Yahya Ibrahim – Keys to Success in your Call to Allah

Yahya Ibrahim
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Today in this celebration, and shaquiesha also knows the the importance and appreciates the importance of establishing these institutions for him. Self is the principal of an Islamic College in Australia, and has worked extensively in establishing these types of institutions in Australia as well. So he knows the importance, and he himself has graduated quite a few classes of students. So he knows the importance and happiness of these types of occasions. And I'm sure he'll be able to give you a much more fulfilling and rewarding words than what I had mentioned. So without further ado, we'll let him take the stage particle of people are ceremony.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Hamza. Shekar he was led to a Salam o Allah say you didn't more saline. So you didn't have you been an ABI you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was like me who were selling to Sleeman Kathira Allah masala selling was it with Eric I'm DeCarlo so you can maybe you owe me you Anna and he was actually he was selling. It's a great honor and a privilege Masha Allah to celebrate the great accomplishment of my dear brothers and sisters mashallah from all around the world who were associated as students who are now graduating mashallah from guidance college and we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah fills their life with

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Baraka with light with Nora, and that that light shines beyond them that they become an illumination for all those they interact with, beginning of course with those who are nearest to them in their homes and their families and their communities. And that light may radiate further and further away as a conduit of guidance and happiness for all of humanity. Allahumma Amin, anytime I have an opportunity and hamdulillah to join with something that is associated to the privilege of dispensing alien, receiving it and sharing of the Rockmount, ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah, if it is at all possible, I will always endeavor to be a part of it. And when my dear brother and Dr. Rochelle Ahmed

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hotukdeals Allah I'm not holding on to that. As mentioned the celebratory occasion Masha Allah, Baraka, LA, and new graduating class 2021 of guidance college, it was something that was unmissable for me, I wanted it to be something where we can interchange some important Naziha I guess, between each other. And although I'm the one who is sharing in the platform, I've benefited greatly from the words of our esteemed you know, Dean of Studies, Dr. Rahman, and I have quite familiar mashallah have gone through some of the things mashallah that you've been doing and kind of in the background, observing some of the wonderful activities that have gone on and knowing that after a four year

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program, graduating with your Bachelor's doing something so significant, it becomes important to kind of set a path for what do I do next, not just in terms of furthering one study, but what are some of the key ways to achieving some sort of success in my call to Allah subhana wa Tada and one of the things that you know, people who are beginning the journey of knowledge are always asking, when they ask for a Teskey or recommendation letter, I want to study Medina or I want to go here and there. The one of the first questions that I always ask is, so what do you want to do with that knowledge and usually is you know, I want to benefit other I want to know about my Deen I want to

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know what's right from what's wrong, I want to be able to understand,

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then to be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not just sent to us to be an example of being a module solid. He wasn't just sent as an example of what it means to live a complete life to complete his humanity to be a good person. He was sent to be solid, which he was even before revelation arrived, and therefore he was known as a spa that Amin Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But I want you to compare between Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and other notable figures in his time. So and well, he didn't movie era. For example, He also was given titles, he was given the title of a modular lab. He was a dust man. He was a person who was celebrated amongst Mecca amongst the people of thought of

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as being one who would always stand up for the weak one who would feed the hungry one who would look after the needs of others yet and well he didn't movie Euro Lana hula, the curse of Allah be upon him. The father of Heiligen new Alene became one of the most ferocious enemies of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam on account of one simple thing, that there was this anger and hip The UN has said that revelation came to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and didn't prefer him. And there are chapters verses in the Quran where Allah subhana wa Taala discussed

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Is that people uh you know, he would say on Zillow I Roger middle Kalia Dana Eileen Why did this not come you know why this man from these two great P populations of Mecca Medina Why him? Man you have a Rasool yet put a time when she will at what makes him so special. Why wasn't I the one who was preferred. Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was Roger solid. He was a righteous man. He was a person who had the best of us, not the best of hearts the best of character. But there were other notable figures that were in his society, no one matches Rasulullah sallallahu or USL them in terms of what is internal, and the reason of doing what is external and that's the difference. See people like

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when he did minimal Veera and others, they were doing good external deeds, but it wasn't for the righteousness of the deep. It was to be celebrated, to be honored to be held in esteem to be known and have a place in their society that when they would walk people would be in all of their celebrity

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habits Allah who it was LM Hadi God Allah and Mr. Buck, she says inaccurate you know, you carry on your back the food for the week you bring together those who are in animosity against one another you connect the ties of the womb, you do it not for any other reason except for that it is right. Not for any celebrated status.

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What you then find is that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not stop just at being solid. He becomes Muslim. Everybody life loves you, when you are solid. Everybody celebrate you a saw. I mean, the trustworthy when everybody you know, listen, everybody is happy with you. If I was to tell you the profit sets I send them when he stood on a sofa. If I was to tell you behind these mountains and army was coming to attack you would you prepare for war on my declaration on my weakness to it just on my own, nobody else told you Yes, we would listen to him advertising.

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He says what I tell you about greater danger. I warn you of the alpha I warn you of what is to come in the next slide, I warned you I warned you I warn you

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and they rejected many reject. Why? Because when you become Muslim, when you become a person who steps forward to help others reach purity, to enjoin what is right to forbid upon them that which is sinful and evil. When you become a person who now has the leverage within others, the capacity to push away against sin, to reject falsehood to step back from that which their heart desires, but which isn't good for them. Although it's not intellectually intuitive, it might not be self evident, but you need to leverage within them the capacity to step back from what they crave from what they possess from the wealthy command from the authority they have. But it's transgressive Tory against

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others, it becomes very difficult. And it requires deliberation. And it requires a sense of love for the next life in a greater degree than this light, such as Mohamed salah or you ascend them. And such is the training that now you need to enact. And I wanted in sha Allah as a reminder to myself as something that I share with you

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to speak about keys to success in our call to a lot. The first of them is to understand the enormity of it, you know, to understand, this isn't child's play. It's not meant for those who are weak at heart. It's meant for those who want to take a deliberate stance to that which is going to enrich the lives of others, although they may not want to cooperate in that enrichment as they don't see the eventual final goal of bettering their lives through the hard work it will take. It's such a magnificent journey to walk in the footsteps of the prophets of God. Those who are always the ones ostracized, those who were the ones who were marginalized, those who are the ones who saw the

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afternoon before the dunya those who took vows of

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commitment to a greater outcome

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for that which comes later in giving up the immediate pleasures of the hero and now the immediate notions of acceptance and being accepted in the moment that they live in for something greater. And what you see then is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was shown through the blessing of being given glimpses of the hype to come, as discussed by our dear doctor, Dr. Rama does Allah hair, that the prophets I send them foretold of the conquest of faith of Islam entering into homes and hearts all around the world, the eulogy and the final message of Allah to the prophets like Selim sealing the fact that his death was near and imminent in the jail and also law. You know, the victory of Allah is being delivered and his support has arrived. Hamas, you're missing a message and mission is coming to an end you have Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What that does, of course, is that it lets you and I know that carrying on that message will

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require for us to also endure part of that which the prophets and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam endured, and as a key of success is to prepare for the hardships, because then they allow you to understand that the successes that you achieve are not your own doom. But as the hardships you couldn't prevent them. Also the successes, you are not the maker of them. There is an important psychological mindset. And I'll just, you know, I just want to share this statement with you. an unending desire and an ending hope. an unending pursuit of positive experience, in whatever you're doing will result in negative experience. I want that to be something that you you don't

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enshrine in your data. If you're only hoping that in your call in your attitude in your moments of interacting with others that you just want positive things I just want you know good things to happen. We just want to have a happy that was a happy engagement in our massages, happiness in the home happiness with my family happiness with my children, I only want positive positive, this is definitely going to result in a negative outcome. The reason for that is you are not ready to face the hardship that is the necessity of life. Look man who is Al Hakim the ones man he says to his son yeah Buddha your Alchemist Allah my son established the prayer what more than my roof remind of that

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which they all has been good now roofer the things that everybody out if I know Hey, everybody recognize it should be a good thing. One handed mooncup Remind them of the things that everybody should agree is wrong. What's better Allah asada and after you enjoying people with pray, you're doing what they recognize is good, staying away from what they know down is wrong for them. Be patient, why? What's better ILM Asada for that will be for you that which will be the reaction of others towards you, in the valley coming as Bill more, that is going to be the thing you have to hold hard and tight among you have to be you don't have to be ready for that which is going come in

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that regard. This is a mindset that becomes very important. The unending desire, the unending hope, the unending you know, outlook of just wanting positivity, positive experiences is itself a negative experience. Paradoxically, on the other side of it, juxtaposed to it, in contrast, the acceptance to be willing to accept that there will be negative experiences

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is itself a positive experience will lead to positivity will lead to goodness why? Because when you are psychologically ready to be tested by Allah when you know that everything is not going to go with you want it when you are willing to accept that there will be people who don't accept what you say people who will ridicule you people who will mock you, as Allah waver model will be him yet. Yeah, Yet Allah Mazoon right, the people who are going to, you know, tarnish your name and reputation and when you are willing to accept that that will be a reality, then that will result in you having a positive experience even in the difficulties that arrived in the Melrose. You'll

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the next employ key to success as you move forward now with with the aim that you've gathered, with the behaviors that you've learned with the adapt that you are practicing in your heart, in your home, in your family, with the things that you have, is to always stress the mastering of the fundamentals. One of the problems that we have Subhan Allah is that as much you know, the sophistication level of the average Muslim

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of what the fundamentals of the deen are is very, very, very skin level very, very shallow.

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They that you know the understanding of the Creed, the understanding of the film, the understanding of the practice is so thin that any small tear can rip it completely apart, your aim my aim and shot love is to shoot proof is to keep adding the bubble wrap is to you know, to inculcate at greater layer upon layer upon layer of meaning of understanding of depth of practice of commitment, and it will be the first layer but then you, you know, compounded, Salah is taught year after year after year. So yum is taught year after year. Everybody knows Sia, but it has to be taught and taught and taught with layers of meaning and understanding and depth from a psychological perspective from a

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health and benefit benefit perspective, from an inward perspective and outward expression from a communal obligate all of the different things that we you know, benefit from it. We just keep adding layers upon layers, getting people to master the fundamentals,

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was the message of the Prophet Mohammed Salah was the layering of the Quran. Why did the Quran get delivered over 23 years? Why did it take 23 years for the prophets Isaiah to be half as guarding and memorizing of the entirety of the Quran? I will work on it didn't memorize the Quran for 2030 years. Why is Abdullah hippier model alone? I know he said, you know 10 by 10, if we would learn 10 by 10 by 10. Why was this layering Allah says can only get lino sub b2b forever. In so doing, we made your heart firmer, the firmness of the heart comes as we keep adding layers of mastering the fundamentals of our faith. And I know you know, I don't want to, you know, go on too long. This is a moment of

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celebration. And they know there are other wonderful contributors, if you allow me another five or six more minutes in sha Allah.

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The next key I believe, to success and something that I'm hopeful that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes a part of my outlook is to have hope in other people's desire to do good desire to come back from error and evil and to have hope that others want to change allows them to have hope in their own change. And therefore Allah was very condemning then a VSI Selim was very condemning of anyone who cut hope between a person and Allah on account of their advice to that individual. One, you know, one duration that's life changing for me and I hope it you know, I know you would have studied it the narration of Imam Ahmed

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from Amahoro the Allahu Anhu. So here we why the prophets Allah Allah Allah wa sallam, he said, kind of human cannot problem of the people who lived before your time the nation before your nature Penninsula in two men to Aha, Fiddler they were like blood brothers. They're not brothers, but they were so content with each other's friendship that they became like brothers in the relationship for Allah.

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One of them saw one of them outwardly is a righteous person. Remember we spoke about righteousness that that good behavior. One of them was doing their Salado everything on its time doing everything as they needed. His best friend, best friend, allow her Matsu was a little bit behind, had his mistakes, had errors in his behavior, the things that he fell behind it. So the who saw himself who was outwardly celebrated as a righteous person will say to his best friend,

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Allison, stop it in the law hola yo quiero la cabeza. If you keep this up, Allah will never forgive you. Where are you clinical? Jenna, you have no hope of going to paradise if you keep living this life. You have no hope of Allah's mercy you will never do back you're never gonna make it.

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His friend didn't wondering why the prophesy Selim says he would say to him honey baby will leave me to my doggy to the account in the Mercy of Allah. I have hope in the Mercy of Allah honey baby will be no aamby for magic Allah Allah YAHWAH kill Allah didn't make you our kilo but a policeman over me a watcher over me. Somebody who's in charge of me in every aspect stop, you know, pounding

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to this degree that I feel that I'm losing and disappearing in the Mercy of Allah, why are you doing this? Eventually the prophesy Salim said Mata they both they both pass away. Allah will bring them on the Day of Judgment, a judgment together. And they will be asked in front of each other about their life, they will be brought forward in their Hasaan in their accounting in front of Allah. And Allah will say to the person who was Sanya the person who was living an outwardly righteous life doing the right things. Allah will say I fund my electric Emery. Did I give my power to you to decide who's in gender? Who isn't?

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At the aim and men end? Did I give you some sacred, you know, seeing knowledge of who's in gender? Who isn't? Do you have the power to sign? Do you know what the future holds? What made you so sure to say to this person, that they have no hope and my mercy that they have no place in gender, if they live this life in this way? What gave you the courage the audacity to speak on my behalf?

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Fetch head witness now and your loved one Tula. I forgive this man everything. Because he had an open mind where he had to hope that even though there were things most of there were things he wasn't perfect in. But he had this belief in my mercy, belief and hope in me. So he is forgiving when I can now but you will be held back punished in hellfire on account of you putting despair in the heart of the believer la isla in the law. What an immense, immense lesson for you and I to take Subhanallah you and I are meant to be conduits of bringing hope into the lives of others, bringing a spirit of change and reformation and redemption in the hearts of others. That is of the greatest

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fifth that you and I should seek to establish. It is where the words of the prophets I send them ring true. Best Shirou were to nephew. Yes, you will have to ask you give people hope in good news. Don't make life so complex and convoluted that you make them lose hope that you make them feel unworthy of the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. Finally,

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pick your audience. Well, there's so many other keys that I would love to speak to you about maybe in future occasions, inshallah. But pick your audience. There is for some of us, you have to make a choice. Are you going to be a teacher of Islam?

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Or are you going to be

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a judge within Islam? And there are you know, there are two kind of different perspectives. We have, you know, there has to be the ruling or lemma. Who are those who are set as people of if that people have judgment. They're not always necessarily the ones who are going to be able to communicate the teachings of Islam to the layman. Sometimes there's, you know, even within our tradition, there's a difference between the Habib and the Mufti and the alum in that sense. And you will see that some of the scholars of the past they were able to have both they were eight, you know, an Imam, and Josie, he was Habib, he was an author, he was a Mohandas. But he was also from the aroma in that sense. Not

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everybody had that capacity to be Habib, as well as other things. So you need to kind of are you going to be the academic, whose purpose is the writing whose purpose is the research who's, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with you focusing who your target audience is, and not having, you know, a place where perhaps you might say, my place as a Muslim woman, as a graduate, for example, my place is going to be I want to be amongst the young sisters, or I want to be amongst the mothers or I want you know, choose your audience. You don't have to be relatable to everyone. You don't have to be relatable to everyone. And it's very rare that there are people who

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are relatable to everyone. If you are able to focus on your audience, and you know what your target what your

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you know, your market is where you will have the greatest leverage and where your market will be now and where we can transition because you might begin in one place with one audience and mature with them to another place and hamdulillah but I want you in sha Allah, to be savvy, to kind of use your natural talents, your natural skill set and the prophets I seldom was graded identifying this, the prophets I send them with

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Hilde Zaid Agnes Avataan Allahu Anhu on the days of bed. Ze Debnath habita young man teenager comes carrying brandishing a sword wanting to go out in battle with the prophets I send him to defend. You know that the province needs every evil army man salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, David Miscavige comes with a sword he can't even hear it's too big for a province I tell him said today, you need to stay behind in in Medina. And I want you to learn how to read and write, I want you to out by the time I come back, I want you to have master reading and right they didn't put down the sword. This, your place is not the battlefield now they go back, go back and learn. They didn't have it then becomes

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of the greatest, you know, pet battle why two would record the verses of Quran that were revealed to the Prophet I sell them in script, and then became the foundation upon which the gathering of the Quran became why because the prophets of Allah or you SLM, knew who was fit for what role he knew who was destined for what, in his intuition in his ferocity given to him by Allah subhanho wa Taala you and I need to have this kind of clarity. Where will I leverage the greatest influence and that will make your call to success much better. If you are for those who find it difficult to relate to younger people, teenagers, then don't make that your forte don't make that your target audience. If

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your audience is primarily an Arabic speaking audience, focus on that if your audience is an English speaker, focus on that. And then that way, make a nice where you are especially sharp, powerful, and able to leverage the greatest influence. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant you and I success. May Allah make our data a data that is highly solid that he's panna want to Allah, may Allah make you and I have those who seek to carry on the faithful tradition of the Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we are those who are transmitters in that chain, where Allah subhana wa Taala says, He tells us you know, we our belief, Amina Billahi Wella equity we're called to be heroes Sully, you

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want to be the fifth in that chain, who took from the messengers. The message came from Allah through the angels in the scripture to the Nebia Mohamed salah, and then spread through our habits, behavior, practice, we become part of that Senate of righteousness linking people to Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah walk may you in the path and in the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala carry on the tradition in the footsteps of the MBR and the prophets I sell them May Allah protect you from harm from deviance or banner Volendam and fusina were in LEM tell fildena Auto Hamner then Akuna nominal ha serene also Lila Manuel said it was it was buried under Habibi now whenever you know

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim congratulations my dear brothers and sisters of guidance college commence and class, graduate class of 2021 BarakAllahu let them feel what you mean a man yet who wanna help God, how come where you had your own. So where is Sebby Allah Amin was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Subhana. Allah Morbihan Dek Ashirwad ilaha illa Anta SFX to look at where to go

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thank you so much. Disaster ahead.

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