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AI: Summary © The importance of testing one's behavior and emotions in order to achieve success in life is emphasized. Growth is a means of hardship and rewarding personal emotions. trials andulations are used to purify individuals and make them more rewarded, while hardship is a means of hardship and can lead to hardship. The success of a woman in a drug treatment program and the importance of finding support and guidance in difficult situations is also discussed. The importance of finding gratitude and embracing the idea of gratitude to positively impact one's life is emphasized.
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Those who need love and he will see if this can be met that they claimed that she had under the arm the title that they Chuck is true

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Latino men commonly him

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Latina Sadako

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alkazi been a loss of Hannah what's

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stated in the Koran do the people thing that they will be left alone by declaring law law that you will be left alone by saying I am a Muslim

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without them being tested

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on a more than a state in another statement to give you a confidence to let you know you're not the first and is a well spoken and Latina mean company him and indeed we have tried and tested the people before them. Allah will not let you go until he filters a Muna Hamamoto Minh, I saw this woman kept him alive of a truth for a while I will not let you go to Paradise, unless he tells you again and again and again, a movement will not be over ma until he's tested persistence.

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And there will be people

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there will be people who will test you in your daily life, who will test you in your favor. When you when you honor

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Allah subhana wa tada said, and we made you try.

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Just grown, whether you're gonna be patient,

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and your Lord, ever,

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when Allah sent this individual to test you, he knows the results of your test. He knows the innocent from that thing. He knows this person accusing you, but he's testing you. So

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when people talk about you, you must know you're going upstairs to the law to become the Friends of the Friends of a bomb to become one that Alon loves. So do not complain about a test. But what a believer gets hardship. He doesn't go crazy. He doesn't become depressed. He doesn't he doesn't get a nervous breakdown. Why? Allah basically realized that my inner guru, because he remembers a lot, he Thanks a lot and he turns to Allah and His heart is happy with Allah. So Allah gives him satisfaction. He doesn't. A true Muslim can never ever be depressed. If a person is depressed, and he has a nervous breakdown. That means there is something seriously wrong with his Eman otherwise a

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true believer. He can never have a nervous breakdown. He's always satisfied with Allah. And it says in another hubbies Mullah merkaba kakai wollam Yes berala Bella Italia Tommy's Robin see why. If a person is not happy with what Allah wants to give him, and

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Muslim yerba mala Mia Sabir Allah Allah, Allah Allah inflames any hardship and he doesn't make severtson then Allah says this fall yelton Miss Robin CIE, he should go and get himself another one other than me.

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And is there another other than Allah

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and a person who's happy with a law, who's happy with the law with the little Allah gives him if Allah has given someone a little, not abundant. He has a nice simple car nice, simple, hard to rehouse which is which is sufficient for him. He doesn't get a three course meal every day, but he does get enough to fill his stomach Alhamdulillah and he's happy with Allah. If a person is happy with the little Allah gives him Allah will become happy with the little he gives Allah.

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Pain and suffering only becomes negative. If it creates a barrier between you and Allah subhana wa tada but it becomes positive pain becomes positive a motivation for you when it brings you back to Allah subhana wa tada and this is what every individual who's going through pain and suffering needs to realize that this point your pain and suffering is not that Allah subhana wa tada wants to punish you, but rather This is a calling from Allah subhana wa Tada. Oh my slave.

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About your loyalty, or my slave, this is a reminder for you that I want to bring you back to me. And this is one of the wisdoms of trials and tribulations that while we call each other on the phone while we text message each other, the calling of Allah subhana wa tada comes through trials and tribulations and you can react one of two ways. Either you can deal with the pain at that moment and decide to get closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. Or you can decide to just restrict that pain to yourself, not do anything about it, and then you'll see what it does to your deen and this is the last stage of the cycle of isolation. They once you're isolated, you will see that eventually your

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deen starts to disappear, the contents of your psychological shoe and your Salah it disappears. Your ability to recite the Quran is no longer there. Your ability to fast during the day it gets taken away. What did you do differently? What you did differently was you gave yourself interest rate on and Satan's promise is that he will lead you astray he will lead you away from the path of Allah subhana wa Tada. So in times of trials and tribulation, you need to seek out the believers you need to seek out the righteous and let them be your guide and help to Allah subhana wa Tada. There is actually a blessing inside trials that we don't perceive. The simplest trial that an individual will

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go through is that he is walking on the road, and he gets pricked by a thorn, he gets triggered by something that goes through his skin and causes him to say Ouch, but it's only for a split second. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that no individual is preached by a thorn, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala purifies him with a sin for eight. trials and tribulations are a means of purification. They're a means of purifying you so you can go to the purest of places. The punishment of Allah is not out of anger and wrath. The punishment of Allah is a means of cleansing you of your sins, the punishment of Allah is a preparation, that you can go into noblest and purest of places

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elsewhere those

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and this is why Allah subhanaw taala sends trials and tribulations.

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So what do you do brother his sister is don't you sit there and start to wonder why Allah put you in the position you're in. There's no way you're gonna work it out. But I guarantee you one thing Allah says in the Quran, in Arabic is sudo binomial mala pm Allah will make it absolutely clear, absolutely clear why certain things happen to you in this world. He can't tell you right now because if he tells you right now the test wouldn't be the test. See, unless testing us the test wouldn't be the test. And that other Hydra said we are larger is choosing the most closest to him and most closest to him. Why is Allah doing that? Why? Because Allah azza wa jal not only wants to give them

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the high darada not only wants to give them the highest station and the higher rank in front of him, but Allah azza wa jal, Allah azza wa jal wants to also make him an example for other people and allows the devil wants to make them people who show who who actually produce and they show that they've they've got a reason to go with

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my friend Tell me, we're gonna go to Jelena Alanis to show on the Day of Judgment, this servant of mine and Jana for this reason.

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The professor lalala seldom said, our job only movement. A moment is a very strange one, Allah blesses him with something good. And he thanks Allah, He enjoys the goodness Allah has given him and then he says your luck, I thank you for what you've given me. Allah rewards him.

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Allah has blessed him and he's enjoying himself and by thanking Allah, he's getting more reward from Allah. And then when Allah gives Allah take something away, and replaces it with hardship, he makes us suffer. And so as well as getting that hardship it's hardship temporarily, but it's getting reward from Allah and so much reward innama you have a sabi una gang the lady is up, the reward Allah will give the people who make sever will have no limits and no bounds. So much reward, the hardship, illness TB cancer, whatever, a person will suffer a few years at the most. Then even if a person was living his life, severe hardship, severe illness until death took him away. But when

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death comes, illness is also taken away. And there is nobody with cancer in the grave. There'll be nobody with cancer in general.

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These hearts

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Chips are indeed good, but we sees them as evil. Allah sends a hardship to inspect you, where is your man, get it up, that can come at any moment keeps you in check with it, he sends you

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a hardship to protect you from your own sins. Allah azza wa jal sends you a hardship

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to direct you, you haven't made in a long time, rushing back to Allah. Sometimes we only come the hard way, we have to get stuck between a rock and a hard place to remember our losses, unfortunately, and he opens the way for that. He sends us hardship super affect us. Tons of benefits and these hardships. Also, as they say, the hardship comes and it's good for you, because it's pain, but pain is weakness, leaving the body they say if it doesn't break you, it makes you stronger.

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And so also remember through that difficulty,

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that you are the property of Allah.

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You don't own yourself, therefore he has all the rights to do with you as he pleases.

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Don't we know the stories of the MBR de Mistura, they were the ones that were testing the most, yet they never turned away from the last one was

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a little bit of difficulty comes me on you straightaway.

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What am I doing wrong?

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I pray my prayers. I keep challenging. I do this. I do that. And why is Anwar just picked on me to huddle up with him?

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He got people saying these stupid things. Why me? So why not you eyes?

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Why? If Allah subhanho wa Taala tested Gambia Why can't you just me and you alone.

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Those individuals who when they are struck with calamity, when they're stuck with hardship and strife, they say to indeed to Allah we belong, indeed to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return that in every tribulation in your life, you have an option to make, you can either turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Or you can turn away from Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is the ironic thing. People think that Islam or your deen or Allah is the cause of your hardship and strife. And thus people turn away from the deen and they listen to the whispers of shaitaan. But when you do that, your life becomes even more miserable. You have no source of tranquility or serenity, your

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problems get bigger. But you turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And you seek vigor and you seek help from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is when you feel calm and serene. That is when your problems seem insignificant, because you realize that nothing happens in this world, except by the word of Allah. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala wishes good for people, he tries them, He gives them trials and tribulations. Now, how does that make sense? It makes sense because Allah wants to purify the character of a Muslim. He wants to purify the faith of the Muslim, and just like a diamond comes out of a call after heat and pressure. Thus the believer comes out of his trial and tribulation,

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purified and beautiful and invaluable. This is the state of the believer. So number one, Allah tested believers to purify them and make them better people. Number two, Allah subhana wa Taala purifies the sins of the Muslim in the time of tribulation, if he is patient. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a Muslim is not pricked by a thorn, and he bleeds a little bit, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala purifies his sins by the pricking of the thorn. And the greater the calamity The greater the tribulation, the more your sins, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will forgive.

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Benefit number three, Allah subhana wa tada wants to bring his close slaves closer to him through trials and tribulations. Allah wants you to be close to him. He wants you to increase in a beta. He wants you to remember him more. And this is just a reminder that you're in that state of trial and tribulation, you feel weak, you feel helpless. And this you turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants. He tests you not to punish you. He tests you not to abuse you, but he tests you because he wants to strengthen that relationship in your life that you need the most. The relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers and sisters. These are just

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three benefits from trials and tribulations. And this is the first step in changing our perception with how we deal with the trials and tribulations.

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these trials and tribulations in this world are nothing. They're finite, they're limited.

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And an individual who realizes this, he will be able to surpass and circum everything. You just have to change your perception on how you view those trials and tribulations. You could lose your house, you can lose your work, you could lose your family, but know that it happened by the permission and will of Allah. And Allah does not take away anything from his slave, except that He replaces it with something better either in this world or in the afterlife.

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A woman has got nothing to lose if you happy Mashallah you got good things thank Allah. If you go through hardship, no problem don't despair make summer and the hardships ultimately agree. After a while in nama illusory user, our illusory user Allah guarantees we after every hardship there is ease. After every hardship there is ease Allah guarantees. If nothing in this world, then the ease Allah will give on the hereafter Allah will compensate for all the hardships of this world, that a person will wish he had spent all his life in hardship. A person who says in Hades, a person will be brought on the day of karma to would have spent his entire life in hardship and not just hardship

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but severe hardship and relevancy to the ages. Just take him and whisk him through gentlemen, and bring him back. And then he will be brought back and Allah Utah we are shut the NASA books on a person with lived his life in the most severe hardships would be brought. And then Allah will say to him, after having been through gentleness, and the smell the just felt the cool breeze and smell the fragrance of jetnet and just seen it, you will love will say, Tell me how to write the books and have you ever seen any hardship in your worldly life. He will say your love Allah He was swear by the honor of Allah, your law I have hardship was that I have never seen any hardship that just one,

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one go. Just one breeze of gentlemen, one just a cool smell of generosity will make him forget all the hardships of this world. And allow me to say to him, oh, my soul, my servant, I did not put you in hardship in the world, because I looked down upon you or because you were you because you were disgraced in my gaze. Rather I kept the world away from you, so that I can bless you more than that.

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In this world, you will never truly be happy. No matter what Allah subhanaw taala gives you, you will never truly be content. You can have the most amount of money in the world, you can have the biggest house, you can have the most beautiful spouse, you can have everything that you desire, and you'll never be happy, through contentment, through contentment and satisfaction comes in the accurate alone. It comes when we are in paradise. All of this is about perspective, and how you deal with the situation. And that is why it is very important than an individual who goes through trial. he changes his perspective of the trial. It's not a punishment from Allah. It's a means to get

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closer. It is not a punishment from Allah. It's a calling from Allah, that he wants you to come back. Now why is patience such an important thing when it comes to trial? Because the prophets of Allah when you send them says that an individual who is patient in times of adversity of incurs the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the individual who is not patient, he incurs The Wrath of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now the situation is already as difficult as it is, you're going through a trial. Why make it worse by not being patient? Because you're only incurring the Wrath of Allah and an individual who's patient and remember Allah subhana wa Tada. They get the silhouette of Allah,

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the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon them, they get to the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala upon them. And Allah Subhana Allah ends of the verse by saying, What will the woman do that they are the ones who are truly guided in times of trials and tribulation, you have a decision to make. Either you can get closer to Allah subhanaw taala and that is your way to paradise. Or you can decide to live with your pain, seek the pity of people and let the pain get worse and create your own destruction.

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If the trial is by way of blessing, you cope that with shook with gratefulness and if the trial the test is by way of shower by way of evil,

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evil meaning in the way you

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Receive it the way it's manifested in your eyes, then the believer then is obligated to equip himself with patience.

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And he has to know at that moments when he's going through that difficulty, that test of evil of harm,

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adversity, that his job here is to safeguard, being close to Allah.

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Because Allah promises that you will not let his earlier go to ruins, he will protect those close to him, and he will defend them.

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And he will grant them shades in his shape

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and his care subhanho wa Taala. And on top of that the person is to remember through that difficulty, through that test he is to remember and never forget, that even during the test, Allah is more merciful with him that his own mother is with him. These are not my words.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a woman from one of the prisoners of war, panicking looking for her last child that she thought was gone forever. So when she finally grabbed him and pulled him to her chest, and one narration nursed him,

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he saw this opportunity to have a lesson with one on one. So he said something Allahu alayhi wa sallam at our own the head of the hill, Mara, Tori Hudson, what

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do you think this mother this woman would ever throw her baby child from the fire?

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Kala rasulillah what he

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said no messenger of Allah, she would never do something like that. If it was in her hand. If she had any say in the matter, she'd never let it to happen. So he said some Allahu alayhi wa sallam one line by Allah, Lama who ever Hamel very badly minelute led by Allah, Allah is more merciful with his slaves and the mother is with her child.

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And to remember that during that difficulty, Allah sends it

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to either raise your levels, or cleanse you of your sins.

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seek assistance through suffer through burying patients through restraining yourself and through prayer. SubhanAllah seek assistance to achieve whatever you want to pass the tests of Allah subhanho wa Taala seek assistance to do that by bearing suburb and by engaging in salah and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in

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tune in

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Shireen. Indeed it is very difficult to do this. Except for those who are pious, those who are humble those who will adopt the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala wholeheartedly for them it will be simple to engage in Sabra also Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the

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in a long

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meeting. Oh you who believe seek assistance you need help seek help through bearing patients bearing sober and loose Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala says he is definitely with those who bet patience. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says at the end of Sudan Imran

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to flee Whoa, oh you who believe, bear patience and in do and protect the limits of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In order that you may succeed, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant the success.

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Know that tragedy is always near us know that difficulty and hardship is never distant. And Allah makes it very clear to us that the tests that are provided to us are to show our resilience and patience in him and enduring this in his way. How do you recover as a believer How do you find that compass that leads you back to the center to a muscle planet who wants that let's begin this journey My dear brothers and sisters of recovering from our difficult by first accepting the one true fact that you as a human being as strong as you are, and as mighty as you may think you may be. You're in fact a weak creation of the Almighty Allah. You have to come to this place.

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Inclusion initially to know that everything in your life isn't only an entirely in your hand, there is more to life than what you can influence there is a divine presence there is a Divine Decree and the order that is beyond your capability and power do not ever assume that you solely are in control.

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It is a man who bestows to people and it is a law who returns and takes it from them. It is a law who elevates It is Allah who humiliates It is Allah who gives health IT IS A law who gives sickness. It is a man who gives wealth it is a law who gives poverty, always return to a law, a law is in control or a law help me How can you ask if you do not believe that it is he who has given and it is he who has taken second My dear brother and sister in Islam, recovering from difficulty is facing in appreciation and assistance of others. And the Prophet teaches us he says, Man, madam and Abdul.

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Allah is his helper, as long as you are at and in the assistance of a fellow man, a lot becomes your aid and your assistant and therefore the one who helps others Garner's and is aided and supported by the one who needs no help is creator the Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. Third, in recovering from error is seeking forgiveness. See, sometimes we bring about disasters in our life by the acts that we perform. So far, my dear brother and sister in Islam is one of the keys of your way to say, oh, Allah helped me. The Prophet taught us that as soon as we say.

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The law said I'm already

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in our prayer as soon as we conclude, the first utterances that you make is a selfish, a selfish, a selfish Allah. Oh Allah, I seek your forgiveness and protection and you repeat it three times. From what what forgiveness? Are you seeking? You just prayed? You weren't stealing, you weren't out committing any crimes or, or anything of a devilish evil nature. You were praying, why are you seeking forgiveness? It is to always remind you that there are always indiscretions in our life, that had we not sought refuge with a law that they would have remained unforgiving, unanswered, for us. It is necessary for upon us to seek His forgiveness and to ask him for his even suspect with

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sincerity to be faithful to a muscle kinda went to Ireland in your difficulty in your stress and to not despair in the mercy of a law and you know that good things and bad things happen to good people and bad people. You know, everything is from a loss of kinda want to either to take heed from what happens around us with other people with other friends of ours is a significant factor in our relationship with a ma and in eating us to recover from our difficulty. Be patient, don't despair in the mercy of Allah take what Allah has given you and be patient in it. Also, from the great lessons we learned from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is thankfulness, not just patience. But

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thankfulness for the adversity, to be thankful even in time of difficulty is a really, it's not an easy task. Unless one possesses that true faith where they have reliance upon Allah subhana wa tada and a lot tells us in muffled on the inch are consumed as is and if you are thankful to me, I will increase you, I will give you more than what you already have. Look at your life by your brother and sister and assess yourself as a believer in the law. Are you truly thankful for what you have? are you thankful for the blessings that you have been extended? Nothing in your life will have a greater impact on what you experience in your day to day existence, greater than your worship of among the

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things you say, you know, upon the law, under the law united the law among Muslim Leanna Mohammad matter. They actually truly matter. They make an impact on your life. Your citation literally impacts your physical, tangible existence. It increases your bottle cap, it increases your health, it increases your lifespan. Those things matter in your life. So worship a lot. So Chronicle Maha Maha

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Add one

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