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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of social media on individuals, including harm and distress, and emphasizes the importance of counting all benefits of Islam. They also discuss the struggles of former businessman lost everything and the importance of comparing oneself to those who achieve more than one in order to fulfill prophets of Islam. The speaker provides examples of how people have achieved more than one in order to fulfill all the prophets and emphasizes the importance of learning to use Jana tools and working towards a better life.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Smilla Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Abdullah, he was truly a Muhammad wa ala ala he was lucky to hear Jermaine, my brothers and sisters today, people like to show off. In all honesty, social media. And a lot of what we see on social media is people showing off what they have. And people by doing that do not realize that not only are they only showing the best of what they perhaps have even photoshopped at times regarding their lives, but it causes a lot of harm and distress in the hearts of others.

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Allah Almighty has taught us to look at those who have less than us if you want to appreciate what he's blessed you with, for example, a person who's bought his first motor vehicle, and it happens to be a 1990 Toyota or something. He appreciates it, he worked so hard to get it. But if his eyes are not going to be focused on that, which is less than what he has, very soon, he's going to lose the appreciation of that gift. And he will start telling himself, you know what, I'm not happy with this car. But you worked so hard, it took you 30 years to get to where you are today. And here you are making something known as ingratitude to Allah. So in order for us to be blessed by Allah, let's

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make sure that we look at those who have less than us. For this to happen. Do not be fooled by what you find on social media.

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I've known of people who've actually told me that we have gone out to stores and to places in order to make a beautiful picture to put on Instagram or a video to put on Tik Tok and so on. In order to make ourselves feel better yet we don't lead that type of a life. If people are telling you this, imagine the onlooker who is really thinking I've not made it in life, because they are watching people who have really not made it in life besides knowing how to take a photo Subhan Allah. So look at how superficial we've become in this day and age. My brothers and sisters gratitude to Allah is one of the biggest Ibadah one of the greatest acts of worship, to thank Allah for what you have.

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Allah says if you are going to be ungrateful, punishment would come in your direction, what is

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Buncombe LA? Chicago Tula as Eden, walla Caframo, to in other heavy la Chedid.

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The announcement of Allah subhanho wa Taala from the previous nations is that if you are going to show gratitude to Allah be grateful to Allah, He will grant you more and more he will give you increase.

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And if you are going to be ungrateful, then Allah says, Indeed, My punishment is severe. What does he mean when he says, My punishment is severe, he means what you have also I may take it away. And

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I may not give you things that you want, because you are not grateful for whatever I've given you. Every time I speak about the favors of Allah, there is something unique that I like to remind myself about, and we talk about it because the reminder would help the believers. That is, do you realize that Allah Almighty says we're in dunya met Allah here to show her, if you are going to try to count the favors of Allah, you will never be able to count all of them? Impossible. So how many favors has Allah bestowed upon me? Countless, any one of us

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tries to count the favors of Allah we won't be able to. But the opposite is actually true. What is the opposite?

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Allah says, when I've tested you or taken away from you, you can count all of that. Subhanallah amazing how many problems you have Allah says, I guarantee you that you can count Subhan Allah here I'm Bill Allah, me look at Allah. He says Your favors, you can't count your problems, you can count every one of us I want you to spare a moment right now right here, think of a few issues you're facing, you won't manage to count more than five to 10 Wallahi I promise you, they will some of them might be big, some of them might be small. I got this problem this problem I can think of some now. Luckily, you can't see the ball on my forehead. But I got this problem this problem this problem

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that's it you can't four or five things and you're done. Man becomes distant from Allah and start saying Allah doesn't love me and Allah hates me without realizing that oh man, Allah has favored you. beyond your imagination. The very heart beat that you have 136,000 times a day is something had you had to pay for it you would become

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bankrupt and even beyond.

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That's a heartbeat. Thank Allah favors of Allah be happy with the condition upon which Allah has kept you in terms of your material standing on Earth,

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while working hard towards building yourself, because it's a natural human thing to want better, it's no harm in that there is no harm in that I am allowed to want better. I'm a human being. Today I have a job, I have a salary of, for example, 500 pounds, I want six and I want to work towards seven and 10. And I want to perhaps earn more and more and I want to no problem for as long as that is not distancing you from Allah, it's a blessing. But in your quest to achieve more and more, if that is actually drifting you away from Allah, even if you get how much you wanted. It was not a blessing. What a blessing. What's the point of a guy driving a Lamborghini and whatever else the

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reason there was, by the way, it's not my favorite car. I'm just mentioning it. But imagine you have all of that and you don't have a connection with Allah, my brother you can do better. My sister you can do better. Allah blessed you with so much more than others. But you don't have a connection with Allah. We are here today to say you can do better by the will of Allah because a day will come when you will leave all of that and return to Allah the only thing that will help you your deeds. So what deeds have you done?

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I use the same vehicle to come to the masjid I use the same wealth to empower those who are poor. I paid not just my zakat, but my villa. It's a problem that we have. When I say Lila I'm talking of sadaqat that which is voluntary problem we have is you see all acts of worship when you look at the pillars of Islam, and that which is a bad in terms of say Salah and Zika and Hajj and even fasting, every one of them has the fear of aspect and has the non fear of aspect. For example, you go for Hajj, if it's far off on you, but if it's not far off on you, you've already done it, you can do another one, or you can do camera, there's always scope for that, right. You can do as many cameras

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as you want, the more you do an ombre ombre Tikka Farah can limit

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the two cameras between them all the sins committed minuses wiped out between the two cameras, so make as many cameras as you can. But is it compulsory? No, it's just your goodness. Last night, I told people that one of the best places you can visit, we don't call it a holiday. But during the holidays, you see is to go for ombre. Take your family once a year minimum if you can afford it. If you can't, then at least once at some point take them the kids will never forget that connection and bond with the house of Allah. We saw it on you know, clips and videos and whatnot and then we went there and we felt it. That feeling is unmatched. They will keep coming when you've passed on your

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children because of some type of habit you created. They will keep coming to that place and you will get a reward for it so we keep going mashallah the house of Allah but it's not compulsory, it's voluntary. The Hajj, you made it once a lifetime. Let me give you another example your Salah you have fallen beyond the fall of Don't you have the Sunnah and the Nuffield and the wajib and whatnot Subhan Allah, look at your Zika The same rule applies you have your cat, which is two and a half percent beyond that. You've got charities you should be giving. A person continues to in to involve or to engage or to give that which is not compulsory, but for the cause of Allah until he becomes so

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close to Allah. You want to gain closeness to Allah.

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Concentrate beyond your fall on the Sunnah and the Nuffield, you get even closer to Allah. Very high degree. I tell people and I've said it nearly every day.

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That if you want to know one of the signs of the love of Allah for you,

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we will want to know right? One of the signs of the love of Allah for you.

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He ensures

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that you fulfill your obligations towards him

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enjoying it?

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What does this mean?

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Time of Fudger I set my clock say for example Fajr is it now it's about 430 I don't know this part of the world right say for example right?

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Come four o'clock my eyes open but my clock is set for 415 What was that? That was Allah telling you my worship I want you to come

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don't rely on the clock rely on me. That doesn't mean don't set the clock because if you guys try that you're gonna miss the salah. Right? Don't come and say let's try it for today what I mean set the clock but you will notice what Allah He they will come a time when you do it for the pleasure of Allah that before that clock you get up to minutes and you can turn the clock off Wallahi its effect. You can turn the clock off. You didn't disturb anyone, right. It's a sign

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And Allah saying, my worship, this is the time you get up, come, come, come Salah

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tahajjud come forth and then you get up and you do will do with a smile even though it's cold in the water is not going to be so easy to navigate. But no problem. I'm going to do it for Allah and you get up and you enjoy your Salah. That's a sign of the love of Allah when you enjoy your father and your Ibadah it's a sign of the love of Allah. That is gratitude that is showing gratitude to Allah being grateful.

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Being grateful

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regarding the favors of Allah upon you,

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is not just by saying like Alhamdulillah cashbook, which is part of it, but that's not the only part of it. I say Oh ALLAH Thank you, oh Allah you bless me Alhamdulillah Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha, Allah Tabarrok Allah, all of that is part of gratitude, but it's only a part. A bigger part is when you try to become a person closer to Allah.

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You have a dark habit that you know you need to eradicate. You cut it for the pleasure of Allah, that's gratitude.

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You seek forgiveness, when you've done something wrong, that is gratitude. We're all sinful, so am I. We're all working on our habits, myself included.

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But when you can work on those habits, and you find that Allah is allowing you to improve your dedication and sincerity, Allah Almighty says we will grant you we will give you come. That's gratitude. When you show gratitude, Allah gives you a sense of deep appreciation and contentment. You do not look at others who have more than you with the eye of envy and jealousy. Not at all.

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It's a great crisis when you see people having more than you. And like I said at the beginning, perhaps they don't and they're only showing of something that doesn't really belong to them. Because we live in an age of artificial intelligence. We're living in an age where someone can show you that they've been to a place they've never even dreamt of.

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And you know,

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where it has gotten, and it's going beyond that every single day. And here we are depressed and sad and jealous, jealous of the non existent. That's what it's become today. Jealous of the non existent. And Allah Almighty says, My beloved worship, I put you where you are for a purpose. There are some people if we gave them more than we gave them they might have turned away from us. And they are some people if we gave them less than what we gave them, they might have turned away from us. We have kept you exactly where we know it is best for you and your duration on Earth. We might give you more we might take away something you might be riches to rags and rags to riches all that take it in

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your stripe, my beloved brothers and sisters yellow moon laka Yamuna Lake, part of this dunya is that a day for you and the day against you? It can't always be exactly the same.

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So when you fulfill your five daily prayers, and you enjoy it, and you're looking forward to it, it's a sign of the love of Allah for you.

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Why do we say this? Allah says it clearly in the Quran. And Allah says whoever strives towards us, we open the doors of guidance for them. All those doors of

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closeness to Allah opened when levena Jah had goofin Lana hidden wounds, ooh moulana Remember, if Allah doesn't want you to worship Him, you're not going to be able to do it. And for that reason, every day we ask Allah something.

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In every unit of prayer, there is a dua without that dua, your Prayer is not valid. What's the DUA?

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Then a syrup almost that the name Allahu Akbar, I've said it and I say it again and again and again, because people need to know it is the only supplication hands down. That is repeated the most on earth every single day.

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How many billion Muslims are there? How many read five Salah a day. People may not be on the five May Allah keep a steadfast and make us on the five because that's your duty. But even if they do three or four or two, every unit of prayer, then a Serato. Most of the team guide us to the straight path. Imagine that's the DUA it shows you that the thing that Allah considers the greatest is when you are guided to the path. What is that guidance, I worship Allah, worship Allah alone. I enjoy my acts of worship.

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Make an effort, I call on you, my brothers, my sisters, and I remind you, my brothers, my sisters, when Allah has asked you to do something, enjoy it. Enjoy it, do it.

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With pleasure. Allah has asked you to dress in a certain way. Do it with pleasure. Nevermind if they laugh and mock it you. Allah says, On that day, you will have the opportunity to laugh at those who laughed at you.

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In levena, Jarrah mocha

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Amina Lavina Hakuna

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Surah tomato freephone Allah subhanho wa Taala says quite clearly that the criminals are the sinful, they will laugh at the believers. They will laugh. And then Allah says towards the end, funnily Melodien

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me Gumina little confetti icon. I ll

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inky oh come on the day the believers will laugh at the non believers. They laughed at you in this world, no problem. It's an honor. You laughed at me because I grew my beard because I dressed in a specific way because I did something because I prayed, where people were watching me and it was not easy to do that. And they laughed. Look at this guy, no problem that laughter is registered for you, not against you. It's against them. They will laugh at you. I tell sisters who tell me that you know and want to wear hijab but you know people laugh and people scoff I said, You know what? It is an honor. Consider it an honor to face what the Sahaba yet faced Subhanallah if Rasul Allah subhana,

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Allah says, I'm face something, and you are chosen to face that thing. Surely you should consider it an honor. I'll give you another quick example. It's come to my mind. Many of us have lost loved ones from among those loved ones and Allah grant them or Jana, some of us have lost our own children, be the babies, infants, childhood, teenage, beyond maybe married,

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maybe those who had children as well, but it's your child. If you've lost a child,

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the sample that Allah has chosen you to bear is similar to that which he chose maybe Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to bear

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in a certain way because he lost all his children in his lifetime. Besides one

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all some in infancy, some in childhood, some a little bit beyond some who were married Subhanallah he lost them.

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Imagine how he is the most loved by Allah and he went through these challenges the summer that he engaged in was unique. Amazing. What sub are you engaging in when Allah says in Amma you are FASAB Jana, Jana whom be re Hisa Allahu Akbar, those who bear patients, Allah has chosen them to be patients. And Allah says when I have chosen you to bear patients and you have borne the patients, your reward and recompense with me is unlimited. What do you want?

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What do you want? Take it.

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When I tested you, you still love me. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. It's a tough one. We all go through challenges. Thank Allah, that your Eman is not lost, because that's the favor. What you have in material items you may lose.

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It's okay.

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I remember a brother in South Africa, from Somali origin.

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And he was a big businessman. Some riots happened. He lost everything, everything.

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And you know, no insurance, no nothing. And whatever else. MIT was just gone, totally gone, disappeared. They were interviewing him. He said Alhamdulillah I lost but I want to tell you, when I walked from Somalia, imagine walking from Somalia. What he meant is refugees. They came perhaps on track and walking and so on. They clicked it down all the way to the south. He says when I came

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I had absolutely nothing. And Allah gave me whatever he gave me this huge business today Allah took it away, but I have something I've got my clothes, my house and my this and my that. Why should I even say that I'm upset. I will say in sha Allah come back to me in two years time. And let's see what Allah gives me. I'm going to thank him. He offered me an opportunity to engage in worship known as giving zakat and charity. I asked him, oh, Allah, give me that opportunity again.

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Imagine a man thinking that I lost everything but because I was giving from there. I'm not asking Allah to give me for me. Allah helped me so that I can give others again.

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Mention the level helped me so that I can give others again, I promise you less than two years later his business was was bigger than what it was prior to that.

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But those are the two years that are the most difficult years. You are going through hardship i promise you Allah will open your doors. All that is required is Sabra and Toccoa look at use of Alayhis Salam story, how beautiful how powerful when the brothers were actually exposed. And they finally asked the question Are you use of perhaps why did they asked the question because some of the detail that was being mentioned here, no one could have known it.

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In color and the use of is there a chance here that you are the use of he says an unusual for Wha The first

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He says cutman Allahu Allah, Allah. Look, I don't want to talk about what Allah did not give me I just want to say Allah has favored me, Allah has favored us.

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But when you read the story, it mentions every negativity that happened in his life.

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When it meant the most he didn't even raise one piece of negativity. He just said, Allah favored us. And he tells his brothers in the human yet to just be fine. Hola. Hola. Yo, do

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you need two qualities? If you have them, Allah will never waste the reward of those who do good. What are these two qualities suburb and Taqwa their patience and develop a good relation with Allah, that's all patients. It won't come today it will come after a few years. I want to quickly remind you use of Alayhis Salam story was resolved, according to some generations after 40 years.

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Your problem and mine four minutes. We can't even bear patience, I promise you four days, four months, four years. And what's where's the patients? These were the lovers of Allah, Allah loves them years on end and then this is what happened. years on end. Their patients, my beloved brothers, my sisters, is better Allah ma sabak, whatever has befallen you from Allah, their patients, get closer to Allah, thank Allah.

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Getting back to what I was saying earlier, compare yourself with those who have less than you in order for you to be able to appreciate the favors of Allah but there is something in which you should compare yourselves with those who have been blessed in a bigger way than you What is it

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a bad

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acts of worship.

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In acts of worship, look at those who have achieved more than you. You come in and you're making your Joomla out or you're making your Salat al Fajr and mashallah, you're sitting there and you're happy and so on. And then you see every day you notice this one uncle comes much, much earlier than you and he's sitting and reading Quran day, you should tell yourself inshallah in the come earlier this man and inshallah I'm gonna read more Quran not because I want to show off but because I'd like to compete you know the day of Juma there is a Hadith that we learned yes back.

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Either Can I want you more attiva Fatima Allah eager to Allah Barbin Masjid DIAC to buena la Walla Walla

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imamo Tao Soto for whom yesterday una decayed. Those are the words of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he says, On the Day of Judgment, sorry, on the day of a Friday, the angels are standing at the doors of the masajid writing down the names of the people in order of entry, Allahu Akbar, in order of entry yet Tribunal will fall over who came first, second third who came into the masjid for Jomo. Have you ever won that competition? Have you ever wanted

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SubhanAllah? Look, I'm telling it to you, but I'm also guilty. Don't make like the man talking to some holy pious person there. I'm just reminding myself in yourselves. Perhaps May Allah Almighty grant us the strength at least we come a little bit earlier. He's become then that same Hadith says when the Imam comes out to give his hotbar they close the books and they also come in listen who the angels.

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So those who came after the Imam started his thought about, yes, your Juma may be done. But it was not in the complete sense in the way it should have been done. So you didn't make it to that particular register, you see.

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And there are so many other Hadith that tell this to us. So what I'm saying, when it comes to religion, compare yourself with those who have achieved more.

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You are reading Quran half a juice a day. Push it, push it, push yourself be hard. Let's go.

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As for this dunya, the dunya runs faster than you can catch up with him.

00:23:38--> 00:23:39

At any given time.

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Moments ago, we were speaking about phones and I was telling the brothers look this phone I use for recording only. I don't use it to talk to people because of a reason and so on. But I want to tell you, the fitna of the technology today is that we all have the urge because Allah gave us the affordability to buy something we have the urge to always have the latest Am I right or wrong?

00:24:08--> 00:24:56

So if that is an urge, look, if you can afford it, no harm you can get it but if you are making that your focus, rather focus on Jana tool, Phil DOS, get yourself used to using something until it serves you then change it. That's something good, very good habit. You don't need the ESP 24 or 25 just because it came out when your ex 21 is loyal to you and faithful and it's serving your purpose. Is it slow? Is it sluggish? Is there something wrong with it and you can change it? But it is nothing wrong. Why is there a reason? Don't the get used to just having the latest for the sake of being a person who has the latest because as a believer, it will delete your connection with Allah.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

It tends to connect it definitely does.

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

It's materialism that's taking over.

00:25:03--> 00:25:22

And by the way, if I see someone driving the latest cars don't think that I'm going to think, Oh, this guy's for No, no, it's not. It's not up to me to say that you are allowed to have the latest and the best if you can afford it and and you fulfilled all that you've ticked all the boxes. All I'm saying is don't allow yourself to run behind it. There's no purpose for this. Why did you do this?

00:25:23--> 00:25:28

Allah is telling you, well, have you improved on your relationship with Allah

00:25:29--> 00:26:15

all of this technology should only be in order for us to get closer to Allah to facilitate my acts of worship, you have a car, it should facilitate your coming to the masjid, your fulfillment of this of Salah you have electricity, this warm water, it should facilitate make it easier for me to bath to have to make wudu and so on. You have electricity we spoke about you have technology of whatever it may be, you have the phones, you have YouTube and whatnot, all of that, did you use it to gain closeness to Allah because I tell you in the eyes of Allah, all the material items of the entire world from the beginning of its creation, right up to the end law, in the law, he Janna Ebola,

00:26:16--> 00:26:19

it is not equivalent to the whim of a fly in the eyes of Allah.

00:26:23--> 00:26:29

I tell you, you and I know that the best of creation and the most noble of all prophets of Allah is not the Muhammad salah.

00:26:34--> 00:26:40

Allah placed him on Earth at a time when technology was not where it is.

00:26:41--> 00:26:43

There was nothing known as technology.

00:26:44--> 00:26:47

Yet Allah loved him more than you or die and all of us put together.

00:26:48--> 00:26:56

If there was value in any of this Wallah, he, I promise you, the first person who would get it would have been him.

00:26:59--> 00:27:13

Recently, I visited a certain country and there was an interview someone asked me if you met the Prophet peace be upon him. And you could give him one piece of technology or social media that he didn't have? What would what would it be?

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For them? It's a relative relevant question. They were non Muslims asking me this question. And immediately I said to myself, No way, I wouldn't give him any of what there is today because he already had more than that.

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Allah blessed him.

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And can I put it in figures quickly for you?

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Look at any social media platform and tell yourself who has the largest following on this platform?

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You won't go beyond 100 million, a few 100 million no one has a billion on any platform. How many followers not just followers, people who learn people who who love people who adore people who follow people who practice people who really consider him? The greatest of all, how many are the owners today?

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Possibly 2 billion and beyond?

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No technology imagine? Well, that's that's something amazing without technology to happen. Imagine Allah you think I need to change that if there was technology, it wouldn't have been at that point. sallallahu alayhi wasallam you and I are followers of the same Nabhi consider yourself fortunate and become a little bit more serious in your following of that nubby of Allah because you are one of so many billion don't lose out on the Day of Judgment. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says, You will witness a prophet coming some of them with one or two people, some with no people. Some with a large group that will be Musa alayhis salam and then the largest and largest and largest of groups one

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after the other, all of them my ummah. May Allah make us from a manga

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This is the beautiful faith that we follow my brothers and sisters. I started off by saying don't show off.

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No point let's get closer to Allah.

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And I end by saying

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in order to express our gratitude to Allah, let's get closer to him.

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Every one of us knows where we need to work what we need to sort out Inshallah, get closer to Allah. Try and improve on all aspects of you in all aspects of your living. And Allah Almighty will improve for you your deen your dunya your era. Ultimately I tell you what is of great importance is

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the day you leave this earth you leave with him.

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Ask Allah has no hottie man. Oh Allah grant me a good ending. Oh Allah grant me a good ending in a way that you are pleased with me. Oh Allah give me shahada on my tongue Do not embarrass me because of the sins I've committed. I have not committed them out of defiance of you, my lord, but I've committed them out of weakness of human nature that have been created upon. May Allah forgive all of us. I could only have

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SallAllahu wasallam Allah Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad