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Are you gonna * on regimes flirt man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffelin was reinstated and Muhammad Ali your sacrilege marine Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Hamdulillah. We've done the minus signs of Kiama. Inshallah today we'll start beginning with the major signs of Korea when we said the link between the two major signs the minor and the major is Mr. Mani Ahmad is a minor sign, but we'll link up with the major signs. And when we start talking about the major signs of glioma and in general eschatology, the science of branch of learning, as we will and will give I'll give you an example this evening, how easy it is for us to look at the facts and try and build a story build a narrative in our mind that might or might not be true, and that is the nature of of it. That's why Allah subhanaw taala intends for this area of knowledge to be kept

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hidden, and only when the right time with the facts present themselves. So I want to give you an example and, again, things for us to think about the formation of the State of Israel. The formation of the State of Israel is a significant event on the milestones on the horizon of eschatology, and we'll talk about does the Quran mentioned anything about this? And, and we can, Inshallah, you can understand how difficult this is, I'll give you a passage of the Quran and how it can be understood in different ways. So just a bit of backstory, the Bible story of the Jews they lived, obviously as we know, Nabi Musa took them to Jerusalem and saved them from the ground. And eventually they

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established themselves they maybe there wouldn't be Sulaiman became kings and they were established a mighty kingdom, and they built a massive masjid or the Temple of Nabi Sulaiman was a huge structure even built by Jin. Then after a while, the the minutia ill broke the covenant with Allah subhanaw taala. And they were invaded by the Babylonians and the Assyrians, and they destroyed the Temple of Navidad. The Masjid have never dealt with and they enslave the entire Bani Israel and took them to Iraq, when the Persians conquered the Babylonians and allowed the Jews to go back to to Jerusalem, and they re establish themselves a second time, but they were always under the control of

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another country. They were colonized by other rulers, and eventually they came under the rule of the Romans. And as we know, the time of Nabi Isa, the real messiah of Isa was born with Bethlehem, in Jerusalem, in Palestine. And at the time, yes, there were Jews living there. But the rulers the people in charge were the Romans. And the Jews. Of course, they rejected maybe Isa, and Pilate from our perspective as a punishment. 70 years later, the Jews revolted by nice regular revolted against the Romans, and the Romans, subjugated them and destroyed the Second Temple. So after the first temple was destroyed, they rebuilt a second one, and the Romans came in and destroyed the temple a

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second time, the only part of that the Second Temple that remained is what we call the Wailing Wall of today. The only part of the Second Temple still standing is the outside wall of the First Temple is gone now be Solomon's Masjid is gone. The second one completely destroyed just a wall remain and the Jews were expelled completely from Jerusalem. And that is why when the Muslims into Jerusalem many 500 years later they no Jews the because the Romans kicked them out completely. So this is understand the backstory of history. Now if we turn to Surah is rock Surah Israa, also called Surah, Bani Israel or the name of the Surah Surah Surah Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Kadena 11

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extra oil that we would need we want the children of Israel in the book that to see Do not fill out the Murata and that you will cause great mischief twice in the land with Luna Luna lumen Kabira and you will become haughty and arrogant and you will commit operation for either Zhao hula hula, so when the first warning came to pass bafna alikoum a burden Lana will Bacsinszky leading by Joshua Killa Dr. What kind of work that my ruler when you transgress the first time Allah said, we sinned against you some of our servants of great mighty mighty army against you who destroyed even your homes. And this was a promise fulfilled. A warning that was fulfilled. Okay, tomorrow Naloxone will

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Cara. Marla komolika Ratan Allah him or I'm dead now can be unwell in Weber, Nina Khurana Phaedra. Then Allah says We gave you a second chance we repeated to you and we gave you strength and the upper hand and we gave you a wealth and children and cause you to outnumber your enemy. Then after you repentance, we would give you the upper hand over them and you became strong in then Allah so you now you're in a position of strength in son to ascend to me and so if you're good, you're good for your own selves. We're in a certain fella and if you are once again disobedient, then it's at your own loss. Now listen for Elijah era and when the last

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have the two times come lay us who would you how come your faces will become humiliated? Well, I had the Hulu emoji that came out the Hulu oh well, Amara, and they will enter the machine as they did the first time. Well, it will lead to the bureau ma to Bureau and they will completely destroy that which you have made us out of a yarmulke and Perhaps Allah will show mercy upon you were in her tomb rodina and if you go back to your ways, we will respond to you with Jana Johanna McAfee nasira. And we've made Johanna a place for the confinement for the disbelievers. Right. So now, the vast majority of the Obama for the last 1500 years they said this is refers to the first destruction that

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was the first time they disobeyed and the army came and destroyed the First Temple. Then they were given a second chance and they established themselves again, they built the Second Temple, and then they rejected nubby isa In fact, they tried to kill the Messiah. So Allah destroyed them for the second time and expelled them from Jerusalem and the temple. The magic was the story twice. And that has been the standard interpretation for the last 1400 years. Now in modern times, the orlimar are looking at this, if nothing is to say that the Allah says the first promise kind of word, then Mafalda, the first of the transaction happened, and it's gone. But Allah says when the second one

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occurs, when the second time occurs, when you're given strength, and you cause oppression in the land, then a group that entered the masjid the first time will read into it a second time. And so MUFA serien have now are you looking at these ayat, and saying is this perhaps not an indication of a time now or not events of the past, because even though they were able to build a second temple, they were never independent of a power, the only time they have been completely independent, a state of their own, is now the last 70 years. And so as the first city look at this idea, and ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, that they will enter the masjid as they did the first time. Right Allah call to

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the masjid. And Allah will and whatever they will build on that machine will be removed. Now, as we know, part of the eschatology part of the push for Kiama from the Jewish side, and the Christian side is Zionism, with the objective of re establishing the State of Israel, and building a temple, a Third Temple upon mozzie Luxa. This is part of what we are saying, this is part of the belief, Christian Zionism. In fact, the most ardent supporters of Israel are not actually Jews actually Christians. Why? Because they believe Christian Zionist particular. They believe that the for the for Nabi Isa to come again a second time, they need to establish the State of Israel, and the Jews

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need to be there, and the temple must be rebuilt so that never ISA can come at that point, even though they believe that he will destroy the Jews as well, you'll punish them.

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But this is to bring upon the second second coming. So everybody is working, Muslims are working to Jerusalem, the Jews are working to Jerusalem, the Christians are working through Jerusalem. Now the ISA will come and the gel will come in Jerusalem. And that is why the world is working towards a common destination and the Messiah of the one side will be the DeGette of the other and the Messiah at the mercy of the one side will be the Antichrist of the other and SubhanAllah. This is what we look at and look at the look at what the responses the responses. When the state of Jerusalem flourishes, it becomes center stage, and Medina is in ruins, Medina is in the back seat. Then after

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that, the Malhotra will occur. We spoke about the malachite yesterday, and after the Malema will be the conquest of Constantinople. And after the consent conquest of Constantinople will be the emergence of the gel. So we've already moved from Medina, with Jerusalem being seen to stage and what follows is the metal hammer

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and the pieces are falling into place Allah Allah could be now could be tomorrow it could be in a million years time Allah Allah. But these are interesting things to note. Now, now we shift to the 10 major science slide is not the Hadith that will edit tomorrow. There'll be so someone came upon the sahaba. And he heard him talking. And so he said, What are you guys discussing? And so they said, Yeah, Rasulullah we are talking about the our Kiyama. So we're going to be substances

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Kiama will not happen, the big Kiana will not occur until they attain signs that you can count. And so he mentioned the smoke, the journal, the beast, the DA the beast, the rising of the sun, from the waist, the descent of Nabi Isa, yeah, George and George and three major earthquakes one in the east, one in the West, and one in the Middle East. And in the last of the signs will be a fire that will emerge from Yemen, and it will gather all the people to one location of Wake Yemen would be so these are the 10 signs. Let's go through them again quickly. The journal

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The dissenter of NaVi isa RGJ module which the beasts of the earth a smoke that will cover the

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Old, three landslides, three earthquakes 123, the sun rising from the waist, and a fire, which will gather all of humanity with the remainder of humanity. And by we don't know the order of these signs, we don't know which is going to how they're going to come. But basically, if you study the signs of Qiyamah, in his with unanimous agreement that the first of these major signs is the gel, the gel will be the first of these major signs. And he's also some of the signs we have no, we don't have much information. We don't know anything. Some of them are mentioned in the Quran. Some of them are not mentioned in the Quran, that gel is a sign that is not mentioned in the Quran. But we have

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so many Hadith about him. And as we said, even in the Christian tradition, you have the Antichrist than the reasons and says, No prophet from the beginning of time from maybe Adam came except that they won't the people of the coming of the gel, from the time of the creation of Adam until the hour begins they will never be a bigger they will never be a bigger creation, no bigger threat to the creation, then the gel and then a visa Salah mentions on the salon, the Mirage, panga, we you know, when they sit on the Mirage, he spoke to all the Gambia and one of the questions you asked every Nabhi he asked him telling me about the Yama is there anything that you know, and none of the MBR

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had anything extra to say except Nerissa? And who is it gonna be Salam. All I know is I need to go back and I need to fight with the jack that is something that I can tell you is going to happen. And so the reason is, is the gel will not appear amongst people until we forget about him. And until the Imams stop mentioning him in the masjid, when asked about the gel, right? So anyway, what is the gentleman in fact, he's the janitor his name, it is a title. And it is a double title is mercy hit the gel. The gel is the biggest fraud, deception,

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the biggest form of deceit, so he is the false the NT the false messiah, what is Messiah, Messiah is the Anointed One, the chosen one. So he will be the fake Messiah. And that is what the jail basically and his entire mo would be to deceive mankind, you will be the ones that people would think is the chosen Messiah. But he's, of course the false messiah. And he will, as we know from the other Hadith that he is, will be the biggest test upon humanity. There will be no trial, no group of people will have a bigger test to the emaan than the job and there'll be some system so how about if you were to hear of him then run if he comes to the one then run away? Don't face him? Walker, you

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can't face him, no one's Iman is strong enough to face up to the gel, he will be given. Now why Why will he be this have these things? Allah subhana wa Tada will give him abilities and powers like Allah had given bliss along life, you will be given powers, such as the ability to cure the sick, you come to him, You terminal. And he says, If I kill your sickness, one touch and all your disease will go Will you believe I'm the Messiah? Will you believe I'm Isa? What are you going to say your child is dying. You're dying of starvation. And he says I can bring the rain that comes down, I can bring the fruits to come forward. You will even be able to resurrect the dead. One instance you'll

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be able to talk about the Shala at least one instance we know in the Hadith where he will actually resurrect the dead and he will deceive the world into following him. No one alive at the time will be able to escape his fitna no one would escape him and that is why we should all make dua that's why it's partly on the visa Salam. He's the author of the Salah Rasulillah Salam, Allah mania will become another Abijah Han and protect me from Jahannam whether they have been covered and the punishment are covered within fit nothing Muhammad and the tribulations of life in it, I mean, shatter the fitness, Mercy hit the gel and the most difficult fitna of the gel that I miss also love

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is making the offer protection against him. So we said the gel will be the first of the 10 minus major signs of piano. And while the NABI Salah mentioned the gel, he did not know exactly when we or how he would emerge. In fact, in the time of Nabil Salam, there was a young boy who they were suspecting could be the gel in the time of interview. So salaam, there was a young boy called even say Yad, who was

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a strange person who had special abilities, and then abyssal Saddam and the Sahaba one that is this boy, that gel. And so we have a hadith in Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, we say normal and then of Islam are watching this boy he's sleeping, even say it is sleeping. And then now the sun is observing him. And then he wakes up. And so there'll be Salam goes to him and says, Oh, even Sayed, do you bear witness that I am the Rasulullah or even say, I do bear witness. And so even say, I'd look towards there'll be Salam and says, I bear witness that You are the messenger of the unlimited ones. And then he says there'll be some this boy he says to me salaam, do you bear witness that I'm a messenger of Allah.

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And so the prophets also says to even say, I bear witness that I believe in Allah and I believe in the messengers of Allah. Then the next one says, I am keeping Allah

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has sent me a revelation, I'm keeping something in my mind. What is it that you know? What do you know? And so he said, let me see, I was thinking this is

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and the reality that we Salam was having, in his mind sort of Doohan, the surah of the smoke, which is also one of the signs of Yama, Han, but even say, I only knew a piece you didn't know the full, full word. And so the process is so you are disgraced and dishonored and your rank is as it is, you are not that one you are not you have some abilities, you know, part of the story, but you are not the digital. So So you know, I'm gonna say and you know, say none by now if you studied the Sierra is go to tactic jasola let me separate the heat from this person. And then absences Omar, if he's not the gel, then you'd be killing a innocent person. And if he is that job, there's no use, you're

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not going to be able to overpower him, so leave him and so even Sejad was this strange individual who had some ability amongst the gym. And eventually people avoided him and assume that we don't know if he's going to be the journal or not. We phospho a little bit of endo for this interesting story. So many, many years later than abbyson was passed away. And Abu Cerritos would read great Sahabi he said I was on my way from Medina to Makkah wakey. Amara and with us in the Jamar in the Hajj group was even sad but now besides the big men and everyone avoided him because of you know what we knew about him as a youngster involved in gym and we will even why did we start gel so no

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one really accompanied him and then

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eventually even Abu Saeed alluded he says I found myself sitting under the shade and lo and behold, even see it sitting next to me and so even said speaks to apple cider who agree and wants to share food with him? And I will say it says you know I'm not that hungry and even say other realizes you you don't want to eat with me. You feel an aversion to shake out of one plate. So even say yes to apple cider hoodie. You are a companion of the Rasulullah salam how I wish I could just strangle myself and kill myself because of the way the people treat me. So he says you have all people outside, you know that they think I am the gel but how can I be the gel? That gel will not be a

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Muslim and I'm a Muslim. The gel will not enter Makkah and Medina I've come from Medina going to Makkah and you will not have children. I have children. So Abu Saeed felt a little bit sadness and he tried to warm up to even Siyad but then even say I said to him to do Abu Seidel who did he however, I am not the one that you think, but I know who he is. And I know where he is. And he's alive and I know when he's going to come out and so when even so yeah, I'd said that I will say this leave me alone. I want nothing to do with you. So is the gel alive and easy around inshallah we discuss this tomorrow evening Allah in the law will continue to gel tomorrow may Allah protect us

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and grant us safety. I mean, I mean, last night's question, what is the name for the Great War? What's the name? Mal hammer, mill hammer. And let's see.

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So Bong

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Bong is here.

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Okay, there we go. And for the sisters

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and Azeema team Phoebus mashallah, mashallah Mubarak to both of you and then tonight's question

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who did the Sahaba suspect was the jail in a time what was his name even say I'd even seen even city and even side inshallah easy one. And just a reminder anyone who'd like to support our own program please. For on demand for one orphan please. One family one orphan with Nila Tsakalotos Allah say Muhammad, what are their services I'm gonna study I'm not allowed me said I want to