What Is The Best Time For Making Dua In Ramadan

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Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers

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What is the best time for making Ramadan?

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So that is one of the girls that the Prophet xlsm says under a bed that making the ultimate supplication invoking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah have mercy on Rama is the essence of all forms of devotional acts which means a vida. So therefore, many people Ramadan, they are excited about the month of Ramadan because that is much more acceptable, you know, while fasting and specifically windbreaker fast as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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Simon and Schuster which means when you break your fast your data is mostly accepted there. So at what moment exactly what time that is. The remedy says basically when you come to breaker fast which means when that data is called for or before that is called for while you make a new draft until you hit understand to break your fast This is the moment that you need to focus on making the rest of your grind shallow to botica done I know people they say but I have a long list of drugs. So how much am I going to do before I break my fast well that is the whole point you make your plan prior to the other moment and once again it's cold for you break your fast in shallow water Katana also

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while fasting to maximize the potential inshallah for that to be accepted after answer as well especially on Friday around Juma time so that is acceptable at night right before federal when you prepare yourself you know for so who else another time for the law to be accepted when you make a new draft and we make your students Allah, it also acceptable to shallow data between the Atlantic karma. All these opportunities helps you allow valuable maximize witnesses that are to be accepted. But when we make that we need to make sure that our hearts handler is pure and clean. Our mind is also you know focusing on what we asked a lot so generally obviously our provision and our condition

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is is good enough for that to be accepted melas pie maker among those whose eyes accepted