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Relationship with the Quran – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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Now hamdulillah in a meadow who want to stay you know who want to study who want to stop Pharaoh, when I will be learning surely I'm fusina woman sejati Medina mejor de la hufa dama De La Hoya uguale Farah de la y shadow Allah Allah in La la la sharika wa shadow, Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed camisa, Lita, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, in nikka hamidah Majid am about all praise you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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his last and final messenger. last hope I talked to you about one of the great acts of worship that we do in the month of Ramadan. All we care about doing it a lot during the month of Ramadan, which was donation giving sadaqa. And before that, we talked about a cm. And today I would like to focus on another act of worship that we all do, we all care for and during the month of Ramadan, and it is very special very attached to this month. And this act of worship. an Imam Abu Saleh Rahim Allah was a great sharpest color said, I don't know any he said that this act of worship, the angels envy human beings over it, they're so jealous of human beings practicing it can't be bad that

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they have any add them in lahardee. That to the because they couldn't do it. It's not something that they can do. Many of the bad doctor for sure we do. Angels do. For example the fire they don't eat a drink. So the fasting naturally goes, but the pride they perform had they basically they make the out for you and so forth. But this one is not something that they do is not something that they can practice which is reciting the Quran. That's why whenever you decide the Quran, the always gathered because of what was revealed to human beings was not revealed, or unless Mandela did not spoke these words for the angels. So they are very fascinated by the parameters every time you recite the Quran,

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and those comes and gathered around the reciter listening to him, wishing the deacon do what you do. And he can because he cannot please Allah Subhana Allah was something more than his own words, and that what we do during this month, Shahada Ramadan and Lady Uzi Xena fi in the

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month of Ramadan is the month where Allah subhanaw taala send down Koran but who doesn't mean us what the United mean alhuda word for God as a guidance to human being.

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And an Koran is not the only book is not the only a lot of those words that was sent down to Ramadan. And Rahim Allah reported in his Muslim at least not in j U. And that sound Hadith and washed up the last part of the Allahu wa Salatu was Salam icon on Zilla Ibrahim out of his system for our delay let him aroma one only the Torah the city Medina Ramadan well indeed with the Rajya Sabha to holla at me Ramadan, one zero Quran Dr. benway shereena holla Ramadan that may be so solemn said the source of the Scripture of Abraham was sent down in the first night of Ramadan, the Torah, four to six nights in Ramadan, the sixth night and Injeel in the 13th and underplant in the 24th of

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Ramadan, and Nabi sallallahu Sallam and Ramadan every year Allison down debrief to review with the prophets of Salaam Al Quran so he would recite the whole entire Quran to debris and debris listen to make making sure that everything is correct. And the year he passed away subtle allow to send them he reviewed twice with debri Ronnie Sam, and every time he recites with jabril he will go to St. Agnes habit and read it with them as well. That's why they didn't have it was the one who in charge of collecting the Quran because he's the most knowledgeable person of the Quran. And this hadith reported by Buhari rahima lemon honey tip Nia basil the 11 and remember Roger brought him on him but

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he said what kind of setup we have Luna or unofficially Ramadan for Salatu was the habit of the early Muslim generation to recite a lot of the Quran in the Salah and outside the Salah shadow the Allahu anhu she had a mishap that she used to look at the must have and read from those have and they time during the month of Ramadan

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all the way until February after photoshoots

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Start reading from the most up until the sunrise up high, then she will sleep well cannot attend the rhodiola on or unofficially Ramadan, well can is read on either the Hara Ramadan for a number who edited out what or an army bomb that many of the early scholars used to say that the month of Ramadan the month of reciting the month of providing food the month of giving. What can ematic Rahim Allah Eman Malik whenever Ravana start he will not teach Hadith as he do the whole year and he will not teach. He will only teach he will look he will pick his most have and read from it the whole entire month

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as well as Sophia Annie 30 can either the Hello Ramadan taraka Jamia a bada bada Allah Quran on Safina 30 Ramadan start he would focus on reading Quran and I know that this is the habit of so many of us today hamdulillah that we care and we focus on reading a lot of

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boron recite the Quran. And many of us make hutmacher at least once during the month of Ramadan. But what I want to talk focus on today is not really the issue of how much you recite or the reciting itself. I want to focus on the purpose of sending down the Quran. The purpose of recitation what is the goal that Islam want to establish by encouraging us to read a Koran kita

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near the bow,

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this is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you that they might reflect upon its verses and that though so understanding would be reminded

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and also loss of power to Allah said, after I entered the baronial Quran and Abu Dhabi.

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They then do they do not reflect upon the Koran, or their hearts are sealed. Here a big question that I'm sure many of you have it in their mind. They said, Jeff, that reflecting upon the Koran or who are contemplating on the verses of the Koran, I don't know Arabic. And even the people who speak Arabic among us, they would say, the language of the Quran, something we're not very familiar with you and I'm not specialized in the seal. I didn't read the Koran, to be able to understand it. You know, a lot of people have this big question in their head. And today, I would like to actually explain a very important fact that are on not necessarily required from you to understand Arabic

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Believe it or not, not necessarily require from you to understand that they've seen there is a big huge difference between the zero come on and the double Quran reflecting upon the verses of the Quran and interpreting the verses of the Quran. There is a huge difference in between the two. But before I explain that, I want to say that is not my talk today to you is not to discourage you from reading even without reflecting because reading without reflecting you still get a lot of edge of the prophets are seldom said anytime you read the Quran and Islam meme is Alif 10 reward Lampton rewards mean temporary words should get the reward even without the dub, but even without

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understanding, even without reflecting upon the meaning. But Mr. Hammer Mullah almost agree that which one is better to read so much of it or to reflect upon few of the verses and you will find most of the amount of human law from the time of the companion all the way down in the chain. They will say that reflecting upon the origin and focusing on the meaning and making sure that you relate to the verses is much better than reading so much. That's why a man came to him proud of himself saying in Nila Coronavirus, Salafi Laila, I would be able to read the whole entire Mufasa report on any from 100 all the way to anass our read this whole thing in one time in one night, when they pray

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by the haka the husband can share like reciting poetry. He said there is people will come read the Quran will not pass their throat because that's all they do. They just read it. And the but

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if it is goes to the heart that where it will benefit you the most. That's why the moment I do rahima hula hoop

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and even

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the rabbit I 360 he said well Kadena Amina Darshan Khurana and Fifi what are the booty a humble a mocha Rajan Kathy Romina Quran even if you need a little bit, but you folks

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As you reflect upon them is much more beloved to me than reading so much. Unfortunately today we read a little not much and we don't have

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any that's a double problem. A lot of people said oh let's reduce the amount of grace but even with reducing the amount of raw and there is no reflecting upon the Quran as well. You just losing the both agile. So, in Brahma Baba is a different sharing machine with bas Rahim Allah was asked about this, he says there is no proof that there is a difference between ramadan ramadan, Yvonne and Wu sallallahu Sallam said generally speaking, you will not understand the Koran if you read the whole entire Quran in less than three days and individual Salim his recommendation to have the level of the last to finish the Quran every month, one time. And he said I can do more he said in seven days.

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And that's the only option that he given who saw them to him. So he recommended that at least in seven days, he finished the whole entire Quran. That sounds too much to so many of us today.

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But just to put things in perspective, when I say so much versus a little bit of a citation with a dub book.

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There is as I said, that is a report or on reflecting on a deeper meanings and indication reflecting over the meanings and how it relate to you. So that's what the double Koran is, that was contemplating in the verses versus the sea it is a science, while the depth book is an ability to see it as a science you need certain science to have sense of had either solid or solid, solid, and bellava. To understand to be able to interpret the verses while are on something a lot ask all of us to do. While to see it has been asked only by the scholars who analyzed the words who knows what this verse related to what subject what is the ruling can be driven from that verse does this the

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Scirocco that's not left to the average Muslim, that's something you can read you can seek in the books of the sea. But

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when you personalize the verses, when you feel that this verse, you reflect upon it, and you see how you can relate to it, how can this move your heart make you closer to Allah make you love Allah subhanaw taala more, make you more committed to the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah knows that most of us Muslims don't understand Arabic. Oh, we don't understand Arabic, Allah knows that. But he still order all of us to have to double Koran to reflect upon the verses of the Quran. And to make my talk beneficial, I will share with you as the time permits me certain rules. If you follow these guidelines, you will never read the Quran the same way again. It doesn't matter if you know Arabic

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or you don't know Arabic. And I'll say what I did with the claim I made again, I said these certain rules principles, if you focus on them, and you start mastering them and thinking deeper about these rules and principles, you will have a lot of abilities to the to contemplate in the Quran and to understand it and to read it completely different than whatever you've been doing before unless you've been following these principles. So these principles, something that I would like from you to think about it every time you read the Koran. Principle number one, anytime you read the Koran if you if you want to contemplate on the verses of the Quran, every time you pick this book and you

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read it, always keep in your mind that the loss of Hamlet are speaking to you specifically, directly. Don't think of what it is a history book. Anytime read a story is not about Moosa is not about Isa is not about what happened to Mohammed 1400 years ago is not what happened to Adam 1000s of years ago. It's about you every story that has something in it for you every verse that has something in it for you. So you always try to feel that that Allah are telling me that story for what reason? what he wants from me to know what so the more you personalize this, the more you will honor Kizomba license data you will honor the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why I am

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Rahim Allah said, either tell him

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if you want to benefit from the Quran, you bring your hearts together. And you think of every single verse as if this verse is speaking to you. And it was it about him out loud. Donna mentioned something very familiar familiar is very similar to this and his book

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when he's talking about in his book in hell, and he talks about us babbling defy bill or on.

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So, for instance, I give you examples to make my talk more

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I know one of the brothers who said, I just finished my exams like so many of young people here who finished college, no or high schools or middle school, whatever schools you're studying in, and he just finished his exams and the vacation, the summer break starting.

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And he said I was in the mustard and the Imam was reading certain insha Allah subhanaw taala said, for either for other forms of what you know, a follow up.

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That almost Allah said, when you finish that's the time when you dedicate yourself to the worship of Allah.

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On you direct your heart and seeking what the pleasure of Allah that He said will law when I read this, I thought this verse is just speaking about me who just finished my school

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and I was planning the UK the summer break coming. You know what I'll focus on, you know, all kinds of entertainments. Maybe you will take a break after Ramadan you planning to take your vacation in Are you thinking that said I'll have a break. Allah Subhana Allah, Mohammed, when you have that break, make sure that you come closer to Allah, you dedicate that empty time to Allah subhanaw taala you didn't need to be a professor to reflect upon it this way. But what he did that person he personalized the verses. Abdul Karim Rahim Allah shared with us something that he personally does. He said every time I feel lazy, I don't feel so excited about the bad and the night I want to go to

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sleep every time I feel from myself going a little bit shifting from the path of Allah subhanaw taala going farther from Allah subhanaw taala XPath I always read to myself, yeah.

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In engineering

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Yes or no? Fanconi Fie body

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is that every time I feel like I'm going away a little bit from the political side to myself when I lost, I said, Yeah, I used to have so much in oh that the neffs animal Linda the one which is filled for with tranquility with faith. Come back to your Lord. Did you see how you reflect upon the comeback to almost pantallas Why don't go away from Allah subhanho wa Taala XPath Don't go away from the religion of philosophy.

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There is a scholar in Yemen, Rahim Allah Tada. One of his students told me the chef, he has a very simple life

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as many Yemenis live their lives,

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but he was like, poor considered a poor person. Even though one of the most recognized names and signs of honey that is time. Anyway, he came late to the salon. And first time ever the chef comes late to the salon.

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I missed the first and one of his students were leading the prayer.

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And the students were reading and the prayer what Allah subhanaw taala said, say a poodle mahalo and Amina la Chava, Latina, Amara, Noah Luna.

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The verse speaking about the Bedouins who did not join the prophets of Salaam, his journey to Tobruk and they came to politics in jasola. Sorry, we're busy with our homes, fixing our homes and busy with our children. That's why we couldn't join you. And the shift came late because he was fixing his house. They were leaking his house and he was fixing the roof. And when he came into the salon, and the mom read that he just broke in tears, they were crying, he couldn't hold himself. He filled that this verse as if it is just now revealed

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to talk to him.

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You know, this concept of making outlaw and so personal, that you feel that the loss further speaking to you directly, will make you deal with the Quran in a completely different experience. So every time you read the Quran is as Massoud said, Carla either Scimitar lai econia Johan Latina Manu for Allah, Allah Samak.

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Anytime Allah said Oh, who you believe that means he's speaking to you a believer.

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As a believer, all mankind Oh human being, you always pay attention that's almost while speaking to you to me personally.

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I can go on and on and many examples like this. Oil mejorado and Marina cafaro and an hour at the Hampton party conference.

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And the day those who disbelieved are exposed to the fire.

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You exhausted your pleasure during your worldly life and in

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Join them, when some of the early Muslim scholars have double HumanIK. Now for the Allahu and the companions, read this verse, He broken tears. So he was asked why this is even talking about the fall. But he said Allah Subhana, Allah said, You exhausted your pleasure during the worldly life. Look what I have. Look all the pleasure that I have. I'm worried that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given me all my rewards in the dunya. And nothing left for me in the era. And he broke into here

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by just by looking to the luxury life that he has extremely rich person.

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But that's a person who take this verse and make it so personal,

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as a philosopher Allah speaking to him

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a second principle, which is, look at the context in which the names and the attributes of Allah Subhana Allah has mentioned. This is another beautiful principle for you to follow. Anytime you read the Quran, always if Allah mentioned one of his names, or more than one, look at when what continent contents that the last panel to Allah mentioned the name, what the relationship between that name and the subject, what the relation between the attributes and what Allah subhanaw taala telling us. So this is something you always reflect upon because for a purpose, Allah choose that name specifically to match that concept in alladhina, boomin commonly

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except for those who returned repenting, before you approach them and know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So if someone did something wrong and repent to Allah subhana wa tada on was never caught was never

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prosecuted for it

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knows that a lot. I need that person repent to Allah Subhana Allah know that Allah is a photo of Rahim that Allah Subhana Allah is most forgiving, Most Merciful, from that verses said so if you commit something in the past, and nobody knows about it, except Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah forgiving and most merciful, you don't need to go to put yourself in jail or to punish yourself for it, the repentance will be sufficient. And even from this aroma driver rules for the ruler, if he captured someone will commit a crime in the past and repented completely and that crime is not necessarily relative to somebody else, right? That the ruler should let them go. And look at what

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Allah Subhana Allah combined between Allah for Rahim, the most forgiving, the Most Merciful

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because his forgiveness is the result of his mercy. Open the door for you and you repent to Allah subhana wa tada anytime you come back to Allah you think about these two names. I was once in Canada giving a speech and a woman's send a letter a question to my wife to the one we're giving the lecture next to me and she mentioned some evil thing that she did very indecent actually did anyone anything she said.

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Do you think a lot symptoms might dependence? So the person next to me talk about how evil auctions she did, and all this haraam stuff. And he said, I don't know if your Toba accepted or not. This is between you and a law. But you know what? I stopped him actually. I said, Stop.

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What are you doing?

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You don't read the Koran. You don't need to learn nothing about how an OB sossalamander sort of dealt with the people who committed sins, that you open the door of Toba wide for them. You don't want someone come to us with Allah Allah forgiving, Most Merciful. That's the attitude that you should do and that's the what you should feel,

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you know, reflect upon how Allah subhanaw taala when the angel said to him, that why would you create Adam and to send to make corruption in the earth? When Allah subhana wa Adana told them that I know what you know what you don't they realize something very important that's why they said God was suparna Kala el Medina in llama tena in en El Alamein, Hakeem you the most wise, the most knowledgeable, because one of the thing Allah knows the future angels don't know the future. And one thing they realize that Allah subhanaw taala so wise, not only that, he is knowledgeable, he's wise as well. Because more knowledge you have more wisdom, you will, you will have as well. So Allah will

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not create Adam for no wisdom will not put them in earth for no wisdom. So when they realize this fact, they're dependent and they said, we suck. We suck. Glory to you. We may

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No objections at all to you, my lord. So when you think about that you think every time that you kind of have an objection about Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah and you say why Allah will do that? Maybe this verse will come to you while he questioning something in the Sharia. Like the end of question, why did you why Adam there? Or maybe you question something in the cadaver? Why am I created Adam and medium in the earth? While I did this, when you question something in the bedroom, remember what Allah saying here somewhere Anaconda in Montana, in llama and lantana in until animal Hakeem you the most knowledgeable the most wise, and that will bring you to ease bring you to trust

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you say, hey, what I am doing, what kind of knowledge I have to compare mine to Allah to make an objection.

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Anyway, this is the second principle, I have 11 for you. So if you're interested to know more, I'll see you tonight in sha Allah and the program to continue my talk to you about the rest of these principles, hoping that the last thing days of Ramadan will be a completely different experience. And as I say, every principle that you heard the two that you heard and what you're going to hear tonight has nothing to do with knowing Arabic. You don't need to know Arabic to reflect the way I just said it. Just reading the in the meaning of it in English will help you to reflect upon the Quran. Because that's one of the goal of resending down the book of Allah Subhana Allah to us to be

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a book of hedaya guidance. May Allah make it that way to all of us. aboda Masami to mostofa Allah

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Ala Moana be about the who about all praise dear to our last panel, Johanna and his praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam My dear brothers and sisters.

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I encourage each and every one of us that to take full advantage of the few days that left under Milan only few nights left like one third of the Milan only left for us

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all not come back again. One thing I don't know if you guys know not but I think this is the only the last year for Ramadan to be in the summer. Starting next year Ramadan will be officially in the spring. So enjoy the summer days before it goes it will take 44 years to come back to the summer again. So the person should take advantage of of it because fasting the long summer days there's more reward and even then other regular days. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah to make our intention clear melas padala benefit us from our fasting and I want to invite that may Allah Subhana Allah give us the strength to worship Him and these days in the best way Aloma ALLAH forgive our sins and

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our parents and our family. Well last part ALLAH forgive what we have done in the past what we might do in future. Allah forgive what we have done in the secret or public. Yeah Allah, Allah homophone and our ham now if you know our for Noah de la Marina, aloha manana silica and gelato economy and telefonu slimmin if you could live McCann, a lot more fun him a lot more fun human factor a lot more fun.

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A lot more fun who will do a lot more fun humara Allahumma Mashallah. homea from Wembley Arena, era home yamawaki mean? masala masala Madonna Vienna, Muhammad Ali. He was talking

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to him qumola