Why Wealth Is Like A Magnifying Glass

Navaid Aziz


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The speaker discusses the concept of wealth and the need for people to love their wealth and their weight. They explain that wealth is not a means to a goal, but rather a means to a goal. The speakers stress the importance of focusing on love for one's wealth rather than expose it to too much.

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is wealth something good? Is wealth something bad? Well, in reality, wealth is neither. It is just a means to a goal. And our goal with our wealth is to please Allah subhanaw taala and get to the agenda. And that is why we say wealth is like a magnifying glass. If your heart is pure, it will magnify the purity of your heart. But if your heart is corrupt, it will magnify the corruption of your heart. Now what to purity and corruption look like. The pure heart cares about where it earns from and cares about where it spends from, and cares that it is not excessive, and cares that it does its due diligence in fulfilling the rights of Allah subhanaw taala and the rights of humanity.

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The heart that is corrupt, does not care at all, and will earn by any means necessary. I don't know if you guys remember what there was this famous saying that 50 cent had a couple of years ago, die rich, sorry, get rich or die trying right. And that is the mentality of the corrupt heart, that you will get rich by any means necessary. But that is not the way of the believer. Now what we learn from the rich companions, particularly like Abu Bakr Siddiq of mandible, alpha and 19 alpha, the Allahu Anhu Mm hmm in and other than them was that they got money from Allah subhanaw taala, they got wealth from Allah subhanaw taala. But they wouldn't let it reach their heart, it always stayed

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in their hand. So there was always this barrier between the love of this dunya and what they had and the state of their heart and they always kept it an arm's length away. And that's what we want to focus on that if you get too close to the dunya A time comes where your heart will not be willing to sacrifice it because you've exposed it to too much. And what you want to focus on is making sure that you don't expose it to too much. That is okay, if you have wealth, it's okay if you have money, it's okay if you have nice things, but you have to love the giver more than you love the gift. You have to love Allah subhanaw taala more than the things that Allah subhanaw taala gives you, meaning

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that if a time comes where you need to give something up for the sake of Allah, you're able and willing to do so.