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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning to love one's source of success and learning to defend oneself in challenging situations. They emphasize the need for clarity and understanding in addressing loss of loved ones and finding passionate individuals. The importance of finding a program to connect with people with similar interests is also emphasized. The speakers also mention a senior program held only for sisters.
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Rahim Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Dr. linea Delta linguistic disobedience invited me to share my journey in the position of fear and thinking he was born in New Delhi and what had for him the history was a man who was indicative of on to me this and he does see our volume achievement variety of

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settings. So he said he did our audio and even other behind the scenes to find what it is when you have a loved one, why don't I should even

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when I still remember how many there

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are a lot of honorable

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Jean one for going for me. And by their own admission, one of our team just picked up rock man rocking, who are also known men and losing overseas and are in a

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hurry to make more money for walking into Windows, someone has to be a walk

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in and out on either workers to work, colleagues.

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favor that has never had any doubt in the law. While having a heavy heavy hammer this summer long lighting was what we wanted to have what could have been better I

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think we're putting our

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respective brothers and sisters in this world. Every day, every person is looking for success and happiness. And every day this person he goes out to work and he pushes himself or herself in order to achieve happiness and success. Every day he presents his own sets always is only presents his own set of challenges. And whether it is related to work, spirituality or family, every person grinds it out. And we remain focused on our on our life and we remain focused on the task ahead of us. And the process of achieving happiness and success. We set goals for ourselves. In most cases, we admire someone and there is a path that we are following a path that has been laid out and it has been put

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out by someone else. Someone that we admire someone who we look up to, and someone who we consider as a role model. And every single time we fall, whether it whether we push ourselves out whether someone else gives us a lift, we push ourselves forward and we keep that person in mind that I want to become that person one day. So therefore every single person there is a person who we admire in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala God the Almighty He tells us that there is a person for you, who you can admire. There is a person who you can who you can consider as your role model, a person who you should love and a person who you should admire in the Quran is somebody that has had or wasn't

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100 Without me says that luckily Canada can feel assuming that he was forced to

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leave and Kenny of doula when you're asking what kind of law it is, you know, in the beginning of this idea, but wasn't behind Wakanda he uses many words that resemble and they stand for emphasis in the Arabic language that the letter love is used for emphasis. The word father is used for emphasis here in this idea, not only to Allah use the letter love, not only to use the word, but he brought both of them together to tell us to tell the person who's reading the Quran and the listener of the Quran. That if you are looking for a role model, if you're looking for someone who you can really love and admire, then the best example is the example of Rasulullah sallallahu on April 7,

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and there is no one else. If you love Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah will love you. If you love us laws that Allah

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Allah will forgive you in the Quran and Sunnah anti Iran Allah says, For the input into a boon Allah Factary Rooney, you people who move on who were feeling that

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we're all trying to achieve the love of God, that the philosopher had to do with either, and we strive everyday for this, whether it is to hide, whether it is to giving celibate whether it is to survive, but there is a way we can attain to love Allah and that is through the lifestyle of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when we focus on the Quran, when we study the Quran and when we, when we study that a hadith and Asuna the prophetic tradition of commerce, I love it. We will learn that Allah loves He loves His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we learned the virtues

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we learned the status of the profitable love easy upon him.

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In a hadith narrated by even ambassador, the Allah of mine, he says that it was said yes in the law of sowing eyes upon allah sallallahu. It was said though, that my command that was in

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the way we're doing prophets, the prophets, Allah Almighty He was sent them he says, effort efforts, one Hadith he says that and this is another Hadith I'm referring to. He said that even though I was the last prophet to be sent, and I was the seal, and I was the final, I am the final prophet you come, still nonetheless I was the first profit to be created. And this hadith

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Allah white, he says, Allah, Allah, he replied, I you set out whatever there will be no ruling will just said that even before even when the process is the process of creating an item was taking place, when either by design was between raw and body. That is when oils were how they created me as a profit, meaning that I was even there before I divided it up, Allah had already decreed that I will be sent as a prophet. So we see that even before the loss of other breeds the soul in Adam and

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Allah Subhanallah Greenham Common will be sent out in front of Prophet Allah tells us that we should praise and send our slides in our set up our salutation on Amazon the lower body was sent and there is no other persons on the lower said 30 seconds upon Allah tells us that in no law overnight,

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nobody got to go in any avenue. So do it. He was sending me the schema. Allah says that I am the maniacal, he said our sedans and our salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he instructs us that you also owe you people who believe you also send your Salaam and your blessings and your citation on commercial law particles. And this is the reason that we can do for Muhammad Salah while he was setting up because of the sacrifices that he went through he his family, his companions and so how will you Allah live on what they went through the challenges that they have to go through? The reason that we can do is that we can set our salons apart from homeless at a

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Walmart he was saying that we see the Quran look at a standard some hummus, I love it. He was set up in majority of the places wherever Allah he is mentioned after that is available after that is dimension of this wasn't a long winded

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answer. It is dimension of response a lot of body when setting up the board, I'm looking at the data that was already set up. I mean, what an amazing leader he was. When we study history, we come across people who are heroes, in different nations and throughout different times. But one thing we will find very common within all those heroes and all those people who stand out in world history is that they weren't leaders, they inspired others. But very few, very few. The creative leaders they were leaders themselves, but they never created leaders for the most part. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a leader. He was an amazing leader. He taught us leadership, but at the

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same time he developed leaders, he developed people like this people such as obrigado la vie. Allah love it, even till today, non Muslims, they say that the golden era of Islam was a time of Allah behind. Who was he as he as a as a leader? And how Where did the leadership skills come within him that came from his personal love art it was set up. Not only was he a leader, but he inspired others to become great leaders and to become the torchbearers of Islam. The name Muhammad Allah while he was setting up Allah says in the Quran, and Sunnah, Inshallah, what are fine I look at the clock, that we will raise and elevate your name and your status to Islam yet, right now the world that we

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live in a name that is the most kept, it is the name of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you look at some cultures, such as the Pakistani culture is that whatever the name has been kept for the child, that name remains there. But you'll see in most cases they always add the word Muhammad before their name is the name is odd if they will add in Muhammad Ali. They will always add the name Hamid might we see that the love the woman has from Hamas, Allah, Allah, he was salam. Every single day throughout the entire day, at some place once again, I was teach Allah is showing us how he has elevated the status of a robot. He was saying that every single day I

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every single second, someplace in the world, there is a non taking place. And in the a guy, that word or the sentence

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is being mentioned, whose name is being taken right now, when we look at the history of humanity, there is no one's name, who is mentioned as much as the hummus of Allah morning, every single second of the day in some done and some Hadith does or class during the napalm will help us a lot in terms being taken. Allah shows us what a foreigner like that he has truly elevated status.

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When we look throughout history, no one's life has been preserved and documented. As much as the life of us who lost a loved one a

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look at this, you go on You can go to different Islamic websites, which are bookstores, and you click this destiny the theme sealer or the subject Ceylon and you will find book after book book after book, book books and different different languages. So many books on the Bible was first of all, it was set up and not only that, these are not books that are fully documented. He is right after being a prophet, but they have documented his life prior to being a prophet. They have documented his his his lifestyle, that How was his house? How was his pillow, how was his bed, When would he eat the Shanaya muscle muscle love it was setting up the Shemitah Filippini that all these

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things are mentioned the promise of other programmatic is set up no one's life has been documented as much as the life of Rasul, Rasul Allah while he was setting them. And once again, I said earlier, you can pick up different different books and different different books will provide some unique aspects of life as well as a lot of audio. So you would find the same information everywhere with slight variations. But you will see that every author has an angle in approach to life that

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you can learn you cannot just selling one book of the Ceylon and saying, You know what, I have fulfilled the CEDAW fulfill the rhino seal off, I don't need to study any of the book, you know, whatever you get from this book, you will not get you will not get the same thing, the other book, whatever you're getting from this book, you may not get that in the other book, whatever that book is providing you that previous book who did not provide you there is something unique angle, every single author he takes when he talks about us who has a lot of money when you have Muslims, Muslim philosophers who have been behind the moon why before people who have who are expert in the field

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they have written countless books, as I said, but then you have other people and non Muslim philosophers and scientists and historians who have also praised Muhammad Allah Almighty, He was set up for his inspiring leadership's people such as Dr. William Draper, and Thomas Carlyle, and other people such as George Bernard Shaw, and others such as Mahatma Gandhi, they have praised Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for his amazing leadership. Not only that, but we aren't quite familiar, that there's a person by the name of Michael Hart, who has created a list of the 100 most inspiring people within the history of humanity. And who does he place in number one, Mohamed Salah haldwani

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This is how amazing this person was this how amazing this person was. Now, on the other hand, we see that the virtues of Mahatma Salah by yourself the status of commerce, a lot of it was said that we see that how much Allah He loves us a lot. And now he suddenly saw it was salam upon him. He was asked to do the same thing also. But when we look at a lot of money was set up His life, how much love he had for us. That is often quite fascinating. In the end of October, there was an ayah Allah says the father was so low man and physical harm to you a prophet amongst you.

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As he's going on email, I need to hurry

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over him. grievious to him is when you suffer that when we suffer, he is the one who feels sad. He is concerned over you. Meaning that the pumps are less and less concerned about all of us he cares about us and to the believers is kind and merciful, that the purpose of the setup is merciful towards his believers. We see that there's a hadith of the Allah Almighty, that when time is 100 of you, Allah mindful of the companions of the Prophet, there were sitting around the program to sit down and the program he gets him out and he says

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the Saudi Arabia has been muddy. He says that I went to visit I wish I couldn't visit my brothers and the Sahaba they asked the Prophet of Allah. Are we not true brothers?

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As you said, in your play, you are my companions. You are my companions. But my brothers are those who will believe in me, even though they have not seen this, the Hadith found in Musa atma. So we see those who have said a lot, Bonnie was set up, he wants to see us he wants to see us in the urine after he wants to provide us water from the well of course, I'm under the judgment and Subhanallah there is a long Hadith that is found that on the Day of Judgment, people will go to various properties go about to do it, they set up, they do it to sit on our behalf, they will go to other prophets and requesting their intercession. And each prophet will say that I am not in a position to

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intercede on your behalf. I'm worried about myself. I'm worried about myself. And it says that Megan's Hadees very brief, that at the end is mentioned that these people will go to Hamas and Allah, Allah He was. And Muhammad said Allah Almighty, He was saying that he will not be worried about his family, he will not be worried about his self. It says that he will fall into some jewels before Allah Subhana Allah and Allah will tell Mohamed salah, Salah Mohammed in fossa them, raise your head, it should be to show that you will intercede and your intercession will be accepted. And granted. At that time, what will he say? He will say you won't be home buddy. Yeah, Robbie on

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Monday. Oh, my own mom. Now my family. Not my it's not my children. No one, oh Allah. Oh, Allah is saying, This is how much the Prophet of Allah says off on Sunday, he loves you and I, he cares about you and I, there's a hadith of

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that in a nearby meaning that hadith is that, just like when you see that there is a candle or drill, some type, there are some sorts of light. And you see the insects drawing close to that light. He says that the Hadith mentions that the officers have mentioned that just as the insects are jumping into the fire, they're jumping into the candlelight, and they're losing their life. And I'm trying to push them away. Likewise, I see new people falling into the fire of Jehan mound, and I am when I feel physical. I'm holding you from behind and I'm pulling you back. I'm trying to save you from the fire. I shall have you along well, I'm had she's approached by the similasan alumni in

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the Senate. And he says, oh, Aisha, you told me and whatever you want, I will make law for you. I will be golfing. Whatever you want. I'll take your name, and I'll make blog for you. And he, in fact, the body in some says that, tell me whatever you want. And I will do it for you. And she says that I want you to take my name and make God I want you to be afraid since you're too hard for me. supplication for me, and he says Fine, and you go to the masjid that he comes back. And I showed you a loved one. And she inquires that did you make dua for me at the pub. So Ross? And he replied in the affirmative. He says yes, I did mean to offer you I took your name have been offering you. And I

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showed you a lot on how she's overwhelmed with joy. Happiness. At that time was first of all, while he was up, he informs Ayesha that you are so happy that I need to offer you the same to honor that I made for you. I make I seem to offer my own money. For all the words by time today. This is how much Muhammad said Allah Bible says He loved us. Now when a person has shown his extreme love for us, don't you think that we should love that person also? And so when we talk about Muhammad Sallallahu it was said to me say that I love this man. But the question is that if I love this man, how much do I know about this man?

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Because when it comes to our knowledge, regarding Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we only know chunks and bits and pieces from the reference because

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we don't know his entire life from A to Z. We don't know about his life. We have not learned and studied the driverless cars and a lot of it from a cellular. And that's how we were told that we have to say the CEDAW of Muhammad, peace be upon him. The Sahaba of your loved one when they say themselves, that we were taught to Ceylon in the life of Muhammad Salah it was set up just like we were talking about life, just like we were talking about every day at the masjid and all the massage and we see that every single day. The parents, they play so much emphasis they send their kids everyday to the masjid go we will go send Quran

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Excuse me. And there's so much emphasis placed on reading the Quran studying the Quran. Well, the Sahaba the children of the Sahaba they say that the amount of emphasis that was put on studying the Quran, the same amount of emphasis was put on studying the Bible as well. So a lot of money. Not only that,

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So this is why we need to say that it was first of all it was setting up. There are some other reasons why we shouldn't be saying that like in the province of our name was setting up number one but the second reason is because we can understand that a lot. See when we say like when he says the Quran, we cannot understand the Quran without saying the syrup.

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In the Quran, there are references of moms of La Jolla masala. Compare that to the story of Musa Davidson, for example, you go from just to Jews, you will find the mention of musante some time after time in the Quran. When you look at the life of restless a lot of it was set up not so much of that has been documented in the Quran. Not somebody that has been mentioned there are some ends, there is some a Shabbat Quran, there are some I got that when you say that I've seen the ayah is in reference to an incident that took place in the title of our school. So love it was set up. But in order to understand the Quran, we have to send the car over school so nobody will send them. We

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should also say the sealer. Why because it raises our hopes, and it raises our spirits. And I've talked about this before that in every aspect of life, if we want to help ourselves, say the lines that say that I was supposed to love I listen, if I want to tell you about leadership, say the reference was a law. He was saying that if I want to study if I want to learn how to become a great family member say that I was supposed to love it. If you want you to win teamwork is about saying that I first saw so love it was set up, if you wouldn't know what conflict resolution is, say the Labour Party was setting up. You won't deal with hardships if you lost a close family member stay in

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the library celestial body was set up if you lost a child, and you need someone to console you or something to console you say that as a promise of love. It was sent out seller, especially the time when he lost his three sons. And he was in remember the promise of a loved one who was sending them during his lifetime, he has seven children altogether. During his lifetime, six of them passed away, there was only one who passed away after the departure of a source of all by yourself. And that was part of why why not. Otherwise, all the other children's books are set up, they passed away during his lifetime. If you lose that child state, you have to focus on how to have overcome that grief. If

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you lose a spouse, like the way the person he was he lost his spouse, you're gonna say that life was not so long while he was setting up. When you are when you feel that there is no support in the world. No one is no one is coming close to you. No one's supporting you stay the time when he went to life and he was rejected there. So every single difficulty that we come across in my you will find an example in the life of response of Lombardi will send them you need financial advice. Look at the life of the prophet saw whatever it was setting up. If you want to learn mannerisms, look at the mannerisms of those who lost a loved one he was setting them.

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Also, if you want to defend himself off, it was as we know that there are so many people who have criticized and objective and they have said inappropriate things regarding

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if you want to really learn how to defend them about exam, you need to say this, but the problem is that a lot of it was sentiment. So this is why we should be saying to zero, this is why we should dedicate time on a weekly basis to give time just to study this man who we claim to love. And we want his intercession on the Day of Judgment. I mean, everywhere you go, you will see Muhammad Sallallahu it was a person who is very was one of the questions that will be asked, Is that gonna be you who is your profit everywhere there is.

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Now, the question is that I understand okay, parmesan law final sentence virtues, I understand the status. I understand also now that I have to say the CEO of Kosovo

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for the next question is there which is that why do we not have any kind of appreciation for this was a lot by yourself. And when I say appreciation, I mean, why when the subject of SEO does come along, or it comes around? Why do I cannot find any connection with a car? Why do I not find it fascinating to say the bike in a sea of Hamid Pina why why is that? And for several reasons. Number one is that whenever we say that either hops on Walmart, he will send them we always focus on the incident. We focus on the time, the date the year, who was involved in that is when you see how Cena is hot in majority Sunday schools, Hollywood you talk that on this year, the problem is out some of

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this was the story behind it. This is what he did, the Sahaba did this, and this how they did that. And they went for an explanation and they came up with an explanation that is a case full story because the end of the story. The reason we never connect with us was a law abiding asylum, and we don't find the

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vibrating fascinating is because the purpose of the car has been lost nowadays, the purpose of the car has never been the incident in itself. This the purpose of the car has been, what lessons can we extract from that particular story? This story took place this incident took place, what lessons can I extract from that? That is relative to me, that is relevant to me and my time? How can I observe? What does that mean? Well, this was a long one, it was Sunday, there is no lessons that are dripping, there are drinking extracted, and that's why we never find a connection. On the other hand, we also when we look at the life of the prophet, we feel like that he was even though we

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believe that he was a human, that I believe he was a human. But we never believed that. We believe that he was some other type of human being that we can never come close to. And let me explain this. In terms of status. Yes, we can ever come closer, as was a long audio seminar. But that does not mean that we take a step back and say, You know what, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on a different level. And I can never I can never come close to him. So you know what I'm not going to ever take this was his life was on a different level. I'm you know, I'm a sinner, I come in sales. I'm this meant that I didn't make it step five, we separate ourselves from Homicide, a lot of money

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was selling them at the end of the day, a loss of 100 on God, and he said, Muhammad, peace be upon as an example for us. And as in going back to what I said earlier, so ALLAH says that in your best role model is in the life of responsible all morning was Sunday. You know, when we said that I was a cop out at salaam, once again, it is like a person. You don't if there's a person who is very fond of medicine, what did you say to the physician, when doctor and they sit down and they begin to study a book about medicine, they will be fascinated about it, they will read it, they will study it. Why? Because this is what they want to become one day or this is what their profession is. But

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imagine if you were to take this book and put it in front of a person whose profession is in the IT industry, for example, he's gonna look at that, and he's gonna have no idea exactly what's going on. Or let's just say you take programming and you put it in front of a physician, he's going to have absolutely no connection, none whatsoever. So what's happening is that likewise, when we present the lack of a sense of love, it was set up, we're not presenting it in a way where he can connect with every single person. We're presenting in a way that we feel like that I have nothing in common with this man. I have absolutely nothing in common with this man. So the sealer needs to be presented in

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such a way that every person who's listening about the life of Muhammad peace upon him we say that you don't like there is so much in common I have with this man. And I can't imitate this man. So Milazzo hogging all this ability to act upon when we send hurt and give us the true understanding and help us understand and study the life of us for so long. It was setting them both alone and I would have been fed well no, they wouldn't find I went yesterday with a hockey stick for more honey, what level were you saying? stuff?

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And how did you learn? How did you learn who was dying, all that stuff, you know, without them?

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That when you look further ahead here that much more than that you don't get a lot more than pleasure, personally, when I'm humbled and honored for the world, so I'm about from the Vatican with the Haisla Philippi mochila for calling Hamid Gaga on the midday Misha Balaji this morning in the lava when I found it I mean, yeah, I

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thought it was interesting, but alongside

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Mohammed Ibrahim, Ibrahim and the company's emoji, robotic Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad

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Ali brought him in the company the machine. Before I continue any further, please do come forward, he's to come forward.

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So we had talked about why when you send this HELOC, we've talked about the virtues and the status of homeless a lot of it was enough. And so by now, we should have the desire and the zeal to study about this person. And once again, it is not enough and sufficient that we know bits and pieces about the life of this map. We should know about this map more and more. And that is why in order some of you may be thinking that well where can I stay the life or responsible always have a problem? Is there any opportunity? Is there anything a program that I can attend? And the answer is yes. Show up starting next week, every Wednesday, until next year on the lawn. Everyone has a we

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will be having a program here at Epic. Where the live was most of all it was Sunday will be explained in detail. Not only will the incidents be explained, but also the lessons that we can extract from each incident as well as a lot of it was set up will be also explained

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and time off. In addition to that, we the presenter will also present, how can we connect ourselves with Muhammad Sallallahu it was setting up. And generally when we see that there is a weekly program taking place at the budget, in the very beginning, there's a lot of drying, there's a lot of influence, there's a lot of motivation, but slowly and gradually, slowly, gradually that decreases and into Windows. So what happens is that I'm inviting all of you that please come every Wednesday night. And this is not for me, this is not for the budget. This is so that you can connect with a person that who you claim to love. This is a person that gives so much for all of us, his family

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gives him and for all of us, his Sahaba gifts on the for all of us, the least that we can do is that we can learn about who he was. So that's why inshallah I'm hoping that everyone comes on Wednesday night, they attend this program, and don't come to the program, just so that I can is here and God will come and take you seriously bring a notepad with you with a notebook with you take notes, when we go to college, when we go to university, we take our classes seriously. We don't go without a notebook. We don't go without a backpack, We Are you mentally ready for the class. Likewise, when we come to this class, we come to this program this week the program, read the notebook with you attend

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the class, take some notes, go back home and go over it steel and sitting over it. There are some other there's some other supplemental materials go over them. Also, there are so many podcasts that are available in regards to Microsoft sign up, go over them also but try to attend this program every single week. And currently right now I think we have to see the programs, we have to see our programs. There is one this program that will start inshallah every now sorry next week will be taking place every Wednesday. And also every Friday at 630. There is a senior program that is held only for the sisters here at a bit every Friday at 630. A senior program only for the sisters, that

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also takes place. So trying to attend these programs, learn about universal law it was setting up I pray to Allah that Allah grants us the love of Allah it was salah, Allah gives us the knowledge and gives us the ability to attend this kind of program where we can study about this person when he was going by your setup. And finally I asked Allah that Allah grants all of us each one