Ali Hammuda – If an ant can do it, so can you

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a dynamic and productive culture in theeringering world. The ants were hired by the nearby army base to study the language of animals and to convince the army to leave their homes. The community felt sad and sadness over the loss of their homes, but the culture of productivity is a marker of success.
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This example of productivity doesn't belong to a human being. It's in tribute in tribute to an ant which lived during the time of profits with a man and he salatu salam, Allah Almighty, He said describing the the kingdom of Suleiman Allah said Well surely surely you've learned you know do homie Nalgene noodle is your theory for home use our own.

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Allah said that the soldiers of Sudan were assembled for him soldiers from the jinn, and men and birds all gathered for him. And then you are marching in rows. Can you imagine this type of Kingdom Dear Brothers and Sisters, this was not normal prophethood

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a man who had by Allah's permission, control of the winds, the subservience, of the jinn, understanding of the language of the animals,

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and Prophet whose kingdom was quite simply unheard of in the entire human experience. This is who the man was, on one of those days, as he marched on with his assembly and and to realize that they were coming and so it feared that they would be crushed. And so it took a proactive role. Allah Almighty said the hotter either at Allah Allah didn't namely, when they finally arrived at the valley of the scarlet Nebula, an ant said you had never know Oh, ants would Hello Miss Kenya could enter your homes. Now I actually met in the console, a man who was you know, do who were homeless or own less you may be crushed by Sulaiman and his people or his soldiers without them realizing, now

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think about it.

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This and could easily have taken to a corner to save itself. Nobody decided to do more profit. Sulaiman, therefore would hear the words of this ant. And as a result, the entire community of ants would be saved. Why? Because of the proactive role that was played by just one of those apps.

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A story which you and I would have never noticed, by the way,

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and we would have never known that this story ever happened, had the Quran not documented it for us to recite.

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But this is the nature of productivity. You see, yeah, the story will be captured by the Quran, even if the star of the show was an ad proactivity is dear to Allah. So how can you build it in yourself?

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