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Do You Know What Separates Us from the Sahabas

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Musleh Khan

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The thing that separates companions from us

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this is the separator. Companions understood how to sacrifice for Allah.

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You know when they're immortal the Allahu Anhu died or he was moments before his death. He told his son, yar Abdullah take my face and put it into the dirt. Turn my face after I die and put it into the dirt.

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So the son looks at his dad's. Dad, I can't do that to you.

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Can I do that to you?

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Amara literally moments before he dies, he says, listen to me.

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If this face is destined for the hellfire, then it doesn't deserve your lap.

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And if this face is destined for Allah's Jana, then the pillows of Jana will keep me comfortable. Listen to me what I'm telling you put my face into the ground, so at least I can meet Allah

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as a servant that submitted Himself to His Mercy

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Subhana Allah.

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That sir Omar Radi Allahu Allah, the man who should have the biggest and most honorable funeral is asking for that, though those are companions