Mohammad Elshinawy – When Felons Run Wild

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of keeping words out of recitation in Islam is discussed, including the return of Prophet Muhammad sallal's promised message of peace and liberty, the return of a woman named Missus Bella Mar dispose, and the return of a woman named Catherine de novo who was sick and had a negative reaction to her actions. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's words and actions in public speaking, including slowing down one's speech to avoid embarrassment and following the tongue and filters of one's actions. The importance of being mindful of one's words and actions is also highlighted, and the need to be mindful of one's actions is emphasized in public speaking.
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In Alhamdulillah, Allah will be here on a stuck fiddle when I was really tired I mean sure the unforeseen I will say Dr. Medina, de la, la la, la la, la la la, la, la, la la la la la la la la la sharika. Wash Adana, Mohammed and Aveda who whenever you who are a sudo Yeah, you're living in an otaku la puttaparthi wala tomato Neela and Tom Simone. Yeah you Hannah suta Pura vida como la de la comida FC wahida hola caminhada jaha Baba thermen humare gelang Cathy wrong manisa what de la la de casa Luna be here we'll have him in a la Cana la cumbre teba Yeah, you have Latina Amano De La Hoya pulu Colin sadita use la Kuma Kuma filicudi Nova minuto de la la la Sula, who forgot the first

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frozen alima.

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After praising Allah azza wa jal and reminding myself anew with its applause Allah subhanho wa Taala and testifying that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion but him jealous jealous of the mighty and majestic and exalted along with our partners and abroad, and that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was without doubt his Prophet and his servant and His Messenger.

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And after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal for another blessing, we cannot thank him for another day in his house another Friday upon his obedience.

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We all know that the Sahaba the companions of the Prophet, sallAllahu, Alayhi, wasallam, were very different, they were very special.

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They were very receptive. All it took was an ayah, or one advice from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, or even from each other, that would cause permanent change and deep meaningful change in their life.

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That is why it is no surprise that when it comes to such an emphasized topic, and the foundational topic in Islam, like being careful with your tongue, they are all on the same wavelength. They all have left behind beautiful examples for us

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to recalibrate, to realize how far we are from the ideals of our Islam, and how much we should continue to work towards them. If I were to simply relate to you,

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the I ads and haddie that speak about the importance of watching guarding your tongue, what do you see, for the next two or three or four or five quotables without any sort of reflections, thoughts or commentary? There would be enough.

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But they understood as one of these ahaadeeth says, To summarize it all, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not exaggerating when he said, Man, samata Naja, whomever keeps silent is saved.

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Our beloved Mr. della, on one of these greats will have been one of the leading Sahaba

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he says about this concept and it is reflected in all of their statements. He says Leyzaola wedges are the shade on our gelato, nice to decision in mainly sunny However,

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there is nothing on the face of the earth that is more deserving of a lengthy prison sentence then this tongue of mine,

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our beloved Mr. Rhodes who was the leader of this online reciting the Quran, who the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said to people go to him to hear the whole and fresh as if it were just revealed. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had centralized him to Mr. Rude because how focused Massoud was by day and night on reciting Quran with that tongue, Abdullah whom Mr. Udo was of the Sahaba, whose body was very frail, and so he would not fast as much voluntarily so that he can put in more hours in reciting Quran it was everything for him. And yet he still realized that his tongue could destroy him. Nothing on the face of the earth, He says deserves to be locked away for longer than

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this tongue of mine.

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He understood from the words of the prophets all said it is the only way to be saved, that I too have to still be vigilant, because all it takes is one word sometimes that could destroy a person. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, that a person may say a statement let you look at her balance without paying much attention to it. Not an innocent accident, but not paying much attention to it. laolu anantha bloomer Bella Marbella. He will never think that it would reach what it reaches. You will see Yeah, we have inadi Sabrina hurry from that will cause him to

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Fall a freefall into the fire for 70 years because of it. If you understood that, that I have to keep my words as my prisoners, or else I become its prisoners. I become the prisoner of my statements If I don't take advantage of keeping them the ability to keep them locked between my Jaws, and to keep them my prisoners

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are Omar radi Allahu taala and who another of the great Sahaba he used to tell the people,

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men Castle Rock helambu Castle or SOHCAHTOA whoever is easygoing about this subject and speaks much will slip much.

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Woman Catherine sakata, who Catherine Oba whoever slips much will have many sins, you're not going to wind up being excused for all these slip ups. Not all of them are going to be innocent because you are reckless. He says woman Catherine de novo, who can it now Oh, Levy, and whoever sins are much then the fire has priority over such a person. You know, they were so careful about this, this will happen. I'll move on now even some examples from the tambourine that they would even include, in that circle of concern. Words that weren't even words. They would be careful or worried about the groans they made sometimes when they were sick.

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Mm hmm. It was generations later Rocky, mahalo was sick once and he cannot You're in no anynet he used to make wincing sounds in his in his sickness. So one person said to him, oh, man, did you hear what Paul was one of the earlier type grain he said to him what thought was used to say about the Marielle fiddlerman Polin, Isla de hiraki bonati. No person alters anything, except that there are Sentinel angels recording angels there that are watchful and ready. They're never absent minded and you're never speaking too fast, watchful and ready always.

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He says thought was said that even includes an enormous deal, the groans of the sick person. You may think, how can this make sense I can't control this. You're right. But they were wiser than that. Not every single time you moan when you're sick? You're doing it because you can't control it. So you have to figure out they had this idea of Which one was it? Was I really did it come out inadvertently? Or am I trying to get people to feel bad for me, as if I'm complaining to the creation about the creator? As if I'm saying indirectly Look what Allah did to me.

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They're afraid that it's that may be the hidden driver behind that mon.

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So that was their level of vigilance. So I came home a lot. And they would so as you saw with him, and they would help each other stay at that level of care, because they understood how dangerous this could be. You know, one of the scholars as well as Miranda Emraan Rahim Allah.

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One of his students said to him in the wintertime, man, I shed the belt, man, it's really cold, isn't it? So he said back to his student at the tail end. Are you warm now?

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Meaning what is the point of telling you it's cold? I know it's cold, and you know, it's cold. So did it help you now that you said it's cold? We're not saying it's hot. I'm to say it's cold. No, no one is saying this. We're not even saying it's wrong to say it's cold. And he probably would not have said this. If this wasn't his student. He is just simply trying to teach him a lesson that get into the habit of being mindful of what you're saying. You know, it actually may even be rewardable when I see someone enter the masjid. And I'm looking for some reason to start a conversation with him for a good reason. I could be rewarded for saying whatever comes to mind of the halaal because

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the intention behind it, but it's as if he's telling him Is there an intention behind it? Or are you one of those people in the habit of speaking mindlessly? Because that's dangerous. That's what he's trying to say. He's trying to tell him that the ideal in Islam is that unless you've confirmed this is the ideal. We're not saying you have to the ideal in Islam is until you confirm that there is greater benefit in speaking. You don't speak because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, didn't he? For the apple hire, let him say something that is good. Meaning you've confirmed that it's good. It's the greater good to speak, then keep silent. It's not equal, even it's clear to

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you. It's better to speak. Whoever knows that it's good to speak. Let him speak, speak otherwise he should keep silent. That's the ideal.

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And also having said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when they described him they described him as this ideal. They said can I please don't kill him he would speak little islands. Salatu was Salam. What can allow you to kill mo Illa female usaba who and he would only speak

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things not just that were held, but that he was hopeful to be rewarded for AlLahi salatu salam.

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May Allah help us climb that mountain and work towards that in sha Allah who the holy hat that was stuffed from the Holy Moly will occur

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Lana Viva La ilaha illallah wa Jalla, WA Shanna Mohammed Abu whenever you who are solo. So this concept of just being more mindful of your tongue, not letting it run wild keeping get your prisoner before you become its prisoner

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happens in stages just to be practical before we leave them in. But, you know, having filters, you need the most important filter first.

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And that is what is the most important filter. I mean, the ideal we already stated the ideal is unless it's beneficial, don't do it. Some of the early Muslims, you know, they competed in that some of them used to put little pebbles in their mouth, by the way,

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like marbles, basically. So that when he wanted to speak, he would slow himself down, I'd have to remove them so I can speak. And so give me time to think it over a little bit more filters, right to slow yourself down because of how serious they took this. So is there a need? Is there a greater benefit in speaking? That's the ideal? I don't want to speak about the ideal anymore. the bare minimum filter a Muslim should have is am I allowed to say this to begin with?

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You know, and the things that the tongue is prohibited from saying they are so many. It's not just you know, you cursing at someone or you backbiting someone or you lying about someone? It's also you mentioned in your good deeds, when there is no necessity to do so. Or without the right intentions? Did I really say that? It could also be that you endorse or you support someone based on hearsay. Yeah, go ahead. He's a good man. Let your daughter marry him when you have no right to say that there's so many there are endless passing verdicts on things that you have nothing you know nothing about. You know, we live in a very interesting time, we have to realize this is very interesting,

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that we in a moment can pass a verdict on something that is happening beyond the oceans, right? You read a headline and say that animal who raped that woman, right? You don't even know not the animal supposedly you don't know the person who's relaying to the information, who they are. Who even wrote to the article who is behind this news story.

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They had every right to do this. They didn't have every right to do that. And this brings me to my even more practical step. The more you see, the more you will say.

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That is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us what on top of be has been very imminent. Kathy, when you had this we call the miasma. It's enough of a lie for a person to just share the things he hears. That's a lie, to share it without confirmation. But he told us he Yakumo Vonda, Vanek double headed beware of speculation, because it's one of the surest ways to lie. He said what while at the hustle while at adjusts, so. So don't investigate. And do not spy that justice was spying. We all know that spying is how long he says well that don't probe. Don't inquire. curb your curiosity so you can curb your tongue.

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And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the other Hadith that we will build on in Sharla and future multiples. Mc gallega Lisa, Anak when he a sack of a took, didn't he? He said hold your tongue and let your house be enough for you. This is the laser focus of the believer, the mind your business in the right way to understand that of the believer, me, my house, my message My locality. What I actually have an effect on is what I should be concerned about. But when I allow myself to see other things, I will start seeing unnecessary things that I'm not allowed to say in the first place. May Allah help us and you'll be better at curbing our tongues and forgive the speaker of

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these words for his words that don't match his actions. May Allah azza wa jal forgive us and purify us and guide us and elevate our ranks. And help us appreciate Silence. Silence help us appreciate and act on the silence that was the pattern, the model, the balance of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where we stick to it where it could harm or where it may not benefit, and we speak in ways that will always be in our best interests in this world. And the next May we appreciate silence So people respect us more. Maybe we appreciate silence so that we listen better and learn more. Maybe we

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Appreciate silence so that our profile in front of the Lord of the worlds is the best that it can be on the Day of Judgment alone. I mean, a lot of Muslims Amina and Muslim met when we Nina I mean at Allah here I mean who Mohammed Ahmed. Allah has seen o'clock Allah. Allah has 10 o'clock honor Allah who has seen a Filipina walk the land as a Latina or Salalah hasta la Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain

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