Navaid Aziz – Returning To The Quraan Sunnah Part 12

Navaid Aziz
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And then from the left enough model to understand

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when I was learning sharara phocoena woman cry Nina de la, la familia de la

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ilaha illallah wa the hula city Kala pasado. Number one Madame Du Bois sudo. Some of us who are the UI to me he was the he was sending the message to the man. Yeah, you're Latina de la toccata he wanted to move to

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the moon. Yeah, yo NASA Sakuraba comunidad de la comida sinuata a la familia, Xhosa, Western in Houma region in kitsilano. One is what is known as v one our firm in Nova cannon rd Kumar Akiva, Johan de de la la pulu. Colin city, the UCF nakoma como que la cama de novo Come on a la hora Sula, who

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inositol Cunha DC kita la Carnival Jaga well soluble hedgy huduma Mohammed bin Salman La la la he was sending them or Chevron or more in LA. To her wakulla most deaths in VEDA are coolabah gemballa Baku Laguna since in

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Santa Monica masala Eva cattle. Imagine a setting where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is sitting with all of his companions.

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And as the sittings, the companions started letting loose tears. And as these tears come down, they remember that the death of the prophet SAW the love on he was sent him is indeed eminent

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and the famous companion, and the illustrious and noble companions are well they have no idea how to do level targeting. he narrates the story beautifully. He says that the pockets of the loved one he was sent them, while sitting with us one day, gave us an admonition that made the heart struggle and filled the eyes with tears. And after this, we said the RSO love advisors were indeed it seems like a farewell advice. So the pocket summer lavon he was sent him said, I advise you with taqwa of Allah azza wa jal, and I advise you with hearing and it will be even if a slave gains empowerment over you. And indeed, those of you who live shall see much different still stick to my center, and the

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suddenness of my writing these ideas.

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In this famous and concise advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he advised every single Muslim today, as we live in much confusion, and we live in smoke and in green matches. A lot of us do not know what to do. But brothers and sisters are less messengers similar volumes send them did not leave a single word that flustered swings in the air, except that he gave us knowledge about it. As soon learn and observe the failure. The low tide angle has informed us I have narrated Allah's Messenger Scylla love it was set up was sent to us as the winner to all of my times, informing, informing us of all that was good age, warning us against all that was evil.

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Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made clear to us as imaginaries once again, for the top supermodel Eva lado has in a hurry, Hannah is Ivana in the Holic, that indeed I have left you upon a clear white clean, it's nice, is distinct and clear from its day, and no one deviates from it, except that he is destroyed. So Islam is not a religion of confusion is not a religion of different, but rather it is a clear witness, as Alice messenger sama Levante was cinnamon said, and this correctness revolves around two key legislation. The Book of Allah subhanaw taala is very speech, also known as the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. It was send them often

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referred to as the Hikmah, or the wisdom as well. If nobody

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mentions to eloquent and beautiful verses of poetry where he says, What agenda on Russia Oh, who am Iran, Turkey, the most of your economy, not so many for any Omen to nothing. Look for the Buddha it more than that, indeed, ignorance is a deadly disease, and its cure lies in two things, or its cure is composed of two key components, a text from the Koran, or a text from the sinner, and indeed, the doctor to this sickness or the doctor.

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In this disease is an island which is a band or an island which nurtures his students and teaches them that which they need to know right away rather than that knowledge which may benefit them in the future. So these are two key components that we need to realize brothers and sisters, that Allah subhana wa tada has not left us in confusion. He has not left us in smoke, but rather has given us an answer for everything in the Quran. And the Sunnah.

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This having been said, let's take a look at one of the most eloquent verses in the Quran, which is in cillessen. Lisa is number 69. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, are you under Dina am an appeal, appeal or pseudo Buddhism remain calm. The Internet Zhang zhi shi info zu Illa.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh you who believe, obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those in authority amongst you. If you differ in anything, then return it back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and His messenger. Indeed, that is, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day, and indeed this is the best of understanding. Allah subhana wa tada in this noble Ayah calls out the people of the man and calls out those people of faith, as he says, obey Allah and obey His Messenger. So from the very beginning of this ayah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is making clear to whom we have unconditional obedience to it is to almost fanworks Allah and His messenger. And then likewise, as like takes this

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tool, there will be people who will have authority above us, from them or our parents, and our elders, and our supervisors, and our bosses and other vendors. But what is our obedience to them? Allah subhanho wa Taala likewise, in his divine wisdom, makes it quite clear, as well. When he says, a few Allah, Allah, I'll be on my soul. What will it mean? What Allah subhana wa tada when he wants to make an unconditional obedience, he says, a free Allah will appear as soon as for the only remaining crumbs are those people who have authority amongst you, then it is not unconditional. This is why I was in China with Donna did not say what I'll do when I'm leaving home, but rather he just

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left it as an addition to our school. So it was understood. And this is not something which is unconditional. So anything that they say that which is good, we obey them in it, and anything that is evil, or unjust and incorrect, then it is upon the Muslim to leave it as well.

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So let's move on to either he goes on to say that if you differ in anything so Internet, and fishing in photo zoo in a lot, he will assume that if you differ in anything, then return it in geese to Allah and His Messenger, the illustrious companions, and our ideal examples. They interpreted from this, that during the life, that the indeed returning something back to Allah was indeed taking it back to the Quran. And as for taking it back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during his lifetime, they would resource to him and after his death, they would look to his sooner and this is likewise what we have to do today. In any matter, whether it be a worldly measure, or a Gini metric,

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we should always start off by seeking the aid and assistance of Allah subhanaw taala and try to find Firstly, its solution and the Quran and the Sunnah. And if the Quran and the Sunnah does not give us an explicit advice, or an explicit answer, then indeed, it has left us with those principles that we need to survive in our daily life. For Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala would not leave his slaves and descretion to go astray, to leave them their own selves to destruction, but join Allah subhanho wa Taala is our world and He is the Lord. And he possesses those attributes of lordship, where he sustains his creation, and he provides for them not only the risk that they need for the world, in

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life, but for the spiritual life as well. So in any matches that one may face in life, whether it be a worldly matter, or a matter pertaining to the religion, the answer lies in returning back to the Quran, and the Sunnah. And this was seen, even during the time of the companions that you have in the US, and immunomodulatory. That they would say, you quote to me, Abu Bakar and oma and I quote to you, rasulillah, he's from Milan he was selling them. I fear if you continue to tread this path, that Allah will send down stones from the sky to punch. This was the attitude that the companions of the Prophet SAW the love audio system hides that even to illustrious and noble companions, the less

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available bucket on their level chart article from the Prophet sallallahu

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say if you were to take his image and the man of the boat oma, indeed the former would outweigh the latter. And Omar and follow karate Allah Hassan I go home the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam said about that if indeed there was a prophet after me, it would have been Allah and there is no prophet back to me. So this was the position that he had with the puppet so a lot of it was sent him. This was the stance that they had in Islam, the first two quarters, and I was messengers of Allah, instead of describing them the unquote Assad regime, that even if their opinions come to us, in opposing the clear and evidence text of the Quran and Sunnah, is upon the believer to respectfully

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resort to in Quran and Sunnah alone. Now often matters arise, where people will quote, the same of so and so. And the same with other imams are the same, or with other scholars. And sometimes, it's just a thing of a fellow associates and a fellow companion. Now, even though it may hold some weight in this life, and it may seem prestigious, when all proceeds and all nobility and all wisdom lies in Allah subhanaw taala statements, and the statements of His Messenger, some of the love learning center. So our criteria always lies in taking those statements of any email and taking those statements of any scholar and weighing it against the stigmas almost kind of want to honor and his

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messengers to love on him, send them and if you look throughout history, you will see that this was the methodology that the Gracie mountain held the life of a honeypot in North America blue service, Rahim Allah tada that he said that is any statement of mine contradicts the Quran and the Sunnah, then throw it against the wall. And thus you have in America Rahim, Allah tada who says that any man statements can be accepted and rejected, except for the companion of disgrace, referring to none other than the Prophet, some allamani was sent them. This was the methodology of safety and wisdom that was traded by the greatest of the summer. And this is what granted them the success and the

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respect that he obtains. And we have a prolific statements by default. When he was with Aveda, honorable john Ross, the amine of the summer departments on a warm audience and him described him as they were on the way to other foods and on the way to Jerusalem, that I will obey that saw another block of thought in regularly codes that had ripped and had patches on it. And he said, Yeah, I mean, why is it that we see the Persian Emperor and the Roman Emperor is in such luxurious, luxurious clothing? Yes, you are made on what meanings were more befitting than them. And more honorable than were such raggedy clothes. To which I'm going to ignore the love of China and who

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responded. And he said, Yeah, VEDA had his words come from other than you, I would have struck you. And our brothers and sisters, pay attention to these words that come here after words that are worthy of being written in gold. He says national common law will bill Islam, that is as a habit and until they digest and evade the law, as Alden Allah, that he said that we are a nation whom Allah has honored through Islam. And if we go and seek this honor, with other than Allah, and with other than this religion, this is what Allah subhanaw taala disgraces this oma. So we often wonder, when will this be taken out of its misery? When will this oma return to its unity? When will this oma

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return to its state of honor and respect? Indeed, brothers and sisters, this honor and respect will be gained once again, when we go back to those original sources and hope to be enlightened by them and delighted by them. That's the earliest of generations were invited and delighted with. There are none other than the Koran. And the sooner

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this hadn't been said. I think there are two main issues that often disturb the brothers and sisters of our time. And there are none other than issues of the beard and of New Zealand.

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As with the beard, Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said, grow your beard and trim your mustache is the noble companion episode number Narita, the study from the pockets the love bonding center, and it was known that during the times of hugging on top of the love, Norma love the love the times woman, which takes from his beard and trim it to the level of a fist. This was what was narrated from him in the various books of hygiene. So from this Hadith, we see the obligation of a man to grow his beard, but we also see that as messengers of Allah volumes, send them

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Did not define any less to it. So it's less is left open. So the beard goes back to its linguistic stance and its linguistic definition, which is anything that is hiding from the face. So a brother if he takes his beard and has something hanging hanging from his face, then he has fulfilled his obligation. And if he wants to do what is better than that, then you can let it grow a fistful. As for the issue of music, then it is more complicated. You have those hobbies which are mentioned in Sahih al Bukhari, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that a time will come, where people will make fun of that which was fun, and from those things, is music. So this having been said, I was

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messing yourself along our new system, gave us insights into what the future would hold. And it is not other than the time that we live in today, where we have scholars with all due respect, and other speakers and do art who say that music is permissible. But without looking at the chevron, or the

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study of Allah subhana wa tada and the legal status of it. Let us look at the potential benefits that music has. What is music actually bring us. The hip hop culture that it comes with, brings nothing with chaos and disrespect to our society. It brings us this respect to our women, it brings us a wasting of our wealth. And then on the other hand, you look at the companions love the Louboutin, I know at some of the statements that they made towards music, the noble even with the longtime article, he says, that music, close hypocrisy in the hearts just like water, gold makes a plan to grow. Look at this parable that was married. He says that music makes hypocrisy on the fox

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grow in the heart, just like watcher makes a plant grow.

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And Allah find what's the Allah. In the second verse of social Look, man, he mentioned how Stefan tries to lead mankind straight. And in this noble is full Jamal Quran and hublin ignore a verse of the Allahu taala. And Omar he said that it is none other than music. So putting aside the legal value of it, and what the stance of Islam is against music, let us just look at the pros and cons of music itself. We mentioned how it wastes once time, and it wastes one's wealth, and increases mankind and nothing but disrespect for his women and his family and his wealth and anything other than that. So one needs to not go into the legal value of music and the stance of Islam against it.

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But just look at the pros and the cons. And any wise person wants to save God is Dean will stay away from it. Because anything that is not being closer to Allah subhanaw taala will indeed bring you further from it. And we ended up again with the statements of the Prophet sallallaahu it was send them where he says indeed I have left you upon a clear way it's plain. It's nice, it's clear from its day and no one deviates from it, except that it is destroyed. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide us back to the Quran and the Sunnah and accept it and implement it and learn it and memorize it just as our predecessors did. So and they asked Allah subhanaw taala to return the honor mice and

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respects to this month that is one side and we ask Allah subhana wa tada in ending off to send his salaat and Salaam upon the prophets of Allah bondings send them to clinical Lama will be from this a shadow under

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a stockbroker to elect was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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