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The importance of character, prophets, and praying out of the heart in Islam is discussed, as it is a reflection of the past. The title "the Greatest character" in the Bible is also emphasized, with the hope of removing negative emotions and building spiritual potential. The importance of uniting and practicing good behavior is also emphasized, along with upcoming events and programs. The speaker emphasizes the need to remove negative emotions and allow everyone to be aware of their consequences.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another session where we discuss the character from the Koran, the Book of Allah subhanaw taala in an effort to improve our own character, and once again, this program is made possible by the institutional work that is going on at Pelham, so please go to support to support those efforts in those initiatives in Sharla, and also our partners at helping hand for relief and development who are doing remarkable work in addressing the needs of so many Muslims all around the world, especially during these very, very difficult in trying times. Please go to to check out all their work to be a part of their work to support

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their work. Just love him buck Luffy comm

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah wa aalihi wa sahbihi edge marine

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as I was just saying, welcome to a another session where we study the characteristics mentioned within the forum. You know, the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Quran it says that what in NEC Allah, Allah, Allah can now be that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was upon the greatest and the most noble of character. It also says about the prophets a lot. He said, I'm not the Candela confy Rasulullah he certain Hashanah that without a certain without a shred of a doubt with absolute certainty, you will find the best example in the Messenger of God sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he's the best role model, he has the absolute best character. And then what I find just,

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you know, very, very beautiful and very remarkable is that when the people who are around him who are closest to him, whenever they were asked about what his character was, like, they always said, that kind of Hulu helper on that the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the forum. He was a living, breathing talking Koran. So in order to in order, in an effort to come closer to that example, during this blessed month, the month of Ramadan, the month of the Quran, and we all know how important character is the prophets a lot a subset of theatrical, who has, you know, clapping, right that the absolute best amongst you are the ones with the best character, who

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interact with people treat people in an extremely respectful and dignified manner, they conduct themselves with dignity.

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So it's such an important characteristic. And we know that this amount of the poor answer we all want to come closer to the poor, and the best kind of, you know, kind of overlap between those two things. And somewhere where we felt like those two things intersected with one another was to study the good characteristics that are mentioned in the forearm, today also happens to be the blessed day of Friday, the day of Friday is the day of blessings, it is a day of light,

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it is a day of Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And I know that most of the people tuning in listening watching do not have right now the ability and the opportunity to be able to go to the masjid for the day of Friday. And, but nonetheless, that still does not mean that does not mean that we can't be spiritually productive on this Friday in Ramadan, that we can't make the most of this opportunity that we can't try to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and spend a few moments and thoughts and reflection and coming closer to Allah. So today's the day of Friday, wherever you are, wherever you may be, if you haven't already, because of time zones.

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Make sure that you do pray your soul out of the heart, make sure that you sit down with the Quran for a little bit for a little while. And you spend some time you spend a few moments reading from the Quran in the book of Allah subhanaw taala even tuning in and listening to this so that we can have a few moments together in thought and reflection is a very, very beneficial, very powerful, very blessed thing to do. And hopefully all of this can help us come a little bit closer to Allah subhanaw taala on this particular day, a Friday. So today's characteristic from the Quran that we're going to be talking about, is called Salah to saddam Salama to solder in Arabic. It's a really

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really beautiful term it brings a smile to my face because it is a very, very beautiful term. Salama to solder.

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Get somewhat roughly translated

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is to have, literally speaking for somebody explained to it literally in it all, all explain the concept more in terms of what it means and what it represents. Literally speaking, Salama means to be safe and sound to be clean and clear. And then a southern refers to the chest. So the expression in English that quote most closely resembles the idea of salatu salam is to have a clean heart, to have a clean heart and to not bear any kind of ill will towards anyone within our heart. And that is something that is very, very powerful, very, very beautiful. And it's something that the Quran talks to us about. The Quran tells us about being having a clean heart and not having any ill will towards

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anyone within our heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala and I'll share the verse here for the folks that are watching on

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the folks that are watching on YouTube and on Facebook in July can share

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something with you here for the folks that are watching on Instagram inshallah, I'll mention the verse for you in sha Allah, Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala says here in sort of to the hatia sort of to the hotshot Alright, so total hotshot is the 59th surah of the Quran. Sort of to the hotshot is the 59th surah of the Quran. And in verse number 10 is number 10. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, When levena jar uhm embody him yaku Luna robina fildena Willie Juana la Vina Saba una bella.

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Well, I touch alpha luminosity Lin, Leela, Xena cafaro Well, excuse me, I would like to john Filipina religion, the lesbian, Amano. robina in Nicaragua,

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all right, Allah subhanaw taala says here in sort of the hash of the sutra that refers to the gathering of the forces, Allah subhanaw taala says, We're living a gentleman by the name yaku Luna robina, Filipina, that and the people who came after them, and those who came after them, they say, Our Lord, our master, Oh Allah, but not fill in our the one in a loveliness of akuna will email that forgive our sins and the sins of our brothers who believed before us? Who exceeded us who preceded us in the faith in any man?

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Well, after john Philip alumina Villa de la Vina Amano and leave no malice in our hearts towards those who believe leave no malice, no ill feeling no ill will, the villain refers to something that is very negative, something that grinds and something that is rotted and something that is,

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you know, nasty. Like, if you left some kind of, you know, substance out some kind of food or drink and it rotted and and molded and then it crusted. And then it just even wouldn't even come off easily. Like imagine some food was left in a plate for like, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, to sitting outside, that food was just completely left out there.

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And over that time period, it just rotted and got really, really nasty, and then it crust it up.

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Now, when you try to go and even cleaned that plate, when you're trying to wash that plate, think about how difficult it is, how hard it is, and how impossible it feels to get that

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off of the plate. How difficult it is to get that off of the plate.

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And so that's the idea of something that nasty, something that corrosive something that pervasive.

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And so it's saying that all along robola latur john Fuca lubaina Hillel levena Amano, there are a lot do not put within our hearts any kind of nastiness. For those who believe robina in the gutter overarching that our Lord our master, indeed, you are very compassionate and very merciful. Oof, specifically, is the attribute of Allah subhanaw taala that speaks about the kindness and the gender

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homeless and the generosity and the compassion of a lost power tada that how Allah subhanaw taala gives to us, even when we are not deserving.

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Even when we are not deserving of you know being forgiven or receiving the kindness of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala still give to us in that situation. And Rahim Of course refers to the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. So now exactly what is this talking about? So to understand exactly what this is saying, we have to kind of go back just a little bit to the previous verse that Allah subhanaw taala mentions here in the sutra, in which in the previous verse, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the remarkable Muslims of the past, what whom we call the Mahajan and the unsought those who left their homes those who traveled abroad, those who went from Mecca to Medina,

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for the sake of their Islam for the sake of their mind, and they were willing to leave their homes behind their families behind their lives behind. They were willing to sacrifice everything for their Islam, and they can ducted the digital. They performed what we call the digital migration from Mecca to Medina. Then there were those people in Medina, they're called the unsought, the helpers in Medina, they welcomed them with open arms and open hearts. They welcomed them into their lives and into their homes. And they invited them in and they took care of them. And they shared everything with them. They shared their homes, their businesses, their farms, their money, their

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transportation, their food, they literally would split the food that was in front of them to feed these brothers, to feed the sisters to feed these families. And together, these communities came together to form what we know Medina,

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Medina, the generation of the companions.

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And we've talked about one of their characteristics and their qualities, and one of the earlier sessions you'll be able to find it is called ethos, referring others to yourself, right, I think we're going to be covering it soon inshallah. So, but then after that Allah subhanaw taala says, When levena gentlemen bowed to him, and then those people who came after that remarkable generation, those who are willing to give up everything for Allah, everything for a song, and those who are willing to open up their whole lives, and welcome those who had sacrificed into their homes, into their lives, and come together to establish this religion of Islam, that we all know that we all

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love, and that we are all beneficiaries of.

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And after that, Allah subhanaw taala is now saying that those who come after them

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so now this is talking about the scholars explain is that this is talking about the generation of Muslims that come after the generation that was there at the time with the prophets a lot is in the Sahaba.

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That when we read about the companions, and we read how amazing and awesome and remarkable they were, and how they were there in the battles, and they were there when the Quran was being revealed, and they were they're serving by the sight of the profits allow the seller

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and the profits along they some love them, so, and we constantly hear, right, like in reminders like this, we constantly hear about the virtue and the qualities and the characteristics of the companions. Every time we study the meaning of the Quran, then we're talking about how I've done I've been I've been said that this means this, I'm delivering Massoud said that that means that I shadowed the Allahu taala. And he said that this means this. And then every single time we're talking about the life of the prophet to lobby, so we're saying God tells us and narrates to us and Abdullah bin Ahmad Adi Allahu taala, under my marriage to us, and zenodo, the Allahu taala on how

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she narrates to us, and we're constantly quoting them.

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That it's saying that we do not resent

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the people who came before us, who were Muslim before us who embraced the religion before us who excelled in the religion before us.

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That we have no ill will towards them. But when we make do our we make do I we say it open up fildena Oh, Allah forgive our sins, and we ask Allah for forgiveness today. May Allah forgive all of our sins. So month of Ramadan is the day of Friday. It's a time of crisis. May Allah forgive all of us. But then we also say we are wanting the loveliness of accountability among our brothers and sisters who preceded us in faith who came before us that we do not resent the generations of the past. We do not begrudge the people that came before us

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but we make to offer them we

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Pray for them. We pray for the people that came before us. And especially the more virtuous people that came before us like the companions. We in fact admire them and look up to them and strive to be like them. And then it teaches us that Oh, well that's a john Philip alumina really lovely Latina Amano. And this is kind of the main crux of the the verse and the characteristic that I wanted to. I wanted us to focus on here today. And that is they further make a

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lotta unfaithful. luminati lovely letting me know that our Lord never allow us to have evil feelings and hatred and animosity and rancor, and bad thoughts and bad assumptions and bad feelings towards the believers. And this is the part about having a clean heart

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Salama, to solder

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so that the hearts can actually be joined.

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Otherwise, here's the issue. Allah subhanaw taala says for lF avena pulu Beco for us back to mini Amati. Juana Allah subhanaw taala says that the true strength of Muslims, and the true unity of our community

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is achieved when our hearts are joined and connected to one another.

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When our hearts are joined and connected to one another, otherwise superficially on the surface, if we're all kind of nice to each other, and we're all kind of polite with each other,

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then that won't necessarily lead to us being strong and us being united and us being together. That is superficial. it necessitates it requires it demands,

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that our hearts be connected. And your heart cannot be connected to somebody that you have bad feelings in your heart towards. So we have to remove those and we have to clean those.

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That's number one, that in order for us to realize our potential as a community, we need to be united and for us to be united, we got to remove the bad feelings that we have towards one another in our hearts.

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Number two, spiritually speaking as well.

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Having that kind of burden, having that kind of weight, having that kind of nastiness, that mold, that spiritual mold, that spiritual rocked within our hearts, if spiritually holds us back, it holds us back, we will never be able to spiritually achieve what we could achieve. So long as that we have that kind of evil and nastiness within our hearts, we won't be able to achieve what we could achieve, we will never realize our spiritual potential. There's a beautiful incident from the life of the profits a lobby setup, where there was a man and individual simple kind of man, General a member of the community Now granted, even a general member of the community, even a simple member of

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the community of the profits a lot he said, um, is more virtuous than us.

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It's still a remarkable person, but nonetheless, understand my point that respective to that community in terms of that particular community of the companions, right where you have people like aboubakar in aroma northman Anna Lee In fact, in mine, I shot in Zaina, like that kind of a community.

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From that point of view, just a very, very common person didn't really stand out in any way in that community.

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was not one of the leaders of the community was not one of the more knowledgeable people of the community of the companions. Simple guy comes into the masjid, to pray just like everybody else does. And the prophets a lot he said him says Masako, manga What do whosoever would love to whoever wants to?

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Whoever would like to

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see a person from paradise?

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want someone who's going to go to Paradise?

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someone whom the Prophet is guaranteeing Jenna paradise for? That's astounding.

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The Prophet somebody Tim says, Then take a look at that guy right there.

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And the Sahaba they look

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and they appreciate and they have, you know, an assumption kind of a good expectation that he's probably a very righteous individual and therefore, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them you know, he congratulate him with paradise.

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One of the companions says that I was very, very curious.

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Cuz, from what I knew, he seemed like just a, you know, average member of the community. Why is the profits of lobbyists, I'm singling him out and pointing him out like that, and talking about congratulations of Paradise and all this kind of stuff. Like, what is it that makes him so special?

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Not in a resentful way, but so that I can learn from that.

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You know?

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So he basically goes, follows that individual asks him, Hey, is it okay? If I, you know, kind of stayed with you crash with you for a couple of days, I have a little bit of a situation and I need a place to stay. Now, they were very generous and very gracious community. So he says, absolutely, brother, whatever I can do to help you. I have a little humble home. I don't, it's not much, but you can stay with me. So he stays with him. And he kind of stays with him, not, you know, invading his privacy, but just kind of observing the general schedule and routine in the home.

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And he starts to realize that he goes to the masjid before his host does for the daily prayers, that he spends more time reciting for on than his host does. Then he woke up at night. And his host woke up to pray to huddle that night after he did.

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So he's observing all of this.

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And again, not in an arrogant way, but just kind of wrapping his head around the idea that I have yet to see anything yet to find something so astounding, so remarkable, that it would warrant the prophets a lot s&m calling this man, a man from Paradise. What is his secret? What is his deed?

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And so finally, he asks the his host, the individual friend, can I ask you a question? Absolutely. Oh man do for you. And he says that

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the prophets a lot is pointed at you and said that you are a man from Paradise.

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What is it?

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And he said, I don't know. Just your you no ordinary average Joe Schmo.

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But he says there's one thing that I'm very particular about, very, very particular about, says what's that. He said, every single evening, every single night.

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Before I go to bed before I go to sleep.

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I sit down here.

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And I think

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I go through my whole day.

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I go through my week, I go through my month

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I reflect on everything that's happened.

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And I make sure that I do not have any kind of ill will. bad feelings, hatred, envy, animosity, towards anyone. I don't hate nobody.

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I don't have anything grudge against any person.

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And I remove all that from my heart and then I go to sleep.

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And that was the quality that was the characteristic. Those who virtuous within him. And this verse of the Quran, this characteristic is that we make do out we asked a lot every day, Oh Allah, remove any kind of bad feelings that I have towards anyone.

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Because on the Day of Judgment, what will be our source of salvation is to show up with a clean heart

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in front of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And it's holding us back spiritually. It's holding back our entire community.

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And not only that, but

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life is too short. To spend it just going around deciding who I want to hate today.

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who I want to be mad at today. Who do I want to be angry with today who's got time for that?

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There's a lot of important things that we need to do. So with that in sha Allah,

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I pray and I hope that Allah subhanaw taala is able to that Allah subhanaw taala grants us the ability to

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cleanse our hearts remove

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any kind of evil or rancor, bad feelings that we would have towards anyone in our hearts. The prophets a lot he said I'm sad Latin a lot about a little while out to not just who well at the highest I do. Don't hate one another don't have bad feelings towards one another don't, you know,

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have envy and jealousy and rancor and resentment towards one another. Well coonawarra about the lucky one.

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And be the slaves of God united together as brothers and sisters. So I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to realize that and to do that, especially here in this month of Ramadan, on this day of Friday, during a time of difficulty in prices, you know, maybe it's somebody you live with somebody in your family, maybe it's a relative, maybe it's a friend, a co worker. So either talk to somebody call somebody, text somebody.

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And how do we get rid of this, we get rid of it, first and foremost, by making this to our number one and number two, by reaching out to the people that we have ill will towards and take Salaam to them.

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And just talking to them,

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and expressing some love and affection towards them, that that will start to overcome the evil, that rust that mold that nastiness that has built up within our hearts. So when Shall I take the opportunity today on the day of Friday to do that? And may Allah subhanaw taala grant saw the ability to practice everything that we have said and heard. Now, one thing that I wanted to share with everyone here, before we conclude in sha Allah

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is that

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I wanted to

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I wanted to share just an opportunity with everyone to In short, Labine law, be able to do some good here today on the day of Friday, the day of Friday is the day of doing good. It's a day of remarkable deeds. It's a day of acceptance of prayers, it's a day of mercy, it's a day of light, it's a day of unity, and community. And so an opportunity I wanted to share with everyone is if you go to support column God calm, once again, the people that are on

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Facebook and YouTube, if you literally go to the link, you see in the corner, go to support and those who are on Instagram inshallah, you can head there as well.

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When you go to support, you will find that we have a fundraising campaign

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to make this knowledge that we just talked about the fur on the life of the prophets a lot, he said on to make all of this knowledge available and accessible to everyone to anyone. No matter where you are, no matter where you may be,

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that we can bring a sonic knowledge to you and that we can make it accessible for you. And for everyone else. So Hamidullah, we have a few milestones in terms of what we're trying to achieve here. We do this work year round, bringing all this knowledge, making it accessible and bringing it for free to people all over the world. And what we ask here in this blessing month of Ramadan is that you support our efforts and become our partners in this initiative. And so in building up that support so that we can continue to make these efforts and make even more efforts increase our efforts, we had an initial milestone of reaching $50,000 111 Well, hamdulillah by the you know,

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grace and mercy have aligned the generosity of the community yalls generosity, we were able to reach that target last night. Our next milestone is to reach $100,000 in shot law, that campaign is up there right now on the website, support column, QA l am support So head on over there, donate in sha Allah contribute on this day of Friday, Allah will multiply your rewards for you. It'll be a setup agenda for you about a low FICO document located on and as always, please go to to also support the work of our partners at helping hand for relief and development. With that in Shall I conclude, of course later tonight, we're going to have the night leap or on just

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recitation and reflection. Tomorrow we'll have another one of these reflections at 2pm Central Time, tomorrow night again, and every day. There are programs coming to you in sha Allah, but we have a very special program on Sunday, Sunday on shala made the 10th from four to 6pm Central time, we have an online conference all of our instructors are going to be conducting sessions. There'll be a really beautiful program inshallah. So kind of mark your calendars specially for that. With that in Shall I conclude once again go to support Gulen calm. Let's inshallah achieve this goal and this dream of educating the whole world together in sha Allah, which is from Allah who was set out on a

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come to LA he or barakato