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If I were to ask all of you right now, today, what is the worst? What is the one thing that you want in life the most?

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I think that is, I can confidently say that all of you will say that I just want to be happy in life. That's it. I just want to be happy in life. And then if I were to ask you, what does happiness mean to you in life, everyone's gonna have their own means of happiness.

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Some will say that for a student, he will say, for me, happiness is finishing off my education. For a person who's just getting their feet wet in this world, they will say, just perhaps, you know, settling down getting married will make me happy. Some person will say that perhaps finding a job will make me happy. Some will say that fine, you know, buying a house will make me happy, not realizing that, first of all, when we talk about happiness, true, an everlasting happiness only happens in the hereafter. True, everlasting happiness only takes place in the hereafter. When Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For Men home Sherpa Yun was married for Amma Lavina chapeau for Finet Isla

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whom fee hat is the feed on what Shaheed Holly Dena fee has damaged some Iowa to allow the Illa Masha Robach in Rebecca Alima URIs. Well, I'm Melina Sorry, do as far as those who are happy, those who are filled with joy, they will be those who are in Jannah. Why? The reason why Allah Subhana Allah is attaching a happiness to everlasting happiness, which will only be in Jannah. Because the happiness first of all, in this dunya is not perpetual. Anytime a person becomes happy in this dunya that happiness lasts only for a short period of time, when the same person who says what will make you happy, he says to buy a new house. As soon as he buys a new house, there is a certain level of a

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of excitement. When they sign that contract. When they get that key. They go inside their house, their new house. But what happens after a month, what happens after a year perhaps now that same house is no longer a means of happiness for that one person, every single type of happiness, that same college student, when you asked him what made what will make you happy, he will say that to finish off my education. When he finishes education, when he has his graduate graduation party, after that graduation party, that happiness no longer is there, that same person who bought the house. Now for him, he had that happiness. But now there is another added level of stress, to

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maintain the house to make sure that he has to buy the furniture of the house. So there is no such thing brother and sisters, when we talk about happiness, there is no such thing called true and everlasting happiness in this dunya you and I what we're looking for, does not exist over here. It only exists in the Hereafter, and there is no place now a person may say, if this is what I truly want, and Allah wants us to be happy, then let's go into the Quran. But if you search the entire Quran, I challenge all of you here. If you tried to go and find any kind of happiness, mentioned the Quran, you will find it you will not find anywhere in the Quran where Allah says if you want to be

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happy do this. Yes, there are very few places where Allah subhanaw taala says you can be happy but that is a byproduct after you have served Allah subhanho wa Taala let me give you an example. Allah says in the Quran, that for the nor he and now who hired them for yerba, Allah will give us a very peaceful life. Now is that a means of happiness for many? Yes, that is a means of happiness for many, but that is not the goal. The goal is what comes before this in the Quran. When Allah says, Munna, Amina saw Li Han, whoever does righteous deeds mean zakat in our own saya let it be man or woman will who are movement and they are a firm believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala Fela Nakia know

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who has recently but then as a result, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give them a peaceful life. But at the same time when we talk about a peaceful life, then the person says, Well I'm a believer, I'm going through struggles in my life. How is this peacefulness in my life? And that is where we need to change the way we see things in life. This is the way this is a place where we need to understand that it is not as we think when it comes to matters of ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Allah, it is not an Islamic concept that more religiosity, more solid, more of God and so forth is gonna bring you more happiness. No brothers and sisters, when you look at the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he understood that if you want to find peace and happiness, the only way, the only way you can find peace and happiness is to understand our purpose in life. And our purpose in life is to serve Allah subhanho wa taala. And that means that if I'm going through a good time in my life, I'm still understanding my purpose of life. And my purpose of life is to serve Allah. And if I'm going through difficulties, no matter what it is, I'm still serving Allah subhanho

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wa taala. And that is where we will find even in that situation we will find happiness. When a person is going through good times in life, they understand that all this is not perpetual, it is temporary. And this is from whom from Allah subhanho wa taala. Hence, a person says, Let me serve Allah because this is my way of showing my gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala because he gave me this, but on the flip side, if a person is going through challenges in life, that is where she thought comes into the picture that you wanted happiness, you're coming close to Allah to find happiness, but Allah is bringing challenges upon you. And that is where the Hadith of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes into the picture, that every single situation of a believer is good for them in a saw but who Sahra Shaka Rafa Khanna hate Allah, Wayne salva to the raw Saba rasa Kana heilala. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that if he's going through good times, he's thankful to Allah and that is good for him. But for persons going through difficulties in life, there are many of us who are going through many different difficulties in life. And subhanAllah. You tell you, when you talk to people, they say, I wish my life was like that kind of person. I wish that when I see that person I wish I had their life. And we need to realize brothers and sisters,

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and we have to teach especially our children, this idea, there is Wallahi no matter how much money a person has, how many different cars are driving, how many times they're going on vacation, and so forth. They may show the world that they're going to this happiness in life, but will lie he there is something going on in their life, that they're not sharing with you. You have no idea. There are tons of people I personally have seen, when you open up the Instagram account, when you open up their Facebook account, all they're doing is traveling and so forth. But Subhanallah they called me and they're telling me I'm going through anxiety in my life, you would think that a person who has

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gone through so many vacations, who's spending so much money of living a very lavish life, where how and how in where are they getting the anxiety from, but they're calling me and telling me, I'm getting anxiety, I'm having depression, I'm going through all these challenges in my life. This is my challenge. That is my challenge. There is no person who is truly happy in this dunya Yes, you can find happiness, even in your challenges how so by being patient, and understanding that this is Allah's way of purifying me, this is Allah's way of bringing me closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala we don't see it as something that is negative, but we see this thing as a positive. So that is why if

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we truly want to find happiness in life, brothers and sisters, try to understand our purpose of life. Simple as that. If you understand the purpose of life, and our purpose of life is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala our purpose of life is a we understand that this dunya is not is funny, it's going to finish, okay. It's not something that will that will that is that is considered as perpetual. It is temporary. When you and I we understand the My goal is not this dunya My goal is the IRA. My goal is Janna. That is what I'm working towards. Then guess what? You're always going to be working towards that. You know, let me give you an example that you know Subhanallah I've seen

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I follow sports here at America a lot. And you know, when you see people who if you ask any young man who's playing basketball, for example, let me give you a very typical example. You know, many of many of you and many of our kids we've heard this name LeBron James, how many of you that we've heard his name LeBron James, okay. If you asked LeBron James a long time ago, what is your goal of

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Life, instead of what is your goal of life, he was say, to get picked by an NBA team, to play and to win a championship and be one of the best players in history. Okay, he got drafted. He played, he's won multiple NBA championships, he's considered one of the best players of all time, Hollis your life is done. That was his purpose of life. You don't these sports athletes, you think that they're so happy when they're making millions of dollars. But you ask you only same sports athletes or documentaries that have come out regarding these sports athletes, that you know what causes them the most amount of anxiety is what am I going to do after I'm playing? Because their goal and their

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focus and their purpose of life was to play that's it. To achieve this title of being one of the best players have time to make a millions of dollars. There are tons of football players, basketball players, sports athletes, who are thinking, what am I going to do after I finish? And they realize that that is a major portion of their life, then that is when they say okay, let me go start a school. Let me go do this. Let me go do that. Let me do this, let me do that. Because they're trying to fill up they're now are at a point. They're trying to fold. They're trying to find their purpose of life, your ascent. So now they will put their hands on anything they can just to find some

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purpose of life because now they realize, and they and these are, by the way, these are athletes who have met other athletes, after you know, post retirement, and these people are saying, it just took us a very long time to find something what to find something to do. It took us a long time to find our purpose of life. As a Muslim, this is what brings us happiness is to understand our purpose of life. For these people, they had a very temporary purpose. They have fulfilled their purpose. Now they have no idea what to do. Now they cannot find happiness and they're trying to find happiness. So the only way this is why Allah says in the Quran why Mahala cultural Jinnah will insert Illa Leah

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Abu Dune, this is an ayah of the Quran that tells us our purpose of life is to recognize Allah to serve Allah. Even if it comes down to our challenges, we will put our trust in Allah and we will find some kind of happiness in that, in this whole huzzah situation that has been happening is on the minds of every single believer, and will lie we talk about we talk about going through difficulties and so forth. Their difficulties are far more you know far more severe than our difficulties and will lie there Iman is far more better than our iman there to work Quran Allah is far more gray than our Tawakkol in Allah subhanho wa taala. And yet you see the same people, you see

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the same people, their houses are getting bombed, but they're standing outside looking at their house that is in rubble, and the only thing they can say is what Alhamdulillah they find happiness and that why? Because they know they're serving a greater purpose of life, they understand that this is temporary. So that is why brothers and sisters, there is no you know, when you see these brochures, you want to be happy, go to this beach, to this resort to this vacation. There is no such thing called true and everlasting happiness. True ever lasting happiness only happens in the Hereafter, but you want to find true and true happiness and right now in this dunya in this

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temporary dunya try to find it in our purpose which is to serve Allah to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah will then give you a life, even if there are difficulties, Allah will help you navigate around those same difficulties, the other people are not able to navigate around them. So that is why this is an idea that we have to think about. There is no place in the Quran that says you want to find happiness, do this, this, this, this and this and you'll be happy. No happiness when Allah talks about happiness and content is serving Allah in finding our purpose in life. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give all of us the Dolphy and understanding of these things that miserable I

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mean, where does that come Allah hate Surah Mardi Gras Abdullah brachetto

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