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levels are

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on board for

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Mohammed Abu

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lahab de

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de fora Bakula Nicola

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de la hellomd Tessa

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Hamm in Amar Akan alikum Martina Yeah, you're listening law of Poland said either

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we begin the name of love or praise and glory to Allah and His final species lessons. One is messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we praise our love trying to praise him, though we can never praise him as much as he deserves to be praised, and we turned to him seeking His help in praising and worshiping Him, and seeking His forgiveness for faltering and seeking is protection from the evil whispers within us. And the awful consequences of our misdeeds from our laws and guides. No one can lead us astray and learn from law leaves a string of guidance, none can provide guidance for such a person. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship, and our devotion,

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our love and our obedience and our surrender. But Allah and Allah alone,

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the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed was certainly a prophet and a servant, that is messenger.

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Oh, you have believed have the tough love a lot. Remain mindful of him, keep your duty to him in the value that he deserves, and do not die except in a state of complete and total surrender to a law state of Islam.

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And to begin in, this is our second and last stop with those special seven that are large village and as promised His sheep in the mayhem and in the heat of the day of judgments when none will have shade except those who provide shade for he said Salam Eman will be adjust leader whoever has that quality worship theory vanity rock Biggie and a young person that grows up in devotion to their lower in worship to their lower he said why don't you boo boo mala massage it mmm in his heart hangs in the messages, what are to learn and to have baffi manage them.

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And to that loves one another for the sake of love. They come together for a month and they go their separate ways for a lot.

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Why don't you do that tomorrow, that two months even one gigantic

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law and a man who was invited by a woman of status of reputation of beauty and he says no I fear on law. And the 60 said war on children

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me know who she married a woman

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and a man that gives in charity in secret to the point that his left does not know what his right hand gave. And today our final stop is with the seventh of these categories. He said Alessandro Salaam, wa judoon la de la founder

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and a man and again the the element here is the quality not the gender and a man meaning a person that remembered a law or mentioned alma carnian.

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alone for found Latina and so as a result of that his eyes, his two eyes overflowed with tears. First of all, what does it mean to you remember the Ummah alone.

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The other narrations mentioned veka Maha vihara. He mentioned a love while alone, meaning he remembers of love in private. He mentioned a lot in private, and it caused his eyes overflowing with tears. And some of the scholars say the message here is that he does so in a manner that has completely no pretend behind it. I'm not sure that's most of us in this situation. A circumstance that's most distinct from showing off. You're alone. You're not there's no one there to show your act to. And so it really means a person who's thinking about Allah and none but are we

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But when they shed those tears, and so this can even be extended extended it to people that do remember Allah alone, not meaning while they're alone. That's the original meaning, but also someone who remembers a lot meaning only a love, even if they're in public, even if they're in a gathering, even if they're in a lecture, even if they're in prayer with people around them. But the issue here is that what is causing them to tear is nothing but a loss of high level autonomy.

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And this is a rank that Allah azza wa jal chose for his prophets and commanded the people to be nothing but this and warn the people from becoming this in from this quality. Some would say that the new Atlantis was named the new because he was no way. He was always whimpering always grieving always choked up when he thought about loss.

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Nia has,

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it means crime, it means crying with a sound. And that's why the problem is often forbidden from performing the over the disease, because that could become wailing at times, that will be objecting to a mosquito. But when a person is whimpering, and they can't control themselves, out of genuine, proper, appropriate reasons, this was of the qualities of the prophets. It is also said that they carry Allah He said,

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or insomnia is a carrier. They used to have Trail of Tears that marked in their cheeks from how frequently their tears would float. And this was actually reported about the number of muscle habits as well.

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And Alonzo gently said, made this for the prophets and then he threatened those that are not liking this. And he said in the poor and fell we don't live at Punahou boohooman de la whoa to the one who's hard doesn't melt whose heart is too hard. When it comes to the remembrance of Allah concerning the remembrance of Allah selligent and elsewhere in the poor and he said enamel me noon and levena either lukey Rama leji that's boo boo. The believers are nothing less it's as if it's a bit it's required of you. It's nothing less than those that when I love is remembered the same wording in the deed, their hearts tremble.

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And then other is a law. zildjian says and when the verses of a man are recited upon them, which is remembrance, the Paradis Dickey had the Columbus's remembrance, he says when the verses of the Most Merciful recited to them, Caruso, jeden wobbu, Kenya, they fall in submission, prostrating to Allah and weeping before him. So kind of one time

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and our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam will give glad tidings to those who worked for that station. And avoid that threat mentioned the morality said I am a settlement Mr. Superman now. There are two types of eyes, the fire will never touch.

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Eye in

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an eye that weeds out of the fear from law.

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He said why in bed and the whole Sophie sebelah. And an AI that stays up at night keeps itself awake, guarding the Muslims meaning in a battle campaign, if you will, against dangers, if you will, that spends the night garden in the path of Allah.

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And another highly valuable member of

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he would have been a llama even.

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There are no two things more beloved to Allah. There's nothing more beloved to Allah than two drops and two marks.

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As for the two drops that

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he says caught on to them in Nicosia, Tila, a drop a teardrop, it is so valuable in Amaz eyes, a teardrop that you shed out of the fear of God will continue to live in Morocco visa v de la and a drop of blood that is blood in the back of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And it says an Iranian as for the two marks.

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And how have you infeasibility law? What do you mean for the law? A mark that is placed on the ground by your horse in the path of Allah, he says and our mark that is marked on your body because of one of the obligations or law put on you. Maybe those marks those calluses from June maybe those marks that will only appear on the day of judgment from all the marks of fulfilling your obligations

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and why does a person remember

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For a laugh and cry, because that their heart trends, translating fluids through the eyes, what is happening in the heart to cause someone to cry? What's generating these tears? At least one of three things you should be looking for

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the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala will generate those series.

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And that longing that burn into meet a law surgeon will generate those tears and the feeling broken, feeling incomplete, feeling powerless in front of a law, that humility to generate those tears. As for the fear of Allah azza wa jal, this in and of itself is two types. One people think the fear of Allah is just the fear of Allah, the fear of Allah means it's one lump sum you're afraid that was gonna punish you and not care. And that's all and this is not true. Because a lot of Allah, Allah said in Nepal and that he get this reward mentioned earlier that a lemon half upon me was off.

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This is a reward for those who fear my standing, meaning they're intimidated by my greatness, my standing over them, or the day my standing meaning I will force them to stand in front of me, they fear my standing, Wahaha, worried, and they fear my threat. These are two different things, fearing the standing of Allah, meaning when it dawns on you, just how great Allah is. And it causes you to shudder and causes you to realize how heedless you've been, as one of the early Muslims, he sat with himself, and he tried to imagine what it would be like for our love to stare down at the heedless creation at the level of humanity.

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And he wrote words of poetry that are supposed to be words as if Allah is saying them, and he said, there is bad and our beloved German, what are

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the slaves look at the slaves, the human beings, the creation that have turned away from us completely ignoring not series of articles all that have completely turned away from us without any crime without any reason? A lot never wrong. them. There is no explanation for this, as it will one novel Faena later Tahoe Max No wonder people that assume the worst of us, it says the former saying it was the worst of us. If only they had assumed better.

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Working Capital, Wayne Fano from hoonah we're in an

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arena, he says and if they betray us, it's as if I was saying if they were to betray us time and time again we were not like that we never betrayed them. And if they come back to us, we have already come back. Clean Slate without that cause the person to feel ashamed to feel intimidated.

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He says what you can buy the stuff without even on whom.

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And if they have no need for us, we have less of a need for them. He says that you have more than one in the book I mean level or automatic he could live as he can you live in Oh, you was turned away from us. Imagine a picture of us saying this to you right now as we speak. Oh, you who has turned away from us? Who gives us the leftovers of your day? Oh, you must turn away from us. You're turning away was because of us. Had we wanted you we would have made every ounce of you want us. So this person to feel that the grandeur that it consumes his life. As I show the love of Thailand I said I found the province of the love Why didn't you send them crying at night into Jude the tears

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were flowing? What was the concept that was evolving in his head that he was consumed by the greatness of Allah she said he was crying in his sujood in his frustration and saying

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well I will be the block I mean something oh ally seek protection in your pleasure from your anger will be more alpha t can be romantic and I'm, I'm hoping in your forgiveness to get away from your punishment.

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And I seek refuge in You from you. I can't praise you enough. I can't even realize how great you are. What is it that causes someone to be afraid of those that you consider so great.

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What causes people to be afraid shy in front of celebrities among humanity? Because they may not know what causes them to be afraid that shine is in that sphere. It's because you you're realizing how much control that person has on your heart. you're realizing how much influence they have like you're just consuming

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via the second fear of a loss elegent is the fear of him punishing you.

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They say that if you would see it happen mostly, you know LA or Sofia thodi as well, what can an app can now hold on to

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it as if the fire was not created except for those two. They said this little cousin and Derman, Dr. Aziz. And they said, Sophia, if you would see Sophia,

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at any given moment,

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it would be as if he just returned from a genetic relative because of how soggy his islands were. And Mohammed,

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in the West, there are a lot one of his fears you would see, whenever my heart became hard, my heart became rusty, I would go find Mohammed knew I said, Hello to Allah. And it would come back to light it would illuminate for another seven days or so. I would draw from his fear of Allah to gain fear of a lot myself.

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And when they asked them, he said, What is it that makes you cry? Then he said a half when you will do anything that he whether you bad, I fear that our mother just cast me into the fire and does not mine that does not care. We are not protect us and you from that love me.

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And so fear Elon Musk punishment. One of the early Muslims, he says, I used to travel up to London, nobody

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was like that. On this side. He says, and I used to say to myself, he's just like us what makes him so special? What makes him so respected? What makes him so revered among the people? What makes him so righteous? and loved by all he was a man that was blessing wherever he went? He said, I looked and I said in the hula, you suddenly came on suddenly. Well, soon. We'll come on soon. Why don't you come and approach when

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we do everything he does prayer, fasting Hajj going off and risking our lives, we do it all. He says, until one day when I was traveling with him, the winds blew, and our lanterns got turned down.

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This is the solution. The lantern got put out in the middle of a dark night. There was no moon that night, he says, and we turn the lights back on the flames back on. What Jed did that? Are you in a mood to see do we do more? We found his eyes overflowing with tears.

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What will BAM Iveco reanimate if you have one, so we realize he must have been thinking about the day of judgment in the dark.

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That's the difference that his heart was in that zone. His heart was ready. It was constantly rehearsing that day, when the lights will go out. And people will be granted portions of light, some of them flickering light, some of them no lights at all, to the degree of their deeds, the proportion of their deeds. This is what the prophets of the law to send them told us was the generator of these fears. And he said no, Tyler moved on the audio. And that's what he told us. This is in Makati and listen

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to canina whatever.

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If you knew what I knew, meaning about the events of the Hereafter, you would laugh little and you would cry much.

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You would laugh little and you would cry much. Meaning you need to start thinking about these events. I'm telling you live regularly. There's a reason why there's hardly a page in the book. Except that refers to the day of judgment and agenda so that you would realize what would it be like to miss out on this?

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And the fire? What would it be like to be subjected to this if you knew what I knew.

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They approached one of the leaders of Noriega one night to call him

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and he would not respond to them. And they said, calling him all email, no email, do not respond to them. And they walk in on him. Something happened via email. We've been calling Are you waiting? Have you been meaning? Where's your head? Like? Where's your focus? What are you thinking about? They said to him, he couldn't Where were you? And he said to them a slot. I was at the bridge crossing the Hellfire Munich he sits there at night. And he imagines it. He spends four or five, six hours some nights playing the scenes of what it's going to be like, from the grief or from the level dialogue of the great companion of our profits of a lover. I think it was a loved one when he would

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hear about the grave he would cry. And when they would talk about Hellfire and paradise he wouldn't cry as much. So this was awkward to the Sahaba to the students from the other end. And they said to them how come you cry in the grave if you don't cry regarding paradise and the Hellfire? He said to them our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in Cobra Manziel 18 min Mendez will ask you about the grave is the very first stage of the hereafter.

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whomever it's easy for

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everything after it will be easier. And whomever it's difficult for everything after it will be more difficult. Meaning This is what I'm thinking about that moment when I'm going to find out what the rest of eternity is going to be like. That is what generates series. That is what will prevent you from the fears on the day of judgment to be afraid here. And this is the first of the three and the most common of the three reasons for a person to be tearful, tender hearted, ready to cry, those tears that are so valuable to a large soldier, to be at heart Translated by the eyes the way he wants you so kind of a full

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Muhammad in Abu Dhabi

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and there are many things that will get between a person and between being of those who remembers Allah alone, and his eyes overflow of tears being that seventh category of them are is everything that hardens your heart,

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like breaking your promises to a law surgeon and he said about venues or even social man either for Bheema luckily he made that a homeland

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because they broke their covenants with us, we cursed them, and we made their hearts hard.

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And also the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ma'am Allah and Allah we I am SHABOOM in botany, the Son of God and the human being never fills a vessel

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worse for him than his stomach. overeating has horrible health benefits, but the greater danger to overeating to fill in your stomach as the norm is the spiritual coma puts you in and fully like no one says hustle attending to koscielny calm, Kevin

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will get color to the casual diary, we'll get on to the killer. He says eating too much and speeding too much are two qualities it can happen to one off, but when it becomes your quality, your heart cannot melt in this state. Because this is someone who has jumped headfirst into focus on this world, the luxury of this world, they will not be able to have the scenes of the hereafter unveiled. And you all know this by experience, and mobile and who has asked I will call Kuma, Shiva Kala. He says that they asked him Can a person's heart be tender on a full stomach? He said I don't see how that's possible.

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And also of the things that will soften your heart is mercy

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to the weak and the vulnerable, when they went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said they said to him, we complain to you that we're rough people. We're not used to crying. We're just just we weren't raised like that. How do we soften our hearts? He said, visit the graveyard, the most vulnerable person out there. There's no person that is more vulnerable than those in the graveyards. And he said, No one said how upset your team and wipe the head of the orphans. You know, the orphans, the weak and the broken. They give you that category. Remember we said fear we said longing. And we said brokenness, being with those that are broken, giving them from your compassion

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you will get from their brokenness, you will benefit from them more than they will benefit from you. You will benefit them emotionally and they will benefit from you will benefit from them spiritually. And then you got the better end of the bargain.

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And at the end of the day, it's about working for you.

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And it's about not tricking yourself. You don't have any money Weiser was cited earlier has a beautiful quote regarding crying. Do not treat yourself and he would say Lisa Hall evil men Becca lazzarini. When a Kingdom Hall Eva, mentor can I fall off when you either?

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Don't trick yourself. Don't sell yourself some crocodile tears. You're not pretending pretending to the people. But what if you're pretending to yourself, be careful. He says the one that is fearful is not the one that cries and rinses every last tear out of his eyes squeezes out every last drop. He says the one that really fears Allah is the one that abandons the thing. He's afraid to be punished because of what does it mean that a person come into the message and cry when he hears a passionate story or a cry this drop in winces and go back doing the exact same things he's done before.

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Is that someone who's afraid? Or is that someone appeasing his conscience, and Sophia to do a mobile I used to say, to cat watch, that crying, genuine crying for Allah that valuable one that treasure. He says there's 10 different kinds of crying. Look how much attention they give you this in their lives, they understood its word. He says there are 10 different kinds of wacky that will mean hoonah de la, just one of those 10 is for a month. And nine are not for Allah, you may presume them to be from love, but they're not really for Allah, when

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he the wacky de Mirage, lamb that he can feel and he says, and if that one time out of the 10, the 10% of your crying that comes from love, if you're able to pull it out of you once a year, that's a lot. Consider yourself fortunate. thank Allah for that. And Heidi,

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anything you do in public, consider it nothing. Consider it I could have been crying to the people around here crying, I could have been crying because the story was emotional. I is it for Allah. Hi, ligament comes.

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And the very last thing to be said, I read this, this is 130. Now, the early Muslims knew and valued

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the tenderness of heart that a lot wanted from them, they will travel to the farthest corners of the earth for it. And time will not allow us to cite examples of this. But look at yourself.

00:26:30--> 00:26:40

If you may Allah forbid were diagnosed with the disease that could end your life, your physical life, your worldly life, your body, How far would you go seeking the cure?

00:26:42--> 00:27:24

And now after you've heard the holy book, How far will you go to tenderize your heart a bit to make it soft, fearful of God compassionate with his creation? What will you invest in that that's what they used to do. And we're lucky if you do what they did, our love would love to drive you. He will not deprive you of that state. That fear that washes away your past or washes away the rest within Washington we are crimes reinfused with that spiritual energy that will carry us forward and keep us on the path. I asked a lot of soldier to protect us from an AI that does not tear as our profits on the level I didn't notice I don't want to say well, we'll be coming it let's head tonight Oh Allah I

00:27:24--> 00:28:01

seek protection in you from an eye that doesn't hear and ask a lot to give us eyes that tear for the right reasons and to protect us from the humility from the fear of hypocrisy, to make our fear of him genuine and to make it consistent in public and in private. And I asked Allah to forgive us of our sins and to embrace us in our shortcomings. And may Allah make what is remaining of all our lives better than the past and the very best day of our lives. We stand in front of him and are reunited with him and join his messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and all the prophets and messengers in the highest guardians agenda love them. I mean, a lot more than our love and love

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within our family. Well you never

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When I've seen that dish

00:28:12--> 00:28:13

What do I

00:28:15--> 00:28:15

What do I

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do? What do I eat?

00:28:19--> 00:28:22

muffling semitones meaning I'm looking at

00:28:25--> 00:28:30

Islam. I mean, why did he allow Medina Divina

00:28:33--> 00:28:40

either go from a carabiner Allahu muffuletta Allah have Lana Ramadan, Saudi Arabia

00:28:42--> 00:28:44

semi Ronnie what's

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in the air