah continues. We'll see what conclusion Eliza wants us to reach in the next coming if so Chronicle llamo biharmonic Chateau La La Atlanta, Mr. Furukawa

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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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