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June 12, 2016


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various action items and their impact on their personal lives. They mention a meeting with Facebook users and a promise to help them reach their goals. The speaker also talks about the importance of kinship and the need for people to practice it.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam. Salam aleikum. Wa barakaatuh just as you were coming in to another episode of rush Ramadan 2016 day seven, it might have come out on my blog. And for the only seven

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kandalama bomb follows me. Let me as an alert without a Am I do that come up with that? Uh, yeah, man, not do that. But I did I am perfect. So kind of

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my brothers and sisters were in day seven. And just yesterday, we were, you know, happy that we're we're coming up on almost now, a week out from Amazon. And we should have honestly more weeks left, you know,

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and then it'll be the end of Ramadan. So I hope you're really enjoying yourselves in this month and taking advantage of you know, every opportunity you can have to come close to Allison Hana with data. So we're still talking about those action items that will get you close to Allah and make you benefit from this this month. Today we're going to talk about you uncertain Rahim,

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Allah Yamamoto and also for

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HANA horchata.

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When the skin of the studies when

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I'm when I'm done with

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the homerun

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analyzer should says, you know, give the the of a hapa gives the the kinship your relatives that have their their, their, their rights in Islam. And those are, you know, the uncles and Auntie's and the brothers and sisters and the cousins, they're all from the quarterback. So you have to tie the ties of kinship. As Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions to tie the type of kinship because our him would come into the judgment and it will start by discomfort and ask for it right.

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So what are the law and yes, a man was the law and the apartment.

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So Allah has promised that he would cut those who cut the ties of kinship and he will tie those who tie the ties of kinship Allah will bless them with that and all it takes maybe a phone call, maybe even maybe you know you go and visit them personally physically, you know, go and visit them or give them a call your brothers or sisters, your aunties and uncles, regardless of what you have, what you may have with them in the past or whatnot. Those are just problems, how does he know if he may have for me if he had some issues with them, let that go and start a new new for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because you remember your casting with the month this month with the intention of

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what you know loving love the month loving the lump of the month, loving Allah subhana wa Tada. So again for the sake of Allah

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Taiyo kinship, contact you contact them you know stay in touch with them, wisdom Ramadan, happy Ramadan and coming up in Sharma with added you know, for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, He said even Let's face it, let's panda with that. So,

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May Allah help us all to practice and to convey the love Norma he used to be so kind to those who are very close friends to his father.

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So, he was coming, his father's passed away. And he would he would come You know, he would be so kind to those who are so close to his father. And and just by virtue of being kind to them, that inshallah inshallah will will give you know pasinetta his father in his grave

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because his father has passed away so how can he do good to his father passed away? Some of the things he used to do is look for his father friends and then you'd be kind to them and you know, and and look after them. That's, that's Abdullah Abdullah. So please try to take advantage of these only few days left from Ramadan. I follow Cody Huddleston. until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. I say to them, it is my pleasure.