Zakir Naik – Classification of Accepted & Authentic Hadeeth

Zakir Naik
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Now, the question also asked one more question that are all the same, the same category. That means all the Hadeeth which are mobile are the same category know their levels.

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And remember when one of my first teachers have added that the shake VR a man asked me, may Allah grant him Jelena. He was head and the Dean of the Department of audit in the Islamic University of Medina, and he expired just a few months back on the day of alpha on the 30th of July. There's three months back and May Allah grant engender for those, he was my first teacher.

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And he said that then categories levels of mobility it categories so he and two of us are among Buhari

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in his jam si.

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He put additional criteria for making this site. Besides the five criteria which are discussed, Imam Bukhari put in additional criteria which are stricter, then only said I will include in my jammy fee. I'll give you an example. Normally, for a div to be say, the narrator should be of a minimum level of category five, the moment the scene, they have written the history and biography of all the narrators, and they've given 12 levels to the narrative. Number one, all the sabas come in the car means the best number one, truthful then 1234 last is concerned. Liar. So if the narrator is up to level five, it can be contrary.

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Mr. mojarra he says in my Silsila he in my essay Buhari, I will only take directors up to level three, that means he's putting a stricter condition. So if

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Buhari put additional criteria to make it more authentic, if it's a hadith and say Buhari some high level, Mr. Muslim, who was a student of your own Buhari, he put few additional criteria offers one he said, I will take narrator's only up to level four, four and above Buhari said three and above one to three Muslims that I will take up to level four and not take level five, his initial criteria.

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So, the one thing they say that number one, the highest

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Hadith that had it was a multifocal that means the Hadith which was compiled by Buhari and he said to defy he in his say Buhari, and that these are compiled by Mr Muslim and a Muslim and because in both of them, so if it occurred in say Buhari and in say Muslim, it is called as La that means, it is available in both say Bukhari and Muslim and the book, Lulu merjan that has a collection of all the Hadith which occurred in both Bukhari and Muslim so that is, number one, the Hadith that is present in both Bukhari and Muslim that is the highest level number one, number two is the Hadith which are present inside Buhari. Number three are the Hadith which are present in say Muslim. Number

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four. The more than this in they say that Imam Bukhari was not able to analyze all that. The more doesn't say that approximately today, there are approximately 1 million 100

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and Buhari memorized approximately six lakh 30 600,000 Hadith.

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So the more the thing say that those Hadith which Imam Bukhari did not analyze, and we are analyzing and applying the criteria of ohare,

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then the mortician, they say that those are these Muslim did not analyze, we are applying the criteria from a Muslim on those are these which Mr. Muslim did not analyze. And we are telling this fulfill this criteria. So number four, is the Hadith which Imam Bukhari did not analyze the other more this is analyzed and which Mr. Muslim did not analyze and the other motifs in applied the criteria for Muslim analyze and it's matching both the criteria of Imam Bukhari and Muslim but these Imam did not analyze themselves that is number four. Number five is those who are these with a Mambo hai did not analyze but fulfills the criteria for Mambo hurry that comes to number five. Number six

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is those who lead with Mr. Muslim did not analyze but fulfilled the criteria from a Muslim analyzed by the other modiphius that come that level six, any Mambo Heidi as I mentioned, there are 7500

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And 63 added even in a Muslim, there are 7563 added the numbering differs in different editions.

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So this is level

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six level seven is associated with continuous chain with doesn't fulfill the criteria Bukhari and Muslim which fulfill the nominal criteria of saya de visa discussed five criteria of say this but it is a continuous chain number eight in the FE headed fulfilling the five criteria of C and D, but it is a broken chain

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number nine it has an added little bit doesn't fulfill 100% of sight but very close to it with the continuous chain that is number nine Hassan added with the continuous chain and the 10th category is Hassan added with the broken chain. So these are the 10 categories of

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this science of audit, it is very vast. And believe me, if you compare to how the historians have proved any historical fact and they say okay, this is historically collected, there is a criteria which normal non Muslim historians when they agree that this historical fact but the criteria put by them on the scene for a dish to be say is multiple times stricter. It is multiple times more difficult is multiple times more stringent as what the storage to that the reason if for a hadith to be Sahih I just told you the brief of it, it's not that easy. Every narrator his history has been written they're very gentle all in detail. It is so difficult.

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It is such a mind new study that if the Mojave seen when they give a verdict they can be a minor different they cannot be someone saying it's a very high category someone saying uh he The other thing models are possible, it may differ level one or level two, one or two level metaphor that said, If authentic, good one this in the refer and the check. So this is the science of Hadith. It is not possible for a layman

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or a person like me, who's just a student of knowledge. I cannot decipher either say your life I've read about the criteria, but I am not qualified at all. So this to classify with additive he or they are more do have each level of say it is the work of this specialization and in the recent time one of the famous one this, as I mentioned, was checked out with annelle Barney and he has done a great job. She lost money

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